Daoist Exorcism



History of Exorcism

pp. 3-7


Interactions with the Spirit-World

pp. 8-19a


Psychic Attacks

pp. 19b-26


Psychic Vampires

pp. 27-29a


Hexing Dolls

pp. 29b-37


Neutralizing a Hex

pp. 38-40


Defence against a Psychic Attack

pp. 41-75


Encountres with Ghosts

pp. 76-89


Encountres with Spirits

pp. 90-113a


Self-Defense against Ghosts and Spirit-Entities

pp. 113b-118


Daimonic and Evil Spirits

pp. 119-189

capp. I-IV.


I. pp. 3-7 History of Exorcism

pp. 6-7 after death

p. 6a

"Feng Du ... the "Realm of the Dead." ... is said to be housed in Feng Du Mountain. Ruled by Yan Luo Wang ..., it is a maze consisting of ... numerous chambers where souls ... are made ready for their next incarnation. ... When an individual dies, he or she passes through ... "the Ghost Gate" ... a spiritual portal that divides the physical world from the spiritual world. Two Yin-Yang guards ... stand at the entrance of this gate and are often required to chain and drag the ghosts ... .

p. 6b

... Each spirit must wait for a different length of time before being judged. This waiting time

p. 7a

may last but a new minutes, a few hours, or even a few years ... . ... After consulting the archives (known as the "Registers of the Dead") for all information pertaining to the life and actions of the newly deceased individuals while they were on Earth, the Three Judges would distribute ... rewards accordingly, ... returning the spirit back again to the material world. ...

p. 7b

Additionally, ... a soul (usually referred to as a ‘ghost’) ... is given the Drink of Forgetfulness by Meng Po (the Lady Immortal whose task is to ensure that souls who are ready to be reincarnated do not remember their previous life ...) and sent back into the world to be reborn. This gift of forgetfulness is why the ancient Chinese would often refer to ... "the Long Sleep," pertaining to the period of time existing between reincarnations."


II. pp. 8-19a Interactions with the Spirit-World

p. 10a-b Z^en Dao

p. 10a

"the Zheng Dao (True Way) seek to harmonize ... Xing (human nature) and Ming (destiny), and produce happiness and spiritual integrity within mankind."

p. 10b

"When this type of healing energy is projected into an individual (e.g., in the form of a blessing), a cord of divine white light extends from the sorcerer’s energetic field into the individual’s external energetic field."

p-11a Zuo Dao

p. 10b

"the Zuo Dao (Sinister Way) initiates the ... use of an individual’s Gui (ghost) and Shen (spirit) ...

p. 11a

by means of rituals, pacts and agreements, rites, seals, invocations, possessions and other spiritual practices ... . ... In ancient China, this ... was also called Yao Dao (the Way of the Demon), Yao Shu (Demon Skill), Yao Fa (Demon Law)".

p. 12a water-magic is conducted at night

"Traditionally, a sorcerer who practices rituals of black magic will perform them at night ... with materials belonging or related to the Water Element (such as black-colored dolls, black flags ...)."

p. 14a person is controlled while asleep

"The spirit entities do most of their work of implanting core images and taking control while the victims are asleep."

p. 15b observable thought-forms

"The thought form can generally be observed within an individual’s Second Wei Qi field (commonly believed to be the body’s "Aura" field) before it is discharged into the environment."

p. 16a spiritual larva

"A spiritual larva is considered an unintentionally created self-induced thought-form with energetic features similar to those of a thought form cluster. However, spiritual larva[e] form themselves within the Energetic World involuntarily, through ... spiritual excitement."

p. 18a commonly-observed thought-forms

"seen as a tiny series of energetic waves, similar to those created by dropping a rock into a body of still water."

"the appearance of a spiraling tornado, either rotating around the center of an individual or projected outward from the individual and moving through space."

"emitted like jet streams of puffy vapor, twisting outward like a dark energetic eel or snake."

"projected outward like a cannonball or series of bombs shooting out from an individual’s energetic field."

"the appearance of semi-luminous globes, glowing like giant opals."

"the appearance of semi-luminous cords of bright white light".

p. 18a-b phosphorescent thought-forms

p. 18a

"Many of these thought forms glow with a dull phosphorescence, instead of a bright brilliant light. These types of energetic thought forms are what psychic and energy sensitive individuals commonly see when observing another person’s aura field.

