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Man & Thundre-Magic


First Approach



Human Nature



Summoning & Uniting



Assembling Force



Writing Amulets



Praying for Rain



Martial Side of Magic



Creative Impetus



Scope of Thundre-Magic



0. (pp. 1-10) Introduction

pp. 5-7 (17a-18b) biography of Yeh C^>ien-s^ao (TT 295 Hsu:-hsien C^uan 2:16b-18b)




(17a) "Yeh Ch>ien-shao ... had the name (tzu ...) Lu-ts>ang .... and hailed from Chien-ch>ang ... district in Hung-chou ... . [fn. 8 : "today’s Nan-ch>ang district in Chiang-hsi province, where Wang-Wen-ch>ing ... also hails from."] ...


Once he stayed alone in a mountain when suddenly came up ... thunder and lightning. There was a person {deity} clad in white garments who ... addressed Yeh Ch>ien-shao ... saying that ... the registers of the immortals have recommended him for the ascent [to the immortals]. [Now,] in the world of man he should employ demons and deities as his servants and emissaries ... . ... In a moment, a perfected [spirit] official who was clad in red garments (chu-i chen-kuan) descended, arriving from the clouds ... . More than ten [spirit] generals additionally [descended] ... . ... There were also two attendants who were clad in yellow and green garments, and each of them held one role {roll} of registers (pu i chu:an ...) [from the heavenly archives]. ... The perfected [spirit] official ... said : "[Obeying] the decree of heaven we transfer to you these registers (pu ...). [We] ... are obliged ... to save your contemporaries." ... .


(17b) ... the heavenly documents (t>ien-shu ...) ... resembled worldly military registers (ping-chi ...). ...


After [the encounter] Yeh Ch>ien-shao ... could shout long screams [fn. 10 "Shouts ... are a rather usual feature of some Taoist techniques." {also, of some C^>an (So@n, Zen) techniques}],

and in this way, the wind was aroused in forest and abysses.


[p. 6] When he spit {spat} out [p. 7] water,

rain fell in the plains.


When he heavily pressed down {stomped} he feet onto the ground,

the noise of thunder evolved {devolved} [resembling the noise of a] windlass.


When [he seemed to] paint with his hand in empty space [fn. 12 : "the drawing of physically unseen amulets in empty space."],

radiant lightning would occur which baffled everybody. ...


When he suddenly made loud and threatening noises, he seemed to shake with might. When he was questioned ..., he gave this sort of answer : I saw in this or that place a fire", or "[I saw] in this or that place a drought and [just] dispatched rain to save [the situation]". When people set out to search for the facts, they always found [his words] to be true. ...


(18a) When wicked mei-demons (hsieh-mei ...) [p. 8, fn. 13 : "demons in the shape and with the face of humans."] were around and heard the name of Yeh Ch>ieh-shao ..., they spontaneously reformed their ways to the better. ... .


... he learnt that the governor ... was about to die. ... Yeh Ch>ien-shao ... said : "I force the wind to come forth from you feet. ..." Finally, the wind made a whizzing sound and came forth from the hollows of the feet of the governor. ...


(18b) Yeh Ch>ien-shao ..., however, speedily deserted ... and disappeared. ... Among the people of today there are some persons who had eventually seen him."

pp. 9-10 the 2 praeceptors of Yeh C^>ien-s^ao; divine response

p. 9

"Yeh C^>ien-s^ao ... relies on the spiritual ... guidance of two Taoists of old, namely Wu Meng ... and Hsu: Sun ... .

p. 10

... he could procure magic responses in the cosmos. He could see what was going on in remote places far away {remote viewing}, and so he dispatched rain ... to relieve a drought or fire in those places." "the exorcist actions of Yeh C^>ien-s^ao ... are based on heavenly documents (t>ien-shu ...), which are the registers of the martial spirit forces."

p. 9, fn. 17

"Wu Meng ... hailed from Yu:-chang ... . He was an exorcist, who ... had access to the world of the immortals. ... During the period Huang-lung (... 229-232) "heaven revealed the White Cloud Amulets (pai-yu:n fu ...)"".


I.0 (pp. 13-4) First Approach to Thundre-Magic

p. 13 reference

vide :- L. Skar : "Administering Thundre : a thirteenth-century memorial deliberating the Thundre-rites". CAHIERS D’EXTRE^ME-ASIE 9 (1996-7):159-202.


