American Indian Myths & Mysteries

pp. 47-48 myths {cf. the "Bank Nal" ("Crooked Tunnel") according to the Radha Swami}






"The first men to emerge from the tunnels were the Histoppa or the "tattooed ones." Having left safety too soon, they perished. The rest, who remained below, waited until a bright light dispelled the darkness on the surface."



"their remote ancestors came from a large island in the eastern sea where there were great buildings and ports for ships. The Fire Dragon arose ... .



Later they were forced to take refuge in immense and ancient tunnels through which they wandered for years, carrying seeds and fruit plants."

p. 78 petroglyphs

"Near Hemet, California, is the Maze Stone ... labyrinth symbol."

{cf. the Hopi labyrinth –symbol, depicted e.g. in BH, p. 23}

"Along the shore of Lake Pend Oreille, about five miles west Hope, Idaho, ... petroglyphs are large footprints enclosing symbols.

... they ... resemble ... "the Feet of the Buddha.""

BH = Frank Waters : Book of the Hopi. 1963.

p. 80 Caroline Islands

"In the Caroline Islands there are megalithic remains, including the huge and enigmatic ... Nan Motal .. .

{This is Nan Madol on the island of Pohnpei. (NM; GG, chapter 4 "Temuen")}

And on one of the islands is a syllabic script. ... This Oleai script".

{Informants from a number of islands agree that the script "was invented on the island of Faraulep (also in the Central Carolines). Some of its signs are derived from natural objects such as coconuts, fishhooks, bird-wings, etc., and are given a syllabic value which is also the name of the object in the largely monosyllabic language" (Review of CIS, in :- JPS Volume 70 1961, p. 255)} {Maya hieroglyphic writing is likewise monosyllabic , and apparently consisteth likewise of depictions of various objects.}

NM =

GG = Erich von Daniken : The Gold of the Gods.

CIS = Riesenberg, Saul H.; Kaneshiro, Shigeru: A Caroline Islands Script. SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION, BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY. ANTHROPOLOGICAL PAPERS No. 60, 1960.

JPS = JOURNAL OF THE POLYNESIAN SOCIETY.,_No._2/Book_reviews,_p_251-255?action=null

pp. 83, 85, 87 possible Amerindian writing-systems in petroglyphic inscriptions

p. 83

"In 1872 slaves found an inscribed stone on a plantation at Pouso Alto near Parahyba, Brazil." {This may have been made by the slaves themselves, using the Kongolese symbols.}

p. 85

"In 1885 Smithsonian Institution archeologists opened an undisturbed burial mound along Bat Creek near Loudon, Tennessee. They found ... an inscribed stone."

p. 87

"in 1966. Manfred Metcalf, an amateur archeologist ... at Fort Benning, Georgia, ... at the site of an old gristmill ... found a red sandstone slab with symbols cut into it." {This symbols may have been derived from Freemason ritual.}

pp. 100-101 Madoc’s Cymry colony

p. 100

"In 1167 A.D. ... Madoc ... and ... gathered together a company of about 200 men and women and sailed westward. A colony was established on the Gulf of Mexico. ... Hakluyt, in his book Divers Voyages Touching the Discovery of America, written in 1582, mentioned the Welsh.

p. 101

... in northern Georgia, near the Tennessee border ... legends tell of the "moon-eyed people who came from afar." They had blue eyes and ... they could see better at night than during the day, hence the moon eyes. Some Georgia citizens of today link the moon-eyed people with Madoc’s colonists, who purportedly landed in the vicinity of present Mobile, Alabama."

p. 102 knowledge of antient Europe by American Indians

"In 62 B.C. the Roman Consul Matellus Celer was officiating in Gaul when the king of a neighboring province ... brought ... several strange people with red skins and black hair. He told the Roman the strangers had been blown across the Atlantic in a large wooden canoe."

"Roman coins have been found in several places in North America, ... in mounds."

pp. 103-106 Roman inscription discovered by archaiological excavation nigh Tucson, AZ; Roman coins found nigh Deming, NM


the discovery


"in 1924 along Silverbell Road northwest of Tucson ... Manier and Bent ... discovered ... writing ... Dr. Frank H. Fowler identified ... as ... Latin ... . ... Dr. Byron Cummings ... organized a dig at the site ...


discovered ... Latin-Hebraic inscriptions from which the dates 560 A.D. to 800 A.D. were translated. ...


A study of the inscriptions reveals the following story. Approximately 700 Roman men and women in the year 775 B.C. sailed from Rome with Theodorus the Renowned their leader. ... the ships sailed together for many weeks and finally reached land. The survivors left their ships and traveled northwest for many weeks ... . ... they built a city named Terra Calalus. ... Jacobus was followed in leadership by Israel, who was followed by seven more leaders with the same name who ruled for 125 years. ... it was Israel VII who had the story of Terra Calalus inscribed." {see "T/Rh"; "TC"}


"Bill Mack, in an article in Argosy magazine, ... reports that a young couple found a cache of ancient coins while exploring a cave in the Cook Mountains near Deming, New Mexico. ... the coins ... were subsequently identified as Roman."

