Daoist Magical Transformation Skills

II. Projection – 1-2, 4-5 Energy; Spirit; Soul


II.1. (pp. 56-72) Energy-Projection

p. 59a closed-circuit meditation

"his or her energy (infused with divine Qi) expanding outside of the Lower Dantian like a ring of vibrating white light. This brilliant ring of white light suddenly begins to vibrate rapidly, and then pulses up and down the ... body, from the head to the toes ... . With each ..., ... experiences and feels multiple rings of divine light rapidly rippling inside his or her body, causing all ... to resonate with the undulating pulsation of divine white light energy."

pp. 59b-60a the nature of ectoplasm




"Ectoplasm often appears to be milky white in color and smells like ozone. Ectoplasm emanations are cold to the touch ... . They can ... emerge from the orifices of ... body. Ectoplasm is usually a pale, ... glow-in-the-dark kind of energetic substance. ... Ectoplasm ... is sensitive to light and sound ... . ... Ectoplasm is reported to disappear when it is exposed to light, at which point it violently snaps back into the ... physical body."


"the sorcerers were observed to lose weight at exactly the same rate as the weighed ectoplasm gained weight. When the sorcerers reabsorbed the ectoplasm, the weight transfer was also reversed."


"ectoplasm can take many forms, but is often seen as a yellow-green hue or ooze around the body of a ... ghost."

p. 62a projected thought-energies

When projected from the __ Dan-tian,

energetic thought re-entereth the sender’s body via the __

located at the back gate of the __ Dan-tian.


Fen-fu (GV-16, the "Mouth of God")



S^en-dao (GV-11)


p. 63b the 8 magical aspects

xin (body)

qi (life-force)

s^en (spirit)

xin (heart)

z^i-li (intellect)

min-zi (name)

mian-ju (mask, acquired identity)

yin-yin (shadow)

p. 67 energetic particles for an energetic portal for admittance of a deity




"When working with the various colored energetic particles, ... speak to them and say, "I have heard that some of you can move slower than others." Then suddenly some of the energetic particles will begin to slow down.


Next, ... invokes the larger energetic particles by saying, "I have heard that some of you are bigger than others." Then suddenly some of the larger energetic particles will begin to appear. As they appear, the energetic particles will begin to form geometric patterns in the form of a spinning Mandala (positioned above, below right, and left of the center energetic particle). {Geometric (interlaced angles) forms are designed as /yantra/, rather than as /man.d.ala/.}


Next, ... say, "I have heard that some of the bigger ones can cover the smaller


ones." Then suddenly some of the larger energetic particles will begin to overshadow and cover the smaller energetic particles. As the bigger energetic particles begin to slow down and cover the smaller sparkling ones, the combined energetic fields begin to light up and expose the aura surrounding the bigger energetic particles. Once this magical phenomenon occurs, an energetic portal is formed. At this particular time ..., a celestial deity can appear."

pp. 71-72a rod & shadow

p. 71a

"initiates ... a[n] individual’s {disciple’s} shadow by walking behind ... a repeatedly stabbing the ... shadow with a walking cane ... . {cf. the "Rod of Power" in Eckankar etc.} This ... is focused on "punching holes" in the ... shadow {cf. the chiseling of orifices in the face of Hundun ("H"). "Hundun was the shadow" ("HC" 8).} while mentally repeating ... incantations ... to affect the ... spirit body".

p. 71b

"striking the image of the ... energetic still point. The energetic still-point is ... the magical area that exists in-between the shadow’s projected Yin (darkness) and its surrounding Yang (light). According to ancient Daoist teaching, there is ... an energetic threshold where the magical energy of Yin and Yang ... divides. ... .

p. 72a

... the energetic still-point initiates enough power to be able to separate the ... {disciple’s} energy body from his or her physical body. {thus accomplishing for the disciple a projection of the aitheric double?} While bridging the energetic dimensions of the ... shadow, ... simultaneously bring the tip of his or her staff into the edge of the silver aura surrounding the ... shadow. ...

As the surprise is initiated, there is an energetic "opening" that occurs between the ... {disciple’s} physical and energetic bodies."

"H" = http://ferrebeekeeper.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/hundun/

"HC" = http://community.livejournal.com/saezutte/1469.html

p. 72b Shadow-Channels

"Similar in effect to the "shadow stars" that are prevalent within the night sky, the ancient Daoist[s] were also aware of the existence of shadow organs and shadow channels located within the body’s energetic fields. According to esoteric teachings ..., each internal organ, channel, and vessel is believed to have its own energetic channel."


