The Book of Caverns


(cited by tableau=division = register = picture)



3 serpents


9 cobras


9 bull-headed gods


catfish-headed god


9 gods in secret coffins, with curled locks


9 jackal-headed gods, who, like gods, lick filth


god & goddess who uphold disks


god & goddess followed by 9 walking gods (11figures)


4 men looking backward, with serpents, in coffin


WSIR, holding scepter, in shrine; serpent looped over shrine


4 women, with serpents, in coffin


9 goddesses standing on baskets with supports ("mountains")


4 males in coffins + 4 females in coffins


hawk-headed guardian of the secret images; black, or catfish-headed god


2 men bend over "mound" which containeth 4 "pieces of flesh"


2 women bend over "mound" which containeth a lock of hair and a beard


crocodile-headed "One who is Complete'

1:5:1: 3 serpents:--


:1 Giant of Earth, who in shaking shaketh those who are with him


:2 Double Flame


:3 in the inferior world


16 enemies: 8 beheaded, 8 not beheaded


"to exterminate their souls,


to efface their shadows,


to destroy their corpses,


to ravish their spirits"



5 serpents:--


:1 in his hole, head in darkness & tail in the mystery


:2 Black Head


:3 He whose arms are hidden, whose legs are invisible


:4 Nechai whose eyes are destroyed


:5 Sesy whose flame is powerful, consuming those who approach


12 gods in coffins, Lords of Manifestations:--


4 N<RYW catfish-headed gods who are in MH^NTY N IRTY (the "Eyeless One")


8 H^SSYM shrew-headed gods whose provisions are abundant


7 goddesses in coffins:--


:1 Infernal One who protecteth her body


:2 She whose soul speaketh and whose body is perfected


:3 She whose soul is living, who protecteth those who are


:4 She whose visage is enlivened, great in secrerts, courageous


:5 One of the Corpses, of putrescence, whose decomposition may not be approached


:6 She whose soul speaketh (so that) those who are hear


:7 She who careth for those who are in her, goddess equipped with virtues


the decomposed, putrescent god, of strong arms, guardeth 7 goddesses


shrew-headed god MH^NTY IRTY (the "Eyeless One")


9 bearded gods grasping in their hands a lock of their hair:--


:1 Mourner, of the great lock of hair


:2 Weeper, lord of the 5 (of) high [voice] in the region of silence


:3 Sniveler, unique god


:4 Protector, who carrieth the water which cometh forth from divine eyen


:5 of whom Weary Heart heareth the voice and who re-assembleth for him his members


:6 He at whose calling come the inhabitants of the Netherworld


:7 He who contracteth in his weeping


:8 the Disheveled One, who answereth when the souls call


:9 Dark Face, who calleth, and, behold, the souls breathe


12 gods "whose forms are bound", notables of the tribunal, in coffins:--

:1 Western One


:2 the One of the Netherworld


:3 wearers of the long lock of hair, of the cries of potent distress


:4 He who hath a head in the Netherworld


:5 He who weareth the great collar, who hath a pendant


:6 Lord of serpents in the Secret Chamber


:7 Lord of the torch


:8 He who belongeth to the BNW


:9 He who acclaimeth, who raiseth the arm


:10 Lord of Offerings, whose altar is great


:11 Lord of the headdress, whose head-wrapping in great


:12 Wearer of the bandlet, great one of ribbons


ram-headed god, leaning on long staff


5 adorers of the ram-headed god


4 worshippers of chest (coffer) containing sun-disk:--


:1 Rati, guardian of the secrets


:2 Hidden Heart, guardian of the mysterious things


:3 Dark Visage, guardian of the things of mystery


:4 Wearer of the head-binding


"these four gods set over the secrets ...


who are in the secret place,


who are on guard over the anus ...


of which the dead cannot see the secrets."


{cf. Mitra, god set over the anus according to the}



4 disks & 4 rods surmounted by heads of rams


4 smaller disks & 4 Wsrw-poles (neck-and-head of jackal)


hawk-headed divinity


12 Osiris-figures in coffins [Book of the Dead, chapters 141-142]


:1 at the head of the Western Ones: cave


:2 Regent of the Netherworld: the bed


:3 Lord of Exalted Earth: throne


:4 Lord of the West, may thine arm open paths


:5 Lord of the Dead, prince of the spirits, annihilate


:6 Lord of the Assembly, who judgeth, listen to the words


:7 King of the West, who commandeth in the Region of Silence


:8 Lord of the White Crown, he giveth his orders to his son


:9 He at the Head of the Netherworld


:10 (Good) Guide, lord of the ways, of many paths direct


:11 Lord of the Ennead, whose word destroyeth his enemies, destroy enemies!


