Not for Innocent Ears, IV.4-IV.11

pp. 36-8 calling the wind; kiva

p. 36

"my grandfather ... used to

call the wind ... . He whistled two long notes. And it never failed. The wind came along."

{Carlos Castan~eda wrote of summoning "the wind" witnessed as (JI, p. 44) "a ripple ... a most eerie wave rippling the shrubs."} {European witches traditionally cause a storm at sea by whistling.}

"Grandfather was clan net and the last to maintain a kiva ..., the sacred underground council chamber. ... There was a post in the middle to hold up the domed {sic! actually, conical, as per Fig. 2 on p. 37} roof. Feathers were fastened to the post. ...

p. 37


p. 38

my Grandfather became net he changed things. He ... quit using the kiva. ... . ... when he died our sacred bundle and eagle feathers were destroyed {in accordance with his desires expressed while living?} too. I was just a girl then." {I.e., when he died it was some 70 years earlier than when the authoress stated this fact in the 1970s.}

"about our kiva, it was guarded by a ... big rattlesnake.

{Among the Hopi, "rattlesnakes (Crotalus viridus nuncius) ... are stocked in the snake society's kiva." ("HI", p. 188a) -- This caerimony is based on a myth about "the kiva of the Snake people" ("AHSD").} {"The rattlesnake is ... allowed ... into the deer lodge, an act that terrified and astounded many" (QD, p. 268).}

But somehow it knew the Medicine Men."

JI = Carlos Castan~eda : Journey to Ixtlan.

"HI" = Daniel Heuclin : "Hopi Indians". In :- Roland Bauchot (ed.) : Snakes: a Natural History. Sterling Publ Co, 1994.

"AHSD" = "About the Hopi Snake Dance".

QD = Heather Valencia & Rolly Kent : Queen of Dreams : the Story of a Yaqui Dreaming Woman. Simon & Schuster, NY, 1991.,_10.htm

pp. 38-9 kikisulem; sacred bundle

p. 38

"You can talk to plants. ... Some of them have powerful spirits. The kikisulem plant is a powerful shaman, a chief pul. ... Our puls used to get together in the kiva during a time of drought and bring rain ... by praying and singing ceremonially to the spirit in the kikisulem plant. Our puls could See the spirit, talk to it and ask for their needs to be met.

They say "going to the bottom of the ocean" meant going to

the bottom of the root and communicating with powerful puls who dwell at that level of the plant.

{"devil's weed ... portion of the root. ... But only the brujo can take the deeper portions." (TDJ, p. 26)}

Datura, our kikisulem, is a main line to chief puls who live under the ocean. ...

Kikisulem is related to an ocean plant, muswet ... . We made our

p. 39

sacred medicine bundles from the grass stems of this plant. ... The sacred bundle had ... wooden images, obsdian arrowpoints and many fethers in it. ... No one was allowed to touch them except the net ... or the person next in line to being in charge of the Big House ... . There were golden eagle feathers, hawk and crow feathers, yellowhammer and hummingbird were in the bundle too. ...

Usually each clan had one pul ... . They would come over here for these ceremonies and get together with our net ..., who was himself a chief pul, anbd they would take the kikisulem medicine together in the Big House. Sometimes they had to interpret a powerful dream. By taking the kikisulem together they could go into the dream {viz., theoretically into where that dream as yet persisted in the dreaming-world} and compare notes. ...

One dream I remember we had to dance over, concerned Seeing Indians coming down the trail to a "Y" {fork} in the road."

{cf., e.g., the title of Jorge Juis Borges' El Jardín de senderos que se bifurcan [(Argentina, 1941). "the road descended and forked" ("GFP", p. 32a).}

"GFP" = "Garden of Forking Paths". In :- Wardrip-Fruin & Montfort (edd.) : The New Media Reader. 2003. I.1, pp. 29-34.

p. 41 shamanic specialties

"specialties which came to the initiates include the power to heal by ... sucking, ... hunting with dream power and the dream helper, ... weather prognosis ... . All of these callings involved special visionary perceptions, either dreams or kikisulem visions.

A real pul could send their {his or her} spirit somewhere in Dreaming. This is a power you are born with {innate}. You don't get it from a plant, although the power plants can open one up to that skill, especially men.

