Radha Svamin trance-worlds

ord. #






"Starting in the feet, numbness rises slowly through the lower extremities, until the entire body feels like stone."

"Starting in the feet, ..." as likewise experienced in Haitian trances



"It is at this junction when the meditator senses an intense feeling of upward movement, as if being literally pulled by a magnetic force. This sucking effect is the direct result of one's attention moving inward away from the outer orifices. Though it but a preliminary stage, the student experiences first-hand what it is like to have an out-of-body sensation."

projection of the double: usually a concommitant of adeptness in achieving lucidity in dreams (awareness during dream that it is a dream)



"in darkness, eventually the meditator glimpses keen points of light, much like stars filling up a black midnight sky. The student is advised to focus his/her attention on the largest and brightest of these "stars""

conscious entry into [lucid] dream entaileth this seeing of points of light, and focusing on one of them




as visible in dreams ? -- in dreams it may vanish



full moon

as reflected in pond (according to Zen) ?


As.t.a-dal-kanwal ("Eight petal lotus")

"the resplendent form" (anthropoid); "Along with the seeing of light, consisting of different colors and hues due partly to a particular person's" praedilection

various colors of light witnessed in 1st part of Antara-bhava (Bardo), according to the Tibetan Book of the Dead



"thousand-petalled lotus"

Nir-an~jana [river along bodhi tree in Bauddha scheme]; "rhythm of drums"

African drum-set, containing skull of their maker: 1000 fragments of skull of S`iva


"the eye of a needle"

as in Gospel


Banka nala, the "crooked path"

tunnel "straight [level] and then downwards and again upwards." = S`ankhini ("conch") http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php?title=Dasam_Dvar

tunnel leading upward & downward in The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castan~eda -- cf. conch-shell of Daidolos in Sicilia



"three prominences"

"the home of the universal mind where individual karmas have their origin"; reddish light; thunder

are the 3 the Universal Mind, Universal Soul, and Universal Intelligence of Neo-Platonism ?


"ten passage ways": The S`veta-as`vatara Upanis.ad (III. 18) and the Bhagavat-gita (V. 13) refer to human body as "a city with nine gates" (nava dvara pure dehi) in which the Self dwells, neither acting nor causing to act;

10 Spiro^t of Qabbalah ? -- these 10 are often counted as 9, omitting Keter


The 10th is the diamond door (bajar kapat), according to the Guru Grantha Sahib.

diamond is the stone of Keter http://www.supertarot.co.uk/thoth/papcrow.htm


Das`wan Dwar ("tenth door") [= Sahaja]

"Like a butterfly liberated from its inhibiting cocoon, the soul flies forth": "platforms of diamonds, beds of emeralds and plants of jewels": consisting of 4 sub-regions, including that containing lake Manasarovar. here the innate sound (sahaj dhuni) is produced, according to Guru Grantha Sahib 441

Maori butterfly-form of soul; jewel foundation-layers of New Jerusalem in Revelation of St. John the Divine


Maha-S`unya ("great void")

prisons for solitary confinement of souls = ? [Jaina] Kaivalya

"voidness" as described by Bauddha texts?


Rukmini tunnel

in the entrance to the fourth region.

described in Kemetian Book of Caverns ?


Bhanwar Gupha

"whirling cave"

"wheel rotates like a cradle." flute-music; hamsa-s (pure spirits) live on spiritual dvipa-s (islands)

so here are located the ring-island-continents described in the Puran.a-s ?


Sach (s`ac "power") Khand

god DHRUva & the 4-armed (Panduran-ga?) http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php?title=Handalis

[Norse] DRaUm (dream) of Baldr ? if so, DaROm in <ib.


A-LAKS.A "signless" Lok

goddess A-LAKS.mi ??

"tool leaving no mark" in Dao De Jing ?


A-GAMa "authority" Lok

included with Ni-gama authored by goddess ?

[Gaulish] OGMios


A-NAMi "nameless" Lok

?? = mythic antediluvian woman NA<Mah

The "nameless" in Dao De Jing


explication of the triadity etc.


distinction made among 3 = one's sense-perception, activity, and choice (will-power)

9 passage-ways

the 9 (= 3^2) possible ways of arranging relative priority amongst the 3

10th passage-way

non-distinction among the 3, based on supplanting the 3 aspects of one's self with the unity of the godhead

Great Void

"Dark Night of the Soul" = emotive endeavor to accomodate to apophatic theology


reliance on the spousehood of Acyuta's wife

Whirling Cave

use of technique of whirling dervishes to achieve orientation (to polarity of Qut.b)


[yogic vision of dark (or jade-like) patch in sky revealed as cosmic mountain = polarity]


realization of identity as Qut.b

bodily locations

from the "moon",


the S`ankhini passageway leadeth into

banka nala

the palate:


below this is the tongue, retroflected in Khecari positioning to its tip on the palate.

Sahaja is aequated [in the Sahajiya texts] with the throat (according to Obscure Religious Cults)

flame at the heart, identified as locality of An-ahata "struck" [scil., music].

Kala-agni "time-fire", which desiccateth the a-mr.ta "ambrosia" milked through Khecari

revolution of the light

So, the several named positions of cakra-s are to be encountered of the returning (downward-trending) sector of the that cycle known as "revolution of the light" in Daoist yoga.

They (cakra-s) appear not at all in the praeceding outgoing (upward-trending) sector of the that cycle; as carefully described by yogin-s & yogini-s of the Bushfolk in the Kalahari.

quarters [analogue with 1/4-wave is 1/2-revolution]




5 named worlds [beyond mid-way]

this is 2nd downward movement


numbed trance-state [as far as mid-way]

this is 2nd upward movement


jovial state, typical of Daoist literature

this is 1st downward movement


Kund.a.lini awakening = sensation of heat, typical of Bushfolk experience

this is 1st upward movement


results of omissions



if 1st 1/4 (1st upward movement) is not even believed in, then

the 2nd 1/4 (jovial state) will be improper (praedilection for "sick humor")

if 1st 1/4 (1st upward movement) is believed in, but not practiced, then

the 2nd 1/4 (jovial state) will be proper, but only weakly able to connect with deities

if 1st 1/4 (1st upward movement) is not even believed in, then

in one's dreams one will not be inclined to address the deities as even semi-divine

if 3rd 1/4 (2nd upward movement) is not at all practiced, then

in one's dreams the deities will not respond even to being addressed as [semi-]divine

if 3rd 1/4 (2nd upward movement) is practiced to no further extent than one's experiencing "sleep-paralysis" (state of paralysis immediately upon waking), then

in one's dream the deities, though admitting to their divine nature when addressed by one as divine, and (afterwards) the deities even proclaim it (their deity-hood) definitively when oneself may deny it; yet nevertheless those deities will not take one on tours of the dream-heavens