I.1 (pp. 15-8) Human Nature & Thundre-Magic

p. 16 (2b-3a) the Divine Norm of Thundre-Magic, according to the Secret Instructions concerning the Thundre-Rituals (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 77:2b-3a)

(2b) "the self is the Divine Norm (ling-far ...). As to the divine self (ling woo ...), ... it is [to] ... unite with the thunder deities (lei-sheen ...) ... . ... The response [of the divinities] is like an echo ... . ... [In this way] the mind and the thunder divinities intermingle and are just like one united entity. In this way, I am the thunder divinity, and the thunder divinity is I. ...

(3a) Above, I unite with the heart of heaven (t>ien-hsin ...)."


I.2 (pp. 19-31) Summoning & Uniting Thundre-Deities

pp. 19-20 (5b) the divinities of the internal organs (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 69:5a-11a)



belongeth to (the element) __

& returneth to (the organ) __


Marshall Ten




Marshall Hsin




s^ih-c^e (emissaries)


"ancestral palace"


C^ao Hsu:an-t>an




Magic Agent Ma




Marshall Wen

trigram c^en

via the gall


Magic Agent Wan



p. 20, fn. 22 the Magical Agents [vide :- Florian C. Reiter : "Some Notices on the Magic Agent Wan (Wan lin-kuan) at Mt. C^>i-c^>u: in Tzu-t>un District, Szec^uan Province". ZDMG 148 (1998):323-42.]

TT 1221 S^an-c^>in Lin-pao Ta-fa 7:8a-9a "offers a cosmic set of 81 Magic Agents ... . The Agent ... is second only to the perfected man and spirit patron (chu-fa ...) Sa Shou-chien ... . In TT 1220:86.7a the deity has the title Hsien-t>ien san-wu huo-chu: ling-kuan Wang Shan ... ."

p. 21 (5b) cosmic elements within the body (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 69:5a-11a)

"When you speak the spells by heart (nien-chou ...) to summon and unite [with the divinities], they first return to their respective intestine {organ} and enter then the central palace. ... What follows then are responses that come like echoes.

The [element] earth .. lets the essences and the breaths circulate and thoroughly flow through the bones and the nine orifices.

The spleen (p>i ...) is yin-earth (...). ...

The stomach (wei ...) is the belly of the human body where all the strings are tightly bundled." {the bundle of luminous fibres comprising one’s praeternatural body, according to Carlos Castan~eda}

pp. 23-5 (6b-8a) interior of kernel; spark of Anterior Heaven : spark of golden radiance, golden radiance of Anterior Heaven (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 69:5a-11a)

p. 23

(6b) "Goodness means, "to be ripe" (shih ...). The inside of a fruit produces a kernel, and what is stored inside the kernel, this is the goodness. Goodness, this is the perfect water (chen-shui ...), and water was brought to life by heaven and the one (t>ien-i ...). When [this] ... rising up forms high above the blissful clouds (ch>ing-yu:n ...) that open the door of life (sheng –men ...) and let the auspicious vapours flow down to block the window of death (ssu-hu ...). ...


(7a) High above there is the bent chiang-river ... . See the moonflower ..., and there is the black crow that soars high above. ... When amid great tranquillity ... a ... sensation (hsiao-hsi ...) arises, the one spark (i-tian ...) ... comes forth, issuing from where the Anterior Heaven (hsien-t>ien ...) has not yet started to bud. ... At that time when all creatures had not yet come to life, ... the bodies received for the first time their vital breaths due to the initiating power of heaven (t>ien-che ...) ... . [fn. 31 : TT 1250 C^>un-hsu: T>un-miao S^ih-c^>en Wan Hsien-s^en C^ia-hua 7b-8a), for a definition and description of the "heavenly initiating (or moving) power" (t>ien-chi ...) in terms of ... the 28 stellar mansions, the 24 phases of the breaths and the stimuation of the 36 shining elements."] ...

p. 24

The spleen (p>i ...) is [called] Furnace Crescent Moon (yen-yu:eh lu ...). ... You visualize befittingly the one spark of golden radiance that comes forth from the cave [that resembles] a black corn of millet. ...


(7b) Then it is that the heavenly orifices (hsu:an-ch>iao ...) issue spontaneously the apparition of a divine radiance, which supports heaven. ...

pp. 24-5

[p. 24] The ancestral breaths (tsu-ch>i [p. 25] ...), however, are the golden radiance of the Anterior Heaven (hsien-t>ien ...) that ... since antiquity was never extinguished.

