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Metaphysics and History


p. 19 Andrew Jackson Davis received psychic powers via mesmeric trance

"In 1843 Dr. James Stanley Grimes, a professor of jurisprudence ..., gave a lecture on mesmerism at Poughkeepsie, New York. ... Still, ... Grimes failed to mesmerize a seventeen-year-old named Andrew Jackson Davis. ...

A local tailor named William Livingston

{The tailor's surname was spelled "Levingston" according to "MAJD" and "FMSAJD".}

succeeded where Dr. Grimes had failed ... .

While so entranced, Davis ... was able to read from closed books; he was also able to detect illnesses and prescribe treatments. ... when he was entranced the human body {of each patient} became transparent to his spirit eyes; each organ stood out clearly and shone with a special luminosity of its own ... .

On the evening of March 6, 1844, Davis was suddenly ... led ... to "fly" from his Poughkeepsie home ... ; so entranced, he had ... encounter with two spirits, who identified themselves as the Roman physician Galen (129-ca. 199) and the Swedish scientist, philosopher, and visionary Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772)."

[p. 324, n. 1:8 : "S&AJD"]

"MAJD" = "Medium Andrew Jackson Davis". http://psychictruth.info/Medium_Andrew_Jackson_Davis.htm

"FMSAJD" = Simeon Stefanidakis : "Forerunners to Modern Spiritualism : Andrew Jackson Davis (1826-1910)". http://www.fst.org/spirit3.htm

"S&AJD" = Wilma E. Wake : "Swedenborg and Andrew Jackson Davis". STUDIA SWEDENBORGIANA 11(2), May 1999. http://www.shs.psr.edu/studia/index.asp?article_id=172 & http://www.baysidechurch.org/studia/default.asp?ArticleID=172&VolumeID=42&AuthorID=56&detail=1

p. 20 books written by Andrew Jackson Davis

"In 1845 Davis began dictating from trance The Principles of Nature : Her Divine Revelations and A Voice to Mankind; upon its release in 1847, Principles would become one of the most popular works of the decade. ... Davis would go on to write other bestsellers, such as

The Great Harmonia (1852),

The Temple ... (1871), and

Views of Our Heavenly Home (1883), with the aid of spiritual inspiration."

pp. 20, 21 occultist authoresses

p. 20

"With the aid of her spirit guide "Demosthenes," Victoria C. Woodhull was able to launch a popular magazine (Woodhull and Clafin's Weekly) ..., and make a presidential run at a time when women could not vote."

p. 21

"Harriet Beecher Stowe, author[ess] of Uncle Tom's Cabin, was a devoted Spiritualist" ("HBSOHP").

"HBSOHP" = "Harriet Beecher Stowe -- Only Holding the Pen". https://web.archive.org/web/20080515155327/http://www.spirithistory.com/hbstowe.html now at http://spirithistory.iapsop.com/harriet_beecher_stowe.html -- citing “Ministration of the Departed,” UNIVERCOELUM AND SPIRITUAL PHILOSOPHY (New York), April 21, 1849:327.

pp. 20, 21 occultist authors

p. 20

"In France an academic named Hippolyte Le'on Denizard Rivail (1804-1869) ... compiled (under the pseudonym Allan Kardec) a number of channeled works that discussed the spirit world. By the 1880s, millions had declared themselves Spiritualists".

p. 21

"In 1866 Alfred Russell Wallace, one of England's most famous naturalists {biologists}, wrote The Scientific Aspect of the Supernatural ... .

The noted physicist Sir Oliver Lodge discussed his experiences with Spiritualism ... in ... Life and Death (1916).

p. 21 other occultists, psychics, se'ances

"In Buffalo thirteen-year-old Ira Davenport and his fifteen-year-old brother, William, became famous for making musical instruments play while they were securely bound inside their "spirit cabinet."

William Mumler, a Boston engraver married to a trance medium, attracted widespread attention with his 1868 exhibition of "spirit pictures"".

p. 23 the Eddy brethren

"In 1874, ... at ... Chittenden, Vermont, ... Horatio and William Eddy ... se'ances featured ... rappings; ... prophecy; ... the healing gift, the discerning of spirits; levitation ...; the writing of messages on paper flying in midair, by pencils held by detached hands; ... clairvoyance; clairaudience ...; and ... materialized phantom forms" (POW [chapters I-VI.]).

