Daoist Exorcism, VII.F-J


VII.F. pp. 60b-61 additional energetic defences against psychic attacks

p. 60b

"If after applying one or more of the abovementioned countermeasures, the psychic attack is broken, it means that the spirit entity had not firmly attached itself to the bodyís energetic field. However, if these techniques fail, it means that the negative spirit entity is indeed attached ... .

p. 61a

As people move about the physical realm, their energy creates patterns within the environmental energetic field. Spirit entities track their victims by following these energetic patterns. Once energetic contact is made and the spirit entity has attached itself to the victims, it begins the process of breaking down the victimís natural energetic defenses. ... The Running Water Technique and Prison of Fire method will not work to remove a spirit entity that has firmly attached itself into a personís body ... . The Fire and Water techniques ... are used when symptoms of a direct psychic attach {attack} are experienced as severe anxiety, cramps, and cold shivers indicating that the attacking entity has not yet firmly attached itself to the victim. ...

Sorcerers who inadvertently follow a spirit entity back into its home dimension are usually in for ... more power within its dimensional realm than the unsuspecting sorcerer. ...

p. 61b

When prescribing energetic counter-defences against Psychic Attacks, it is important to advise the individuals as follows :

... Avoid going to the ocean; Water is the Element of psychic forces and can be used for energetic entry[.] ...

Most effective psychic attacks are launched on the new moon ... [.] ...

A vegetarian is believed to possess an extremely accurate awareness of what goes on in the energetic world of the spirit realms. ...

Additionally any surplus or uncontrolled sexual energy can also attract energetic predators."

VII.G. p. 62a countre-attacking

"If the psychic attack is a projected thought form, neutralize it with a breath incantation and then floow the black energetic line of the curse back ... . This is a common technique used by sorcerers to determine the origin of the curse. ... . ... he or she can send an energetic pulse back along the same black energetic cord ... . This immediate counter-attack measure is initiated by returning the negative energy back to its sender, accompanied by a powerful energetic pulse".

VII.H. pp. 62-63a drawing magical skin-talismans

p. 62a

"energy body attachments can cause skin blemishes. These attachments can be broken and removed from the skin by ... writing a magical talisman ... .

p. 62b

... These ... energetic attachments ... tend to be consistent manifestations of spirit entity activities ... . ...

p. 63a

Since the energy creating this anomaly is unnatural to the human energy body it causes a disturbance at the tissue area where it is attached."

VII.I. p. 64b protection against psychic attacks using sound incantations

"When projecting sound, the deep base sounds are used to target and resonate an individualís lower trunk ..., a mid-range sound is used to target and resonate an individualís center torso ..., and a high pitched sound is used to target and resonate an individualís head. After projecting a sound, it is important to remain in a state of silence in order to allow the vibrational resonance to complete its effect. ... Silence allows the sound patterns to integrate into the physical body ... . Silence also enables the energetic patterns initiated from the sound to penetrate into deeper levels of consciousness."

VII.I.1. p. 65a mantra-s

"Some Mantras are designed to empower an individual with specific supernatural powers. Other Mantras are designed to invoke the specific energies of celestial deities (or other spirit entities). Still other Mantras are designed to activate the individualís Chakras and initiate or release powerful energetic states."

VII.I.2. p. 65 spirit-spell incantations

p. 65a

"In ancient China, the term "spirit-spell" (Shenh-chou) referred to an energetic and spiritual pattern or state that could be initiated by reciting the proper incantation of specific magical spells (prayer incantations).

Sound incantation training was divided into audible (Yang) and inaudible (Yin) practices, which were further subdivided".

p. 65, Fig. 1.44

"Yang" (Audible) incantations are subdivided into Vocalized and Nasalized.

"Yin" (Inaudible) incantations are subdivided into Mental and Telepathic.

p. 65a

"In-between the audible (Yang) and inaudible (Yin) methods of sound resonation is the sub-audible method of sound resonation.

p. 65b

... the ... adept can exhale the tone either audibly (Jing), sub-audibly (Qi), or inaudibly (Shen)."

