Subtable of Contents: Anthologies (including Festschrift) on Dao


Ritual and Scripture in Chinese Popular Religion

cap. 1-3. "Stove-Cult"; "Pao-c^u:an"; "Family-Rituals".

cap. 4-5. "Wu-tung/Wu-hsien"; "Language-Adaptation".


Daoism in History

cap. 2-4. "Mortuary Ritual"; "Daoist Dhammapada"; "Daoist Vis`vantara".

cap. 5-6. "Daimonology"; "Karman of the Parent Visited upon the Child".

cap. 7. "Meditation and the Origins of Inner Alchemy".

cap. 8-9. "Contemplative Graphics"; "Caelestial Master Z^ang".


Purposes, Means and Convictions in Daoism

part I. "Historical and Ritual Traditions".

part II. "Varieties of Religious Activities and Functions".


The People and the Dao

I. "Popular Sects and Religious Movements".

II. "Studies of Chinese Popular Religion".

III. "Religious Life of Clerics".



Facets of Daoism

Schools, Scriptures, and Forms of Practice in Daoism

Daoist Music and Rituals

Linked Faiths

Buddhist and Daoist Studies