Daoist Exorcism, V-VI


V. pp. 29b-37 Hexing Dolls

V.1-2. pp. 29b-30a construction of hexing dolls

p. 29b

V.1. "some Chinese provinces would use a human image constructed of moss, a ginseng root, a mandrake root ... ."

p. 30a

V.2. "When a sorcerer makes a hexing doll out of yellow wax, he or she will mark its joints with red ink".

"After constructing a straw figure or doll ..., if a sorcerer ... ties these objects together using strips of ox hide, ... the bond ... will remain attached to his or her spirit even after they die."

"Hexing dolls can be stuffed ... with straw or with the green leaves of special plants such as those that grow in or near cemeteries."

V.3-6. pp. 30b-31b activating, feeding, and resurrecting a hexing doll

p. 30b

V.3. "The sorcerer must also "awaken" the hexing doll by first painting its eyes, and then piercing the eyes before it is used for the first time. ... In the past, sorcerers used to breathe life into hexing dolls by sprinkling them with blood from {the caruncle-comb of?} a rooster."

p. 31a

V.4. Once a spell is cast, and it affects the intended ..., he or she will act as though they have been hypnotized".


V.5. "In order for the Hexing Doll to remain functional, it must be fed at least once a week. .... In the evening time, ... all of the hexing dolls ... receive the ... energy of the moon."

p. 31b

V.6. "When a sorcererís ... hexing doll ... suddenly has no effect ..., it generally means that the spirit transferred into the hexing doll via the ... energetic connection has "died." ... the sorcerer must then perform a new magical ritual to again "give life" to the doll."

V. 7-8. pp. 31b-32a recycling & storing the hexing doll

p. 31b

V.7. "Some sorcerers will use the same hexing doll for years, constantly changing the identity ..., but still effectively ... powerful ... . As long as the ... names and birth dates affixed to the doll are continually changed, the hexing doll can serve the sorcerer for many years."


V.8. "Sometimes, hexing dolls that carry powerful curses are buried deep inside of caves ... of distant mountains ... . ... Most sorcerers, however, use one special room in their home to ...

p. 32a

hang these hexing dolls from the ceiling or line them up against the walls rather than burying them in strange places. Since each hexing doll is named, numbered, and kept close by, the sorcerers can easily "feed them" ... and magically keep their energetic form alive."

V.9. pp. 32a-36 Mao S^an Daoist magical techniques involving hexing dolls (each labeled with name and birth-date written on paper and pinned to the back of it)




A. "Heart" : "he or she pours boiling water onto the exact spot where the dollís heart should be."


B. "Magical Mirror" : "reflecting the image of a hexing doll into a mirror". ("be cured ... by bathing in Holy Water.")


C. "Entangled Feet" : "ties its feet and arms together with a mesh of human of animal hair."


D. "Three Nails" : "write the ... name and birthdate on a piece of paper then ... containing the ... picture ... then sticks nails".


E. "Buried Doll" : "a doll ... is buried under or near a well traveled road."


F. "Shadow Tormenting" : "holds the doll up to a light and applies fire to the shadow it casts. As an alternative, he may hold a demonic figure up to the light and cast its shadow upon the doll."


G. "Eating The ... Heart" : "takes a hexing doll and enacts the process of eating his or her ... heart."


H. "Humiliation" : "He or she asks the "God of Jails" ... to bring lasting humiliation into his or her life. ... . ... bury the hexed doll in ... a pigsty, chicken coop, stable, or outdoor latrine".


I, "Impotence" : "he or she creates a hexing doll and ... asks the "Demon of Impotence" ..., and presses the nail into the dollís genitals. ... the hexing doll is then wrapped in a piece of red cloth".


J. "Extinguishing the Flame" : "surrounds it with three burning candles that represent the ... life. ... . ... the sorcerer ... uses the sacred magical peach wood sword to extinguish the three candle flames."


K. "Small Coffin" : "begins by magnetizing a hexing doll ... . For a few days, he energetically feeds it and then puts it to sleep in a miniature coffin".


L. "Double Coffin" : "makes two small coffins in which he or she places two small dolls that represent the body and spirit ... . The dolls have to be "fed and put to sleep" on a daily basis and regularly activated with hexing needles. One of the dolls represents the ... Jing ..., while the other doll represents the ... Shen".


M. "Graveyard Dirt" : "place a container filled with graveyard dirt on the altar, so that it can be energized by the power of the magical ritual. The sorcerer then uses this dirt to cover the hexing doll".


N. "Transferring" : "a "White Tiger Star Curse" ... is cast with the help of spirit entities found in the White Tiger constellation".


(The "White Tiger Star Curse" is countre-acted when "the sorcerer makes a hexing doll ... to whom ... the victimís curse will be transferred onto (the curse can also be transferred onto animals or certain stars).")


"Then, the sorcerer opens the hexing dollís eyes

{The animal which (according to mediaeval European bestiaries) always (even during its sleep) keepeth its eyen open is the lion; a lion had (according to a fable by Aisopos) a thorn removed from its PAW by Androkles ("A").}

{FOOTmen (raggli^m) were sent (Yho^s^uwa< 2:1)


by piercing them with a needle. ... .

out of S^it.t.i^m (Ďacaciasí : the tree covered with piercing thorns).}


... the sorcerer ties twelve red threads onto the victimís body and then ties the other ends of each of the threads onto the hexing doll. The red threads act as twelve magical energetic cords".

