"Methods of Uniting Yin & Yan"

p. 521, fn. 17 anatomical sexual terms in the T>ien-ti Yin-yan C^iao-huan Tao-lo Fu 2b (Commentary) [see furthermore the Yu:-fan C^ih-yao 4a-5a]



yu:-c^in ('jade shaft')

nan-c^in ('male shaft')

c^>in-hsien ('lute string')

'female vagina'

ku-s^ih ('wheat grain')

cervix of uterus

p. 523 practice which immortal master C^ian hsien-s^en had revealed to C^ih Tzu-yu:an according to the C^>in-lin C^en-jen P>ei-c^u:n Nei-c^uan ('Pure-Transcendence Perfect-Man P>ei the Master's Biography'), in YCCC, cap. 105, 3a-b

prayer for sexual intercourse : "May the __ !"

Pai-yu:an C^in-c^in ('White-Original Metal-Essence') spread life among my 5 Flowers [5 viscera]

C^un-yan Huan-lao-c^u:n ('Centre Yellow-Old-Lord') harmonize my hun ('souls'), and put my Essence in order

the Great Essence of Supreme Majesty, coagulating the liquids, make the Transcendent hard as bone

the 6 breaths of the Great Actual Without Superior coil up within

the Mysterious Old Man of Superior Essence make the Essence to restore my brain


fixation of the spirit during orgasm, differing for males & for females


for males

for females

keep the spirit fixed upon __



distilling the __


an immutable fire

causing the Breath to move __

along the spinal column, against the current, to ni-huan

descending from the 2 teats to the kidneys, whence ascending [along the spinal column ??] to ni-huan

pp. 524-528 Huan-t>in Wai-c^in Yu:-c^in 18-38 (in:- Hsiu-c^en S^ih-s^u, cap. 58)


exposition by Lian-c^>iu-tzu

p. 524 "Mysterious Chest [Coffer]"

{= voicebox?}

"Breath Tube"

p. 524, fn. 29 trachea

"In the house there is a nobleman clad in scarlet"

p. 524, fn. 31 in heart is a spirit

p. 525 keeping it (suspended by chain from crossways)

p. 525, fn. 34 spirit of spleen

p. 526 Lin-t>ai ('Transcendent Terrace')

p. 526, fn. 47 "near the heart" (pericardium?)

p. 527 "the Barrier'

{= diaphragm?}

"the Gate and the Wicket of the Spirits" [fn. 50 = "the Yellow Portal and the Purple Wicket" of the T>ai-s^an Tun-fan Nei-c^in C^u 2a]


p. 528 "the Princes have taught me."

p. 528, fn. 52 the Grand Constable Duke, the Duke Director of the Masses, and the Duke Director of Works

"From the Government Chamber flow out

p. 528, fn. 53 [the 1st of the 9 Palaces]

towards the four seas.

{= the bodily umores ?}

The Perfect Man, Tzu-tan, is before me"

p. 528, fn. 56 C^>ih-tzu

"the Three Barriers"

p. 528, fn. 57 [Caelestial, Terrestrial, and Human]


p. 528, fn. 58 mt. K>un-lun

p. 529 variety of sexual partners



Yu:-fan C^ih-yao 1b

p. 529 quotation from C^>in-niu ('Green Ox') Tao-s^ih advocating numerous sexual partners

Yan-hsin Yen-min Lu cap. 2, 9b

p. 529 retaining youthfulness of 12 partners

p. 530 10,000-years' lifespan for 9 * 12 partners

p. 531 prohibitted circumstances for any sexual intercourse; with unfortunate consequences for child so begotten according to the Yu:-fan Pi-c^u:eh 5a-b



consequence to child


1st & last nights, 1st & last quarter, full moon



thunder, gale



having just eaten



having just urinated

very ugly


very tired

will die praematurely


having just washed the hair



[neglecting to have sexual intercourse when sexually excited]

