David Abram : Becoming Animal : an Earthly Cosmology. Pantheon Bks, NY, 2010.

p. 208 [in Nepal, while approaching the residence of a renowned jhan-kri S^erpa shaman] "my stride now took on a springiness ... that was new to me. ... . ... I could feel myself dancing within it, exploring the quality of gravity as though it were an elastic fabric stretched around me."

p. 209 [description of the jhan-kri shaman] "his knees never fully straightened; his legs stayed bent like taut springs ... . I recognized the odd gait that my body had taken". {This posture (called by him that of the sabre-toothed tigre) is recommended by Carlos Castan~eda for practicing the exercises of T>ai C^>i.}

p. 233 involuntary mimesis of other persons' enunciation {At one time I was involuntarily (praeternaturally) compelled to imitate the enunciation of an exorcist in the Holy Order of MANS.}

p. 238 "avian metamorphosis" of the jhan-kri shaman in Nepal. {such sort of metamorphosis is ascribed by Carlos Castan~eda to the "2nd ring of power"}

p. 250 [ability received from same jhan-kri shaman in Nepal] "the bird outside me had somehow awakened an analogue of itself inside ... . Or rather, as if the raven were ... pulling apart ... blood and meat ... in here, within my own organism." https://books.google.com/books?id=ryKyB7MATwUC&pg=PA209&lpg=PA209&dq= {This is the true practice of gCod in the waking-world. In the dreaming-world, on the other hand, one's flesh can be entirely devoured (by a dream-praedator), and immediately grow again into place.}

p. 252 "sleight-of-hand purposely confounds the conventional segregation of the senses, making use of a synaesthetic propensity". {This is possible because the hypnosis-deities (who produce in hypnotized subjects a perception of events inaccurately ascribed to so-called "sleight-of-hand") internal-bodily (designated "internal alchemy" by Taoists) deities of the sort who praeside over (and thus control) sense-perceptions, communicate with each other by means of telepathy, thus blending together their own sensations, and thus blend together perceptions of the mortal human whom they operate.}

p. 294 [Paiute myth] "the sun ... is a great lizard who eats the stars ... . ... The moon, meanwhile, is the wife of that lizard sun, and the mother of those stars." {Is this "sun" the "Sky Lizard" Itzam-caan (CD-CYML), sometimes identified with Itzamna ("AFG")? Instead of being identified with the sun, how-be-it, "The Maya prayed to Itzamna ... to avert ... hot sun" (MM, s.v. "Itzamna", p. 197). Another god said to swallow his own children is Kronos.}

CD-CYML = David Bolles : Combined Dictionary-Concordance of the Yucatecan Mayan Language. http://www.famsi.org/reports/96072/i/itz_iuitl.htm

"AFG" = "Apocalypse from the ground". http://survinat.com/2012/11/apocalypse-from-the-ground/

MM = Kay Almere Read & Jason J. Gonza`lez : Mesoamerican Mythology. ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara (CA), 2000.