Study of Shamanism, 4th Conference


Ruth Inge Heinze : "The Relationship of Multiple Personality and Possession".

pp. 10-1 modes of spirit-possession

p. 10

"Lewis (1971), described "central possession" the way that the Brazilian spiritists describe "incorporation." ...

Peripheral possession ... is taken to denote experiences ... typically long-lasting and involuntary ... (Krippner, 1985:16 ...)."

p. 11

"Reincarnate possessions are for life and are experienced by religious practitioners ... to be instrumental in ... healing, divining, predicting and allaying misfortune.

Oracular possessions by a spirit or god occur at a designated time and space.

Tutelary possessions are called for when time is designated but space is not."

"Mediums invite intrusion of outside spirits, voluntarily, on demand."

Lewis 1971 = I. M. Lewis : Ecstatic Religion. Penguin Bks.

Krippner 1985 = Stanley Krippner : "Cross-Cultural Approaches to Multiple Personality". 2nd Internat Conf on Multiple Personality.


Ju:rgen W. Kremer : "Tales of Power".

p. 40 dreaming for a medicine-bundle

"The following dream report ... :

My teacher made it very clear that she should ... find what we needed for our medicine bundles. He would pay for it ... . ... We ... ambulated around the tables on which there were the most remarkable items. The place had a peculiar smell. I looked at crystals, ... hoofs, skulls, beaks, feathers, bird claws, ... and many other things."

p. 42 rock-medicine bundle

[quoted from Wildschut 1975:105-107] "she noticed that it was a remarkable rock with several faces marked upon it. Yet she knew that no Indian had made it. ... . ... her husband seemed to awaken and saw around him a circle of light. Then he heard a voice telling him that he how possessed a great medicine. He was told to make the stone into a rock medicine bundle, to open the bundle only when the moon was full" .

Wildschut 1975 = W. Wildschut : Crow Indian Medicine Bundles. NY : Heye Foundation.


William S. Lyon : "The Prophecies of Black Elk".

p. 71 a retrieval by spirits

[quoted from Mails 1979:185-6] "He said, "... you can tell us where it is during the ceremony ... ." ... Then, when I was wrapped up in the Yuwipi bundle and the spirits were all in there with me, I told them about the white man’s skepticism ..., and they answered". ... Soon they released me from my wrappings, and the lights were turned on. There before me ... was" the hidden item.

Mails 1979 = Thomas E. Mails : Fools Crow. NY : Avon Bks.

p. 72 sacral purification

" "purification" ... simply entailed performing any one of their sacred rituals such as inipi ("sweat lodge") or hanbleceya ("vision quest") ceremonies."

p. 73 power for praediction

"E. A. Alekseenko mentions the practice of "fortune-telling" and "prediction" among the Kets shamans of Siberia (1984:87). ...

Nadel noted among the Nuba shamans of Southern Sudan their practice of telling of impending events (1946:26) ... .

Rogo reports that Malayan shamans have the ability to see into the future," ... (1987:135-136). ...

Bartolome notes that the shamans from the Ava-Chiripa Indian cultures (Paraguay-Brazil) are known to foretell the future (1979:119 and 136)."

Alekseenko 1984 = E. A. Alekseenko : "Features in the Shamanism of the Peoples of Siberia". In :- Mihaly Hoppa`l (ed.) : Shamanism in Eurasia. Go:ttingen. Part I, pp. 85-96.

Nadel 1946 = S. F. Nadel : "A Study of Shamanism in the Nuba Mountains". J OF THE ROYAL ANTHROPOLOGICAL INSTITUTE, 80:25-37.

Rogo 1987 = D. Scott Rogo : "Shamanism, ESP, and the Paranormal". In :- Shirley Nicholson (ed.) : Shamanism : an Expanded View of Reality. Wheaton.

Bartolome 1979 = Miguel Alberto Bartolome : "Shamanism among the Ava-Chiripa". In :- Browman & Schwartz (edd.) : Spirits, Shamans, and Stars. The Hague : Mouton Publ. pp. 95-148.

p. 76 stone-power

[quoted from Powers 1982:11] "Every Oglala who believes in the omnipotence of Wakantanka wears or carries a small spherical stone carefully rolled up in a wad of sage and deposited neatly in a miniature buckskin pouch no more than an inch in diameter".

"The stones are said to be able to fly from their tight bindings, land in a person’s ear and impart important information to the bearer of the stone." {I.e., the spirit residing in the stone is able to do so.}

[quoted from Mails 1979:183] "because of these stones in my body I am able to know when a bad incident is about to take place. They begin to move around. Then I pray that people’s heart will change and the bad will go away, so that good can replace it".

p. 77 prophetic se’ance by old woman

[quoted from Lynd 1889:157-8] "Finally, an old woman ... said that she would consult the spirits. ... . ... then drawing her blanket over her head she commenced to sing in a low key in anticipation of a revelation from the spirits. ... Suddenly, the old woman was heard to cry out ...; ... lying upon the ground in a swoon, On coming to she related that she had seen ... ."