POW = Henry S. Olcott : People from the Other World. Hartford (CT) : American Publishing Co, 1875. https://archive.org/stream/peoplefromother00olcogoog/peoplefromother00olcogoog_djvu.txt & http://blavatskyarchives.com/theosophypdfs/Olcott_People_from_the_Other_World.pdf

p. 24 Madame Blavatsky's reception of channeled messages

"Blavatsky claimed her "Masters" -- Koot Hoomi {Kuthumi} and Moorya {Murya} -- were alive and well and sending messages from their home base in Tibet. ... The Masters spoke with her via telepathy".

p. 25 spirit-media channeling Djwhal {Skt. /jvala/ 'flame'} Khul

"Alice Bailey (1880-1949) wrote twenty-four books that ... were channeled through her by a Tibetan master named Djwhal Khul. ... Khul-inspired works include Initiation, Human and Solar and A Treatise on Cosmic Fire ... . (Khul remains a prolific speaker and writer after Bailey's passing; some of his contemporary channels are Terri Newlon, Kathlyn Kingdon, Moriah Marston, and Violet Starr)."

p. 25 the Roerichs

"Russian painter and explorer Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947) compiled the teachings of Theosophical Master Moorya as channeled by his wife, Helena (1879-1955), to form Agni Yoga, a movement that enjoys widespread popularity in Russia. Their message combined ... with an emphasis on a coming age when there would be no nations and the world would be ruled under the guidance of the masters of Shambhala, a kingdom existing ... in another dimension {plane-of-existence} and ruled by masters of the Great White Lodge."

pp. 25-6 spirit-media channeling Saint-Germain

p. 25

"In 1930 a theosophy student named Guy Ballard (1878-1939) encountered the entity Saint-Germain while hiking on California's Mt. Shasta. Under the pen name Godfre' Ray King, Ballard would go on to publish several books detailing his encounters with Saint-Germain, which would serve as the cornerstone of the I AM Movement. Ballard claimed ["CSG"] Saint-Germain had pulled gold from the air, tamed a panther, and taken Guy and his wife to a convention of Venusians in the Grand

p. 26

Tetons. He also taught the use of a Violet Flame meditation and visualization to transform imperfections into perfections until one attained unification with their "I AM," or inner ... consciousness."

"Saint-Germain ... began appearing to other scribes and channels. Among the most famous are Mark Prophet (1918-1973) and his wife, Elizabeth Clare Prophet (b. 1939); with the help of Saint-Germain and other Masters ..., they founded the Summit Lighthouse, ... covering groups like the Church Universal and Triumphant and Keepers of the Flame Fraternity. The Prophets would receive information from Saint-Germain about his previous incarnations as Merlin ... and a Roman ... named Alban."

"CSG" = Doug Skinner : "The Count of St-Germain". FORTEAN TIMES 147, June 2001. http://www.forteantimes.com/features/profiles/499/the_count_of_stgermain.html (cited in http://sacred-texts.com/sro/csg/index.htm as "The Immortal Count". FORTEAN TIMES 146, May 2001.)

pp. 26-8 Edgar Cayce

p. 26

"In 1901 a hypnotist called Hart the Laugh Man hypnotized the young,

virtually mute Edgar Cayce (1877-1945).

{Such selective muteness could be a result of a temporary vow of silence.}

While in a trance, Cayce was able to speak ... . ... Intrigued, Cayce sought help from a local hypnotist named Al Layne, who hypnotized Cayce and then asked him to describe ... the cure. Cayce {i.e., the set of spirits speaking through his mouth} announced, "We have the body," then ... Cayce's face

p. 27

became flushed {blushingly} ... and his chest area turned bright red. ... Intrigued, Layne recommended he use his trance abilities to help others ..., ... Cayce agreed, on the condition that the readings would be free. ... He soon became famous for the accuracy of his readings, particularly in 1910 when the New York Times Sunday magazine ran an article titled "Illiterate man Becomes a Doctor When Hypnotized," and as a result he was sought out ... . ...

When entranced he would also speak of Atlantean and Lemurian society, of Christ's training in India and Tibet ... . ...

Moving to Virginia Beach in 1925, he set up the Association for Research and Enlightenment, where

p. 28

he would continue to dispense trance and advice on health and other matters until his death in 1945."

pp. 28-9 Jane Roberts

p. 28

"a New York writer[ess] named Jane Roberts (1929-1984) ... In late 1963 ... with a Ouija board ... encountered a male presence that identified itself as "Seth." Seth soon began speaking to Jane ..., allowing her to dictate messages instead of using the board. For the next twenty-one years, she would regularly go into a trance and channel Seth while her husband took dictation or recorded her. ...

p. 29

While Roberts would channel other spirits, notably the Impressionist painter Paul Ce'zanne and the psychologist William James, her Seth books would eventually sell more than seven million copies."

pp. 29-30 spirit-media channeling Ramtha

p. 29

"in February 1977, a Tacoma, Washington, housewife named JZ Knight was experimenting with a ... pyramid in her kitchen. In her own words :

[quoted from "GJZK" :] ... And ... there was this glitter ... and there were these lights happening ... . And there appeared this seven-foot-tall entity ... . ... And he looked at me and he said,

"Beloved woman, I am Ramtha the Enlightened One, and I have come to help you over the ditch." ...

