Basic Conditions of Taoist Thundre-Magic, I.3-I.7


I.3 (pp. 32-40) Assembling the Divine Force (Lien-s^en) [vide :- Florian C. Reiter : "A Praeliminary Study of the Taoist Wan Wen-c^>in (1093-1153 ChrE.) and his Thundre-Magic (Lei-Fa)". ZDMG 152 (2002):155-84]

pp. 32-3 (2a) divine quail in Kidney Palace; Blazing Fire (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 124:1b-2a)

p. 32

"You concentrate on the one most shining point in the Kidney Palace (shen-kung ...). Within a short moment, fire arises, gradually engulfing your body all around. ... Then, the breaths in the five colours of the five directions ... combine to shape one united aura of radiant shining in purple and golden colours, and this [aura] transforms itself into an infant (ying-erh ...) that gradually grows big. [This image] has

the beak of a phoenix with

silver teeth,

red hair, and

a body like a quail.

Both eyes let fiery shining penetrate [a distance] of ten thousand chang.

Both wings have ... fire.

On both forelegs, a head with eyes emerges. ...

The belt has the colour of gold.

The left hand clutches a fire augur and

the right hand clutches a mallet with eight angles.

A fiery dragon winds itself around the body.

{A serpent wound around a godís body could indicate [the heterodox Zaratustrian god] Zrvan Dargho-cvadhata.}


Thereupon you concentrate and see yourself as this Divine General of the Five Thunders. His head touches the heaven {god Tuphonís "head touched the stars, his vast wings darkened the sun, fire flashed from his eyes" (GM 36.a)}, and he stands on the earth. Close around his are fiery clouds that wrap him up with the divine and fierce might of blazing fire. This is "Blazing Fire", the Heavenly Lord Teng (Yen-huo

p. 33

Teng t>ien-chu:n ...) who is the ruling and commanding divinity in the rituals of the fire chariots (Huo-chu: fa ...)."

p. 34 (3a-b) localization of Thundre-divinities within oneís body (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 87:3a-4a)


"You concentrate on your tongue

as the Thunder Axe (lei-fu ...).


The gall

is the rumbling [of Thnnder] (p>i-li ...).


The heart

is Marshal Teng (Teng shuai ...).


The gall {again!}

is Marshall Hsin (Hsin shuai ...).


The kidneys

are Marshall Chang (Chang shuai ...).

pp. 34-5 (3b-4a) producing the thundres (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 87:3a-4a)

p. 34

(3b) "Marshall Chang mounts the black breaths and ascends to the Place of the heart. ... . ... you feel spontaneously how the how the breaths of the heart descend to the kidneys.

At the next step, you concentrate on the Savage Thunders (man-lei ...) of the Five Directions. ... . . ... they flow together into the spleen.

The Rumbling Great Divinity (p>i-li ta-shen ...) ... mounts the breaths of the gall."

p. 35

(4a) "let the breaths inside the ears produce the sounds that are the thunders (wei lei ...)."

pp. 35-6, 38 (4a of TT 1220 87:3a-4a) the 3 Marshalls; (2a of TT 1220 81:2a-3a) colored breaths for the Grand Marshall; (3a of TT 1220 81:2a-3a) black breaths for the Marshall


divine Marshall


(87:4a) "You concentrate ... on the Three Marshalls (san-shuai ...) ... . They force their way upwards to the window on top of your head where they leave."


(81:2a) "Inhale deeply the purple breaths of the sun-direction ... ,

and from the left side you emit chuckling the green [breath],

from the right side the purple [breath],

just the two breaths. They ... assemble to become (chieh-ch>eng ...) the Grand Marshal (ta-shuai ...)."


(81:3a) "You circulate the black breaths of the k>an-palace ... to let them pass upwards to the Jade Tower (yu:-lou ...). You ... concentrate in meditation on the Marshal, who now mounts the ten thousand folds of black clouds."

p. 37 (2b) acquisition of enormous stature : the Venerable of the 5 Thunders; divine Departments (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 81:2a-3a)

"Fierce ... divinities of Thunder and Thunderclaps, your might shakes the Nine Heavens ... with your bodies that quickly rise up [to be as tall as] one million chang ... . Your title of honour is Venerable of the Thunder Departments ... (lei-pu tsun ...).

