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Bride of Par<oh



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Wherefore Comest Thou Hither?



Burning Candles






Day of Skull



Return to Paradise



Dark Lord



Serpent & Hummingbird


Capp. 0-2.




p. 13 a dream

"1979. In the dream ..., I became a hummingbird in the land of the long-armed cactus, the saguaro. ... The closer I get, the faster the saguaro vibrates until we cannot resist each other and merge."

p. 13 vision by her son

"Come here quick! There's a man ... and he's floating in thin air!"

pp. 14-15 praeternatural luminance in cemetery

p. 14

"I noticed a glow to one of the graves .... of the cemetery and walked over. ...

{With the Brazilian "Rio das Mortes" ('River of the Dead') dragonflies as human souls ("MDRSLLO"), cf. the Sumerian "river filling up with {dead} bodies and swarms of dragonflies" ("2OCAML")}

At the base of the shrine ... was a ... teapot ... . ... A radiant light

{As symbol on a Japanese tetsubin teapot, the "Dragonfly conveys new beginnings and fortune." (ST, p. 2) [metempsychosis as new beginnings?] "The Yaqui also have a Dragonfly Dance" ("NADM").}

p. 15

poured from the eyes of the teapot; I was so startled I gasped, for the light from the pot was ... touching my heart."

{cf. the book A Dazzle of Dragonflies}

"MDRSLLO" = "myth about a dragonfly representing the soul of a lost loved one" http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Is_there_a_myth_about_a_dragonfly_representing_the_soul_of_a_lost_loved_one

"2OCAML" = "Two Odonata Citations in Ancient Mesopotamian Literature". http://www.insects.org/ced1/mes_lit.html

ST = Symbols of Tea. SYMBOLISM E-NEWSL 68. http://www.sachome.org/links/Symbolism_e-newsletter_68.pdf

"NADM" = "Native American Dragonfly Mythology". http://www.native-languages.org/legends-dragonfly.htm

Mitchell & Laswell : A Dazzle of Dragonflies. Texas A&M University Press, 2005.




pp. 17-18 born & named

p. 17

"I was born to be the queen of dreams."

p. 18

"She twirled the green feather ... . ... How about 'Heather'?" (rhyme-pun)

pp. 21-2 as a child, she wore a pearl-necklace dedicated to the Moon

p. 21

Lent to her by her grandmother was "an enormous strand of pearls."

Pearls (moti) are (the particular type among the nava-ratna-s, '9 gems') dedicted to the moon (candra-mas) ("PGM"; "PGS").}

p. 22

In that necklace, these pearls "look like the moon".

{cf. "Bailey's Beads" forming a circle encircling the moon in an annular eclipse.}

"I am kneeling ... with a big silver spoon ... -- this ... belongs to the Moon."

{Silver is the metal assigned to the moon ("NV").}

"PGM" = "Pearl -- Gemstone of the Moon" http://anamikas.hubpages.com/hub/Pearl---The-GemStone-of-Cancer

"PG" = "Pearl Gemstone" http://www.kamalkapoor.com/gemstones/pearl.asp

"NR" = "Navratnas/ Navaratnas" http://www.navaratnagems.com/

pp. 27-31 her serial dream about voyaging aboard a transparent spaceship

p. 27

"the dream ... continued over the next three years in serial form ... . ... Suddenly I was in a crystal ship, landing somewhere above the palm trees ... . . ... We step out from the crystal interior of the ship. ...

{Spaceships appear regularly in certain other dreamers' "serial dreaming" (e.g., by Eddie Bring4th 02-17-2013), or there may be a serial dreamer (LifeStudent ATS 02-9-2008) who experienced a waking "UFO Sighting" (LifeStudent ATS 01-21-2008).}

p. 28

Already the pilot {her future 1st or 2nd husband?} has become a tiny skeleton in the cockpit. ...

We enter a cave. We walk in darkness for a long time. ...

{cf. the mythic walking through a cavern to another country in Indaba, My People.}

From some temple-like dwellings with inricately carved stone fac,ades a lithe, dark man in ceremonial clothes approaches me. As soon as I see him I remember everything {instance of deja` vu in dream} -- ...

{She was afterwards to to discover that this man had been experiencing similar dreams -- so that this was a reciprocal type of serial dreaming ("reciprocal ... serial dreaming" being mentioned at, e.g., "WAMD").}

where his footprints came toward me it is all yellow and white petals.

