Voudon Gnostic Workbook, I.4-I.8

1.4-1.8 “Heavy Hoodoo Spells”; “Guzotte Outlines”; “Genius of IFA”; “Osiris-Legbha”; “Research”.

1.4.1 p. 100 S`iva radiations

Shivite Radiations are magickal powers which are possessed by special magicians in different locations. Actually, only one person in each area may possess this power … . The magicians of each area who possess this power generate a field of special quality for the whole area. ...

This power ... generated by means of magickal induction is transferred at the time of initiation … in many special and secret ways. To possess this power, of course, the student must really be locked into the system as a power-generating mechanism and process, otherwise the power cannot be transferred.”

1.4.2 pp. 101-2 emotions arrive in mortals via telepathic transmissions from the emotion's deity

p. 101

Gods exist in various parts of the universe and we are sensitive to the influences of these gods upon human behavior. … Therefore, when you feel in a certain mood for doing a certain type of magick, you are simply responding to a cosmic influence and your magickal operation will therefore be in agreement with the way in which the cosmic beings are moving you toward action. … For the elemental levels of cosmic being are the archetypes behind all patterns and instances of human behavior. So … your thoughts … are messengers from the gods. …

p. 102

This method is called the psychic telephone. … This development is the turning of the psychic telephone dial or the tuning of the psychic radio to the god-energy sending station. Once you have established a connection …, all you have to do then is begin to visualize the entity at the “other end of the line” and start talking by telepathy to that being. … Also, through this “telephone-magick” you can carry on a long and interesting conversation with the spirit and engage in a variety of simple types of contact work with these spirits, ther[e]by learning all kinds of bits of magickal information from them.”

1.4.4. pp. 106-7 source of cosmic energy

p. 106

The major part of the membership of the order comes from the innerside membership, … the membership which is not in this dimensional universe, though they are physical in their own way {viz., by appearing in subtle bodies}. They are the major source for the magickal energies behind our work in this world. … Consequently, the magickal power is hooked up to the student at the time of his entry into the inner mysteries of the system … . …

First of all, in our approach, the student is carefully examined as to … the astrological component … necessary in order to fit the pipelines of energy to the soul of the student-member. In other words, the astrological picture of the student is a necessary system of electrical switches and connectives of various magical types (as in esoteric engineering) which links the student to the Center and the Secret.

There are other ways of connecting also, such as by the photograph, as this forms a psychic image which can be fitted to certain vibrational or radionic grids of energy-lines. …

Lastly the post {sic! read “past”?}-life association of the magician with the work of the order can be easily used to provide us with the fourth-type of gridwork for making the connective relations. …

p. 107

According to our teaching, the self-conscious {self-aware} higher self of the magician and of anyone else exists simply in a state of potency, awaiting magickal or yogic development. This development is the true actualization of the higher selfhood. However, the only certain method for this self-actualization is to participate in … guruyoga … . By this means, the student is able to draw into himself, from … the guru, the appropriate cosmic types of energy, which are the rays of the sublime power … . It is by this method, therefore, that the guru sends the chela of magickal yoga all of the necessary spiritual nourishment … needed to become a true and completely developed yogi-magician … . … For it is only by guruyoga that we can attain to a full actualization of the magickal powers of the absolute … within each and every one of ourselves. … The guru … is the efficient and essential means whereby the basic energies of the cosmic selfhood are awakened and the higher selfhood actualized in the life … of the magician.”

1.5.1 pp. 113-5 pray on a rosary to god Purus.a {The rosary is ritual emblem of the sutra-atman; the rosary's beads are emblematic of lifetimes – to pray the rosary is to affirm one's faith in one's multiple lives, thereby pleasing innumerable deities who direct those lifetimes.}

p. 113

When Joel Goldsmith was asked by some New Thought people to lecture on the power of the mind, he told them that he couldn't, as the mind hadn't any power. … Now the most efficient way to pray is by means of the rosary. … The rosary is an ancient Indian discovery. It is used by the religions of India very much : Hinduism, Buddhism, … Sikhism, Jainism … . …

p. 114

When you have reached the final bead, … your offering to Purusha has been completed.”

p. 115

A lot of New Thought schools think just the opposite, but by doing so they really

1) block the flow of God-Energy to where they are in the cosmos and

2) delude themselves through … autohypnosis … directed at their own mind-fields.

The ancient methods of India do not agree with that technique.”

1.5.3 pp. 119-20 divine dream-cat (“Based on “Les Vudu : La Creation Mystique Des Songes” par Luc Guzotte”) {cat & palm-tree are the principal emblems of religion of Liberians at Leogane}

p. 119

The goddess will first reveal herself in a dream where she will speak directly to the mage, giving her name … . … Her statue, which is identical with that of the Egyptian cat-goddess Basht {BLSt}, should be displayed … . She is the goddess of … gardens which magicians grow for magickal purposes. …

p. 120

She is the goddess of the Full Moon and also the mystere which indwells the holy water which is ritually prepared at the Full Moon.”

A mandala should be created which will grow into an akashic bubble, containing all of the tattwas. The magician may build up points of heat in the north, west, south, and east … . … As the energy builds up, the flow of the power, the secretions of the Cat-Mother, the exotic substances of Her body will fill the akashic bubble, causing an incredible pressure to force the Cat-Goddess to manifest Herself … . Gradually, the Divine Cat Lust will manifest itself … . … The temple may be closed through the temple sleep {ritual incubation of dreaming?}, whereby the energies gently seep … into … the subtle planes of being.”

