T>un S^u, 18

pp. 112-116 – sect. 18. Old Mr. C^ou’s [p. 112 "Old Mr Chou is none other than Chou Kung, the Duke of Chou, who is reputed to have assisted in the compilation of the I Ching (The Book of Changes) and is supposed to have lived c. 1020 BCE."] Book of Auspicious and Inauspicious Dreams – divided into 7 categories (the opening 1/3 of each category is translated :-)



its prognosis


1. Sky & Weather


sun or moon just rising

"your family will be ... well educated".


sun or moon setting

"your servants will cheat you."



"the Thunder God, Lei Kung, is calling you."


dark, cloudy, drizzly day

"someone you know is going to die or be killed shortly."



"you will receive an important letter from far away, with news."


"you see the sky door to Heaven and through it espy the soldiers of Heaven"

"a nobleman is coming to help you."


"shooting star" (meteor)

"your family will be struck with sickness."


"multicolored cloud"

"good fortune will come to the family."


"the stars without any clouds"

"good fortune."


"star going slowly into a cloud"

"you will have a child."


"clouds coming from all four directions"

"your business will do well."


2. Houses, Gardens, Forests


"forecourt to the house, with bamboo trees growing healthily"

"continuous good news."


"lying on a large stone"

"good fortune."


"playing with small stones"

"you will have a child."


"trees dying but new growth spring up beneath"

"your ... grandchildren will grow up well and they will be numerous."


"grass and trees growing well"

"the family is happy."


"crossing a bridge hand in hand"

"your wife will be pregnant."


"walking to town or market with your wife"

"you will soon buy a property."


"a bridge which is damaged"

"you will soon face prosecution in court."


"empty town"

"You could be murdered."


"a monk giving you cash"

"your job is going to go well."


"orchard bowed down with ripe fruit."

"your sons and grandsons are safe and well."


"garden growing well"

"good fortune."


"You are standing under a tree."

"A nobleman will come to help you soon."


"a kang is broken"

"someone is about to die."


"collecting water from a well and the water is clear"

"you will have good fortune."


collecting water from a well and "the water is cloudy"

"danger is around."


"new tomb and coffin"

"any worry you have will now be over."


"a new coffin taken out of a tomb, ... If the soil around the tomb is bright"

"good fortune will occur".


a new coffin taken out of a tomb, if the soil around the tomb "is dull"



"someone putting a body into a coffin"

"a windfall will come to you."



"you will be promoted".


"leaves falling from a tree"

"your family is in danger and someone will be killed."


3. Gods, Fairies, Spirits


"visiting a temple"

"extraordinary good fortune."


"seeing statues ... on an altar"

"very good fortune."


"To see a dead person rise out of a coffin"

"you will earn much money"


"a monk, nun or instructor reciting"

"be sure of good fortune."


"yourself with a female spirit – a devi [devi]"

"you will have a fine son from your real wife."


4. the Human Body


"honouring your parents"

"great good fortune and prosperity.’


"To see a naked person"

"very good fortune."


(p. 114) "no teeth, but new ones beginning to grow"

(p. 115) "you will have many sons and grandsons."


"a woman with her husband in the water"

"good fortune."


"To see any female genitals"

"you with have a quarrel in the family {if the vulva seen was of a female family-member?} or with your neighbor {if the vulva seen was of a female neighbor?}."


"your wife is pregnant"

"she will have or is having an affair."


"yourself and your wife honouring each other"

"you will be divorced."


"Hair turning white or falling out"

you will grieve about your son and grandson."


"a hand or foot with a bleeding {suppurating?} boil"

"good fortune."


"your teeth falling out"

"your parents are in danger."


"saying goodbye to your brother"

"a quarrel."


"yourself going along with a woman"

"you will lose money."


having "sex with any woman"

"you will have unclean thoughts."


"eating only vegetables"

"great danger is in store."


5. Being out of Harmony; Music


"someone blowing a flute and banging a drum"

"a party will happen."


"a sick person crying or laughing"

"their sickness is about to go."


"you or anyone kills a chicken, goose or duck"

very good fortune


"someone killing a pig"

very good fortune


someone "killing a lamb"

evil and danger


"being killed

very good fortune


"killing yourself with a knife or axe"

very great fortune


"family quarreling at home"

"the family will split and some will go away."


6. Birds, Animals


"a snake becoming a dragon"

"a nobleman will come to help."


"a snake bites you"

"lots of money."


"a lot of snakes"

"you will plot a devious plan."


"a heron flying"

"you will have a quarrel."


"a parrot calling you"

"a major quarrel."


"a swallow flying to you"

"a friend will come to see you from far away."


"door with dragons"

"very great fortune and prosperity."



"a noble will come to help."


"a bird flies at your stomach"

"you will have a son."


"any bird flies into your family house"

"there will soon be danger for you."



"good fortune."


"a hen hatching an egg"

"happy news and rejoicing."


"a hen standing on a tree"

"lots of money."



7. Boats, Ornaments


"ship or boat moving swiftly"

"shortly you will become both rich and a noble."


"your clothes all dirty"

"your wife’s pregnancy will be problematic."


"a fish break a boat"

"bad fortune."


"vehicles not moving any more"

"any application you have made will be turned down."


"boat going under a bridge"

"good fortune."


"a lamp or a candle lit."

"good fortune."


"clear mirror"

"good fortune."


cloudy mirror

"no good at all."


"Expensive hairpins being knocked against each other"

"your wife will leave you."


"bamboo-leaf roof covering"

"certain worries."


"your belt fall off"

"all will be well."


"lying on a boat"



"your vehicle broken or reversed"

"you will have debts or compensation to pay."


"a patient being put into an ambulance"

very dangerous.


"any vehicle moves off"

"all is well."


"picking up money"

"good fortune."


"needle and thread"

"everything is successful."


"golden hairpin shining brightly"

"you will have a noble son."

{A few of these dream-interpretations are cited in :- http://www.absolutelyfengshui.com/others/dreams-intepretation.php }

Martin Palmer : T’ung Shu : the Ancient Chinese Almanac. Shambhala, Boston, 1986.