{cf. flowers arising where buddha paceth (in the Vaipulya Sutra-s)}

I am dressed in green feathers. ...

[p. 32 "the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl." {QUETZAL-bird feathers are commonly green. Quetzal-coatl (-'twin')'s sister is named QUETZAL-petlatl (-'mat').}]

p. 29

The Dark Lord in the dream initiated me into forms of sexual expression I had no idea were possible. ... .

p. 30

... my body at orgasm would keep expanding ... beyond me ... . ...

{Transcendent sexual experience may involve "expanding to include the consciousness of all living beings." (TSWhLOV, p. 12) "I started noticing a sense that I was expanding outward." (ibid., p. 29)}

p. 31

My husband and I create six sons and daughters, each of whom is the manifestation of an aspect of divinity. ... .

... Zyla ... was my dream name".

{cf. name of /ZULia/, a state of Venezuela}

Bring4th http://www.bring4th.org/forums/archive/index.php?thread-1578-40.html

ATS 02-9-2008 http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread332589/pg1

ATS 01-21-2008 http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread328288/pg1#pid3913425

"WAMD" = "Wisdom Archive on Mutual Dreaming"


TSWhLOV = Jenny Wade : Transcendent Sex. Paraview Bks, NY, 2004.

pp. 36 & 39 Hannibal, MO

p. 36

"I'd hear tales of ... Hannibal's mighty and powerful citizens".

{H.anni-ba<l, of Qart[ah]-H.adas^t ('City-New') fame (namesake of Carthage, MO), is the given name of one of the many town of African nomenclature in the Louisiana Territory, all named in commemoration of the Tunis- and Mis.r-exploits of St. Louis king of France. Hannibal, MO, was also hometown to Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), a Mississipi-River pilot-navigator who studied the Choctaw language of Mississippi.}

p. 39

"the lumber barons in Hannibal's past."

p. 33 Authoress's father's mother was a Cherokee woman.


Bride of Par<oh


p. 43 divine rats

"I was ... downright fascinated by ... the Rat King and the Gypsies {Romani}, the rat as King of Thieves and the animal familiar of Lord Ganesh {Gan.a-is`a}, the master of the material realm."

pp. 46 & 48 infatuation with the dead

p. 46

"I loved the way the tombstones were. I could hug them".

p. 48

"the Day of the Dead, in the fall of 1965, ... my son ... was conceived : November 2."

pp. 48-50 her dreams during praegnancy

p. 48

"During my first trimester women ... came to me. ... In these dreams, I would be sitting by myself at a campfire in the desert. ... It always started with one woman who'd come out of the shadows to sit down and talk with me. Then I'd notice other women ... and we'd all be in a circle.

p. 49

... When the woman came who had to do with my son's love life, there was a full moon in which I'd see the faces of ... Indian girls. ...

p. 50

I chose wild-colored witches' gourds to grow ... . In the dreams I could smell the sweet and fragrant blossoms ... . It was all like a cartoon until I saw a fierce-looking woman ... . As she talked to the fruits and vegetables she also manipulated unseen forces."

pp. 52-3 her dreams about Stonehenge

p. 52

"I could see ... from the dreams ... costume at Stonehenge. ... . ... European patent leather".

{animal-pelt attire : I once had a waking vision of Stonehenge, where ass-pelts were being displayed (apparently derived from Robert Graves's statement that the inner stones of Stonehenge are arranged in the shape an ass-shoe).}

p. 53

"I felt a familiar tapping on my leg."

{"Kui was also described as a drum-shaped animal with one leg." (ChM, p. 159) [Could the ring-shaped part of Stonehenge repraesent the rim of a drum?]} {On Mt. 'Drum' is (CM&S, p. 199) a "giant osprey" : cf. the falcon-headed god (Ursa Minor -- "CCAE", citing "IAEC") slaying "a one-legged bull" (Ursa Major -- "CCAE", citing "NLCFCD").}

"I had seen him in dreams. ... "Sometimes you are at Stonehenge," I said, ... because it was true."

ChM = Lihui Yang & Deming An : Handbook of Chinese Mythology. Oxford U Pr, 2005.

CM&S = Anne Birrell (translatrix & annotatrix) : The Classic of Mountains and Seas. Penguin Bks, London, 1999.

