Sacred Geography


pp. 1-23 – I. "Introduction"

pp. 13-15 quotation from Mongolian book (MSLS, pp. 503-506)




"making his own the prayer of Atagha Tngri he came to be of profound knowledge and power, making hail to fall, thunderbolts to descend ... .


The hat from (the feathers of) the yellow bird and the drum with a [handle] bar were made by him."


"Uniting herself with all things, with the years passing she gradually acquired power to mount into the air and to fly, to invite the clouds and the rain, to summon the lightning and the thunder, to make the thunderbolts to fall and drenching hail to fall. ... [There was an invocation in order that this tutelary spirit Emegelji eji "the very old Grandmother" ] "should at least be compassionate and ... even obsess a man or woman making them tremble. Thereupon it entered a man by the name Bu:rgeu: (so) that he was shaking. This descent was witnessed by may people and they addressed it as "Black Idol". {goddess Kali ?} After having been worshipped as "Black Tutelary Spirit" ... it was called "The Dark One".

There was further a certain girl called by the name "The lastborn daughter". The entering of the Emegeldzi edzi into this girl shaking her convulsively was seen by many ... . All at once one day, the "Black Idol" (qara ongyot) and the Shamaness Emegeldzi edzi both entered into ecstasy ... . Mounting into the air, the Khara Ongghot and the Shaman-girl flew to the site of the Red Cliff. They reached the summit of the Red Cliff and found their crossbar-drums and took them. Each beating his own drum, the hats from (the feathers of) the Yellow Bird donned, they then mounted into the air and returned. ...


They called them Shaman (bo:ge) and Shamaness (niduyan ~ iduyan) ... . Thereafter they fashioned images, making the body from the fur of a one-year-old black lamb and the eyes from blackberries and calling them "Tutelary Spirit Edzi" and "the Dark Tutelary Spirit" they made offerings to them".

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BIBLIOTHECA SHAMANISTICA , Vol. 12 = Eva Jane Neumann-Fridman : Sacred Geography : Shamanism. Akade`miai Kiado`, Budapest, 2004. [wife of Jonathan D. Fridman]