"T/Rh" = Robert Baird : "Tucson / Rhoda".

"TC" = Choral Pepper : "Terra Calalus". DESERT MAGAZINE, vol. 43 (1980), no. 11 (December), pp. 21-24.

pp. 108-109 calendar of the Siwas^ tribe

p. 108

In a cave 22 miles southwest of Lovelock, Nevada, were found artefacts of the "Siwash Indians",

p. 109

including "a calendar stone marked with fifty-two dots on the inside and 365 on the outside!" {This Siwash "stone calendar" is mentioned at GG1} {cf. Maya 52-year cycle of tunob; 365-day haab cycle}

GG1 = Joseph Robert Jochmans : A Gathering of Giants, Part One. 2009. (This is also known as the "Pyramid Lake" calendar.)

pp. 126-129, 133 praeternatural shaking of tent



shaking tent



The tent had a diameter of about four feet and consisted of five poles set two feet deep into the earth. Each pole was about ten feet in length and eight inches in diameter :


"the edifice, massy as it has been described, began to shake; and ... the sound of numerous voices were heard, ... some yelling, some barking like dogs, some howling like wolves; and in this ... were mingled screams". This was said to be the cries and voices of spirits. It was followed by "a low and feeble voice, resembling the cry of a young puppy." This was the voice of the Great Turtle, Mikinak. {The voice of goddess Skulle resembled "the whimper of a newly-born puppy." (GM 170.t)} In this voice, the Great Turtle made a praediction {just as the name /SKULLe/ is cognate with /SKULD/, name of the Norn of praediction}.


White Sands, Northwest Territories

[quoted from :- TOMORROW, 4:3 (Spring 1956), p. 125] The wigwam commenced to shake, and


"a strange voice was heard. The medicine man’s voice could be heard at the base of the wigwam, while the strange voice came from the top. ... The top of the wigwam bent until it nearly touched the ground during" the time when the spirit of a bear, and the spirit of a lynx, were successively praesent. That medicine-man allegedly "can make a teepee shake by merely throwing his hat into it."


Blackfoot on Red Deer River in Alberta

[quoted from :- "MShT", pp. 18-19] "I was startled by the ringing of a bell above the top of the lodge. ... Presently the teepee began to rock, even lifting off the ground about a foot. ... such a tent as this consists of a dozen long poles crossed at the top, wide apart at the bottom and covered with heavy buffalo robes making it impossible to lift one side, ... for these teepees are so built that no ordinary wind could blow them over."

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

"MShT" = Francis Dickie : "Mystery of the Shaking Tents". REAL WEST, VII:37 (September 1964)

pp. 133-134 praeternatural wind; joking god; Shaker spirit-possession

p. 133

[quoted from :- SC&SR, p. 18] "I have seen and felt the floor, walls, and contents of a room vibrate with the power".


[Ojibway] The Great Turtle, "Mikinak, who talks in a nasal voice ..., is a popular clown who tells jokes and kids his audience."

p. 134

[Shaking Quakers] "Richard S. Lambert, in his book Exploring the Supernatural, traces it back to the first spiritualists, the early Shaker communities where it was believed that they received visits by groups of Indian spirits who had belonged to neighboring tribes. These spirits came to religious meetings and "possessed" the Shakers, causing them to shake, shout and dance in Amerindian style."

SC&SR = Edward Lawrence : Spiritualism among Civilized and Savage Races. 1921.

p. 136 Saulteaux miracles

[quoted from :- "R", pp. 224-5] achievements during "Shaking Tent" caerimony : "Lost articles are sometimes tossed out of the tent to their owners. ... In fact, if a canoe overturns in the rapids, the conjurer may hand out all the goods from his conjuring lodge."


p. 141 Navaho miracles

[dancing feather, quoted from :- Manley Palmer Hall, HORIZON, 7:4 (Spring 1948), pp. 69-70] "A dancer, carrying long ornamented wands and standing several feet from the basket, began posturing and moving his body with the rhythm of the song. Immediately, the feather rose upright and, swaying back and forth, followed exactly the motions of the dancer. As the dance became more rapid, the feather vibrated with great intensity and seemed to jump a short distance into the air. The vibration and motion of the feather continued until the dancer ceased his gyrations".

[fire-bathing, quoted from :- "FM", p. 51] "When the bundles were all lighted at the ceremonial fire, the whole band ... proceeded to apply the brands to their own nude bodies and the bodies of comrades in front of them ... . At times a dancer seized his flame as if were a sponge, and ... proceeded to sponge his own back."

