Nuwaubian Nation, 5-7



"Dr. York"


pp. 101-2 costumes worn, and tactics employed, at court-trials

p. 101

"January 2003, Dr. York ... appeared in court dressed as a Moor, wearing a red fez with a black tassel ... . He stood up and said,

"I am secured and do not give permission to use my name. ..." Then he warned, "all deals are off if Prior continues to use my name."

{This declarative form is too committal : best would be only to ask of the judge quaestions, as to whether one's name will be automatically taken in the commercial sense as denoting a corporation.}

York's followers showed up in court also dressed as Moors, and handed out fliers declaring that,

"Dr. York had copyrighted his name, and "all his aliases and unauthorized use of his name would be liable to fines.""

{There may be some utility in doing so; but only in commercial applications. Most manoeuvres are to evade commercial law.}

"July 2003, Dr. York ... appeared in court dressed as a Plains Indian, in buckskin and a feathered headdress, and announced he was "Chief Black Eagle." ...

p. 102

Three hundred Nuwaubians stood outside the courthouse beating tom-toms and handing out anti-goverment flyers. They wore American Indian clothing with beaded headbands and feathers."

{Quite possibly, the Nuwaubian theologians had in mind that deities observing (invisibly) the trials would be impressed with the costumes, and therefore grant to the costume-wearers some manner of boon -- perhaps some favor after death.}

p. 103 forged documents

"One ... charged that "diplomats" of government and embassy were "being inconvenienced ... ."

{Would not the propre venue for filing such a claim be a Foederal Diplomatic court-or-committee?}

A six-page "Exparte Order for Release" was signed by a certain "... Grand Master Consul for Mt. Arafat Embassy of the Yamassee Native American Government, Original Cherokee, Siminole, Creek, Shushuni {in Wyoming!} ... ."

{Only if recognized by the United States Government, and only in the capacity recognized, can any reference to foreign governments be acceptable in a court of law or of aequity. AmerIndian Reservations have their own legal provisions (not, however, entailing their own embassies) for their residents.}

..."Dwight York was not a legal 'person' born or naturalized in the federal 'United States' and was therefore not subject to the jurisdiction of the legislative democracy of the federal 'United States.'" ...

{If he had been officially adopted into any AmerIndian tribe possessing its own Reservation, then some claim to tribal jurisdiction might have been sustained.}

Included in the packet was a document purportedly signed by Governor Sonny Perdue and a facsimile of the State of Georgia seal. .. a spokeswoman for Governor Perdue, told ... "these documents appear to be fake.""

{Any legal paper containing an unauthorized signature is considered forged.}

p. 103 exemption from payment of taxes

"He {Sanders} had been involved in a tax fraud scheme involving ... clients, to whom he supplied a Substitute IRS Form W-8BEN that he had claimed would allow them to be exempt from federal taxes."

{Only income-taxes on wages are naturally exempt from taxes. Because the Foederal Government's usual trick for imputing financial tax-liability to on wages is to classify wage-earners as corporations : therefore to escape this imputation, specific denial of one's corporate status is necessary (and often sufficient) in order to evade tax on wages.}



"Regressing into the Millennium"


p. 135 Yanun & his s`am

"In 1992, just as the HTM was relocating to Georgia, Dr. York had prophesied that the "Mothership" (a "sham" or UFO) would descend from the sky on May 2003 and hover over Tama Re's great pyramid. The earliest revelation of this prophecy ... appeared in Man from Planet Rizq ... :

... I am here to Prepare ... Those Chosen to Be Picked Up By A Motherplane, NIBIRU, By Way Of A Mothership ... That Will Release Smaller Passenger Crafts."

[quoted from Sh&A :] "on May 5, 2000, as a result from the alignment of planets ... the Gates of Heaven will be Lined up and Opened. Then, on August 12, 2003, the passenger ships the "Shams" will be released fron the Crystal City and reach earth to retrieve the ... Worthy Souls. First pickup will be on August 12, 2003, and the last on June 26, 2030. These "Worthy Souls" will be take n up to the Crystal City and "groomed" ..., and then will return to earth to "save the planet.""