[for the parent, not the child: internal lesions]

p. 532 prohibitted themes for any sexual intercourse; with unfortunate consequences specified -- according to the Yu:-fan Pi-c^u:eh 7b-8a

c^i ('prohibition')


of Heaven

ta-han ('great cold')

sickness of perpetrators; their children will not live

ta-s^u ('great heat')

great rains

eclipses of sun & of moon




of Man







of Earth



sacred mound


a well


having swallowed remedies without curing ailments

will do themselves injury

on the yu:eh-s^a = death-days of the month





on certain days of the 12-day cycle


that would cause harm




days of hsu:eh-c^i ('blood-prohibition') [when victims are not to be killed (fn. 79)]

pp. 533-534 c^un-c^>i c^en-s^u ('aequalizing-breaths real-art') = ho-c^>i ('uniting-breaths') = ho-ho ('re-union')

p. 534 origin of these caerimonies



the 3 C^an

fn. 87 Tao-an: Erh-c^iao Lun, in:- Kuan Hun-min C^i, cap. 8, 140c

Grasshopper-chiefs (of the Yi-tsei ('Brigands-Grasshoppers') = Yellow Turbans

fn. 88 Hsu:an-kuan: Pien-huo Lun, in:- Hun-min C^i, cap. 8, 48b-c

Sun En

fn. 91 Hsu:an-kuan: Pien-huo Lun, 48c


p. 535 activity

p. 535 reference

The caerimony was carried out on nights of the new moon & full moon.

fn. 92 C^en-jen Nei-c^>ao Lu: ('Perfecteds' Esoteric-Morning Rule'), quoted by Fa-lin: Pien-c^en Lun, cap. 8; and by C^en Luan: Hsiao-tao Lun

The coiling of the dragon and the playing of the tigre were praepared as the Huan-s^u ('Yellow Writing') explaineth.

fn. 93 Tao-an: Erh-c^iao Lun ('2-Religions Discourse'), in:- Ku-c^in Fo Tao Lun-hen, cap. 2, 373a; Kuan Hun-min C^i, cap. 8, 140c

p. 536 "the procedure of mingling breaths, of Three, Five, Seven, and Nine" according to the Hsiao-tao Lun ('Dissertation Making Fun of the Way'), in:- Kuan Hun-min C^i, cap. 8, 152a-b [based on the Huan-s^u ('Yellow Writing'), revealed in the year han-an (= Chr.E. 142) to C^an Tao-lin (pp. 536-537)]

" they must not be jealous of one another.

They are called Perfect Men Husbands are taught to exchange their wives "

pp. 537-538 imprecation at the Heavenly Procedure of the Three and the Five according to Hsu:an-kuan

p. 537

"May the Three and the Five be complete,


may the Sun and Moon be perfected,

pp. 537-8

May the Breaths enter into the Perfect Men;

p. 538

may the Breaths penetrate into the Spirits;


may the Breaths spread the Principle everywhere "

pp. 538-539 prayer accompanying the central caerimony Ho-c^>i ('Union of Breaths') according to the Pien-c^en Lun, cap. 8, 533c; the Kuan Hun-min C^i, cap. 13, 184b; the Pien-huo Lun (in:- the Hun-min C^i, cap. 8, 48b).

p. 538

"Open the Door of Destiny;


kiss the Perfect Man" [called] Yin-erh ('Child');


"may the Dragon coil around and" the Tigre play.


"The Three and the Five, the Seven and the Nine." [(fn. 111) The Nine are the 9 T>ien-hun ('Souls of Heaven'), and the Seven are the 7 Lords, with Yu:an-lao C^an-jen to the left and Hsu:an-yi Lao-c^u:n to the right according to the Tun-^en T>ai-yi Ti-c^u:n T>ai-tan Yin-s^u Tun-c^en Hsu:an-c^in 9b)

pp. 538-9

"The net of Heaven and the webs of Earth.

p. 539

"Open the Vermilion Door; bring the Jade Column near" [(p. 113) "they call women 'Vermilion Gate' ; they call men 'Jade Column' " according to Pien-c^en Lun, cap. 8, 535a] {i.e., vulva & penis};


may the yan think on the Mother yin as "white as jade" {Contemplation of whiteness of woman's clitoris by man?};


may the yin think on Father yan "and caress him with its hand!" {Masturbation of man by woman?}

Henry Maspero (translated from the French by Frank A. Kierman, Jr.): Taoism and Chinese Religion. U. of MA Pr, Amherst, 1981. pp. 517-541.