Lynd 1889 = James W. Lynd : "The Religion of the Dakotas". In :- Minnesota Historical Collections. pp. 150-74.

p. 79 instance of automatic writing, initiated by praeternatural electricity

"So they sang a song and a bolt of lighting came in. A spark flashed from the stone and it scrawled on the stone. It looked like that blue streak left by lightning when it goes out at night. ... So I was able to hold a pencil and it would go in circles and communicate. ...

Specifically, that power was the ability to do what parapsychologists call automatic writing. Wallace subsequently used it to locate missing persons, to help sick people, and to gain needed information."

p. 81 effect on airliner

(W. B. E. praedicted [and perhaps effected?] the deviation of Korean flight 007 from its assigned course, into U.S.S.R. territory, with calamitous result.)

pp. 82-4 world-prophecy by Wallace Black Elk

p. 82

"During the entire period of the whistles, there will be a giant monster here. ... This monster would consume everything, ...

p. 83

virtually anything that would stand in its path. Its stomach is formed from greed {symbolic of capitalism?} and is forever hungry for power. Its greed is such that it has no bottom to its stomach. This monster would grow so fast that it will be unbelievable. ... It will last for two hundred years ... . ...

Wallace sees the purification as a punishment of mankind for stealing Grandfather’s sacred fire and misusing it. We misused the fire when we first began to smelt ... weapons of war thousands of years ago. Our biggest crime has been to take the nuclear fire and turn it into a weapon of destruction. From Wallace’s perspective, it is insane to make a weapon ... . For this reason, he translates the metaphor "super power" as "super insane." In fact, the spirits told Wallace that they were now closely watching ... who took that fire and turned it around to attack creation. ... During ... his vision quests, Wallace ... saw tanks and other military equipment ..., and then souls ... be glued together and cast into oblivion."

p. 84

"And at the seventh whistle, Tunkashila will appear in our midst. It’s the first time were going to see Tunkashila. Those who see Tunkashila’s face will live forever. ... And the whistle will be blown and the dead will hear it. The dead will rise from death. ... The whole world will vibrate and echo ... . ... Those who survive will dance with great joy before Tunkashila."


Lynn Taylor : "The Stones, the Harp and the North Wind".

p. 86 megaliths’ builders

"Celtic shamanism originated among pre-historic tribes and megalith builders who populated the British Isles".

{Surely, the megaliths’ builders were speakers of Euskara (rather than of Keltic); they practiced Euska witchcraft.}

p. 89 Avebury

"Avebury serves as ... receiver of ... signals from outside the earth. Messages received are ... rebroadcast through the energy leys or dragon currents and by elementals who sing on the North wind."

p. 89 harpers

"Diodorus, in the first century B.C., wrote of "an island in the ocean over against Gaul ... whose citizens are most of them harpers and playing on the harp chant sacred hymns" (Tame, 1984:280-282)."

Tame 1984 = David Tame : Secret Power of Music. NY : Destiny Bks.


Norma Churchill : "Journey to the Underworld".

pp. 107-9 a (fictitious?) shamanic journey to the netherworld

p. 107

"the veils between the worlds billow with a sudden wind, and I slip through ... . ... I ... face an icy waterfall. Plunging through, I find myself being propelled through a beautiful ... tunnel. The baby ... sprouts winds and floats next to me in the cave behind the waterfall. ...

p. 108

Miraculously, the baby pulls me up by my hair into a strange nest atop this dark obsidian rock. ... There are colorful Russian Easter eggs in the nest. ... I watch in awe as the first soul approaches and taps three times with his staff one of the eggs. I watch in wonder as it falls open and he enters into it. {cf. entering a UFO mother ship} ... .

p. 109

... the Serpent ... coughs up a beautiful, shiny, dark pearl into outstretched palms. ... A white fog descends over the scene and, in the distance, I see ... the golden winged serpent ... the other ... aspect, of the great Lord of Death."


Edie Hartshorne : "Music for "Journey to the Underworld"".

pp. 111-2 music for the underworld

p. 111

" "I have found a way to slip through the veils and cracks" (bell).

"I suddenly know I am in the underworld" (bells).

p. 112

When the Lord of Death appears, I play a deep bamboo side flute, and use the pentatonic scale. ...

As the souls tap upon the mysterious painted eggs, we hear the hollow wooden beat of the mokugyo, a drum-like instrument, shaped like a fish".


"Reports after the Ritual".

p. 116 a (fictitious?) shamanic journey

Shelley : "it was quite dark ..., when I came to a small hole and down I went. ... There were beings but they were plant beings. They were telling me something for medicinal purposes."



p. 122 another (fictitious?) shamanic journey

Norma : "I went bouncing along great mountains. ... And all of the sudden, there were shamans dancing all over these mountains. ... . .. and then this great black flower opened up and I saw ... way down there where I found a beautiful black snake that .. wound itself around me, and then I saw crickets too. ... And I could see many worlds around. ... I was on my power animal, an elk. I shot up into the sky, flew ... over these beautiful mountains. ... On the top, ... when I looked down, I was on the rim of the world. ... and all over the rim of the world were shamans rattling. ... There was light around every shaman. And it was the rattling of the shamans that made the world."