... legions of Night Demons of Grand Might on the left side and on the right side receive ... the heavenly order (t>ien-ling ...) to assist and support the Venerable of the Five Thunders.

I have reverently received the decrees of the Jade Emperor (yu:-ti ...) and so I can save the people in the world. ...

When [such people] ask me to ascend to the heavenly realms,

I go to attend [the heavenly] audiences ... .

When [such people] ask me to enter the Department of Earth (ti-fu ...),

I straightforward reach the Palace of the Dark Spheres (Yu-ching kung ..).

When [such people] ask me to enter the Water Department (shui-fu ...)

the waves of the four seas the open up [a throughway for me].

p. 39 description of Marshall Hsin (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 81:1a)

Marshall Hsin "wears an ox-ear cap,

has red hair,

an iron face and

silver teeth like daggers ... .

He is clad in green cloud-fur-garments (yu:n-ch>iu ...) and

black boots.

His left hand holds the Thunder files (lei-pu ...).

His right hand holds the Thunder brush (lei-pi ...).

An abundance of radiance is seen above his apparition."


I.4 (pp. 41-7) The Basis for Writing Amulets [vide :- Florian C. Reiter : "Convictions and Means in Daoist Thundre Magic (Dao-jiao Lei-fa)". AAS 29 (2007):193-210.]

pp. 41-3 (14a-15a) purple window; effects of exhalation upon written talisman, after having written the talisman whilst holding the breath (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 69:14a-16a)




(14a) "holding the writing brush [in your hand] ..., you shut up the breath and hold onto it without any breathing at all ... . You use speedily the writing brush to write down the amulet {talisman}. Having done [the writing] you let the splendour of ... all the generals and emissaries (chiang-li ...) that you summoned enter the centre of the amulet. Your mouth releases ... the breath right above the amulet, and golden radiance will cover [the amulet]. In your meditative vision you see the generals and emissaries who were summoned and are [now] inside the amulet that you wrote."


(14b) "The hun- ... and p>o- ... souls are guarded at the purple window (tzu-hu ...). The purple window is the gate of fate (ming-men ...) and the location {placenta?} that connects [the embryo] with the womb. The three [cinnabar fields] must not desert each other." {cf. oaths for mutual-nondesertion in the Romance of Three Kingdoms etc.}


(15a) "You blow on the tip of your writing brush, and so a golden radiance flashes brightly with all its splendour. You write the amulet on paper, which is like the force of a dragon that crawls on."

p. 45 (16a) the 2 waterwheels of the ophidian Heavenly Emperor (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 68:16a-b)

"you visualise the Heavenly Emperor with his human head and the body of a snake.

[You visualise] the waterwheel on top of his head, and his feet tread a waterwheel. {cf. the 2 wheels ridden by Ne-zha}

[The Emperor] raises rapidly his body to be as tall as ten thousand chang ...,

and your own body (wu-shen ...) also rises to be as tall as ten thousand chang.

pp. 46-7 (2a) divinities in attendance during the inditing of a talisman (TT 1221 S^an-c^>in Lin-pao Ta-fa 14:2a-b)

p. 46

"Visualize your own body to be [the Heavenly Worthy] of Prime Origin (yu:an-shih ...). [fn. 99 : for another such visualization, vide :- TT 1221:40.19b] There are 10,000

p. 47

divinities in attendance all around. Your body has a radiant shining. You breathe in the breaths in the five colours of the five directions, and your hands twist firmly the mudra^ Jade Purity (yu:-ch>ing chu:eh ...)."


I.5 (pp. 47-53) Praying for Rain (Tao-yu:)

pp. 49-53 (18a-20b) meditation for producing rainfall (TT 296 Li-s^ih C^en-hsien T>i-tao T>un-c^ien 53:16a-21b)




(18a) "There is a red breath that moves straight downwards to the space between the two kidneys. ... . ... the red breath in my heart descends downwards, whereas the [perfect] water streams bubbling upwards, firmly encloses the red breath and makes its way from the liver to exit (ch>u ...) at the root of the tongue. I only visualise the cloudy breath (yu:n-ch>i ...) in my mouth that suddenly exits and in front of my face revolves, passes the sun-window (sun-hu ...) and gradually becomes as big as the wheel of a carriage that rolls on and ascends to heaven. Those clouds fill overflowing the cosmos (liu-ho ...). On the side of the ears, there is the sound of wind and thunder that rumbling becomes clearly discernible."


