Quaestions: by C^'un-yan-tzu, on Secret Writings of the Cinnabar Classic

Answers: by C^eng-yan-tzu

1. Purity-Silence-Classic: movement & tranquillity

2. Grotto-Hall & Purple Store-House

3. Mud-ball = Sea of Blood, 1 of 9 white rooms

4. Yin-cinnabar = silver of lead; Yan-cinnabar = dragon [kerukeion ?] of mercury

5. 8 Extractions = 9 Stages, grow:

1st breath, 2nd blood, 3rd blood vessels, 4th flesh, 5th marrow, 6th tendons, 7th bones, 8th hair, 9th form

6. Returned Cinnabar:

eyen black, skin fat, bones jade, intestines tendons, white eyebrows, golden surrounding (aura ?)

7. Lead outside dark, inside white [like gun.a-s of S`iva]; Mercury outside green-blue, inside red, having 4 aspects: glazed jade, water reaching Central Palace, c^in-liquor with sand, yeh-liquor with breath of gall

8. water from peaks of mountains and fire [Vad.ava ?] from bottom of sea; mercury from the Tiered Tower and lead from the 9 Heavens. congeal in Central Palace into egg-shaped vermillion tangerines = the Sacred Embryo

9. year, month, day, hour: the 3 Methuselahs are guarding the Storehouse of Potency

10. fire in my heart, god called Wide-mouthed Jar of Heaven and Earth, and Tripod of Yin and Yan. fire = Breath of Realized Unity of the Lower Prime, below the navel

11. smelt in Wide-mouthed Jar a medicine; cover

12. Purple Smoke. the 3 Unadorned ascend & descend inside & outside

13. snake = 4 (seasons); rat = 2 (sun & moon)

14. Palace of the Grotto-Room, inside jade mountain: god White Prime in the room Purple Summit

15. Government Hall: god Central Prime

16. Great Supreme possesseth the Praeserve-Three-and-Guard-One Method: center of the gods = the Red, yellow, and Dark Tripods of the Central Palace

17. crooked heart > greed > attachments > vexations. the god is irritated

18. "nature" in the Great Void, coming & going of form

19. "the gods" = Real Breath of Supreme Unity of the Palace of Supreme Darkness. they number 36,000. [their aspects, when:] praesent, breath; dispersed, clouds & mist; named, form; come forth, an immortal; entering, reality. above them, the Three Primes; below them, the 10,000 things

20. form hath 6 apertures: when the passes of life are blocked, the passes of death are open

21. Golden Liquor & Red Breath

22. Divine Water

23. Flower-Pond

24. Yellow Sprout in the Central Palace

25. Green-Blue Dragon

26. White Tiger

27. Vermillion Bird in south

28. Obscure Warrior in north

29. Barb-shaped Constellation

30. Yellow Old Woman

31. Metal Old man [Talos ?]

32. Young Woman and the Infants

33. respirations: hsu:, ho, hsi, hu, hsi*, szu, c^'ui, c^iao

34. inner & outer Trigrams

35. Caelestial Storehouse = Refectory = Gate of the Throat = Earth-Door

36. Iron Ox

37. Tiered Tower = Jade Tower

38. Chaos containeth things; obscurity containeth essence. P'o-Souls of the Tiger; Golden Crow of the Sun. Hun-Souls of the Dragon; Jade Hare in the Moon

39. Golden Crow; Jade Hare

40. 5 Sacred Mountains: T'ai, Hen, Hua, C^'an, Sun. 5 Lakes. 6 ministerial boards. 9 bends in River. Yan-tzu, Huan-ho, Huai-River, C^i-River = the 4 Seas.

41. body= the state; heart = the king; breath = the prime minister; spleen = the great officer; lungs = administrator of the imperial purse; kidneys = the Faithful Wife; liver = the Board of Finances; gall = the Board of Rites; stomach = the Board of War; bladder = the Board of Justice; Sea of Essence = the Board of Works

42. dragon. Primordial Breath. Storehouse of Obscurity. a ring [Jo,rmungand = Midgards-orm ?]. Its breath = a red silk thread. father of the gods.