Women are much more in touch with their spiritual powers I think, because of their monthly menstrual period."

{JB, pp. 223-4 : "Women, of course, have ... their menstrual cycles ... by the power ..., in that certain plants and herbs were traditionally gathered only by moonlight during specific [p. 224] phases of the moon."}

p. 42 fumigation & seclusion

"The men smoked themselves all night before going hunting, just to make sure they removed all human odors.

But the women didn't feel that they were being imposed upon when they retired to the menstrual hut. ... It was a ceremonial occasion which enabled a woman to get in touch with her own special power. ... Each month the women went to their own vision pit.

The men had vision pits too, places to Dream and pray, way up in the mountains. ... Dreams were the source of all wisdom."

p. 43 embarrassing a maiden; love-potion

"a pul might shoot ... up someone's butt ... a mesquite seed or corn kernel. It's a way of making fun of someone ... . Maybe it's a girl who won't marry or who rejects the advances of a pul. The girl is ashamed to reveal her problem, because the only way to treat this ... is to have the ... seed sucked out ... very embarrassing.

There is a love potion used to make somebody fall in love with the ugliest man or woman."

p. 44 mystifying people

"Sometimes the puls entertained and mystified people with their power.

My Uncle J... could throw his hat into the air and it would turn into a bat.

{Carlos Castan~eda described (JI, p. 143) a hat's being flown in the air as if it were a paper kite.} {cf. a man-lifting "species of kites, bat-shaped. Other shapes I have ... found ... unsatisfactory for ... their unsteadiness in heavy winds." ("CWK")} {cf. also traditional Chinese "bat- shaped kites" ("ChKS&C").}

Another pul, L..., could rub hot coals on his head ... while dancing in the Big House. He burned himself one time when a woman touched him while he was performing. Never touch a pul while they are {he or she is} performing or healing someone.

Puls also transformed themselves into animals.

{Aztec Nahual (Nagual)}

A pul with bear power could actually turn himself into a bear.

{This would be done by projecting one's subtle body in that animal's form.}

You might be following a man's tracks across desert sand, and suddenly they would become bear's tracks."

"CWK" = "Cody ... Kite"

"ChKS&C" = "Chinese Kite Sources and Culture".

pp. 44-5 treating a case of soul-wandring during "sleeping sickness"

p. 44

"Uncle Ch... had ... the power to See the spirit leave the body and he could catch the soul, hold it in his hand, and doctor it. ... Uncle Ch... said the spirit numbed your hand and arm ... .

p. 45

One time a man who had "Sleeping Sickness" came ... . ... Suddenly he fell asleep. Uncle Ch... and the puls ... said the Soul had left the man's body and was trying to escape. Uncle Ch... followed it to our graveyard ..., where the sick man's relatives were buried. ... It was trying to go down into the grave. ... But Uncle Ch... stomped the ground above the grave. He stamped it hard with with his boots and the Soul couldn't get into the earth. Then Uncle Ch... caught it. He carried it back to the Big House where we were waiting. ... He showed it to all of us ... . ... There it was :

a little tiny man. It was naked and standing on the palm of Uncle Ch...'s hand. [Illustrated in Fig. 3, p. 46]

{Tezcatlipoca appeared "with a tiny man who danced in the palm of his hand. "I'm Master Log," he said, "and this is Huitzilopochtli"" (ThTGH, p. 80).}{'Master Log' = Maori Wahie-roa?}

He ... put it back through the fontanelle (the top portion of the head from which the Soul emerges)."

ThTGH = Ptolemy Tompkins : This Tree Grows Out of Hell : Mesoamerica and the Search for the Magical Body. San Francisco : Harper, 1990.

p. 47 shameful hypocrisy of persons of European descent

"it's important that these kinds of healing are {be} not attended by people with the wrong ideas. ... The healing simple won't work under those conditions. ... .

{This is important because the deities who are performing the healing would be grossly offended by the praesence of a blasphemous Christian materialist. The "healing simple" may be an amulet empowered to heal by a deity; but that deity will withdraw the empowerment if the object be in danger of spiritual contamination by a filthy-mouthed Christian blasphemer.}

... very few white people know how to See {and all the ones who do are anti-Christian pagans!}, nor are they {i.e., Christians} willing to learn."