:12 who destroyeth the souls in revolt against him


These 12, members of the assembly of He in the Netherworld,


Tn-Irw "Those whose forms are exalted"


(Naville: Litany of the Sun, p. 61)



a god maketh the gesture of adoration to the 12

2:4:4, :6 two ram-headed gods, with, between them,



9 ram-headed gods in coffins:--


:1 lord of the 2 horns


:2 corpse


:3 H.MY of many names


:4 ...


:5 who hideth the corpses of the gods, who rendereth secret the putrefaction


:6 eldest descendant (?)


:7 he was ejected, who is issued from me {cf. Skanda}


:8 the engendered one who is issue from me


:9 lord of the soul who is on my own corpses


4 bearded divinities holding knives


4 beheaded ones


4 "those who are flung down"


4 reversed ones, the tied


4 reversed ones, the bloody ones with torn-out hearts


[:3 marcheth vertically downward;


:4 & :5 march upside-down]


between 2 serpents is reclining divinity in coffin:--


:1 the serpent above "The Venemous One who is in his cavern"


:2 the figure in the oval: "The One of the Royal Headband"


:3 the serent below: "Large Mouth with yawning jaws"


7 catfish-headed gods enclosed by great serpent Nh.b-K3w "He who collecteth the spirits":--




:2 <DY "The One Who is Complete"


:3 H^SSY


:4 IFFY (in P: IH^Y)


:5 RMY "The Weeper" (in P: S<Y)


:6 SNY


:7 The Drowned One


2 ram-headed gods, reclining face-downward, in mounds:--


:1 The Soul which is in R<


:2 The Princely One who is in R<


female divinity between male divinities, in coffins:--


:1 He of the Region who maketh the gods silent


:2 She of the Region of Silence of the gods


:3 He whose putrescence is great


4 in coffins; mummiform WSIR in shrine; 6 in coffins:--


:1 (goddess:) "The One who Hideth the Hidden One


:2 Powerful of Arm




:4 (goddess:) She who guardeth


:5 WSIR framed by serpents (one each standing before & behind him)


:6 She who causeth the throat to breathe


:7 She who watcheth over her Lord


:8 She who envelopeth the Hidden One


:9 He who annihilateth (?)


:10 He who punisheth the shadows


:11 He who chastiseth the enemies


ram-headed god leaning on a staff: "this god entereth (the dwelling of) the Elder (GB)"


4 mummiform Osiris figures "He seeth the rays from his disk"


:1 He at the Head of the West


:2 The Enveloped One


:3 He of the Coffin


:4 The Mysterious One


3KR + 3 gods + GB + H^PR + 4 goddesses


:1 the double-sphinx 3KR


:2 DW3TY, the Infernal One


:3 ITM




:5 GB (facing downwards) on the back of 3KR


:6 H^PR scarab-beetle in coffin


:7 TFNWt


:8 NWt


:9 3St


:10 Nephthus


serpent encircling 3 mysteries; 4 males bowing


:1 "the Great One" (serpent biting its tail)


:2 male divinity in coffin


:3 head of ram, in coffin


:4 eye, in coffin


:5 The Fighter who haileth R<


:6 The Fighter who haileth R<


:7 The Cadaverous One


:8 He who is on his decomposition


crocodile-headed bearded god standing on back of serpent; 2 adoring gods


:1 "the Great One" serpent


:2 The One Who Is Complete, crocodile-headed;


the unique (thing) = mystery of his beard "knoweth not what hath been produced in him"




:4 The One of the Scepter


3:2:5:2 "who is complete, ... who seizeth the unique (thing) going forth from his flesh,


the hairs of his ceek (?), the mystery of his beard,


who knoweth not what hath been produced in him"


