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"Don't Believe Me, Check It Out For Yourself"


p. 6 /Nub/

"Nuwaubians explained that the term "Nuwaubu" {perhaps with /u/ suffixed as in /Cymr-u/, /nation of the Cymry/?} is Arabic for "prophet"".

{Actually, whereas /nbo>/ 'prophet' is literally 'comer' (from the verb /bo>/ 'to come', likely cognate with Maya /be/ 'footprint on path'), /NWB/ is 'to swim' (EH&H3, p. 169) in the language of TL-MRJ, and apparently cognate with <ibri^ /no^b/ 'fruit', with likely reference to ability of many fruits (including golden-hued apricots) to float.}

{The word /NWB/ = /No^B/ is also cognate with Hellenic /numphe/ 'bride' from */NUmBHa/ : the evident origin of this meaning is from the usual custom for a marriage to take place only after the bride had become impraegnant, so that the figurative meaning 'fruitful' (said of the uterus of a praegnant woman) was thus employed.}

EH&H3 = E. A. Wallis Budge : The Egyptian Heaven and Hell, Vol. 3. BOOKS ON EGYPT AND CHALDAEA, Vol. XXII. Kegan Paul, Trench, Tru:bner & Co, London, 1905.

{The meaning of 'gold' for NWB is why is listed both at and at}

p. 6 /Rizq/

"From the ancient Nubian kingdom in Sudan, York traces the lineage of his people back to ... angelic extraterrestrial astronauts who arrived from

the planet Rizq". {"Rizq ... is in China, the horse" (MDI, p. 118). This could suggest a Duruz Sabi<i Yarsani orientation; for, the Duruz deem themselves Taoists.}

{/rizq/ 'livelihood, subsistence' (DMWA, p. 389b)} {cf. /ajiva/ 'livelihood' (S-ED) -- scil., impliedly, by fortune-telling (similar as for the Cigani), for the antique Ajivika denomination (whose "eight primary collections" of scriptures "all ... were used for purposes of fortune telling" -- H&DA, p. 214) : these religionists are now-a-days known as Kan.-phat. (/Karn.a-phat.a/, a name alluding to their origin in Karn.ataka/Mysore -- Saletore, 1937, 18–19; cited in BEH, s.v. ""), who (LRLPThG"CChE", s.v. "S`aivas", pp. 161-2) "deal in fortune-telling" and whose men wear earrings : their >itna<as`ari Yarsani aequivalents (located mainly in Albania) are Bektas,i (i.e., H.urufi), whose men wear (DLOE, p. 170) "earrings as a distinctive mark."}

MDI = Annemarie Schimmel : Mystical Dimensions of Islam. Univ of NC Pr, Chapel Hill, 1975.

DMWA = Cowan : Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic. 4th edn.

S-ED = Monier-Williams : Sanskrit-English Dictionary. 1899.

Saletore, 1937 = B. A. Saletore : “The Kānaphāt.a Jogis in Southern History”. PO 1.4 (1937):16–22.

H&DA = Arthur Llewellyn Basham : History and Doctrines of the Ājīvikas. Luzac & Co, London, 1951.,_V-XV.htm

BEH = Brill’s Encyclopedia of Hinduism &

LRLPThG"CChE" = Literary Remains of the Late Professor Theodore Goldstu:cker. London : W. H. Allen & Co., 1879. Vol I, Article II (pp. 63-329) "Contributions to Chambers' Encyclopedia (1862), Vols. II to X".

DLOE = Mehrdad Kia : Daily Life in the Ottoman Empire. Greenwood Pr (an imprint of ABC-CLIO), Santa Barbara (CA), 2011.

pp. 6-7 attire & emblem (as of 1967-1992)

p. 6

"In 1967 Dwight York enlisted his friends ... in New York City. He and his friends wore black and green

p. 7

tunics and adopted the symbol of the Crescent, the Star of David and the Ankh {<NH^}, all intertwined. In 1968 ... the dress code was switched to African robes (dashiki) and black fezes."

p. 7 /Yanum/

"York also revealed himself to be "Yaanuwn," an extraterrestrial

{from Strong's 5126 /Nun/ 'resprout, continuation' (which could be intended to imply 'an extraterrestrial walk-in')}

from the planet Illyuwn

{/<elyo^n/ 'highest, most high' (Strong's 5945)}

in the galaxy Rizq".