Sh&A = Malachi Z. York : Shambala and Aghaarta : Cities Within the Earth. c. 1993.

{The word /s`am/ could be (if intended for a sphairical device) possibly be /s`ammam/ 'muskmelon, cantaloupe' (DMWA, p. 566b); but more likely would be /s`u>m/ 'calamity' (DMWA, p. 525a), or even (if aequivalent to the "Vortex" mentioned infra pp. 139-40) /s`imiyah/ 'vortex, eddy' (DMWA, p. 582b).}

pp. 139-40 vortex-portal for visitors from other worlds

p. 139

"ten years earlier, York had written in Man from Planet Rizq [p. 37] that on 12 August 2003, the "Vortex" would open; that beings from other dimensions would be able to slip through into our world and walk among us. He describes the Vortex as a "whirlpool of time," a "time continuum change" whereby extraterrestrials can enter our planet."

"In October 2004 York wrote ... :

On August 12, 2004 ..., 3 visitors came to me, Crill, Alomar {/>al->Omar/ = />o^mar/ 'talkative' (Strong's 201)}, and Sa<ad {'glad'}, they healed me. They came from Zeta Reticuli. I had not seen them since I was a child in Teaneck, New Jersey."

"2005 ... Sakinah ... explained that the "Beings" who used the Vortex to slip into our dimension were York's fellow "Avatars," arriving ... . She then gave a speech ... :

... . ... we have had multiple lives. ...

p. 140

The VORTEX is opening up to let in Angels ... . ... But Beings outside ... sent a ship more than three times the speed of light ... . Yanun (January) is the 19th Elder."

pp. 144-5 likened to the Ghost-Dance from Nevada

p. 144

"in the early 1870s, ... the Lakota Sioux turned ... to participate in the apocalyptic {actually, World-Renewal} rituals of the Ghost Shirt dances. ... Through the ghost dance ritual, Wovoka and his dancers sought to tap into a supernatural source of power ... . [DuBois 1939]

p. 145

Many aspects of Nuwaubian behavior might be explained as a form of "ghost shirt dancing.""

DuBois 1939 = Cora du Bois : The 1870 Ghost Dance. Berkeley : Univ of CA.

p. 145 application for diplomatic immunity

"At the 1 July 2003 trial Dr. York ... claimed the United States Government had no jurisdiction over him, and asked to be turned over to the Yamassee Native American Government."

{Residents of a Foederally-recognized AmerIndian Reservation are granted some measure of application of tribal laws, if appropriate.}

After he was convicted ..., Dr. York and his legal team ... claimed he was a Consul General of Monrovia and an ambassador for Liberia under appointment from the former President, Charles Taylor, and should therefore be granted diplomatic immunity from legal prosecution and extradited to Liberia."

{In order for any such application for diplomatic immunity to be acceptable, the government (1) must be recognized by the U.S. Government, and (2) must have officially listed the applicant as one of its diplomats, in papers already officially filed.}

p. 146, fn. 55 "no such person"

A Public Outcry / Nuwaubian Administration of International Affairs. "360 Reasons to Free Malachi York -- Reason No. 3 : No Such Person as : Dwight D. York."

{Even repudiation of one's citizenship cannot exempt one from the law of one's place of residence; nor can acquisition of a citizenship from elsewhere. Only a non-personhood of a dream-nature might be applicable -- and then only while in actual dreams.}



"Black Mas^iyah.i^m in America"


pp. 154-5 Marcus Garvey Jr.

p. 154

"Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr. (1887-1940) ... founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL) ... . He also started the Pan-African ("Back to Africa") movement known as "Garveyism." ... the activities of Marcus Garvey and the UNIA ... find ... the Black Star Line (a ship for transporting African-Americans across the Atlantic to resettle in and "redeem" Africa)."

p. 155

"in February 1925, he wrote his famous "First Message to ther Negroes of the World from Atlanta Prison." On his release from prison, he was deported to Jamaica, where he was greeted as a hero by hundreds of his followers."

p. 155 Leonard Howell

"Leonard P. Howell (1898-1981), an influential dread philosopher ... wrote the six foundations foundations of Rastafari, and set up the Pinnacle Encampment near Kingston ... . In 1933 he was arrested on charges of sedition ... . ... [Lee & Dare 2005] The Pinnacle was raided repeatedly by the police between 1941-57 ... . The property was seized and sold off by the government".