Jim Swan : "Sacred Places in Nature and Transpersonal Experiences".

p. 137 caves for recording dreams

"All around the United States, one can find "dream caves" ... . Many of these caves are marked by pictographs or petroglyphs which record dreams people had ... . Two, readily accessible, are just a few miles north of Spokane, Washington, ... and the famous Chumash caves which lie in the hills behind Santa Barbara, California. Australian Aborigines make pilgrimages along special trails called "dream treks," marking their dreams of the spirit world on special rocks like Ayres Rock."

pp. 137-8 sasquatch

p. 137

"A typical bigfoot sighting involves feeling an unusual energy in a certain place, which may be accompanied by a musky odor and a high-pitched, whining ... scream. Then, as clear as day, the hairy animal appears for a few minutes and vanishes again. ...

During my work with Sun Bear and Rolling Thunder, both medicine men, I had a number of dreams of bigfeet of various colors and sizes. ... Waking visions may come in many forms, ...

p. 138

then this speaks of an "encounter of the third kind," which Steven Spielberg made famous. Perhaps sightings of the Loch Ness monster and the "yeti" of the Himalayas belong to a similar category. ... such beings, which seem to live in two worlds or in another dimension, act as guardian spirits of special places and allies of shamans."

p. 138 praeternatural music

"Other sounds reported seem to come from another dimension, such as the "bells" which people may hear tinkling in the cold mountain air of Mount Shasta. On Hawaii, people also report hearing "music" at certain beaches, often old camps of the Hawaiians."


Thomas L. Pinkson : "Huichol Pilgrimage Revisited".

pp. 165-6 personal shamanic journey of author (Th. L. P.)

p. 165

"a serpent coming into my body ... I became the serpent. Then, the eagle,

p. 166

Werika, flew down and grabbed my body and took me into the sun. ...

For the Huichol, the deer spirit Kauyumari actually leads them to their sacred medicine, the peyote, that grows in Wirikuta, their holy land.

In a vision, I was carried on the back of Kauyumari up to the moon which was made out of crystals."


Stanley Krippner : " "Energy Healing" in Indigenous Healing Systems".

p. 196 Sulawesi power-objects

[town of Ujung Padang] "an elderly may came to her in a dream and gave her ... a coin. In another dream, a young couple bestowed a ring upon her. ... the coin is hidden in her house. ... However, she wears the ring ... when "exorcising" clients who ... have been "possessed" by evil spirits."

[town of Rantepao] "a stone which ... was a power object ... had been passed down through several generations, acquiring more power with each practitioner."

pp. 198-9 energy-healers

p. 198

[Kartwel] "Her primary healing procedure is the laying-on of hands which ... transfers her "biological energy" to the client. When she demonstrated the procedure on me, she initiated a circular massage ... to "manipulate" and "transfer" the "energy.""

"Another Georgian healer ... also lays on hands. ... His technique differed ... as he barely touched his clients. ... (Krippner, 1980:221-225)"

p. 199

[Brazil] "the laying on of hands in Brazil among "spiritist" mediums who ... incorporate benevolent entities before working with their clients. ... They only work with the ... "perispirit," an "energy body" ... surrounding the physical body. Thus, when these "spiritists" engage in laying on of hands, they appear to be working several inches from the client." {Likewise with some Taoist practitioners of curing with "thundre magic".}

Krippner 1980 = S. Krippner : Human Possibilities. Garden City (NY) : Anchor Bks.


Jaime Licauco : "Close In : Strange Realities".

p. 262 sacred mountain

"Mt. Banashaw, between the Provinces Laguna and Quezon, is home to over sixty sects which believe the mountain to be sacred. {That is as many sects believing it to be sacred as mt. Shasta is home to.} ... To many psychic healers in the Philippines, Mt. Banashaw is an inexhaustible source of psychic energy."

pp. 265-6 fire-walking

p. 265

"In the modern Philippines, fire walking is still practiced in ... Cavite, by a curious group of people, known as the "Barco." ...

p. 266

At present, sanghiang is being practiced as a form of ancestor worship but also as a preparation for mediumistic healing and as a preliminary rite for the ... ritual called sayaw sa apoy (or "dance on fire")."

pp. 266-7 statue-turning

p. 266

"And in Russia, a woman was documented by scientists to be able to move objects without touching them. Her name is Nelia Mikhailova.

And in San Pablo Laguna, a technician by the name of Marcelino Dailo could make objects fall and statues answer questions. ... He counsels people by contacting spirits in a unique way. Using statues ..., immersed in water, Dailo is able to make them respond to questions. ...

p. 267

He said that there is a spirit which enters the object. ... When we wanted to ask a question, he had to call the spirit first. The spirit will identify himself before we can ask a question. He uttered some strange words which were partly Tagalog, partly not." {This procedure is true idolatry.}