{These footmen (who are reminiscent of the 12 in Yho^s^uwa< 3:12) gave a "line of scarlet thread" (Yho^s^uwa< 2:18) in order to spare a life.}


O. "Half-Moon ... to ... cause ... to sink into depression and desolation" : "performs rituals addressed to Wu Kang, the male spirit of the moon ... . This ritual is performed during the second week of each month, when the moon is half-full."


P. "to Silence Gossip" : "uses yellow wax ... to plug the hexing dollís ears, eyes , and mouth. ... . ... sticking a few needles into the dollís jaw."


Q. "to ... Remove People" : "a wooden doll ... is then gagged".


R. "Seven Stone" : "writes the seven most powerful words ... onto a petition, and then writes them onto seven small stones, one word per each stone. Afterward, the sorcerer places the petition and a hexing doll ... on the altar, and surrounds them with the stones."


S. "Counter-Curse" : "he or she then buries a small box containing the hexing doll under a thin layer of soil. Over the soil, the sorcerer will then create a bonfire".


T. "Four Candles" : "places a small hexing doll ... on the Earth Altar and surrounds it with four different colored candles : red (placed above the doll), black (placed below the doll), yellow (placed to the right of the doll) and white (placed to the left of the doll)."


U. "Flood" : "house or business could be destroyed by a flood, he or she could ask the God of Water to overtake the ... residence with water." ("defending ... could counter ... by making a hexing doll that represented the God of Water and asking him to stop inflicting his punishment. ... . ... this action will send the God of Water to hell if he does not stop interfering.")


V. "Straw Effigies" : "the straw effigy ... may fall prey to the evil effects of all his or her past and present actions".


W. "Paper Effigies" : "a paper effigy ... is made and is placed in a bowl of uncooked rice ... . At the same time, five different colored threads are also placed into the incense urn. ... .


Seven needles are then stabbed into the paper effigy in the "Seven Doors" (two eyes, two ears, nose, heart, and reproductive organs).

A pair of white candles is placed on both sides [one on each side (as per p. 36a, Fig. 1.20)] of the paper effigy ... and lit daily. ... incense is offered daily for forty-nine days. Soul Invocation Mantras are spoken ... . Once the rituals are completed (after the forty-nine days) the victim will be insane."

"A" = "Androcles" http://classiclit.about.com/library/bl-etexts/aesop/bl-aesop-androcles.htm

V.10.A-B. pp. 37a-b love-hexing by doll-magic (each labeled with name and birth-date affixed to it)




A. "Double Doll" : "makes two hexing dolls, each doll representing one of the two lovers. ... The hexing dolls are then placed face to face, and their ankles are tied together with a red ribbon or cord. The sorcerer then ... writes two petitions asking the Moon Fairy or any other goddess to unite the two people in question. One petition is burnt {in order to convey it to Heaven}; the other is placed between the hexing dolls.

After the ceremony, the sorcerer then hides the hexing dolls in a box and only takes them out to "feed" them and repeat the ritual. After a short time, the person being hexed will feel compelled to love and seek the partner represented by the other doll."


B. "Living Ghost" : "performs a magical ritual in which he or she burns a written prayer and makes offerings to a specifically chosen demon. ... . ... then lights a black candle and places it


behind the main door of the house. ...

This ... is ... repeated several times, as often as is necessary to achieve the intended results. ... When a scorned individual casts this spell onto a departed {absconded} lover, no other partner will be attracted to the departed lover. The departed lover will live in a state of solitude ... unless he or she returns to the scorned individual".


VI. pp. 38-40 Neutralizing a Hex

VI.0. p. 38a nullifying a hexing doll

"nullify ... by placing two red candles beside the hexed object and lighting them. The lighting of the two red candles represents the opening of the celestial eyes of Heaven.

Then the individual must break two eggs over the hexing doll."

VI.1. p. 38b secreting of hexing objects at places to be enchanted

"can simply sneak small items into the individualís coat or household without them knowing it. In the household, some favorite hiding places to leave energetically charged objects are under the stairs, under carpets, and on the underside of tables or mattresses."

"One classic example used by ancient Daoist sorcerers is to put dirt from a graveyard onto the front porch of a ... house. As ... walks through the grave dirt and tracks it into their residence, the sorcerer is then able to freely dispatch ghosts ... into the house."

VI.2. pp. 39b-40 disestablishing a magical connection of a hexing doll

p. 39b

"Begin by performing the "Bubble of Light" meditation ... . ... See if you may observe any faintly luminous cord reaching out from the surface of your body. Take a magical knife ... and ... sever the energetic cord ... . ... the ends fly apart, twisting away from each other ... . ... . If ... you

p. 40a

... have difficulty severing the cord, ... imagine that one of the Celestial Soldiers ... is standing beside you with a double-edge sword and is severing the energetic connection with his magic sword. ...

If there are pins, needles, thorns, or sharp sticks, still inserted into the body of the Hexing Doll, it is important to also take them out.

p. 40b

However, if they are nails that have been hammered into a wooden image it is okay to leave them. ...

{In Africa, wooden idols of deities which have had iron nails hammered into them are commonplace.}


The image drawn onto a Hexing Doll that has been constructed out of wood or wax should be scrubbed away. ...

Also ... any ... nails and other paraphernalia that have been imbedded into a Hexing Doll ... throw them into the sea."


Jerry Alan Johnson : Daoist Exorcism : Encounters with Sorcerers, Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons. Temple of the Celestial Cloud, Pacific Grove (CA), 2006. revised 2007.