religious texts of the Sentani





TefaFU (general term for 'deity') "saw ... much water but no dry land at all."

THOM = primaeval waters

KutaiwakaRe`Mi {secret name of deity)

the primaeval RiMM people (according to the Duruz)


JawIBUSu river

YBUS (site of the later S.iyo^n)

MumuC^AGi clan

S^AG = Taj (in >al-H.asa /


"in case he should have forgotten" his son

"lest we forget" S.iyo^n


JAIR language


KWAI people

QAYin / [<ar.] letter QAY

brother & sister born from lizard-eggs

the serpent formerly had limbs (= skink)

the place VaMini, where "Tefafu remains all by himself"

VAMa-deva the primordial hermit


Primaeval men "had a big scrotum,

Kumbha-an.d.a males had a big scrotum, which dragged along the ground (Kumbha- < *HUMB-, cf. [Danish] HUMBLe, [<arabian] HUBaL)

very big ears

the long-eared Kiribati; Lao-jun & Buddha

and their skin was scaly".

[as that of lizards?]

"Nowadays Tefafu is only sleeping."



ASARKnam "banyan" (primordial tree)

[Skt.] ASR.-G- "blood"

KBUR (triton's shell) was quarrelled-about between 1st man & 1st woman

KBAR river (place of exile -- Yh.ezqe>l 1:1, 3, etc.)


Sakon (seasnake)

WONGOR (crocodile)

[S^into] ONoGORo island

Kasip (iguana)

Kais (octopus)

Manroder "the frog ... stole life from the water"

[Chinese] the toad in the moon is a woman who stole the elixir of immortality


Manundi wrestled the angel Sampari (morning-star) until dawn was approaching

so did Ya<qob


isle ARWA (Jappen)

>ARaWnAh / >o^rnah, thresher of Ybus


invention of outrigger-canoe: "a child of the clan Rumbekwain fell ill," and was lamented

Phereklos built flag-ship: young boy Antheus was accidentally killed, and was atoned for (GM 159.q)


ONDi clan emerged at PUlende ('navel')

cf. ONDo of the Yoruba; cf. [Hopi] SipaPU the 'navel' as place of emergence

IBO & MONIm clans emerged at Naisow.

IBO (of Biafra) = *YaBHUra- (> Zephuro-); [Skt.] MUNI}

MehUwE` {[Polynesian] demi-god MaUI -- cf. also [West African] god MAU of the Maumau} married the woman Joc^u-mo`c^o` [/joc^u/ meaning 'hound', p. 59], from WalaGam

[Wic^ol] Wata`kame married a bitch who appeared as a woman "with painted cheeks. She was not wearing any clothes, she was ... naked." (RC&PD, p. 238)

ABEle clan

ABEokuta of the Yoruba


PALO & DAIME as branches of tree

PALO ([Sp.] 'rod'} Mayombe cult of Zaire; Santo DAIME plant-worshipping cult of Brazil

ABaR people at cape JUAR

>ABRa[ha]m; S.O<AR


YO ('village')-BUMa ('heaven')-BANKa

kOtaBUMi in southern Sumatra; BANKo in southern Sumatra


WaRoFO ('spirit')-boiro & WALI

*WRiH.O^ (> Yrih.o^) 'lunar'; WALI^ [<ar.] 'friend', i.e. s.ufi^

"Haboi cut the corpse of the chief into pieces and divided them among the Warofoboiro."

as befell Romulus (according to Ploutarkhos)


The coming of humans to the earth was occasioned by a command to stab a hound.

[Maori] The coming of humans to Ao-tea-roa ('cloud bright [for] long') was occasioned by the killing of a hound (by Ue-nuku).


Descending from the sky via a dangling ae:rial banyan-root,

 [Wic^ol] Wata`kame located tree having ae:rial roots. (RC&PD, p. 230)


Wali-minsake reached the earth at JEWaoke (a species of tree); thence to KOLohan.

Amid the ZIW ('lustre') of the cloud-of-glory resounded from heaven the divine QOL ('voice') at Mt. Sinay. (TS^ 88a)


The village Fenemyo-WAuWAUyo

From the isle WAWAU-atea came Kupe. (MR)

A huge seasnake, Ahakai-YOBLo



Ornament-changing at NAFRI



The village Wai-YOHANA

YO^H.ANAn the Baptist


AWI the brother of Nafri

the <AWWI^m


"Only the one having twelve stripes as decoration Haboi accepted" from the spirit-man.

Only the striped (ring-straked) sheep did Ya<qob keep from amongst those of Laban. (B-Re>s^it 30:40)


That spirit-man's "left eye, which I [Haboi] speared out of its socket, became the moon".

That eye of H.R which SWTH gouged out of its socket, became the moon.

RiWi mountain was uplifted, by Sanrar.

RaVana uplifted a mountain.


At the hamlet Nuweo, "Each couple, husband and wife, had grown into bisexual beings. Their backs had grown attached to each other."

cf. [Zaratustrian] husband-&-wife couple Mas^ya & Mas^yanoi.

"some kind of liquid was pressed out of the moon-body, ... a kind of fat dripping from the moon-parcel."

cf. Tantrik "melting of the moon" in or above the brain; Gabonese keeping of brain of dead diviner for its liquid drippings


Two women had infibulated their vulvae; but these were afterward sliced open by axes-blades fastened surreptitiously into ja`n-fruit-trees which they were climbing, by their husband Kunu.

[more commonly an African custom]


the 1st man was IRIa the son of TaB (the sun)

<IRI^; land of T.oB

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