II.2. (pp. 73-4) Spirit-Projection

p. 73 advent of visionary pole-star




"The image of the Celestial Pole if first seen as a small speck of light (Yang) emerging out of darkness (Yin) ... . This


small speck of light glitters like a vibrant glowing star.

As the Celestial Pole Star draws closer, an energetic portal begins to open within the center of the illuminating star.

... then begins to focus, projecting his or her consciousness into the energetic portal of the Celestial Pole Star, like an energetic cord. Once the ... mind is rooted into the Celestial Pole Star, this projected energetic cord is then used to pull his or her spiritual consciousness toward any person, place, or thing."

p. 74 development of remote-viewing




"When Spirit Projecting outside the physical body, the "eyes of the spirit" can fly over various terrains ... as it move about the


material realm, looking for its destination. When ... training to find a location. sometimes he or she is brought to the side of a slow moving river {an instance of halting at a river in the course of flying is mentioned by Carlos Castan~eda}, and then requested to follow the river upstream and "locate the mountain range located alongside the river. ... Next, ... is encouraged to Spirit Project into certain geographic location and describe the energetic qualities of the area. ... Finally, ... is encouraged to Spirit Project into a certain geographic location and describe the energetic and spiritual nature of the trees, rocks, soil, water, animals, and people, that surround the area."


II.3. = http://dreams.00.gs/Daoist_Magical_Transformation_Skills,_II.3.htm


II.4. (pp. 94-110) Soul-Projection

p. 94, 95b vibration of one’s subtle-body in soul-projecting




"While Soul Projecting, ... an accomplished sorcerer can also lower the vibrations of his or her spirit body to the degree that he or she can move objects. The intensity of the power released by the energized spirit body can be as much as ten times the force of the physical body. ...


It must then be shown how to slow down the body’s vibrational resonance in order to close the doors on the ... mind ... with the focused attention. As the spirit body begins to leave the physical body, the brain wave patterns slow to a theta pulse. As this separation continues, the physical body may suddenly feel paralyzed and start to vibrate ... . The vibrational state experienced during Soul Projection is characterized by pulsating waves ... . The oscillation, frequency, and intensity of these pulsating waves can be controlled at will through the sorcerer’s intention and mental projections."


"the sorcerer’s spirit body is able to actually move physical objects. This is accomplished by having the sorcerer lower the vibrational resonance of his or her hand before coming into contact with them"

pp. 95-96a entering "new", unfamiliar spiritual world


unfamiliar world


"When a sorcerer disengages from the physical tissues and shifts his or her consciousness into the spirit body, he or she enters into an energetic state in which perception and movement may seem completely foreign. This introduction to a "new" energetic dimension is ... the change of sensory experience".


"Brazilian Mystic Waldo Vieira ... of the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology shows that ...


during natural sleep ... certain individuals leave their physical body ... and regain a lucid energetic physical form in an unknown dimension among unfamiliar beings."

p. 96 common types of soul-projections




"Forced Soul Projections : These types of projections are induced either through ingestion of drugs ... or through near death experiences".


"Willful Soul Projections : These types of projections are facilitated through specific Qigong (energy skill) and Shengong (spirit skill) exercises".

pp. 97a, 99a disconnecting the spirit-body from the physical body




"After the physical body has fallen asleep, the energy body expands, allowing the spirit body to naturally disconnect from the physical body. Once the energy body has expanded, the spirit body floats free, and normally hovers several inches above the physical body. When the two bodies separate, the energetic field that exists between the physical body and the spirit body can be observed as an energetic mist ... . This energetic field is ... the body’s expanded Wei Qi (i.e., the body’s protective energetic field). ... As the spirit body hovers above the physical body, it acts as an energetic receptor absorbing environmental Qi ... . This energetic phenomenon occurs ... in order to replenish the ... Prenatal Jing, Qi, and Shen.This is why it was said in ancient China that the Prenatal Jing, Qi, and Shen were naturally replenished through prayer, meditation, and sleep." {"We can slow the consumption of prenatal Jing by manufacturing more Qi ... during sleep." ("LYLL")} {" When we are falling asleep shen is re-transformed into qi, and while we are sleeping qi is re-transformed into shen." ("E5S", p. 2)}


"When separating from the body’s tissues, the spiritual body can either roll to the side and spin out, or simply float straight up and out of the physical body. ... the spirit body begins to energetically align itself and leave the physical tissues as if floating outward away from the body on an energetic rail."

