Nuwaubian Nation, 2-4



"Holy Madness, Crazy Wisdom"


pp. 32-3 denial of special identity for any alleged leaders : acknowledgement instead of divine nature within all persons

p. 32

"Now there are many people that have tried to attribute titles to him. He has been called Christ, a Prophet, an Apostle, the Mah{.}di and many other things, all of which he denies." [quoted from "IDCB"]

"their devotees ... acknowledge a corresponding divinity within the self. This is an important doctrine shared by Nuwaubians, Rastafarians, Five-Percenters, Black Muslims, Moors and Black Hebrews. ... The Five[-]Percenters actually greet each other as "gods," thereby acknowledging a state of perfection".

"we are all deities incarnate. ... In the Bible Psalms ... says

p. 33

'ye are all Gods and all of you are children of the most high!' [Thilli^m 82:6] In Job {Ioannes, not >iyo^b} 10:34 it says, '... I say ye are Gods!'"

"IDCB" = Malachi Z. York : I Don't Claim to Be Who I Am.

Ioannes 10:34 "I say, 'Ye are gods, children of the Most High, all of you.'"

Thilli^m 82:6 "Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High." with commentary

pp. 33, 35-6 holy madness, crazy wisdom

p. 33

"Georg Feuerstein, in his book ..., describes a type of spiritual teacher who deliberately resorts to paradoxical, humorous, even obscene behavior -- all for a noble end. The purpose is to shock his disciples out of their social conditioning ... as the first step towards preparing them to receive direct spiritual experiences and enlightenment. Feuerstein argues that "holy madness" is a universal category of religious life, found in religious traditions around the world -- although it has been virtually ignored by historians of religion. In order to teach spiritual truths, Feuerstein notes, these masters often adopt quite unconventional means -- ... and [Feuerstein, p. xx] "their generally outrageous behavior does not at all conform to our cherished ideas of religiosity, morality and sanctity.""

p. 35

"Feuerstein [1990] describes the humorous or clownish aspects of his Crazy Wisdom masters : "... assuming different personae so that their disciples can never be sure of who is confronting them." ... York's "politically incorrect" jokes ... appear to function as sort of catharsis ... of ... the pervasive racial discrimination and injustice in the surrounding society. Many of York's disciples describe him as a great comedian who makes them laugh ... . ... The journalist, William Osinski, ... [2007, p. 46] "... has to admit that York can be quite funny. He delivers his message ... with a comic flair and timing reminiscent of an early Richard Pryor or Dick Gregory.""

p. 36

"York gave a stand up comedy act, just like Richard Prior ... . There were sprinklings of theology, but it was basically a comedy act. And his followers loved it. They would sit there ... an hour ... and laugh ... and give him a standing ovation. ... Well, I see Dwight York as a "contraire." In the Sioux culture, a contraire is a medicine man who does everything backwards. He rides a horse backwards, he'll answer "yes" when he means "no.""

Feuerstein 1990 = Georg Feuerstein : Holy Madness : the Shock Tactics and Radical Teachings of Crazy-Wise Adepts, Holy Fools and Rascal Gurus. Penguin Bks.

Osinski 2007 = Bill Osinski : Ungodly. Eatonton : Indigo Pr.

pp. 36-7 recommendations for eccentric sexual behaviour

p. 36

"Feuerstein describes the ritual obsenities of Love Da Ananda who presided over

Tantra-style encounters called "sexual theatre" --

{The primary spectators at such ritual "sexual theatre" are intended to be the deities themselves, who are thereby well-entertained.}

where he even seduced Feuerstein's own wife [Feuerstein, pp. 90-1].

In a manner similar to Love Da Ananda, York ... using their wives as his concubines ... told a follower's wife to come around to his house ... all ... night" [Phillips 1988, p. 171].

p. 37

"In his [SLM] &York actually recommends oral and anal sex and sperm drinking".

Phillips 1988 = Bilal Phillips : The Ansar Cult in America.

SLM = Malachi Z. York : Sex Life of a Muslim. Vol. II. Brooklyn, 1980.

p. 37 incestuous marriage among deities

"Anu {AN 'sky'} was married to his sister {KI 'earth'} ... and

{This is similar to the brothre-sistre marriages in Hellenic mythology, betwixt Ouranos and Gaia, betwixt Kronos and Rheia, and betwixt Zeus and Hera.}

Ishtar {IN-ANNA} was married to her son".

