Daoist Exorcism, VII.A-E


VII. pp. 41-75 Defence against a Psychic Attack

VII.A. p. 41b being attacked by sorcery

"First, admit that you made a mistake ... . ...

Then ..., believe that everything is [and] has been ... spiritually ... forgiven."

VII.B. pp. 41b-42a being attacked by malevolent spirits

p. 41b

"First, recall the specific ritual that you performed (... focused on a particular deity, planet, or one of the Elementals) ... [wherein] you may have transgressed and energetically violated [in some specific area]


(guardian spirits are sometimes bound by oath to protect certain areas).

{Actually, their protecting of specific districts is usually an innate quality of theirs, rather than due to some artificial oath. Oath-binding is usually done (such as in Tibet) to cause an already-hostile local deity to relinquish engaging in such hostilities. They may, however, thereafter be requaested to protect (as, in Tibet) certain concealed religious objects, such as books or amulets, until some human seeker who is divinely appointed to find them shall have arrived.}


In order to remedy the situation, it is important to perform a counter-ritual to neutralize the influence {by countre-acting the offending former ritual} created by the original magical ceremony ... . ...

p. 42a

If you have transgressed or energetically violated a sacred space, sometimes leaving spirit offerings (incense ... etc.) and making atonement for the disrespected {disrespectful} violation is enough to appease the enraged spirit entity."

VII.C. p. 42 being attacked in oneís 3 bodies

p. 42a

"Within the spiritual realm, most attacks begin first on an energetic level and then progress to the ... physical ... . ... For example, certain ... things that we perceive subliminally, can affect us through the spirit realm. This is because the spirit realm is the source of the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual activities of all natural phenomena (including human beings ...). ...

p. 42b

This is one reason why the first part of any form of occult training (Chinese or otherwise) focuses on confronting the discipleís past, intercepting personal karma ... . ... This unseen world is full of influences and spirit entities that are drawn to the energetic flow of unconscious psychic energy. ... The effects of subliminal stimuli on the individual are similar to those to post-hypnotic suggestion. When intentionally crafted, subliminal suggestions can produce ... results, depending on the intention of the sorcerer initiating the subliminal incantation."

VII.D. p. 43 resisting against being attacked

p. 43a

"the effect of a malicious ... attack is initiated through the use of physical, energetic and spiritual "induction." Therefore, by becoming spiritually virtuous and righteous in both thought and deed, you empower your own internally developed divine nature to naturally be able to resist ... .

In order to resist a psychic attack, begin by focusing on surrounding your body with an impenetrable energetic circle created from the energetic power of divine healing light.

p. 43b

Mentally reaffirm that this divine power that surrounds you ... is indestructible and all powerful.


Remember that ... the divine circle of light ... comes from the internal belief and power of thought and intention".

{The internal belief, thought, and intention must be allegiance and obedience to the deities who are producing and sustaining the divine shield on oneís behalf.}

VII.E.1. p. 44a to minimize being attacked

"By using your mind to "let go" of detrimental thoughts ..., it is possible to neutralize lower forms of mental psychic attacks. In ancient times, cheerfulness and laughter were considered to be the ideal psychic antiseptic in such circumstances."

VII.E.2. p. 44 using white-light barriers

p. 44a

"During ... expanded state of consciousness, the level of divine white light can be perceived as a tangible ... force that offers an impenetrable personal shield of defense. ...

p. 44b

Additionally, during this time of divine light manifestation, the sorcerer is able to project Qi and Shen to an individual".

VII.E.3. pp. 44b, 46a sending spirits back to the Light

p. 44b

"The technique requires visualizing a divine white orb, enveloping the spirit entity and returning it through an energetic tunnel back to the divine. ... this technique ... only works when dealing with earthbound spirits (ghosts and spirits of the dead)."

p. 46a

"I have cautioned my students that, as Medical Qigong doctors, they will encounter various types of Qi Deviations ..., ranging ... to those verging on the energetically bizarre."

VII.E.4. p. 46a projecting love and compassion

"This is another popular technique that involves showing love and understanding towards troublesome spirit entities ... . Again this only works for lost ... spirits".

VII.E.5. p. 46b "rebounding" the psychic attack

"a well developed Wei Qi Field that is full of divine light can immediately cause the negative force of a ... curse to "rebound" the hex ... . If they are repelled, all energetic influences ... have a natural tendency to return back to their original source. ... This counter surge is sometimes called a "slam-back." If it is "slammed back" ..., an energetic curse ... will return to the originator with the exact energetic intention of the original hex."

VII.E.6. p. 46b revoking permissions

"Some negative entities require permission [from the intended victim] before they can interfere with an individualís life. There is an unwritten law that restrains many higher order entities from using direct force".

VII.E.7. pp. 47-48a, 49a the 3 magical invocations involving activation of oneís Tai-ji pole






"visualizing a beam of white light streaming into his or her body from the Heavens and entering his or her Taiji Pole via the Baihui and Sishencong points (four extra points located at the top of the head). The sorcerer holds this intention until he or she feels the divine white light become ... "anchored" within his or her Lower Dantian.