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"NLCFCD" = Donald V. Etz, "A New Look at Constellation Figures in the Celestial Diagram", JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN RESEARCH CENTRE IN EGYPT (JARCE) volume XXXIV, 1997.

pp. 54-5 her introduction to the tribe-name /Yaqui/ {pronounced /Yaki/}

p. 54

"bringing with him ... a town girl who modeled {nude?} for our life-drawing class, ...

p. 55

a professor ... of occult information ... was the first person who mentioned the word "Yaqui" to me. ... He was born on All Souls' Day, and ... saw ... a mystical connection to deeper things. Whenever we ... discovered insights ..., "That's because we've been through this before." He felt that we'd been students of the magical arts in former lifetimes."

pp. 56-7 Tarock (Tarocchia, Tarot) card 'World'

p. 56

"card 21, "The World," ... the woman dancing ... . ... In many of

{Instead of the "Great Whore of Babylon" nor even the daughter of Herodias, this card is (because all such cards, being of Renaissance provenience, repraesent Hellenic gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines) is more likely to depict Ariadne : "In the Iliad (18.590-606) Hephaistos models the dancing ground on the shield of Achilles on the one Daidalos made for Ariadne at Knossos. ... . ... in the Odyssey: Ariadne, victim of the rivalry of Theseus and Dionysos, is the only heroine in the Nekyia whose marriage involves adjudication (cf. Dionysos' martyriai, 11.325); as such, she is balanced with Minos judging the dead (11.568-571)." ("HA") [Then, on the basis of the Sibylline Oracle (DI 7:24) text "to judge the souls of the quick and dead, and all the world.” Or, "to judge the quick and the dead, with the whole world" (BBM 4:2, p. 232; BCM 4:2, p. 233) : the Renaissance redactor labelled her (Ariadne, as someone -- neither living nor dead, but mythic -- who is judged) as /World/.]}

p. 57

my dreams that was just how the Indian {Amerindian} women appeared, dancing unclothed ... . ... "a.k.a. Great Whore of Babylon.""

"HA" = "Homeric Ariadne". http://www.camws.org/meeting/2006/abstracts/sarinaki.html

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p. 57 Perse-phone

"the rape of Persephone by Pluto {Plouton}. My reading had turned up

an alternative legend of Persephone in which she willingly agreed to serve the dead upon hearing their sorrowful pleas."

{"Persephone ... chose to go beneath the earth to serve the dead." (GC, p. 255) This is possibly deduced (casuistically) from Anti-gone's assertion, "I must serve the dead" (So:A, line 74), taken in conjunction with Anti-gone's appealing to Perse-phone (So:A, line 891) -- both quoted on p. 224 of St:A.}

GC = Patricia Monaghan : The Goddess Companion. Llewellyn Worldwide, 1999. http://books.google.com/books?id=EJXB31hNKoUC&pg=PA255&lpg=PA255&dq=

So:A = Sophokles : Antigone.

St:A = Gary A. Stilwell : Afterlife. iUniverse, 2005. http://books.google.com/books?id=-8jH5jN9Ut0C&pg=PA224&lpg=PA224&dq=

p. 61 unsafeness of Corvair automobile

This demise of "nuns" {unprotected by St. Christophoros} "was the handiwork of witches."

pp. 64-7, 69 instructed by Potawatomi woman concerning "Cloud Dreaming" goddess

p. 64

"I answered. "Yes. We've met in dreams" ...

p. 65

She looked at me ... . "... I [have] seen you coming to us in the sky. Do you know ...?" she asked, holding the beadwork up. It was ... a Maltese cross in black against two shades of red, a starburst of scarlet ... behind it. ... Years later I would remember ... when I saw the ... masks at Yaqui. ...

p. 66

"Do you know how dreams come down into the world? ... Watch what those apple trees out front are doing." I suddenly realized that

the trees that were full of ripening apples were also blooming big clusters of white flowers. ...

{It is naturally not possible for a tree to ripen its fruit and to produce blossoms simultaneously. This was a miracle supernaturally caused, perhaps by befriending the spirits of that species of tree.}

"Cloud Dreaming Woman is the grandmother of all people. ... The clouds are Grandmother's dreams. She dreamed all of us. The Chonukuk danced around up there and made all those clouds come to earth and get solid. ...