Lee & Dare 2005 = Helen Lee & Stephen Dare : The First Rasta. Chicago Review Pr.

pp. 155-6 Father Divine

p. 155

"Father Divine (1880-1965) of the Father Divine Peace Mission, launched ... in Harlem in the 1930s, ... had to leave New York. ...

p. 156

Father Divine's mission then settled in Sayville, Long Island ... . ... After Father Divine refused a petition by local citizens to leave Sayville the police arrived ... to arrest him and ... his followers ... . ... . ... Judge Smith then imposed "the stiffest sentence the law would permit ... ." Three days later, Judge Smith died ... . Father Divine's enigmatic comment from jail was "I hated to do it.""

p. 157 Clarence 13X

"Clarence 13X (1928-69), a former security officer of the Fruit of Islam, formed a schismatic group {perhaps, however, with secret contrivance of the Fruit of Islam, which may have wished to test possible success of different methods} from the Nation of Islam, called the Five Percent Nation. On 31 May 1965, while holding a rally ..., he was arrested ... . ... In 1967 he was released and returned to New York, where he was welcomed by his followers in a huge gathering that became the first "Universal Parliament" in Mount Morris Park."

pp. 160-2 Hulon Mitchell Jr.

p. 160

"The Nation of Yahweh's ... founder was the late Hulon Mitchell Jr. He was born in 1935 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, and died (or "ascended") onMay 7, 2007. In 1979 Mitchell (known at the time as "Father Michal") arrived in Florida and launched his Hebrew Israelite and set up the Temple of Love in Miami. By 1986 the membership of the NOY was around 12,000 and the group had bought up and renovated ... housing and established lucrative businesses in Miami ... . In 1990 Yahweh Ben Yahweh's remarkable success in establishing a thriving community convinced the mayor of the City of Miami to proclaim ... "Yahweh Ben Yahweh Day." [Freedberg 1994, p. 253] ...

p. 161

YBY ... mobilized his followers to live communally, emphasizing ethics of ... unselfishness ... . ...

p. 162

"1992, the USA versus Yahweh Ben Yahweh rial began ... in Fort Lauderdale. ...

Although he had taken a "vow of poverty" in the 1980s and did not legally own any of the NOY's property, the government seized the assets and businesses belonging to the whole commune".

Freedberg 1994 = Sydney Freedberg : Brother Love. NY : Pantheon Bks.

p. 164 unjust confiscation of community-property

"neither leader owned the property that was confiscated. Dr. York had transferred the ownership of the land on which Tama Re was constructed to nine of his executive leaders several years before his arrest. Nevertheless, .. Judge Ashley Royal issued an order allowing federal officials to seize the land".

{If the land-deed implementing the transfer of ownership was never registred with the County Recorder of Deeds, then the land may as yet be treated legally as if the transfer of ownership had not occurred.}

p. 166 why not indeed?

"One might ask, why other "cult leaders" who preside over communal movements -- the Amish, the Mennonites, the Fundamentalist Mormons, the Unification Church, the Hare Krishna -- or even the Shaker villages -- have not been charged with RICO?"

{The difference is that whereas these unconvicted, uncharged communities are all located north of the Mason-Dixon Line (i.e., in liberal states); nevertheless, both Yahweh Ben Yahweh and Malachi Z. York were charged and convicted south of the Mason-Dixon Line (i.e., in reactionary states).}


Susan Palmer : The Nuwaubian Nation : Black Spirituality ... . Ashgate Publ, Farnham (Surrey), 2010.