(18b) "The [element] metal ... is the dragon. ...

In the thunder department (lei-pu ...) there are

the wind and the clouds,

thunder and lightning,

mist and hail,

snow and rain.


(19a) These eight pure matters borrow the Nine, the inherent number of [the element] metal in the river chart." {The 8 Vasu-deities become reckoned as 9 (by Jaina-s).}

"The stones become shining (jun ...) and emit water. ...


Yin encloses the yang-p>o[souls] ... and the chill of the nine heavens (chiu-hsiao han ...). You collect the first breath of complete yin ... . You let the breath [of complete yin ...] ascend to the double pass of the spine and reach the windlass-pass (lu-lu ta-kuan ...) where it enters as far as three ts>un deep into the window of the brain (nao-hu ...), and [the location] there is called Bright Hall (ming-t>ang ...). [This procedure] is tantamount to the installation of the thunder altar (lei-t>an ...) on the top of [Mount] K>un-lun ... .

A second time you let ascend (sheng ...) the breath of red-yang (hung-yang ..) ...


(19b) There is a saying : The Dipper of the South (nan-tou ...) moulds the hun[-souls] ... . ... The womb of [the element] water (shui-t>ai ...) is set up at the position of ... the sun. ... There is a black radiance within the sun, and this [black radiance] ... belongs to the theories for the prayers ... . In the case of prayers ... you must "boil the mountains and cook the sea" (p>eng-shan chu-hai ...) ... . [fn. 115 : "TT 1220:85.6b "first call upon the fire of the heart. Boil the water of the kidneys, and ... a painful heat within the belly ... is the cooking sea that spills over. Following this, you draw the water of the kidneys so as to enter the top [of the head], the boiling mountain."] You just let the breath of red-yang


(hung-yang ...) ascend to reach the double pass of the spine, and then let it enter three ts>un deep into the window of the brain (nao-hu ...). This is called the Appointment at the Bright Hall (ming-t>ang chu-cha ...). ... Overflowing black breath covers and rests upon the top of your head. ... You let the breath of red-yang (hung-yang ...) ascend and directly collide with the breath of yin (yin-ch>i ...). ... Again, you let ascend ... a perfectly black breath, which directly collides with the top of your head (ting-hsin ...). ... Then it is that the stones moisten and emit water.

When a brilliant and steaming blaze of fire occurs in the middle of the sun, ...


(20a) the sound of thunder certainly shakes the night. When this happens, the radiance of lightning blazes [fn. 117 : (text is emended)], in the North black pigs (wu-chu ...) cross the River [fn. 118 : galaxy] ... ."

"You focus [your meditation] on your heart that ... the red breath that is inside and sinks straight down to the two kidneys. You see one clear pool of perfect water (chen-shui ...). The red breath of the heart sinks down, and this [perfect] water bubbles up enclosing the red breath. [Starting out] from the liver [the red breath]


passes the heart and exits from the base of the tongue. You feel the cloudy breath (yu:n-ch>i ...) in your mouth (wu-k>ou ... [fn. 120 : "my mouth"]) that suddenly exits and in front of your face revolves, passes the sun-window (sun-hu ...) and gradually becomes as big as the wheel of a carriage to roll on. These clouds fill overflowing the cosmos (liu-ho ...)."


I.6 (pp. 54-61) The Martial Side of Thundre-Magic

pp. 55-8 (21a-23a) the 2 sparks & the black & red breaths (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 69:21a-23b)




(21a) "You concentrate in meditation on the one spark of golden radiance within the spleen that separates to become two sparks. One spark moves on revolving to enter the space between the two kidneys where it changes to become an agglomeration of black breath (hei-ch>i ..). This agglomeration rapidly rushes straight upwards to exit from both eyes. ... After that, you concentrate in meditation on the [second] spark of golden radiance that revolving enters


(21b) the heart where it changes to become red breath (hung-ch>i ...). The red breath exits from the base of the tongue and soars [up] towards the sun-window ... . ...

However, the black breath encloses the red breath and forms countless agglomerations beyond any limits (pai-ch>ien-wan t>uan ...). At this point in time, a great heat is inside the human body and sweat perspires."