"FM" = R. DeWitt Miller : "Forgotten Mysteries". CORONET, June 1945.

pp. 143-144 ember-handling; miraculous escape from bonds





"St. Lawrence and Great Lakes regions"

"successful handling of live coals and hot stones, plunging their arms into boiling water, and walking through fire."


Ojibwa in Minnesota

A shaman was tied, and put within a "tent. strange vocal cries thumping sounds came from within. As the sounds increased in volume, the tent swayed violently. After a bit the disturbances ceased, and the medicine man shouted that the ropes could now be found in a nearby house. ... The ropes were there, still knotted."

pp. 145-147 influencing snowfall & rainfall

p. 145

In Alberta, the Stony Indians could cause snowfall by their "snow dance".

p. 146

An Oglala shaman could hinder impending rainfall.

p. 147

Among the Comanche, "rainmaking is regarded as a sacred occupation."

pp. 154, 156 medical practice

p. 154

"The Eskimo shaman learns to name all the parts of his body, including every bone, by its special name in the sacred shaman’s language."

p. 156

When a an elderly man was suffering from cancer in Utah, he "made an amazing recovery. ... an old Amerind friend, a retired shaman, had advised him to drink cups of "chaparral tea" which is brewed from the leaves of the desert creosote bush. University researchers found that the tea contained an ingredient called nordihydro-guaiertic acid or NDGA. Later research at the University of Nevada revealed that NDGA is a potent inhibitor of ... cancerous cells."

pp. 158-159 Ojibwa spiritual power acquired from dream


telling of shaman’s dream to patient


The shaman "began the ceremony by telling how he had acquired his powers. During a fast he had a dream. Led by a flock of wild


geese, he came to a hut inhabited by six spirits. Later there came a beautifully dressed lady whose home was in the sky. These were the ones ... who taught him how to cure people and taught him the songs to sing in summoning their help."

pp. 167-168 telepathy with seagulls in Alaska

p. 167

"Then there was the man who talked with the seagulls."

{cf. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, "quite at home now with the easy telepathy that these gulls used" (JLS2), in "a parallel universe" ("SF")}

p. 168

[quoted from :- PURSUIT 6:4 (October 1973), p. 81] "a family of Amerinds might choose, say a seagull as a sort of guardian angel and thus an unwitting intermediary in an exchange of news by what is now called mental telepathy."

JLS2 =

"SF" =

pp. 172-173 Seminole praediction of hurricanes in Florida


praediction of hurricanes


The chief of the Seminoles "has a little jade statue of Hurakan, the wind god of the ancient Mayans. In some undisclosed manner the storm god through this statue sends the chief warnings of hurricanes days before the U.S. Weather Bureau has any inkling of their existence. This enables him to lead his people deeper into the Everglades to a rock-bound retreat where they pitch camp and remain until the chief knows it is safe to return to their home. ... It would appear that the jade statue is a focal point for the chief in receiving his ESP information. Asked to comment, an official of


the Weather Bureau at Miami said : "The only thing we know about it is that it works. Sometimes our predictions are inaccurate ... . But those Indians never miss. Somehow they always seem to know whether there is any danger or not.""

pp. 178-179 promise by Wovoka




"a Nevada Paiute prophet named Wovoka ... had a vision in which he talked with the Great Spirit. ... This is what Wovoka promised :

The Great Spirit told us that all our dead were to be resurrected; that they were all to come back to earth and that, as the earth was too small for them and us, he would do away with heaven and make the earth itself large enough to contain us all ... . ...


He said that in the fall of the year, the youth of all good people would be restored, so that nobody would be more than forty years old ... . He said that if we were all good he would send people among us who could heal all our wounds and sickness by mere touch and that we would live forever. ... He said that we must not doubt him ...; that if we did, he would know it; that he would know our thoughts and actions in no matter what part of the world we might be."

pp. 180-187 Shawanee prophecies




"Once there was another prophet – Tens-Ka-Ta-Wah, or Elskatawa, meaning "The Open Door," but called by the Americans simply "the Prophet." ... His brother was the great Tecumseh (Shooting Star) ... . ... One night while living in a White River village in Indiana, Elskatawa fell asleep. ... He ... made a vision to the realm of spirit, ... and there ... given a new religion".


The Prophet correctly praedicted a solar eclipse.


The Prophet furthermore made a praediction, which "was read by ... a follower of the Prophet , to a gathering of Chippewas and other Lakes Indians at Michilimackinac" :


"it is that of the Great Spirit! ... there will be two days of darkness, during which I shall ... cause the animals, such as they were formerly when I created them, to come forth out of the earth".