{Isis was sexually violated by her own son Horos.}

p. 37, fn. 29 marriages of immature females

"charismatic prophets of NRMs ... (e.g., David Brandt Berg, David Koresh, Little Pebble, and Daniel Cormier) have all produced theological arguments that ... offer ... rationale for child brides."

{In, e.g., Maasai custom, girls are expected to engage in, before their own puberty, sexual intercourse with older males.}

pp. 38-9 gnosis

p. 38

"The Gnostic view of the world demands a revelation which comes from outside the cosmos {outside the material universe, but within dreams} ..., for of himself man cannot escape from his prison {which is the material universe}." (quoted from Rudolph 1987, p. 229)

{Many shamans have achieved in their dreams such revelation from deities, being therewith rescued by such deities.}

p. 39

"Dr. Malachi York has come ... to awaken the Nubian people to their true glorious spiritual identity as Divine Beings, as gods."

"Gardell ... notes that York's Gnostic anthropology ... is derived from "esoteric S[.]ufi speculation." He points to a ... myth ... in Rebuttals to the Slanderers. In this myth {cosmology},

the universe is divided into seven planes, each with their {its} own musical tones or vibrations, the lower tones comprising the material realm.

{Thus, the higher planes constitute immaterial realms -- contrary to the authoress's assertion (infra, p. 40) that York's metaphysics is " a radical materialism" (i.e., a denial of existence of the immaterial)!}

Man was originally created

{There is no such thing as any coming into existence out of nothingness; the soul (atman) is aeternal -- but, if created, how

can it be of divine nature (as per pp. 32-3)?}

as a soul (Ruh[.]w) {'soul' is /ns^amah/; whereas /ruwah./ is 'spirit'}, but as his vibrations lost speed, he took on etheric form as a spirit. As his speed kept decreasing, Man assumed his physical body."

Rudolph 1987 = Kurt Rudolph : Gnosis : the Nature and History of Gnosticism. NY : Harper & Row.

p. 40 materialism?

"Nuwaubians embrace a radical materialism; they ... reject the transcendental realm {is this intended to imply that they deny the existence of the dream-realm?} ... . ... The materialistic dualism is found in York's creation myth ... of Fallen Angels ... . ... Like the Nation of Islam, the Rastafari, and the Nation of Yahweh, the Nuwaubians do not perceive their gods as inhabiting any transcendental, spiritual realm {have never perceived a dream?}.

{Not only can the immortal soul inhabit a mortal material body; but also the very deities, by way of temporary spirit-possession, may momentarily "incarnate" within a mortal's living body. But none of these functions are aequivalent to the fallacious system commonly known as "materialism".}

Rather, their gods are material beings, ... traveling in UFOs".

{By typical flying-saucer cultists, flying saucers (which behave as no material object could) are accepted as proof of the immaterial transcendence of the divine.}

"York claims that Jesus escaped the crucifixion ... ."

{In the oldest form of this account, the Valentinian Gospel, he is able to slip out of his material body so that "Christ hovers above the Cross" (Acts of Ioannes 98 -- "Ch&Ch") while spectators marvel at this spectacle.}

"Ch&Ch" = "Christ and the Church".



"<ans.aru >al-Lahh Community"


p. 45 the Five-Percenter nation in New York City

"Mayor John V. Lindsay had founded the Urban League in the 1970s, which supported the Five-Percent Nation ... . ... Clarence 13X in 1967 ... wanted bus trips to the parks and to Long Beach for his people, and Mayor Lindsay acceded to his requests. The Five-Percent Nation received funding for their school ... . ...

News reports in the 1980s featured interviews with Mayor Ed Koch and the Brooklyn police praising the [<]Ans[.]ars for their good work".

p. 46 'helper'

"Ansaaru Allah means "helper of Allah," ... centered on religious activities performed in the mosque (masjid)."

{Not quite! /<o^n/ is 'helper, aide, assistant' (DMWA, p. 772a); but the full-length words intended are likely to be /<uns.uri/ 'racistic, racist'; /<uns.uriyah/ 'racism' (DMWA, p. 760b). If so, the term would be intended ironically, as a rebuke to Christian racism.}

{/<uns.ur/ 'nationality' may also be related with /<as.r/ 'aira, epoch' and /<as.ri/ 'modern, modernist' (DMWA, p. 721a).}

pp. 46-7 addresses and pilgrimage

p. 46

"In 1970 the Nubians moved to a house on Neptune Avenue ... . York ... did not live with them, but moved to ... Coney Island where he held his meetings and lectures. [HT, 1643-8] ... .