[p. 25, fn. 34 : "TT 1250:4b ... correlates the Anterior Heaven with the Original Spiritual Force and the Prime Origin ... (yu:an-shen ... / yu:an-shih ...). For a Thunder ritual that is completely dedicated to the Anterior Heaven and its unified breaths, see TT 1220:90 (Hsien-t>ien i-ch>i fei-fa ...) that incorporates the famous Song of the Heavenly Pearl by Wang Wen-ch>ing : Shih-ch>en hsu:an-chu ke ...; 90.15b-16b)."]

p. 25

The Tu-jen ching says "It was in the middle of the void heaven that [Yu:eh-shih ...] suspended one precious pearl as small as one grain of millet. It was separated five chang ... from the earth. ...

[p. 25, fn. 34 : "See TT Ling-pao wu-liang shang-p>in miao-ching fu-t>u 1.6b."]


(8a) "The upper orifices of the eight poles are ch>ien ... and the yellow of heaven (t>ien-huang ...). The yellow of heaven is exactly [identical with] the mysterious yellow (hsu:an-huang ...). ... The yellow court is a room (wu ...) and its base does not move (tung ...)."

p. 26 (8a-b) summoning of divinities-Marshalls within the internal bodily organs (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 69:5a-11a) [p. 26 "the mysteries" : "Keep them for you as a secret, keep them secret!"]

In case thou summonest __,

thou takest __

(8a) the [spirit-]emissaries

"the divinity of the will (i-shen ...) to be the leading force that is lien-chen".

(8b) Marshall Ten

"the heart to be the fire official (huo-kuan ...). The fire official is the heart"

Marshall Hsin

"the divinity of the breath (ch>i-shen ...) to be the leading force. It ... passes through the gall department (tan-fu ...) and flows into the central palace ... where the golden radiance gushes forth".

Marshall Wen

"use of the Wood Senior (mu-lao ...). ... on the rage of the liver ... Marshal Wen makes his apparition."

... fire is the divinity ping-ting ... [fn. 38 : "the heat [of the sun] (ping-ting [huo] ...)"] that makes the heavenly kang-star (t>ien-kang ...) shake and move.

The golden radiance in the central palace resembles the shape of flowing {molten} brass that is getting ... refined."

pp. 28 (9a-b) origin of the torch of wisdom (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 69:5a-11a)


"The original yang is ... the principle.

The principle gives birth to being ... .

Being gives birth to the dragon of yang.


The dragon of yang is the torch of wisdom (hui-chu ...).

p. 28 (9b-10a) signs of the arrival of divinities-Generals : sensation of chill & praeternatural music (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 69:5a-11a)

(9b) "the divine generals have arrived when [the breath] agitates. ...

Perhaps you sense [their presence] when both of your temples feel a cold {chill} ... .

... perhaps there is the sound of bells in your ears, or perhaps it is that ... thunders drum ... . In all these cases, [we know that] the heavenly generals (t>ien-chiang ...) have arrived. ...

(10a) Never mind which general it is, they all start out to operate at the central palace."

pp. 28-30 (10a-b) shout; gesture; tread (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 69:5a-11a)

p. 28

(10a) "At this moment, you make one loud cry, and turn the handle of the dipper (hsien-fan tou-ping ...). You most urgently press the mudra^ Thunder Office (lei-chu: ...) of your left hand with your hip. Your left foot treads {stomps} heavily on the ground. You concentrate ... on the general that ... right now stays

p. 29

above the window of earth (ti-hu ...) [fn. 46 : "Southeast"]."

"Shouting out aloud at one time, you alert the generals and [their] emissaries to pull aside and turn the handle of the dipper,


(10b) and then the Northern Dipper (pei-tou ...) faces southwards."

pp. 26, 29 locations of stars in one’s body (TT 1220 Tao-fa Hui-yu:an 69:5a-11a)




(8a-b) (8a) "lien-chen ... which is the internal kang (...)-star.

[The star] becomes apparent due to its (8b) golden radiance."


(8b) "The heart is the heavenly kang-star (t>ien-kang ...).

When the heavenly kang-star shakes, golden radiance concentrates and shoots forth from the [inner] central palace (chung-kung ...)."


(10b) "Notice, the heart has eleven orifices

that are the Northern Dipper.


The hair [of the eyebrows]

is the Three Terrace[-stars] (san-t>ai ...)."


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