Generally, each thought form bears the same color that it possessed when originating from its

p. 18b

creator, As time progresses, however, if the thought form is not energetically fed, its color eventually begins to fade and die."

p. 19a generated thought-forms which acquire a separate existence

"spiritually energized thought form clusters can become independent from their original energetic source, forming a separate spiritual entity. Thus, a created and spiritually empowered thought form can also exist as a self-sufficient life force, deriving sustenance from the energetic fields of ... trees and plants, and animals and people."

{These allegedly human-generated thought-forms, howbeit, must each have had a separate existence as non-human thought, before each arrived into the human mind by whom it was temporarily controlled. Out of nothing, nothing can be created; what is called "creation" is merely the moulding of prae-existent substance-pattern.}


III. pp. 19b-26 Psychic Attacks

pp. 19b-20a sleep-paralysis

p. 19b

"Daoists would sometimes use advanced energetic and spiritual skills, known as Hun Shu (Skill of the Ethereal Soul), Mo Shu (Magic Skill) or Yi Shu (Skill of Intention) ... . ... The most common symptoms ... include : inexplicable outbreaks of fire,

p. 20a

poltergeist phenomena, nightmares, ... and awakening with a feeling of a crushing weight on the chest and a feeling of paralysis (known as a "hag" syndrome)."

p. 22a internally bodily-dwelling cantankerous spirits

"Some spirit entities live vicarious pseudo-existences through their living host; such entities are generally single minded, moody and easily offended."

{These may be possessing-spirits of the North-African (zar etc.) types, who indeed remain moody and easily offended unless and until appeased by an annual caerimony. The existence of such deities (who are immortal) is quite stable and very real, not merely "pseudo".}

p. 22b black energetic line

"When a sorcerer of black magic initiates ..., a black energetic line extends from the altar onto the energetic field and body ... . Spirit entities follow this black line into the ... body."

{This may be a variation of the cord (for being traveled on by spirits) attached from altar to patient in Mongolian shamanic curing-rites.}

p. 25a tingling culminating in paralysis

"Most ... begin with a noticeable tingling sensation that occurs on the Mingmen (located on the lower back) or Shendao (located between the shoulders) areas. ... These symptoms will affect the ... breathing and cause partial or full paralysis. In some cases, ... can be so overcome with shivering that they become frozen on the spot."

pp. 25b-26a "overshadowing" in mediumship & in qi-gon

p. 25b

"Overshadowing is similar to what happens to individuals who practice channeling and trancemediumship. When they enter into these states of spirit induced trances, their personalities and mannerisms are overshadowed by the spirit entity that now controls the individuals’ energetic and physical bodies."

p. 26a

"This is also a common practice in the Medical Qigong clinic, and occurs when the Qigong doctor "dips" into the patients tissues and is allowed to ‘read" the patient’s internal organ history."


IV pp. 27-29a Psychic Vampires

p. 28b spirits which intake energies through the senses

"It is a known fact that spirit entities can absorb life force energy through their sense of smell.

{The category of deity which is able to absorb nourishment through the sense of smell is the Gandharva.}

This is traditionally why you never sniff or smell an offering of incense, flowers, or fruit before placing it on the altar and offering it as a "gift."

{Incense is always smelled by the person offering it (as, by burning it) at the altar. In such cases, the deities are said to smell through the offerer.}

Spirit entities have also been known to absorb Qi through their gaze (known as "sipping sight")."

p. 29a allegation as to harmful effect of mantra-s generally

"mantra actually "feeds" the guru’s own energy field and increases his or her own personal powers. Instead of helping the disciples ..., the mantras and incantations deplete and weaken the student’s life-force energy".

{Could the same be said of prayers and other religious formularies generally?}

p. 29a psychic defenses

1. "Change Your Body Posture"

2. "Gaze into the Left Eye"

3. "Cross Your Arms During Conversation"

{cf. crossing one’s fingers behind one’s back}

4. "Keep Your Mouth Closed"

5. "Create an Energetic Wall"


Jerry Alan Johnson : Daoist Exorcism : Encounters with Sorcerers, Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons. Temple of the Celestial Cloud, Pacific Grove (CA), 2006. revised 2007.