... Daoist mystics will feel coolness covering their forehead and spreading over their entire body. ... this is a sign ... that all their movements will come from divine guidance or "heavenís Mandate."

After feeling these sensations, a surge of heat then flows into the mysticís palms, which signifies that the sorcerer is ready to begin {to perform exorcisms by laying-on of hands}.

Next, the mystic brings the white light and vibration from the center core Taiji Pole and energizes each of the three Dantians. ... As the mystic feels the power of the divine white light reaching the Middle Dantian, he or she visualizes the light intertwining with the "Bridge of Light" which connects the sorcererís Heart (Middle Dantian), throat, and Yintang (Upper Dantian) areas together".

47b, Fig. 1.24


"When all three major threads [i.e., "Thread of Life", "Thread of Creativity", and "Thread of Consciousness"] (which together compose the Bridge of Light) are connected as one harmonious cord of light extending upward through the Taiji Pole, a spiritual gateway is opened that enables access to the "Pure Heavenly Sound."" {"Pure Heavenly Sound" = Surat S`abda Yoga of Radha Soami}



"From the Lower Dantian, the sorcerer imagines the divine light extending outward ..., filling the entire altar area ... . ... When speaking the second magical invocation, the sorcerer will simultaneously perform left and right hand seals, known as the "Tiny Light Hand Seals"".



"With both hands facing the Lower Dantian, the sorcerer imagines the divine white light forming into a huge ball of white light energy. ...



The third invocation is to be based on ... creating an energetic vortex underneath its underneath its energy field. The vortex spirals in a clockwise direction in order to keep the orbís energy flowing deep into the center of the Earth".

VII.E.8. p. 49a column of white light {this is Manikhaian}

"This is ... especially useful for ... when a negative spirit entity has just entered you altar room, treatment area, or living quarters ... . In this meditation, the Divine Light contained in your Taiji Pole is accessed in order to provide an effective energetic field for spiritual self defence ... . ... Imagine and feel this divine light incinerating any ... stagnant energy".

VII.E.9. pp. 50-51 bubble of Light

p. 50a

"Perform the "One through Ten" meditation and the "Three Invocations" (See Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy : Volume 3).

Visualize a divine white light energy ball moving upward from the Lower Dantian, ascending the Taiji Pole, and exiting the body via the Baihui point at the top of the head. As the white light energy ball exits the top of the head. the bodyís three Wei Qi Fields expand to form a large circular cocoon, filled with intense, vibrant blue light. This blue energetic field extends about 9 inches beyond the surface of the physical body and about 16 inches above the head and below the feet. ...

Visualize the brilliant white light energy ball hovering slightly above your head (but not touching it) within the field of intense blue energy. Imagine and feel that the orb of divine white light is hovering at the Heavenly Transpersonal Point, about 9 inches above your head. It is through this Heavenly Transpersonal Point that the Divine radiates

p. 50b

the ... pure white light of being into every individualís Taiji Pole. ... Imagine and experience this energy ball growing brighter and brighter, glowing like a ball of white phosphorescent light. ... . ... imagine and feel the energetic orb emitting glittering white light from its center, surrounding and filling the bodyís Wei Qi filed with a shower of powerful silvery-white sparkles. Experience this energetic shower of silvery-white sparkles ... pushing and compressing the blue Wei Qi Field

p. 51a

to the outside of your energetic shell. ...

Next, visualize an energetic talisman or magical seal glowing at the level of the eyebrows, on your Yin Tang area (Third Eye). ...

Next, imagine and feel the outside of the energetic orb becoming thicker, more vibrant, and radiating a deeper blue color. At the same time, imagine and feel the inside of the energetic orb becoming more vibrant, thicker and


transforming into sparkles of golden light. ... .

{Transformation from silvern to golden would indicate a transformation from astral body to mental body.}

p. 51b

... the power of the bodyís defensive field can be further reinforced with the creation of a magical ... Talisman constructed on the upper palate of the sorcererís mouth that is exhaled into the surrounding energetic field through Breath Incantations."

VII.E.10. pp. 51b-52a closed-circles

p. 51b

"This is ... especially useful for "inside" ... spirit fighting (when a negative spirit entity has paralyzed your physical tissues and is vampireing your life-force energy). ...

Slowly begin to focus the mind on creating symmetrical rings of luminous, vibrating energy. ... follow the vibration as it travels from the feet to the hips and back again until the legs are full of vibration. Then bring the attention ... on the entire body vibrating from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet and back again.

p. 52a

Once you feel the whole body vibration, focus on increasing the vibrational rate, escalating it ... ."

{N.B. Modifying the bodyís vibrational frequency is more usually done in the astral body (after the astral body hath projected itself out of the material body).}


"An additional way to perform this ... is for the sorcerer to focus his or her intention on the three rings of resonant vibration.

Begin by vibrating the center core Taiji Pole. After you can feel the center core vibrate ... project and expand a second set of rings vibrating ... . After experiencing that sensation, extend the energetic rings outward, wider still, and experience a full body resonance. Once this full body resonance is felt and experienced, then increase the vibrational resonance until the soul body pops out of its physical shell."