"LYLL" = http://lucypostolov.com/articles/look-younger-live-longer/

"E5S" = "Emotions, Five Souls and Their Specific Acupuncture Points" http://www.ipcm-vienna.at/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Kubiena-EmotionsFiveSoulsAndTheirSpecificAcupuncturePoints.pdf [pdf]

pp. 99b-101a sensations experienced during the process of disconnecting




"Auditory Hyperactivity" : "just before the spirit body separates from the tissues there is often an odd roaring sound that is heard within the ears (similar to listening to a shell at a beach). ... Many times, the sorcerer will hear the sounds ... as he or she begins to Soul Project. This ... is known in many ancient magical traditions by names such as

the "Sound of a Thousand Cicadas,"

the "Singing of Ten-Thousand Crickets," and

the "Song of Ten-Thousand Canaries.""


"Intracranial Sounds" : "the sorcerer will sometimes hear a loud "crack" within his or her head just before the spirit body projects."


"Paralysis : This sensation is experienced as the body’s Qi withdraws from the physical tissues in order to energetically "feed" the spirit body. ... At this time however, it is easy to simply roll the spirit body outside the physical body and begin to Soul Project."


"Olofactory Hyperactivity" : "certain powerful spirit entities sometimes manifest through these extraphysical smells."


"Streaking Lights : When traveling in the spirit body, sorcerers may observe streaks of light flashing behind them as they travel."


"Double Perceptions : This type of sensation is experienced when both the physical body and the spirit body are perceiving simultaneously."


"Falling and Jerking Sensations : These types of sensations are experienced ... when the sorcerer’s spirit body returns back into his or her physical tissues after Soul Projecting."

p. 101 unusual awareness of environs upon awaking

p. 101a

"When Soul Projecting, it is the "spirit eyes" that give the sorcerer the magical skill of inner vision and remote viewing (also known as spirit travel or moving clairvoyance). This is why some individuals report waking up in the middle of the night and still being able to see the external environment of the room, even though their physical eyes are closed."

p. 101b

"If the sorcerer awakens to find himself or herself outside the physical body, he or she can increase the energy and power of the spirit body by performing the Closed-Circuit Meditation."

pp. 102a-103a the nature of the silver-cord of the subtle-body




"Sometimes, as the spirit body travels, a silver energetic cord is attached from the sorcerer’s spirit body to his or her physical body. This silver cord is composed of a bundle of pulsating energetic cables ... . ... These tiny, loose energetic cords sparkle and vibrate like elastic strings. ... In ancient Daoism, it is traditionally taught that when the Golden Embryo is born, its umbilical cord is severed, freeing the Golden Child to roam the cosmos".


"However, once the sorcerer has evolved to the state where the spirit body no longer depends on the silver cord, ...


the energetic cord unravels (i.e. as the psychic knots unravel), and the released spiritual energy activates the spirit body’s most subtle psychic connections."

p. 106a ranges of influence of the 3 energetic-realms

__ energetic-realm

scope of its influence


individual animal or plant


animal or plants within a geographic region


"deities, spirit guardians, etc."

p. 106b modes of transvection

"the sorcerer’s Will (Zhi) and Intention (Yi) act as the propelling agents of travel and flight in the spirit realm. ...

With time, the sorcerer learns to enter into a room by melting through the walls or ceiling. ... While outside of the physical body, a sorcerer can use his or her spirit eyes to look through walls and ceilings etc."


II.5. (pp. 111-22) Soul-Projection Training

p. 116-7a meditation involving rings-of-light




"From the feet, the sorcerer directs the energetic rings of white light to flow up to the hips and back again. This is repeated faster and faster until the feet, legs, hips and Lower Dantian are completely full of vibration. ... At this point, the sorcerer directs the pulsating energetic ripples of white light to flow back and forth between the bottom of the feet and the Middle Dantian area. ... After a few minutes, the sorcerer proceeds to direct the vibration further upwards to the Upper Dantian."


"Another method ... requires that the sorcerer focus on the vibrating resonance of three energetic rings of white light pulsating simultaneously. ...


Once this full body resonance is felt and experienced, the sorcerer will continue to increase the vibrational resonance, until his or her spirit body pops out of its physical shell."

pp. 119b, 120b meditations involving other forms

p. 119b

"Next, the sorcerer focuses on bringing the energy ball up in front of his or her Third Eye, placing its condensed energy into the Upper Dantian. ... the sorcerer focuses his or her attention on experiencing and feeling the energy ball’s vibrations and light activating and energizing his or her Crystal Chamber."

p. 120b

"it is important that the sorcerer imagine that the energy is continuing to swirl through his or her body like a whirlpool".


Jerry Alan Johnson : Daoist Magical Transformation Skills : Training in Daoist Magic from the Zheng Yi School. Temple of the Celestial Cloud, Pacific Grove (CA), 2006.