Strong's = Strong : Hebrew and Aramaic Dictionary of Bible Words.

p. 7 adoption of Yemassee tribe (in 1993)

"In 1993 York's movement adopted the overarching title, the "United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors" ... .

They ... relocated to Georgia ... . They began to call themselves the "Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation" ... . ...

{The Yemasee tribe was formerly located on both sides of the Savannah River, more recently mainly the vicinity of the town Yemassee on the border between Hampton and Beaufort counties in South Carolina (a state more congenial to civil rights than Georgia). Why did not the Nuwaubian nation re-locate to the South Carolina site -- was it because the physique of the current population at the South Carolina site is so peculiar (largely persons of lower-Niger-river-valley extraction, Edo/Ijaw very short and stout)?}

They now referred to their Master Teacher as "Maku" or as "Chief Black Eagle.""

pp. 12-15 various literary sources

p. 12

"The Moorish Science Temple of America was established in 1913 in New York by Timothy Noble Drew (1886-1929) ... . Noble Drew said he was commissioned by the king of Morocco to awaken American Blacks to their true identity, and offered them his own translation of {i.e., loose paraphrase of, or rather surrogate for} the Holy {Qur>an}, also known as Circle Seven -- which on closer examination, turned out to be

the plagiarized text of The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, authored by Levi H. Dowling (1844-1911).

{It was not proprely cited by title, by author, and by original publisher and place of publication : this omission was evidently intended as a test of readers, to determine whether they could find out its original provenience (if they could, they would pass this test).}

Dwight York ... a member of the MSTA ... carried a Moorish Science Temple of America "passport" in his wallet. York reprinted ... Noble Drew's already plagiarized text, ... Circle 7 ... .

p. 13

Drew claim that his mother was a Cherokee".

{This would be intended to imply that she had read of, and approved of, Cherokees, and that that tribe would approve of her and of her son.}

"Prophet F. S. Cherry was the founder of a Black Hebrew association that lasted between 1919 and 1931, and ... at least eight Black Hebrew NRMs arose in Harlem.

The Black Jews claim to be the Ethiopian Jews, the Falashi". {FLS^ = PLS^ = "Philistines", i.e., Palais^tinians}

{In other words, that they would be accepted by "Philistines", i.e., Palais^tinians (which usually now refers to <arabic-speaking persons in Palais^tine).}

"The largest Sunni Islamic group in America in the 1960s was composed overwhelmingly of African-American converts ... until the late 1970s, when leadership was taken over by a Pakistani S{.}ufi ... . Those who did not accept ... re-organized under Jamil al-Amin (Rap Brown) who was based in Atlanta. ...

York also borrowed ideas from the Nation of Islam. He quotes from the writings of Elijah Muh{.}ammad ... his myth of the ...

p. 14

scientist {praesumably intended as St Ioannes ho theologos}

Yacoub {Ya<qob} ... through a laboratory experiment on the Island of Patmos."

{Was this island chosen as a place of exile for <ibri persons because of its phonetic similarity to /PiTo^N/, said in S^emo^t (Exodos) to be the sojourning-city for <ibri in Mis.rayim? (Ya<qob traveled to Mis.rayim for the sake of his sons.)}

"Dr. York also draws on the lessons of Clarence 13X of the Five Percent Nation. He actually reprinted the latter's teachings ... in "The Book of the 5%ers." This book contrasts the Five Percenters' "distorted lessons : with the original NOI version ... ." [Knight 2007, p. 202]

"York may have based his three pillars of "Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom and Right Overstanding" on Africa Bambaataa's "fifth element" of the Zulu Nation ... . ... Certainly, Africa Bambaataa's anti-doctrine of "Sound Right Reasoning," meaning "factology" (as opposed to blind beliefs) is ... in ... the Zulu Nation's ... publications. [Chang 2005, p. 90]

It is also possible that Dr. York "grafted" his three "Right R's" from Clarence 13X's "Supreme Mathematics."

The {<}Ans{.}ars, in turn, have influenced the Nation of Gods and Earth. ...

p. 15

Many of York's linguistic breakdowns {analyses} resonate with the Five Percenters, such as

"gospel" as "ghost spell";

{to indicate that spells affecting ghosts could be more effective that spells affecting gods}

"understanding" as "overstanding" (originally a Rastafarian innovation), and

{perhaps to indicate the figure coming out of one's dream to accompany one's self in the waking-world; this is first seen on one's awaking in bed and seeing a praeternatural entity standing over one's self}

the prayer for "undertakings" as "overtakings.""