1973. York had traveled to the Sudan ... in order to perform the minor pilgrimage of Umrah. ... He writes about his meeting with As Sayyid Mah[.]muwd, who initiated him into the Order of Al-Khidr {>al-H^id.r}, and he joined

a S[.]ufi Order of Khalwatiyya ... . York reports that

{named for its practice of tree-climbing; from Jilan and Tabriz (MCG, p. 119)}

p. 47

when he was standing at the junction of the White Nile and the Blue Nile in Egypt,

{This junction is located in Sudan, not in Mis.r.}

he experienced a mystical visitation. The Archangel, {>al-H^id.r} appeared to him.

{>al-H^id.r} is the Muslim version of the Archangel Michael who had guided Moses

{Wrong! Mika>el is mentioned by name (as /Mikal/) in the Qur>an; whereas >al-H^id.r ('the Green') is distinct and different.}

and is held to be still walking the earth as an immortal man ... . ...

{This would be the apostolos Ioannes, destined to "tarry until I come" (Ioannes 21:22) : the so-called "Wandering Jew".}

On the same occasion, York beheld the 24 Elders of St. John's Revelations." (TSN)

HT = Malachi Z. York : The Holy Tablets. Eatonton, GA.

MCG = Jamil M. Abun-Nasr : Muslim Communities of Grace : the S.ufi Brotherhoods in Islamic Religious Life. Columbia Univ Pr, NY, 2007.

Ioannes 21:22

TSN = Malachi Z. York : The True Story of Noah, Pt. One. Brooklyn, 1986.

p. 47 assumed name for passport

"York even tried ... applying for a new passport on 7 October 1987 under the name, "Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi." He was immediately arrested {when the fingerprints indicated a different identity} for passport violation, but released on probation."

{In order that one be allowed to employ an alternative name for one's self on governmental documents, it is necessary (before using such name) that one either (1) registre a change-of-name with the government, or (2) registre an assumed name with the government -- these registratrations will be with state-government or with county-government, so copies of them must be provided with any applications (made in such name) to the foederal government.}

pp. 47-8 aedifice-complex for community

p. 47

"The AAC built a Mosque, and quickly acquired 30 buildings, including a large communal residence with a home school, apartment buildings, a bookstore, two recording studios, restaurants, a grocery store, and a laundromat. ... 500 pople were living in the [<]Ans[.]ar commune during its heyday in Brooklyn. ...

p. 48

Sister communities sprouted up in Montreal, Toronto, in the London suburb of Brixton, in Port of Spain, and in the Jamaican Islands."

pp. 49, 67 York's song-recording career

p. 49

"He would dress in a white suit, part his hair in the middle and sing these ... 1940s ballads in nightclubs. And his record was a hit in Britain! ... But he had good taste in choosing new singers. Many famous singers recorded at his studio."

p. 67

"In 1979 Dwight York formed a music group called Doctor York and the Passion, and began to perform in the nightclubs and dance halls of New York".

p. 68 beginning in 1992 : alteration of social customs and of attire-code

"referring to the 1992 ... close encounter ..., Women were instructed to take off their veils and modest robes. They were now permitted to wear shorts, drive cars and preach in the mosque -- now referred to as a "Tabernacle." The Nuwaubian movement transformed rapidly throughout the early 1990s. York debriefed the [<]Ans[.]aru Allah Community, and called his movement The Holy Tabernacle Ministries, reverting to earlier Hebrew motifs. He adopted the Star of David as the main symbol, discarded the titles "Imam" and "Mah[.]di" in favour of "Rabboni"".



"Tama Re : Sovereign Nation"


p. 80 alliance with the Montana Freemen

"In mid June, 1999, several Montana Freemen came to town. The Montana Freemen ... had been beseiged at their headquarters in Montana in 1996 by the FBI. One of them ... introduced himself to the Nuwaubians as a "common law judge." He moved into Tama Re to work with them."

p. 83 Jesse Jackson

"On 27 April 2001, Jesse Jackson, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition leader spoke at Tama Re. He ... pledged his solidarity with the Nuwaubians".

p. 89 search-warrants

"a federal law official stationed in Macon, had obtained two search warrants for York's property ... . Dwight York's name was on the search warrant, but it turned out that York was not the legal owner of the property. Tama Re was co-owned by a group of Nuwaubian leaders." {Had this land-deed not been filed with the County Recorder of Deeds?}


Susan Palmer : The Nuwaubian Nation : Black Spirituality ... . Ashgate Publ, Farnham (Surrey), 2010.