{Samskr.ta /japa/ is sub-audible sonation.}

VII.I.3. pp. 65b-67a single-resonance incantations

p. 65b

"One advanced way of spiritual protection is to fill the mysticís Wei Qi field with a particular Incantation consisting of a divine sound or phrase ... . This technique works especially well against dark sorcery and psychic attacks coming from ritualistic hexes. ... .

p. 66a

... reconnect with the Divine and imagine creating an energy ball between the hands. ... Create a talisman at the roof of the mouth with the tongue. As the tongue draws the talisman on the soft palate, begin to chant the Incantation in your mind ... . ... As you inhale, imagine divine light flowing in through the nose, stimulating and energizing the talisman ... .

p. 66b

While continuing to inhale, imagine pulling the energetic and spiritual power of the talisman into the chest ... . ... Next, bring the Qi upwards from the Yellow Court into the back of the throat, and exhale this infused spiritual energy combined with the specific Incantation phrase or sacred sound into the energy ball between your hands. ...

p. 67a

Focus your mind and intention on feeling the power of the Incantation vibrating between your hands. ... Then, raise the energy ball upward in front of your Yintang (Third Eye area), releasing its light and power to expand outward ... . Imagine and feel the divine light and power of the energy ball Incantation vibrating throughout your three Wei Qi fields, expanding light and sound vibration against the boundaries of your energy ball. ... . ... feel your physical body slowly dissolve into this powerful energetic field of light and sound. Next, feel your energetic body dissolve into this energetic field. Finally, feel your spiritual body dissolve, until all that inhabits the space of your three Wei Qi fields is the energetic light and sound of the divine vibration".

VII.I.4. p. 67 multiple-resonance incantations

p. 67a

"Another variation used to counter Spirit-Spell Incantations, is to encircle the divine Incantation sound or phrase in several energetic spheres and

p. 67b

place them in the six directions surrounding your body (front, back, right, left, above, and below). Each energetic orb resonates outward, saturating ... your Wei Qi field with the energetic vibration of the Incantation."

VII.J.1. pp. 68-69a psychic weak points in the bodyís Wei Qi field

p. 68a

"It is ... important that the sorcerer learn how to remove unwanted images by visualizing some form of protective action ... . ... If an image is formed

p. 68b

within your imagination, that image can become the focal point for corresponding forces ... . ... Any image that is difficult to disperse may be considered a result of occult manipulation. ...

Sometimes a psychic attack is initiated by an Elemental impersonating another individual in order to gain your trust and confidence. ... Many victims have been seduced by such tactics, inviting supposedly harmless angelic beings ... into their personal energetic field. Usually the attackers are psychic vampires who intend upon using your energy as a food source; however, some spirit entities are bent on the deliberate destruction of your energetic field ... . ...

p. 69a

Similar to tales of evil entities needing permission to cross the threshold of a house, Elementals cannot pass through an individualís Wei Qi field unless they are invited."

VII.J.2. p. 69a conjuring both good & evil

"When performing magical rituals, each priest or sorcerer must decide which kind of spirit he or she prefers to work with. Generally, it is easier for the mystic to sacrifice to good spirits. ... However, once brought into the physical realm, evil spirits, ghosts and demons can sometimes be difficult to control and ever harder to get rid of."

VII.J.3. p. 69 power of rituals

p. 69a

"All things and actions that occur in the material world can be influenced and produced through special magical effects. ... The magical power of the amulet over evil spirit entities is made even more effective by invoking a divine power ... as a channel of influence. This is why amulets and magical tools can be extremely useful in psychic self-defense (i.e., the magical peach-wood sword, the thunder block, the ghost beating stick, the command flag, the sorcerers[í] ring, etc.). ...

p. 69b

These magical tools are imprinted and empowered through various esoteric rituals that transform them into divine channels of unlimited power."

VII.J.4 pp. 69b metaphysical battles

In skrying "a glass of water", "If the sorcerer finds bubbles in the water ...,

{In Transcendental Meditation, "Thoughts rise effervescently from the depths of the mind like bubbles in a bowl of water." ("TM")}

he or she should begin performing magical defensive rituals ... . ... the sorcerer must first understand if the psychic attack originates from a malignant thought form, an evil ghost, a rogue" spirit-entity.

"TM" = http://www.themystica.com/mystica/articles/t/transcendental_meditation.html

VII.J.5 p. 70 sealing the altar-room

p. 70a

"if a sorcerer feels that an evil influence is about to enter his or her altar room ..., the mystic can energetically seal the altar room by surrounding it with a circle of red candles.

p. 70b

This is usually accomplished by surrounding the altar area with eight small red candles. Each candle is positioned at one of the eight directions of the Bagua (keeping the altar as the center of the circle)".

VII.J.6. p. 70b dividing to conquer

"If ... two ... have formed an alliance and are actively attacking ..., the mystic can break the alliance ... . ... the mystic first burns a petition in which he or she asks the Celestial Immortals to dissolve the alliance in question. The sorcerer then makes several knots in a red magical rope, voicing ... Breath Incantations as he or she ties each knot in place. The sorcerer then hides the red rope in ... a gourd ... and places it under the Celestial Altar.