{so as to overtake in cultural progress the ruling class of capitalism}

"in the 1920s ... Clarke Jenkins ... wrote a book called The Black Hebrews. In this he ... proposes ... that Jesus was not a Caucasian, but a man with reddish eyes, copper skin".

{If by copper-hued skin AmerIndians are intended, then cf. the Mormon assignment to AmerIndian cultures of personages of both TNaK and Euangelion.}

Knight 2007 = Michael Knight : The Five Percenters : Islam, Hip Hop and the Gods of New York. Oxford : Oneworld Publ.

Chang 2005 = Jeff Chang : Can't Stop, Won't Stop : a History of the Hip Hop Generation. Picador.

p. 16 extraterrestrial racial typology

"In his 1996 scroll, Extraterrestrials Amongst Us,

{There had already been (as York must have been aware) a praevious book (quite severe with the U.S. government for its gross mishandling -- viz., deliberate falsification -- of the flying-saucer facts) of a similar title :- George C. Andrews : Extraterrestrials Among Us. Llewellyn Publ, St Paul (MN), 1995.}

York accounts for racial differences as a legacy of ... colonizing extraterrestrials.

Caucasians are descended from lizard-like "reptoids,"

{Though nearly unknown in Europe, lizard-deities are worshipped in, e.g., Polynesia (PM, s.v. "Lizard").}

whereas ... people are the children of the elephant-nosed Deros.

{This may be an allusion to the long-nosed tapir (depicted on Maya monuments); and thus to AmerIndians.}

Mongoloids are descendants of the 48-chromosomed Teros ... .

{48 is, e.g., the # of koan-s in one variety of C^>an (Zen).

The Nuwaubians, however, are the "children of beautiful angelic beings from the planet Rizq."

{"a 25,950 year orbit called AAMS, the distance from the 8th planet RIZQ from the 19th galaxy Illyuwn to the planet Earth. Since their relocation from Orion it would now take them 3,600 years to travel to Earth, creating the orbit called a Shar." (MFPR -- "AGA")}

He claims the brown-skinned Nubians were originally green-hued extraterrestrials (due to the presence of chlorophyll in their skin),

{The name /No^B/ hath the meaning 'fruit' (Strong's 5108); so that green, unripe fruit may be alluded to.}

but when the "Ether 9 beings" entered Earth's atmosphere,

{Are these the denizens of "Cloud 9", designated /Iwa/ in the Puran.a-s?}

their skin rusted because the magnesium in their melanin was replaced by iron." {Is this intended as a metaphorical description of the ripening of fruits?}

{Because the color of iron rust is reddish brown, this tale would be more particularly suitable for applying to a reddish-skinned race : "the typical Fulani has ... a reddish brown skin" (HWCh, p. 8).}

MFPR = Malachi Z. York : Man from Planet Rizq.

"AGA" = "Astrology -- Gift of the Annunaki?"

HWCh = Tim Johnston (ed. by Carolyn Johnston) : Harmattan, a Wind of Change : Life and Letters from Northern Nigeria at the End of Empire. I. B. Tauris, London, 2010.

{"Africa is made up of diverse populations of various complexion and phenotype from the yellow brown of the San and Kung Bushmen to the blue black of some Nilotic groups, and copper or bronze brown of certain Fulani and Beja." ( )}

{The expression "the 8th planet RIZQ in the 19th Galaxy ILLYUWN" (SNT--"A") could presuppose one's knowing that the 8th prime is 19.}

SNT--"A" = Sacred Nubian Teachings -- "The Anunnaki".

p. 17 worship of >adam?

"the rebellious angel, Ibliys, refused to bow to Adam ... as Allah commanded" (IYCh).

{According to Yarsani (and also S.ufi) doctrine, how-be-it, the other mal>aki^m instead were rebellious in worshipping>adam, whom >al-Lahh wished them not to worship.}

IYCh = I Am Your Chance : I Have Warned You.

p. 18 persons of exotic skin-coloration

"when you see a person, whether his {or her} skin is black, white, purple, green, or aquamarine, ... embrace that person ... and Hold him close". (N100R, p. 46)

{Personages to be encountred in dreams may be any of these colors; when they appear thus, it is a sign that they are to be recognized as divine.}

N100R = Malachi Z. York : The Night of the 100 Raka'aat.

p. 19 various particular Freemasons

"Marcus GarveyJr. and Sr. ... were Prince Hall masons. ... Garvey's potentate helmet closely resembled the ceremonial hat worn by Prince Hall masons in their parades.