{cf. mysteries of parts of beards of Long Face & of Short Face, in Qabbalah}



upside-down: 4 "punished ones", males who make the gesture of adoration


upside-down: 4 female enemies making the gesture of adoration


an ithyphallic god, horizontally placed, enclosed by a serpent


:1 corpse of He Whose Soul is Hidden, Regent of the West, from the odor of whose rot


the inhabitants of the West live


:2 "Terrible of Face" serpent


upside-down: 4 enemies with fettered arms, followed by 4 others decapitated


upside-down: 4 female figures with fettered arms; above are their soul-birds


figure (bent, hands to feet, forward) suspended in air between 2 goddesses


:1 thou encirclest the Netherworld at the head of thy mysteries


:2-:3 2 goddesses lift up thy body (Plate 130, Figure 116)

4:1:2:1 jackal-headed INPW, Son of God


4:1:2:2 falcon-headed H.R, heir of his father


4:1:3:1 MH^Ty N IRTY "the Eyeless One" ichneumon in coffin of Letopolis


4:1:3:2 heart, between rayed disks, in coffin = "the heart, it is the image of


the Great One of the Netherworld"

4:1:3:3 bull-headed god who maketh the gesture of adoration = the Bull of the West



ram-headed god ("The One who is in WSIR"), leaning on staff;


3 divinities bow before him

4:2:2:1 He at the Head of the West, wearing south crown, in coffin


4:2:2:2 "Terrible Face" serpent


4:2:2:3 The Western One, He who is in WSIR


4:2:2:4 H.R, the avenger of his father



INPW boweth before a bird


4 enemies upside-down; god with the head of a cat


:1 the blood-stained who wear not headbands


:2 the weepers whom the Eye of H.R is not nigh


:3 the blown-out ones who see not Tentail


:4 the drowned ones who are delivered to fighting sprits


:5 The One of the Cat


lioness-headed goddess & woman join hands over reclining figure


:1 "The One who destroys" lioness-headed


:2 She who annihilateth


:3 (reclining figure)


4 upside-down figures with hand raised; a god walketh toward them


:1 the mutilated: those who see not R<


:2 the miserable ones who hear not his voice


:3 the enslaved ones who perceive not rays


:4 those covered with blood whose souls go not forth


:5 "Annihilating Face" walketh toward them


5:Introduction:1: great gods in Cavern of Mystery: "my disk hath entered into obscurity"


:1 the mysterious gods are in jubilation


:2 he at the Head of the West is joyous


:3 WSIR extendeth his arms toward me


:4 the Ennead of the West is in celebration


:5 their souls are joyous at my approach


:6 their bodies rise


:7 these goddesses bind their brother


:8 INPW envelopeth his mysteries


:9 H.R giveth his eye to his father


:10 Eyeless One is in his coffin

:11 these 2 divine eyen & his heart are in their hiding place


:12 The Bull of the West hath his arms on the soul (of NN)

5:Introduction:2: I pass nigh to you, inhabitants of the Netherworld


:1 I have given to you orders


:2 I have given to you light


:3 receive (NN)


:4 nigh to my body in the West


:5 nigh to my body in the Cavern


:6 I have ordered celebrations for you


:7 the name (of NN) is justified


:8 I have given to you your light


:9 do cause the enemies (of NN) to be annihilated!


:10 I have caused the Great Soul to rest on the mysteries


:11 my disk hath given me birth


:12 Ta-tunen ("Exalted Earth") is exalted




:1 mysterious gods


:2 powerful ones


:3 those who have noses


:4 the hidden ones


:5 the veiled ones


:6 the weary ones


:7 gods of the caverns & mounds


:8 gods of forms


:9 the kings & lords


:10 the spirits


:11 the animated


:12 the shadows


:13 the Western Ones


:14 gods of places


:15 gods of thrones


:16 gods who come forth


:17 gods who are at rest


:18 the powerful ones


:19 WSIR


:20 these gods



: 1 goddess S^etait "The Mysterious One" [= NWt], holding:--


:2:1 [on her right hand] a little ram-headed god


:2:2 [on her left hand] a disk


:3 2 human-headed serpents

[below her right arm, all head-downward, are:--]


:1 scarab with solar disk


:2 ram


:3 ram-headed god standing on one disk & raising another


:4 child


[below her left arm are four crocodiles, before each crocodile an emblem:--]


:1 disk


:2 Wd3-eye


:3 scarab


:4 head of ram

5:1:1: god; god held by goddess; 4 human-headed serpents


:1-:3 god maketh adoration toward ram-headed god held by goddess


:4 TPY (p. 94 fn. 77) "The One of the Head"


