Dahomey (& Haiti) vodun


Melville Herskovits & Frances Herskovits : Rebel Destiny. McGraw-Hill Book Co, 1934. http://www.archive.org/stream/rebeldestinyamon00hers/rebeldestinyamon00hers_djvu.txt

p. 349 Two brethren, Gede & Honsu : one entered the great Gede rock in Dahomey, the other (Honsu) the silkcotton tree.

p. 348 Son of Gede-[h]onsu and Tinne was Dyombi "who conquered the mythical thirty-horned giants."


Elizabeth McAlister : "Love, Sex, and Gender Embodied: The Spirits of Haitian Vodou"


in cross-gendre spirit-possession by cemetery-spirits, a man will be possessed by Ezili (a female spirit), becoming a "faggot", and a woman will be possessed by Gede (a male spirit), becoming a "dyke"

Fɔn of Dahomey : variant in Haiti -- " "That's my wife," said one heterosexual male Gede possessing a lesbian priestess."[<ref>http://www.africultures.com/index.asp?menu=revue_affiche_article&no=5719&lang=_en "Love, Sex, and Gender Embodied : the Spirits of Haitian Vodou"]</ref>

homosexuals "are the ultimate social critics in Vodou, uniquely able to make political commentary both in domestic and national arenas."

women may be "bouzen (whore) and madivin (lesbian)."