43. Tiger. real breath of the 5 Cereals. Root of the Life-Mandate. mother of the gods.

44. tranquillity = nature. real breath of the 5 Cereals > blood > yeh-liquor > nature (of the gods)

45. movement = life-mandate. from inside the Primordial Sea, Breath of Realized Prime > essence + source of potency = gods not peaceful [i.e., not tranquil, instead in movement]

46. "root"

47. the 3 Ponds: Jade Pond, Caelestial Pond, Central Pond

48. the 9 Palaces = 9 Rooms in framework of 8 layers: 4 female [cf. Yoruba female palace-guards] & 5 male guards

49. the 3 Barriers: mouth = Barrier of Heaven; hands = barrier of Man; feet = Barrier of Earth. Mudball = Upper Barrier; Deep-Red palace = Middle Barrier; Lower prime = Lower Barrier. canals to the 9 Apertures desirable to seal

50. Man hath Heaven and Earth: distance of 84,000 leagues (li) between heaven and earth, comparable to 8 inches (ts'un) + 4 tenths of inch (fen) in human body

51. Solstices & Aequinoctes

52. the 5 Permutations cause the existence of rebels (the 5 Robbers)

53. 5 days are pentad; 3 pentads are 1/2 month

54. forcing the Yan-Barrier: enter the house, adopt sitting position

55. liquors in Storehouse of Life-Mandate; breath in Yellow Hall. stored blood > pearls > mercury > sand > cinnabar

56. Yellow Hall, like an egg and like a weight-stone

57. Yellow Old Woman "is not the Yellow Hall"

58. the Penetrating Fire is without shape: at a distance, one cannot get hold of it; when nigh, one cannot let it go -- "There is no name for it."

59. the Golden yeh-liquor refineth form; form & spirit mysteriously unite with Tao & with reality

60. the external 8 Trigrams

61. the spine hath 3 barriers: Jade Barrier, Middle Barrier, Lower Barrrier

62. Great Tao can be likened to an echo. Divine Breath = real nature

63. malignant spirits (mo) disturb one who is cultivating reality

64. "method [exorcism] to ward off" malignant spirits

65. wind, clouds, rain, mist, hoar-frost, snow, and the red clouds

66. the body of man possesseth numbers: the seat of honor, its gold is 192 c^u (weight of 100 grains of millet); likewise for its silver; Yan and Yin likewise: 64 hexagrams total [64 * 6 =] 384 lines of the hexagrams. 1 fen & 4 c^u = fire of Yin-Yan

67. White Breath is unrestrained fire, like Tooth of White Horse

68. Vermillion Mercury = Feet of the Red Dragon = Young Woman = Li-Girl = Green Terrace. marrow of the Red Phoenix. flowing into Flower Pond is Divine Water

69. Infants = Alien Lead = Metal Radiance = Metal Essence = Root of Potency = Jade Vase = Jade Brazier = Tortoise of the North-Sea

70. 9 cyclic mutations. 7 cycles of 7 Luminaries

71. Metal Tripod is covered with bottom of the Flower Canopy. Metal Flower

72. Divine Radiance

73. Constant Horse & Restless Horse. The monkey is the thoughts of the heart.

74. Constant Ox = Iron Ox

75. the 6 Thieves

76. the 3 Carts: Great Ox Cart, Spotted Deer Cart, River Cart = Breath of Realized Unity of the Reservoir. Fire Cart

77. the Grottoes of the P'en-lai-Islands

78. the Rivulets

79. the 3 Corpses

80. the 2 Sources : "Their size is that of a needle-point."

81. "When in one's dreams one has licentious relations with" the spirits, then the gods (s^en*) are moistened -- "If one has carnal wishes," then the body (s^en**) is moistened.

NISABA, Volume Four. Pai Wen P'ien or the Hundred Questions. Transl. by Rolf Homann. E. J. Brill, Leiden, 1976. pp. 7 to 33