Shortly after performing this magical ritual, ... the two ... will ... disband their alliance. ... it was extremely difficult to avoid this type of "secret arrow," and that energetically, it was "as difficult to catch as a shadow with oneís hands.""

VII.J.7. p. 70b the 7-Stars magical sigil

"defense commonly used against ... curse involved placing a lizard ... in a small glass or clay jar. ... . ... the sorcerer would ... make seven small spots on the lizardís underbelly. These seven spots represent ... the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper."

VII.J.8. p. 71 calling for additional help

p. 71a

"During this magical ritual, the sorcerers will burn petitions in which they request the assistance of the Earth God ... . ... .

p. 71b

... most malevolent spirit entities will leave an area after ... the appearance of the Earth God. When using the mantra in ritual, the ... priest must also strike his or her heel on the ground after speaking the magical incantation in order to summon the Earth God. ... The sorcerers will then sit around a square receptacle that contains ... sand and write the name ... on the ... surface. Each sorcerer will ... allow a few drops of blood to fall onto the ... name, while performing Hand Seals and making mental invocations".

VII.J.9. pp. 72a, 73a summoning the caelestial army

p. 72a

"These celestial soldiers ... are dispatched from Heaven to answer distress calls from righteous sorcerers. ... Some examples of this type of black magic include


sorcerers who apply "demonic needles" into puppets to reinforce their curses,

{These are "Voodoo dolls, borrowed from the Chinese" ("DP").}


and sorcerers who dispatch the "night tormentor" in order to induce fatal nightmares".

{"The Yin Bird (or Night Tormentor) ... causing ... nightmares" (ChMQTh, p. 48).}

p. 73a

"the talisman should include the name and address ... . A secret incantation is recited while visualizing ... seizing the sorcererís Hun Souls."

"DP" = "Dong people" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dong_people

ChMQTh = Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy.

VII.J.10. pp. 73-5 lightning-sorcery at altar of shrine

p. 73a

"According to the Yuan Zhuo Fu (Talisman for Remote Seizure), prior to initiating the ritual, the Daoist mystic must first inform his or her overseeing Celestial Official, and the Celestial Marshal for Justice and Law, General Ma Sheng ... . Sometimes the spiritual manifestation of General Sheng is envisioned mounted on a scarlet red rhinoceros standing inside the shrine ... . Once notified, the celestial general is expected to assemble his army on the day set aside ... . At this time it is important to also envision the active presence of General Maís "Fire-Wheel," "Fire-Gourd," and "Fire-Spitting Snake," which will cause ... to immediately burst into flames. ...

p. 73b

The incantation, "Fire Crows released in wrath ...; iron ropes joyfully envelop, entwine, and banish mountain goblins" is spoken. Simultaneously, a specific talisman is presented that contains renditions of the various weapons mentioned in the incantation ... .

p. 74a

In another ritual ..., the Thunder God Deng Bowen (the winged thunder birdman) in summoned. The Thunder God Deng Bowen is considered to be the embodiment of lightning. Bolts of lightning are believed to emerge from the crack of his magical rope ... flames surging from the beak of the Thunder God.

p. 74b

In this ritual, a Feng Miao Fu (Talisman for Sealing Shrines) is to be imprinted with the "Thunder God Seal" and placed on the gateways of the shrine ... . An incantation is recited as the gates are sealed, ... with the aid of the "Talisman of the Fire-Wheel" ... .

p. 75a

In another version of the ritual that uses the Thunder God Deng Bowen ..., the "Talisman of the Great Spirit of Crackling Fire" is used. This particular talisman features ... the Thunder God Deng Bowen soaring above a fire-breathing dragon. Once notified, the celestial generals are expected to assemble on the day set aside ... . At the appointed time, the priest will stamp the "Talisman of the Great Spirit of Crackling Fire" with the seal of the "Purple Radiance of the Cinnabar Heavens" and

p. 75b

the seal of the "Inscription of the Fire Radiating Thunder." ... After the offerings have been received, the talisman is consumed in flames and the priest visualizes flashes of lightning, claps of thunder ... . ... A thunderstorm will suddenly erupt in swift response to this ritual and destroy the shrine."

p. 74 colors of ink and of paper for talismans in fire-sorcery rites


"__ Talisman"












Jerry Alan Johnson : Daoist Exorcism : Encounters with Sorcerers, Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons. Temple of the Celestial Cloud, Pacific Grove (CA), 2006. revised 2007.