:5 The Weeper


:6 He who cometh forth from R<


:7 Flesh which is in R<

5:1:2: 2 gods support a 3rd in the center


:1 the body of Itm of living words


:2 "Exalted Earth" (having double-plume on head) in the center


:3 the body of H^PRI of living words

5:1:3: 4 figures, the 1st 2 being together in the one coffin


:1 "The Child of R<"


:2 "The Primaeval (essence) of R<" (in same coffin is #1)


:3 "The Acting One who is in the garment of WSIR" in coffin


:4 a figure inclining


4 hawk-headed H.R gods; INPW


:1 the wrapped one, R<


:2 the hidden, ITM


:3 of the veiled face, H^PRI


:4 who cometh from the Elder (= GB, p. 96 fn. 78)


:5 INPW with sh^m-scepter "The rod of power of ITM"


4 females in coffins


woman holdeth in each hand a pole; to each is attached an enemy


:1 "Terrible Face" (1st enemy)


:2 "The One who looketh back" (2nd enemy)


:3 "The Butcher" (goddess): over each pole a snake


2 arms emerging from the earth support a cauldron containing

4 heads & 4 hearts; cobra-headed divinity


:1 "The One who reareth up" (cobra-headed)


:2 "The two arms in the place of perdition"


2 arms emerging from the earth support a similar cauldron in which are


4 upside-down headless bodies. 2 cobras.


:1 "The Snarer" (1st cobra)


:2 "The Flame" (2nd cobra)


:3 "The two joined arms" [of] the people in the Netherworld



:1 "Lord of the West" (ithyphallic)


:2 the female "Weaver of the great forms" placeth her hands on


[scil., on the penis of the ithyphallic ?]


2 gods supporting a coffin which containeth a smaller, red coffin


:1 "The Hidden One"


:2 "The Moving One, the Traveler"


2 gods; with a ram-head-surmounted rod between them


:1 WSIR before the Head of R<


:2 H.R before the Head of R<


ram-headed god; goddess


:1 the Great God (ram-headed)


:2 goddess "the Weaver"


cauldron containeth: (all upside-down) 4 soul-birds upon shadows

6:1:1: 2 coffins which contain:--


:1 the Jubilant One (p. 120 fn. 99 Hyy)


:2 the Complete One (p. 120 fn. 100 <3d)


2 goddesses in coffins. ram-head.




:2 the Engulfer


:3 the Head of R< (the ram-head)


2 goddesses adoring enconffined


:1 She who adoreth (1st goddess)


:2 the Adorer (encoffined)


:3 Head of the Soul (ram's head in coffin with scarab)


divinity, leaning on scepter, climbeth mound in which is decapitated figure with


arms tied behind back; adorer of hawk seated on mound which containeth


5 "pieces of flesh"


:1 Osiris-Orion (figure climbing mound)


:2 the enemy (figure in the mound)


:3 the Adorer


:4 H.R (hawk)


a large scarab pusheth the solar disk before him as he emergeth from betwixt


the 2 mountains of sunrise; 4 gods stand with outstetched arms


:1 The one belonging to the soul (ram-headed: kneeling in lower mountain)


:2 Wsir (kneeling in upper mojntain)


:3 to take a form which is unknown (the disk)


:4 the Standing One

(1st worshipper)


:5 The One who elevateth the Eye (2nd)


:6 (3rd)


:7 birth (4th)


between 2 gods standing in coffins each on 4 "pieces of flesh", large serpent


:1 the Reversed (blue)


:2 the One who looketh back (blue)


:3 the Great Serpent


divinity standeth in adoration before a mound containing a serpent and surmounted by


the head of a ram with red disk between the horns; in back, god adoreth capsule emerging

from the earth and containing god wearing double-plume


:1 the Great Serpent, the birth of R<


:2 the Adorer


:3 Exalted Earth (wearing dobble-plume)


:4 He of the Netherworld (adoring Exalted Earth)


2 encoffined hawk-headed divinities


:1-:2. the Tramplers (p. 126 fn. 104 Tyw Pyramid Texts 60b)


4 Ones of the Pupil (of the Eye) who have no head, who are inside their coffins,


who see with their necks (p. 127 fn. 105 DFDYW)