{"a ditch ... Remus ... jumps over" ("FLDOR").}

And he said, "It is called the ditch of limitation.""

{"This trench they call, as they do the heavens, Mundus" (P:R).}

p. 30

[quoted from "AU" :] "Ramtha, while being channeled through JZ Knight, has the ability to open his eyes, walk, dance, eat and drink, laugh, speak, converse, and teach his students personally."

"GJZK" = "Greetings from JZ Knight" https://web.archive.org/web/20120517162915/http://ramtha.com/html/aboutus/about-jz.stm#childhood

"FLDOR" = "Fact or Legend? Debate Over the Origins of Rome" ARCHAEOLOGY, Vol. 60, No. 4 (July/Aug 2007) http://archive.archaeology.org/0707/abstracts/rome.html

P:R = Ploutarkhos (transl. by John Dryden) : Romulus. http://classics.mit.edu/Plutarch/romulus.html

"AU" = "About Us". https://web.archive.org/web/20120125224903/http://ramtha.com/html/aboutus/aboutus.stm#JZ

pp. 30-1 literature channeled from divinities

p. 30

"The magazine Sedona Journal of Emergence consists exclusively of channeled material.

Lee Carroll and Jan Tobler, authors of the 1999 bestseller The Indigo Children, received the material from a channeled entity called Kryon. ...

And Donald Walsch had ...

p. 31

his 1995 Conversations with God, a book that spent 137 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list."

pp. 32-3 Mircea Eliade & shamanism

p. 32

"In 1951 the Romanian scholar Mircea Eliade published a book titiled Le Chamanisme et les techniques archai:ques de l'extase (Shamanism and the Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy). ...

p. 33

Eliade made a radical suggestion : These shamans were technicians of the sacred, and their ... behaviors were techniques for attaining ecstasy. ...

In spirit journeying, the shaman travels to the heavens, the underworld, or some other place by entering a trance state."

{The basic spirit-journeying is typically (especially in Siberia) done during dreaming. In public caerimonies enacted thereafter, however, one's spirit-helpers who assist during dreaming may (in response to invitation by the shaman who is then in "a trance state") put in an appearance in the waking world for accepting reverence from the awed audience.}

For Eliade, possession represented "an aberrant shamanic tradition ... he who does not succeed in mastering the 'spirits' will be 'possessed' by them, in which case the magical technique of ecstasy becomes a mere mediumistic automatism." (ShATE [transl by Willard R. Trask], p. 450)

{True. Another valid characterization is that in shamanic travel the shaman goeth into the divine (dream) world in order to visit the deities; whereas in spirit-possession the deity cometh into the material (waking) world in order to visit mortals.} {Incidentally, "mastering the 'spirits'" would mean acquiring a divine spirit-guide capable of guiding one's self (in dreams) into the appropriate divine world.}

{A shaman is a polite guest, willing to make an arduous journey in order humbly to visit a gloriously divine host; whereas a mortal spirit-medium is in effect a rude host, who forceth praeternatural visitors to come to pay court to arrogant mere mortals.}

p. 34 this book's authors' personal beliefs about spirit-possession

"The authors believe that possession is a real phenomenon; we also see the spirit world(s) as a real place, and that ... instances of possession involve displacement of the ... ego by an outside entity. ...

For our purposes, a possession experience is one in which the subject's identity is subsumed into Something Else; the person loses control over speech and actions for a greaster or lesser period of time. This can be ... accompanied by a ... state in which the subject has little or no memory of what transpired during the possession. There may also be physical manifestations of this possession : ... show spectacular strength, ... or evidence knowledge to which the possessed person had no access."

p. 36 courtesy toward deities

"I would encourage people who are observing god-possession to treat the deity as ... royalty ... . You can't be too courteous to the gods."

p. 37 a possible sort of declaration by a deity possessing a person

"She or he might say some things you really don't want to hear, and that you really didn't want the crowd hearing either."


Kenaz Filan & Raven Kaldera : Drawing Down the Spirits : the Traditions and Techniques of Spirit Possession. Destiny Bks, Rochester (VT), 2009.