(22a) "Having dispatched the generals ... you practice silent meditation. Your nostrils inhale the pure breaths of the Anterior Heaven (hsien-t>ien ch>ing-ch>i ...). [The pure breaths] force directly their way to the yellow court (huang-t>ing ...). The nine orifices above and below are all closed and do not allow any breaths to be absorbed (jung ...). Being in a state of tranquillity you let the one spark of golden radiance that is within the spleen ascend and separate [fn. 130 "into two parts"] to be two [sparks of radiance]. One spark moves on to enter the two kidneys behind the navel, where it becomes an agglomeration of black breath (hei-ch>i ..). This agglomeration forces itself upwards from the spine and the double pass to reach the two eyes where it exits. ... You concentrate your mind on the one sound of the thunderclap that [then] greatly shakes.

After this and for a second time the nostrils inhale the pure breath that forces its way to enter the mysterious female (hsu:an-p>in ...). ...


(22b) You let the [pure] breath directly ascend to enter revolving the orifices of the heart, where the [pure] breath becomes the red breath that [finally] exits from the base of the tongue and soars upwards to the sun-window (sun-hu ...). ...

You only see the black clouds and the shining of fire that collides with heaven and fills overflowing the cosmos. ... At his time, a great heat is within your body and sweat perspires. You must ... keep on until the heat becomes scorching."


(23a) "You first concentrate your meditation on the red breath in your heart. The red breath forces its way downwards to the mysterious female (hsu:an-p>in ...). ... The one spark of golden radiance that is just below the spiritual force of the spleen makes its way directly to the two kidneys. You ... lift up the black breath of the


right kidney and let it very slowly move directly upwards to reach the Mud Pill [Palace] (ni-wan ...). The black breath thus fills overflowing the cosmos (liu-he ...). The ascent and absorption of the breaths (hsi ...) happen thirty-six times. Now, you let the red breath of the left kidney move upwards and reach the Mud Pill [Palace] (ni-wan ...). When the black breath there faces the red breath, they enclose each other and soar upwards towards the sun-direction (sun-fang ...), and all the heaven is filled with black breaths and red breaths. A second time you let the black breath of the right kidney ascend, and [again] you breathe in [breath] (hsi ...) thirty-six [times] that forces its way up to the window of the brain (nao-hu ...). ...

You grasp the killing breath of the heavenly kang[-star] (t>ien-kang sha-ch>i ...) that burning blazingly shoots forth from the black breaths. Moreover, your nostrils inhale pure breaths that rush to the Heavenly Kang[-star] of the Fire of the Heart (hsin-huo t>ien-kang ...). they rush directly to the T>ai-i Cave (T>ai-i hsu:eh ...)."

pp. 59-60 stars of the dipper-constellation (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 82:18a-b)




(18a) "the four Correct Ones (ssu-cheng ...) constitute the bowl of the dipper (kang ...) [fn. 139 : "t>ien-kang ... "four stars that form the bowl of the ... constellation"] ... . ... Heaven uses the tou ... [fn. 140 : "tou ... "peck" ... a dry measure"] to manage the ten thousand transformations. ... It is for this reason that the heart has seven orifices to correspond (ying ...) to the Northern Dipper. ...


(18b) "My heart is then inside {interior chambre of heart} [... the star] lien-chen ..., and on the outside {external aperture} my heart is [the star] p>o-chu:n ... ."


I.7 (pp. 62-66) The Creative Impetus (Tsao-hua)

pp. 62-3 (23a, 25b) the magicianís will (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 69:23b-27a)

p. 62

(23a) "Man, however, can snatch the creative impetus of heaven and earth. ... All causes are together with heaven and earth mutually inside and outside."

p. 63

(25b) "Any single spark of thought and calculation emerges at the centre of ... the ancestral breath (tsu-ch>i ...) [fn. 154 : "ancestral vital energy"] of heaven and earth. As soon as any single thought is born, it floats (ku ...) into ... the lodge of the spiritual agents. ... If I am to know ... the ancestral breath, I must resolutely hold on to this one spark of perfect breath (chen-ch>i ...)."


ABHANDLUNGEN FU:R DIE KUNDE DES MORGENLANDES, Band LXI = Florian C. Reiter : Basic Conditions of Taoist Thunder Magic. Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, 2007.