{Persons of European descent automatically expect fraud on the part of religious practitioners, simply because they are accustomed to all their own Christian priests and ministers being arrant hypocritical frauds intent on slyly deceiving their congregation by promoting Mammo^n-worshipping capitalism.}

p. 48 whither souls do wend post-mortem

"On the other side of the door of this life is "That Place" we go after death. It is beautiful ... flowers to smell. ... Your folks will come to be with you when you die and all sickness will be gone."

pp. 48-9 shamans' coming into spiritual power

p. 48

"When my mother died, I came into my power. ...

p. 49

When puls come into their power -- usually in their forties, perhaps when they are lying down dreaming -- they have to get rid of themselves ... they have to peel off their old habits ... . They have to quit looking back. They must go forward ... . ...

You'll hit bottom if you aren't impeccable with power."

{Carlos Castan~eda often advocated being "impeccable" in dealings with praeternatural power.}

pp. 50-1 daimones of madness

p. 50

"My own specialty is healing a person who is possessed by demons. Once in a dream I was shown a


{sic : read "rogue's" -- perhaps /rouge/ was substituted for /rogue/ because the Colorado ('Colored', could refer to cosmetics) River (eastern boundary of California) was nigher than was the Rogue River (in southern Oregon)}

gallery of demons. They look like little plastic toys, but they ... can ... bite you.

Those poor sick people in asylums like Patton Mental Hospital are full of demons. ...

{The people imprisoned in state insane asylum are usually falsely accused (by psychiatrists, who falsely accuse anyone known for liberal social attitudes), and are more likely to be exorcists (alike to R.M.) than to be daimoniacs.}

There are also demons of ... jealousy, ... hatred, ... greed ... . They get into people when they are vulnerable, perhaps ... when someone dies."

{Persons most strongly controlled by jealousy, hatred, greed, etc. are the ploutokrat capitalists who in turn own and control the goverments of the United States and of Europe. If they could be exorcized of greed, capitalism would automatically vanish.}

"The father of demons is Teulavel.

{probably not relaled to /Teufel/, the Deutsche (German) form of the word /Devil/ -- more likely cognate with the Yuto-nawa tribe-name /Tewa/}

His little brother is Takwish. Takwish lives on a mountain peak near Idyllwild. They say he steals lost souls and eats them. ...

p. 51

The Demon of Epilepsy, Tookisyl, is very powerful. ...

It's brought on by sexual desires for ... a relative, a sister or brother, an uncle, aunt, or even their own parents. ...

{This derivation of epilepsy from incest is similar to Sigmund Freud's spurious derivation of "psychoses" generally from a wish for incest.}

Since a pul can See the images in an epileptic's mind, the way this is healed is to pray with the patient all night until he talks it out."

p. 53 healing in the waking-world by means of power acquired through dreaming

"Some puls use sucking or even butt the aching spot with their heads.

But He {the Deity, or rather dream-helper} tells us where to blow the smoke, or where to brush with eagle feathers.

{Evidently, the dream-helper spirit is able to diagnose and to discern the cure, which cure is signaled (by blowing with smoke at a specific location on the patient's body, or by brushing with eagle-feathers on a specific location on the patient's body) through the shaman. This signal is thereupon witnessed by a medicine-administring deity (who could not communicate directly with the dream-helper spirit, and who could not thitherto discern the ailment nor its potential cure), who performeth the cure. [written Jan 29 2014]}

... reveals the particular way to go about healing each person through the dream-helper. My helper is a spirit that looks human, but his name is Ahswit, eagle. So I am an eagle doctor. ... Ahswit is ... a pul too, one of the chosen puls who casts out demons ... . ... But Ahswit protects me and shows me what to do. He came to me through Dreaming, but he is with me when I'm fully conscious now. He lives in my house."

p. 56 visions for hunters

"Hunting puls smoked ... datura, or chewed .. elephant tree bark. This gave them visions for the hunt. Their dream helper would show them where to go."


Ruby Modesto & Guy Mount : Not for Innocent Ears : Spiritual Traditions of a Desert Cahuilla Medicine Woman. new edn. Sweetlight Bks, Arcata (CA), 1986.