Noble Drew {<}Ali was a "Black Shriner" and adopted the red fez and colorful breeches or doublet of the Shriners for his movement. ...

Elijah Muh{.}ammad, Fard's disciple, was both a Freemason and a Black Shriner in the Detroit area ... .

Clarence 13X was a mason.

Yahweh Ben Yahweh ... display the following caption under his photograph : "I am the Grand Master of the ... Architect of the Universe.""

pp. 20-3 Prince Hall freemasonry for men; Eastern Star for women

p. 20

Dr. York "himself explains that he first entered The Order of the Acacia at King Solomon's Lodge No. 4, then joined the Grand Enoch {^k} Lodge (Prince Hall Affiliated) in Brooklyn, N.Y., and finally, the Scottish Rite Freemasons of Amos {>amo^s} Grand Lodge of Macon, GA. ...

In 1992, Dr. York founded his own, clandestine obedience ... : Lodge 19 of the "Ancient Mystical Order of Melchizedek {Melki^-s.edeq}." Many of York's male disciples are in this obedience ... ."

"originally known as the Order of Ma<at {ML<t} ... has restored the true roots ... of Nuwabian women in the Eastern Star. Since then, Dr. York had ... The Original Handbook for the Order of the Eastern Star As Never Before."

p. 21

"from the first African lodge, No. 459 founded in Boston by Prince Hall in May 1787 ... . Prince Hall, born in 1748 in Barbados, was the son of an English father and Free Franco-Caribbean mother. ... He was also an ordained Methodist minister and social activist who opposed slavery. ... They applied to England for a charter which they received in 1787 ... . [Davis 1949, p. 205]

Two other Lodges were later established, in Philadelphia and in Providence. These three lodges formed a Grand Lodge which, in 1827, declared itself independent from the Grand Lodge in England. By 1949 there were 30 Grand Lodges, all sprung from Prince Hall's original African Lodge."

p. 22

"William Upton and George Crawford ... advocated racial integration in American Freemasonry".

p. 23

"The African Grand Lodge was erased from the English Registry in 1813 {could this event have been related to the War of 1812?} ... concerning its payment of membership fees. But today, after a long, controversial struggle to regain its charter, it is ... recognized as ... legitimate".

Davis 1949 = Harry E. Davis : A History of Freemasonry among Negroes in America.

William Upton = William H. Upton : Negro Masonry. reprinted by AMS Pr.

George Crawford = George W. Crawford : Prince Hall and His Followers. reprinted NY : The Crisis.

p. 25 emendations of traditonal religious texts

"holy books ... were plagiarized and taken from ancient tablets such as the Enuma Elish (which can be found in The Holy Tablets) ..." [quoted from BMS].

"York reveals that each "copy" of the "ancient tablets" -- first the Torah, then the New Testament ... -- "was getting farther away from the original written truth," and that the true {i.e., proprely emended} versions of these original "tablets" can be found only in The Holy Tablets."

"Dr. York ... has developed his own synthesis of earlier doctrines. On occasion he uses these disparate influences in the most inspired {of} ways. ... He rewrites the past in order to revitalize it or the present."

BMS = Malachi Z. York : The Bible Mastery Series.

{Joseph Smith likewise produced emended versions of the New Testament, which emended versions are as yet in Mormon vogue.}

p. 26 19th (Baha>i)

"In his 1908 scroll, A Rebuttal to the Slanderers, he denounced ... claiming only his "19th translation" offered the "Supreme Code ... ." ...

{Another such "19th" is "the 19th galaxy Illyuwn" : "Illyuwn is the 19th galaxy a Tri-Solar system having 3 suns Utu, Asfu and Shamash also recorded as Om, Sal, and On." ("19GI")}

He dismissed the first three Khalifs in Islamic history as "usurpers," and rejected Abu Bakr as Muh[.]ammad's successor".


{Sets of 19 (19 sequences of 19 days each for a Barhaspatya year of 361 days, 1/2th of a Jupiter-cycle) are typical of Baha>i. To dismiss the 1st 3 h^alif-s is typical of Yarsani denominations generally.}


Susan Palmer : The Nuwaubian Nation : Black Spirituality ... . Ashgate Publ, Farnham (Surrey), 2010.