{N.B. Astral projection via vibration is usually achieved in a hypnopompic state when partially awakening from sleep.}

VII.E.11. pp. 53-55a Wu Zan meditation {this particular technique is Chinese (Taoist), rather than Manc^u}

p. 53a

"In order to prepare for the Wu Zang meditation, ... cross their hands over their eyebrows in order to see the Sun and feel it warm their Heart. ...

p. 53b

Imagine opening up the Baihui point at the top of your head and begin to absorb Qi from the Heavens."


qi in form of __

flowing out of __

is oneís __

in guise of __


"golden yellow mist"


Yi (Intention)

{yellow snake}


"red swirling wind"


"innate spirit"

fiery phoinix




[p. 54a Z^i (willpower)]

black turtle

p. 54a




steel tigre


"steam" [again!]



bamboo dragon

p. 54b

"All of the animals then begin to revolve around your body in a counterclockwise direction ... . Slowly ... increasing their speed ... they whirl around you, blending their colors".

{cf. revolving of the letters of the alphabet around oneís body in Vajra-yana visualizations}

p. 55a

"imagine that the seven sparkling lights of the Big Dipper descend and remain shining like diamonds above your head. The illumination of these seven sparkling stars represents your spiritual connection to the Dao ..., and the authority to perform the "Will of Heaven" while treating the patient."

VII.E.12. p. 55b finding a sanctuary

"sometimes it is wise to temporarily move to a new geographical location."

VII.E.13. p. 55b energy-bolts

"The energy ball is made to appear in front of the sorcererís Yellow Court area and is quickly launched into the target via the sorcererís attention. It is important to imagine, feel, and see the energy ball moving rapidly through the air and expanding as it flies towards it[s] target. Additionally imagine and see it explode upon impact."

VII.E.14. p. 56a magical talismans for impeding evil spirits {the talismans are Chinese; but the "vibrational resonance" is Manc^u}

"On these magical charms are written [a] spiritual message to the evil spirits adjuring them not to harm the bearer of these amulets or talismans. In some cases, the writing is done in "ghost script" (a form of writing ... only understood fully by ... spirits). ... Known as Que Gui Fu (Talisman for Expelling Demons), these types of magical talismans ... must also be imprinted and energetically charged with divine light, to the degree that its vibrational resonance becomes ... functional."

VII. E.14a. pp. 56b-57 talisman ritual #1 "ritual used for summoning Celestial Marshal General Yin to "Bind Evil Spirits and Demons"" {Taoist}

p. 56b

"the Daoist disciple must first transform his or her body into that of a Hua Shen ("Immortal Deity"). Next the disciple will gather the energy of his or her Prenatal Wu Jing Shen (i.e., the spiritual energy of his or her Five Yin Organs) to merge with his or her original soul energy (Ling Shen). Both energies are combined in order to form the "true spirit body" (also known as the "Golden Luminosity" body) and arrive at the spiritual status needed in order to summon Celestial Marshal General Yin. ... The disciple ... transforms both body and mind into the spiritual state of an immortal, known as the "Mysterious Lord" (Xuan Di). ...

p. 57a

The disciple then performs the Seven Star Stepping Pattern ... . ...

On a three and one-half meter blue banner ..., the disciple draws a large talisman of Celestial Marshal General Yin ... . Marshal General Yin is considered to be "Star God of the Center Sky," and is summoned from the "earthly Palace of Supreme Age." ...

p. 57b

When Celestial Marshal General Yin arrives, he [the officiant] ties into knots the pennants at the end of the banner."

VII. E.14b. pp. 58b-59a talisman ritual #2 "to protect an individual against all forms of Psychic Attacks" {Taoist}

p. 58b

"While facing the altar, form an Immortal Sword Hand Seal with your left hand, and hold the talisman in between your left index and middle fingers. The right hand will also form an Immortal Sword Finger Hand Seal and be placed in front of you Middle Dantian and heart area. ... While circling over the altar incense in a clockwise direction ..., say the following Incantation :

"The Celestial Immortal Yuan Huang Shen

Opens the Heavens. ...

p. 59a

To the left and to the right stand the fierce soldiers of General Tian Niao Zi. ..." ...

After speaking the incantation, stomp your right foot on the ground and kowtow three times."

VII.E.15. p. 59b daimon-screamers

"Magical stones are also used in order to create "Demon Screamers" (round circular rattles that contain magical stones). When shaken, a Demon Screamer creates a loud piercing noise".

VII.E.20. p. 60a-b constructing a prison of water

p. 60a

"A modern sorcerer is able to trap a spirit entity inside a circle of running water ... .

p. 60b

While trapped inside this watery prison, the spirit entity ... eventually dissolves back to the spirit dimension from which it came."

VII.E.21. p. 60b constructing a prison of fire

"Other times, when dealing with an extremely powerful entity, a circle of fire was first constructed before the sorcerer summoned the demonic creature. The wall of fire was used to confine the demon while the sorcerer performed the interrogation."


Jerry Alan Johnson : Daoist Exorcism : Encounters with Sorcerers, Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons. Temple of the Celestial Cloud, Pacific Grove (CA), 2006. revised 2007.