Facets of Daoism

Ching-lang Hou: "The Chinese Belief in Baleful Stars."

pp. 196-198 "Sending Off the Baleful Stars."

p. 196

9 Lian stars (c^iu lian hsin)

pp. 196-7

5-Spirits Astral Lord (wu-kuei hsin-c^u:n)

p. 197

Caelestial Hound Astral Lord (t>ien-kou hsin-c^u:n)


White Tiger Astral Lord (pai-hu hsin-c^u:n)

p. 197, fn. 10

Caelestial Killers [&] Terrestrial Killers Astral Lords


Year Killer [&] Month Killer Astral Lords


Day Killer [&]Hour Killer Astral Lords


Yin Killer [&] Yan Killer Astral Lords


Mournful Killer [&] Happy Killer Astral Lords


Plundering Killer [&] Dream Spirits Astral Lords


Road-Forks [&] Crossroads Divine Killers


Mountain-Feet [&] Mountain-Summits Divine Killers


House-Rear [&] House-Front Divine Killers


On whom one stumbleth or treadeth Divine Killers


Whom one runneth against & seeth Divine Killers


Whom one scoldeth & bangeth Divine Killers


Whom one entwineth & tieth Divine Killers


Flying Soil Divine Killers


Of Tomb-Spirits [&] Tombs Divine Killers


Earthly 3 Divine Killers


Small Dead King [&] Great Dead King


Who pull out intestines [&] draw out the stomach Divine Killers


Who move about with the days Divine Killers


Whom one meeteth when one driveth in stakes and putteth up enclosures Divine Killers


Whom one meeteth when one moveth the bed, spreadeth the mosquito-net, and replaceth old matting Divine Killers


Whom one meeteth when one replaceth the old with the new and putteth the house in order Divine Killers

p. 197

Great Year (t>ai-sui)


Gate of Mourning (san-men)

p. 198

Official Spirit (kuan-kuei)


Death-Praesage (szu-fu)


Year-Ruin (sui-p>o)


Funeral Guest (tiao-k>e)


Sickness-Talisman (pin-fu)


Leopard-Tail (pao-wei)


Yellow Banners (huan-fan)

p. 203 trip to the Invisible World, for ransoming souls from Great Year

in mountains of Pitiless Mountain-Range

cobwebs have been woven by


cry expressive of sadness, by



successive gates into office of Great Year

1st gate, guarded by

Gate of Mourning & Funeral Guest

2nd gate, guarded by

Yellow Banners & Panther Tails

3rd gate, guarded by

Man-Spirit & Robber Killer

p. 203 invocation of officers of Great Year


Great Year of the Current year, Venerable Divinity of Supreme Virtue

Marshall of the Great Year

Lady of the Year of the Right

Great General of the Yellow Banners

Great General of the Leopard-Tails

Vice-Envoy of the Fei-lien

Great General of the 7 Killers of Metal-Spirit

Great General of the Gate of Mourning

Great General of the Funeral Guest

Great General of the Talisman of Death

Great General of the Talisman of Sickness

Great General of the White Tiger of the Great Year

Divine Lord Ruin of the Year & Destruction of the Year

Divine Lord Pitiless Hound of Heaven


vassals of Great Year

Divine Lords of the 72 hou

Divine Lords of the 24 Breaths

Envoys of the Current Year, Who Spread Crises & Calamities

Great King, Spreader of Pestilence

Holmes Welch & Anna Seidel (eds.): Facets of Taoism. Yale U Pr, New Haven, 1979.