:1 DPY {cf. Akan (of Jamaica, etc.) Duppy}


:2 the Re-united One


:3 the Complete One


:4 the Accomplished One


3 standing red females; before 1st 2 females are 2 decapitated enemies


:1-:2. the enemies


:3 She who destroyeth the mutilated ones (1st goddess with knife)


:4 the punished ones


:5 the chastised ones


:6 She who destroyed the mutilated ones (2nd godddess with knife)


:7 the One who destroyed (goddess before whom are 2 hearts:


hearts of the enemies, hearts of the perished ones)


between 2 facing jackal-headed female figures, making (mutual ?) gesture of adoration,

are 4 smaller female figures with their arms tied behind their backs


:1 jackal-headed Weaver (p. 128 fn. 107 T3yt)


:2 BNFYt (loc. cit)


:3 She who waileth


:4 She who crieth (?)


:5 the evil one


:6 the gory one



between the figures of a man and a woman with outstretched arms are

4 kneeling decapitated figures with their arms tied behind their backs:


:their heads are placed before them


:1 He who seizeth by the hair


:2 She who seizeth by the hair


:3-:6 the powerful ones (?)



standing figure enclosed in serpent, rising together out of the earth;



into the earth sink, headfirst, 2 figures




:2 the Coiled One (the serpent)


:3-:4 the Gory Ones with faces down

7: (but reckoned as 6th Division, 3rd Register, Final [5th] Picture)


solar boat (only prow whereof is seen), being towed by 12 gods:--


4 with human heads


4 with ram heads


4 with hawk heads



7 human-headed worshippers (upper register); and


7 hawk-headed worshippers (lower register)



figure bending over mound; 7 human-headed worshippers


:1 (the figure bending over mound containing a blue disk)


:2 He who hideth his forms


:3 Mysterious One of Forms


:4 Great of Birth


:5 He in WSIR (?)


:6 He who goeth before WSIR (?)


:7 He who placeth (?) (p. 134 fn. 113 Wdy)


:8 the Brilliant One

7:1:2:1-:4 4 hawk-headed tow-ers


:1 He who carrieth the Cord


:2 the Watcher


:3 the Tow-er


:4 H.R

7:1:2:5-:8 4 ram-headed tow-ers


:5 He of the Great Horn


:6 the Horned One


:7 the Ram-headed One



7:1:2:9-:12 4 human-headed tow-ers


:9 He who seizeth


:10 the Awakened One {cf. Buddha}


:11 He who turneth his Face




figure bending over the mound containing blue disk; 7 hawk-headed worshippers


:1 the One who praesideth over the Mysteries


:2 H.R of the Great Light


:3 H.R the Praiser


:4 H.R of the Life of Forms


:5 H.R of Forms


:6 H.R of the Great Apparitions


:7 H.R before the Cauldrons


:8 H.R before the Thrones


(litany addressed to the souls of various divinities)


"O! this soul of ---, his members, his images, his bodies are NN!"


(p. 131 fn. 109 cf. Naville: La Litanie du Soleil, pp. 31 sq)



:1 ITM


:2 H^PRI


:3 S^W


:4 GB






:7 He whose plans are hidden





:1 He of the Honored Head


:2 One of the Horizon


:3 She of the Mysterious Face


:4 he whose throne is invisible (cf. invisible thrones in Im-Dw3t 6:1; 6:3)


:5 H^PRR



:1 Head of R<


:2 3St


:3 Nephthus


:4 WSIR, the bodies of Orion


:5 He who establisheth the Brilliant Eye


:6 H.R, Son of WSIR



:1 myself


:2 Evil Face


:3 He in the earth


:4 He of the Body



:1 my Head


:2 Exalted Earth


:3 He of the Coffin


:4 Speedy One


:5 Watery One


:6 Neken-her


BOLLINGEN SERIES XL.1. Alexandre Piankoff: The Tomb of Ramesses VI.


Pantheon Books, NY, 1954. pp. 49 to 135


Note that 7:1 totalleth (8 + 12 + 8 =) 28, the same as the number (28) of maha-yuga-s in


the already-past portion (out of 72 maha-yuga-s) of the 7th Manu-antara: so that this


Book of Caverns may by its 7 hours describe, severally, the 7 already-past Manu-antara-s


of the Varaha kalpa.


7:2 in totalling 29 would resemble the number (29) of the forms of <pp; wanting would still be 15.


[28 + 29 + 15 = 72]