High white lightning. Snake lightning. That's you. I saw this in my dreaming. ... In my

p. 67

language I would call you 'Onamwashnatena.' High white lightning. Because you fly through the couds. You fly through the grandmother's dreaming and see what's on the other side. Then you come back again. ... Grandmother loves you because ... You dance with the Thunder and and carry her ideas straight to earth. Dance with the Thunderbird ... . .... We are part of Grandmother's dreaming power. We make our little part of her cloud story. ... This earth is a shiny glass where the daughters {i.e., shamanesses} can see Grandmother's wishes, all her ideas and thoughts, all her feelings. ... You have a big dreaming medicine. ... Whatever you dream, its going to be brought down to us by Chonukuk. He will give the dreams their life on earth. ...""

p. 69

"the long thin clouds across the sky.

"Our ancestors are coming up from the south in those clouds. ... They were ... Kickapoo. My people come up here with them {those} dream clouds, too. ...""

{Thus likewise are the ancestors of the Be'ena'a Za'a ('folk of cloud', Zapotec --"ZICP").}

"ZICP" = "Zapotec Indians the Cloud People". http://www.examiner.com/article/the-zapotec-indians-the-cloud-people

pp. 70-1 a lost object is miraculously retrieved

p. 70

She lost a coat-jacket while riding a mare.

p. 71

When she next saw the Kickapoo medicine-man George Allen, he was wearing it.

{Evidently it had been retrieved his animal helper-spirit. (Such helper-spirits are acquired in shamanic dreamings.)}

pp. 71-2, 74, 77 Kickapoo medicine-man imparteth peyote : the peyote-vision

p. 71

"I was lying on a white buffalo robe inside a teepee. George Allen was making love to me ... -- I remembered the apple blossoms, I knew this had something to do with them ... . ...

{The cross-section of an apple is shaped like a 5-pointed star, and the hero Falling-Star wore a "buffalo robe" (Northern Cheyenne myth -- VW, p. 191) in order to be "disguised as a buffalo". A specifically "white buffalo skin" (VW, p. 19) "formed a great dome over" Yellowstone Valley, a region of geysers.} {The name /Falling Star/ is matched by Skt. 'meteor' /ULKa/, etymologically cognate with the Norse god's name /Ullr/ (< */ULHa-/).}

p. 72

We quaffed ... cider from a big seashell. ...

p. 74

He had something ... : ... peyote buttons. ... I chewed ... the buttons slowly.

They had an indescribably strange taste. ...

{This flavor was, of course, praeternaturally imparted by the spiritual power of the medicine-man. Normally, they have a bitter flavor.}

Suddenly ... We were on a boat made out of paper ... .

{This is aequivalent to the Norse mythic ship Skid-bladnir, which could be folded up -- as if a Japanese origami (folding paper) boat. The name /SKi`D-bla`dnir/ would allude to the name /SKaDi/ of the female cousin (according to TM) of Ullr the son of Egill.}

{Cf. also the "floated" (DCM, s.v. "Palici") oath-tablets of the Palikoi, "who presided over the geysers" ("GP").}

A big bubble came up and George Allen got into it. I got into one.

{Carlos Castan~eda was "inside" a "bubble" at "a stream of ordinary water." (TDJ, p. 75)}

We went down the water and over some falls -- it was very joyous. ...

{There is a "waterfall" (DG&RG"S") above Nonakris, whereat into the river Stug- was dipped (S:A 1:122f., 269 sq, 480 sq -- D&AA, p. 9) the infant AKHILLeus (whose name is etymologically cognate with that of EGILL).}

Something big and green ...

showed its huge head.

{A "stone face on the great rock" (As^oc^imi (Wappo) legend -- "LG") was carven at the site of "above the geysers."}

It had golden eyes and a ruby tongue ... . It was a serpent so big I couldn't have put my arms around it. I wanted its tongue to touch me, but when it did, it was all over me".

p. 77

"the river doesn't have a past or future, a start or finish, it has no perspective -- it moves ..., and as it moves it finds."

{""Nothing ever is, everything is becoming"; "All things are in motion like streams"; "All things are passing, and nothing abides"; "Herakleitos says somewhere that all things pass and naught abides; and, comparing things to the current of a river"" (EGPh 70).}

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