Fulfilment of that prophecy : "at two o’clock on the morning of Decemeber 16, the earth moved. ... A weird glow lit the sky {caused by "Tectonic Strain" (EL—"SI"), viz. of "piezoelectric effect in quartz" (EQL), with ionizing atmosphairic results "in Extremely Low Frequency electromagnetic emissions" (ETh—"TSTh"), earthquake-lights have been proposed as reliable indicators of impending earthquakes (BEQL)} as the ground swayed under their running feet. ... the earth buckled and rocked. Centering around New Madrid, Missouri, the quakes were felt".


[quoted from :- R. E. Banta : The Ohio. NY : Rinehart & Co, 1949. pp. 215-6] "The earth in the Mississippi and lower Ohio valley did shake -- ... the sky was darkened ... . Immediately, by report, the southern Indians [Creeks & Cherokees] seized their weapons and started north" to do battle against the U.S. Army.


"As for General Harrison, he entered the White House in 1840 on the campaign slogan of "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!" And that is when the so-called curse of Tippecanoe began. The curse is said to have been instituted by the Prophet about the time of Harrison’s election. Harrison caught a cold on his inauguration day and died a month later from pneumonia. So began the presidential death cycle. Since that time every president elected at a twenty-year interval had died in office."


Praesident __

elected in __

died in __




1865 (assassinated)




1881 (assassinated)




1901. (assassinated)




1923 {possibly "poisoned by" his own wife (CT)}




1945 {possibly "poisoned" (IACh, p. 132)}




1963 (assassinated)


{There was an attempted assassination (by shooting) of Reagan, who was elected in 1980.}



ETh—"TSTh" =


CT =

IACh = Rolf A. F. Witzsche : Ice Age Challenge. Cygni Communications, North Vancouver (BC), 2004.

C = Michael R. Beschloss : The Conquerors: Roosevelt, Truman and the Destruction of Hitler's Germany. 2002.

pp. 194-195 Hopi prophecies




"A delegation of Hopis went to the United Nations in 1959 to warn the assembled world leaders ... . The trip was inspired by an ancient prophecy which described "a house of Glass or Mica [that] would stand at this time, where Great Leaders from many lands would be gathered together to help any people who are in trouble."" [reference :- MP, pp. 200-2]


"What is impending, according to the prophecy, is the return of the True White Brother, also known as the Older Brother, who ... will bring with him a set of stone tablets to match those broken millennia ago by the spirit Massau when the Hopis first came to Old Oraibi." [reference :- MP, pp. 205-6]

MP = Brad Steiger : Medicine Power. NY : Doubleday & Co, 1974.

pp. 197-200 a UFO contactee




"a strange man named Paul R. Solem ... first appeared at campfire meetings at the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in Idaho in July 1969. ... Solem ... said that he had the power to "call in" UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and proved it. ... Solem had his first contact with a flying saucer in June 1948, when he, his wife and his brother-in-law watched three glowing objects pass over a field on his Idaho ranch. Four years later he ... saw another saucer over his ranch, and he followed it for several miles until it landed in the Lost River Sinks. From it emerged a figure with long hair dressed in white overalls. ... "His hair was blond ... and his voice was almost musical in tone ... . ... these people ... come from the planet Venus and they are only here to lend credence to prophecy ... ." ... After his 1952 contact, Paul Solem spent the next seventeen years wandering throughout the West. ... two of those years were spent in the Idaho State Mental Hospital. Following his appearances at the Fort Hall Reservation, Solem went to Hotevilla, Arizona, under the guidance ... of Venutians. There ... Titus Lamson ...


had seen a rainbow-colored object moving in the sky over Hotevilla. It was saucer shaped with a dome on top. As he watched, it became transparent, and he could see a man inside, wearing a gray uniform. ... To some of the traditionalist Hopi ... kachinas were supposed to be from other planets. Some believed that at the time of the Great Purification the Hopi who had remained faithful to the old ways and traditions would be transported to other worlds."


"A flying saucer? Yes ... . As the witnesses watched, Solem repeated ... telepathic communication ... he was receiving from a being aboard the ship : ... We come to lend credence and as a sign or token that the Hopi prophecy was of a divine nature. ... The white brother shall be introduced by a huge fire {flaming aureole?} and the earth shall quake at his arrival."


[quoted from :- U, p. 221] " "Paul 2"; but perhaps the Venutian was really saying "Paul, too." Either way the meaning is ... Solem’s alter ego, ... paranormal ... in the manner of the "spirit guides" in the seance room."

U = Jerome Clark & Loren Coleman : The Unidentified. NY : Warner, 1975.

Th&2P =

U&E =

UF =

UA&M =

LA =

Vincent H. Gaddis : American Indian Myths & Mysteries. Chilton Bk Co, Radnor (PA), 1977.