1.5.4 pp. 121-2 erotic visions within divine bubbles

p. 121

Jungian experiences with “active imagination” are … indicators of “Voudooist Visions,” … in order to guide … deeper and deeper into the world of magickal dreaming. …

p. 122

Next, you will command the magickal sexual partner … by visualizing a particular sexual secret or point-chaud … . Thus a certain type of oral and genital activity will release specific magickal secrets which relate to a specific range of magickal points-chauds … . …

The basic unit for this magickal operation …

is a bubble of pure Kama {Kama ('desire')}. these are the UFOs,

{cf. the praeternatural green bubbles wherein one may (according to Carlos Castan~eda) travel [in a subtle body] through the air to another country. Also cf. the 4 bubbles, each enclosing a person, in Codex Borgianus Mexicanus, p. 37.}

which are … globules of sexual radioactivity. … The whole universe is composed of lust-forces, at various levels of manifestation. … Now, to close down your temple you … let it float away into the ethers.”

1.5.5 pp. 123-4 theogony of points-chauds

p. 123

The magickal generation of the Hot-Points of Les Vudu results in the possession by the magician of the fundamental system of powers. These are 336 in number being the 16 axioms {cf. the 16 figures of <arabi geomancy} and the 64 magical interpretations {cf. the 64 Chinese hexagrams of Yi-c^in} plus the 256 amplifications {cf. the 256 figures of Yoruba Ifa} … . … Another method of this development has been the magickal explorations in “Vudotronics” as they have been applied to dream-control (the actual source of {communication with} “Les Vudu”) …, out of which arise the “presentments” of the inner system of “Les Vudu” as embodied in the hierarchy, both physical and invisible, of La Couleuvre Noire. … it is in the magickal interactions of these “presentments,” that we are able to find both Guzotte's theogony (i.e., theurgical genesis) of the hot-points, as well as the “interactions” … of “Vudotronics,” resulting in the … esoteric logics of a hyper-gnosis. … .

p. 124

approaches to the hyper-gnostic realm … are revealed in the esoteric logic of sensuous intensity whereby the “presentments” as in the inner work of La Couleuvre Noire are unfolded as the uninterpreted sources of “Les Vudu” as Les-Points-chauds. As a consequence, the interactive pattern (which Guzotte refers to as “The Leogane Work”) gives … contentual formularies … . … The situation is therefore known as “real” and the pheonisms (Guzotte's term for “presentments” communicating initiatic energies), which are the most intense embodiments of these “presentments”[,] provide the magician with the most exacting methods for achieving the powers”.

1.5.8 p. 129 pheonisms

As magicians … make the bridge between themselves and Les Pheonismes more and more an ideal biquintile,

{Another African biquintile is the 2 sets of 5 each objects employed in Ivory-Coast divination by means of a sacred mouse.}

the Gnostic Being of “Les Vudu” will draw closer and closer … . When this happens there is

an opening in “Head” of the initiate-continuum,

{cf. the process of opening of the brahma-randhra in >Pho-ba (one of the 6 yoga-s of Na-ro-pa)}

into which the powers of “Les Vudu” as actual Points-Chauds with pheonistic personae descend. When this happens, the initiate will automatically respond … by transcending the various energies and attain to the Luage state in a total synthesis of all magickal emotions.”

1.5.9 p. 131 archetypal shape-shifters

The magickal line of energy is understood as coming through the archetypes of the deepest levels … . They archetypes are especially active … because they … act or behave like animals from some other type of space or time. They change very readily and rapidly and they transform themselves into different kinds of beings, usually sexo-magically, and they represent various strange kinds of beings … . These magical initiateurs become once and for a all times the bringers through of the different powers and energies of the most creative parts of the universe. They become in many ways … magickal … and … they touch … by the otherness of the realms in question. … It is by this means that the magician is able to bring through the deepest powers of being, which are themselves very profound regions of magickal awareness. By this means all of the magickal powers which exist in the realm of the ideally possible are expressed as wild and fierce energies, from some vast realm, which in the process of initiation slowly emerges … . … And this … energy … makes … working with the gods possible.”

pp. 131-3 orgone monsters of khao-sphaires; the vortex of the prae-larval elemental

p. 131

It is in ... the energies of the immediate that ... forms of orgone-space-consciousness are presented …

p. 132

which being more intense than pheonisms, become in actual fact embodied monsters of Vudotronic chaospheres. At a certain level the present … is the datum, and there is no escaping its overpowering horror.”

In “ series of subtle and subterrestrial explosions indicating that the forces of “Les Vudu” are now awakening the … strata of the subterranean … all of the energies of the pheonismes and other manifestations of

p. 133

consciousness-compensation … vanish away before the incoming vortex of raw radioactivity, as it meonismes everything in its pathway. … The fundamental energies are assumed to be cooperative and so … the pre-larval elemental is waking up in a state of fury. … there exists a monstrous alternative to any form of hyperspatiality … which … the universe may impose at any point. … the ultimate matrix of Ojas is found within the yoni-point instant … .”

1.6.3 p. 139 White City of the Central Sun

The White City of the Central Sun is called Ville-aux-Champs. ... It is composed entirely of the mystical Legbha=geometry.”

{“Francia La Due described the White City of the Central Sun. This celestial city has blazing pillars of light. Geometric, celestial forms exist. There is an All Seeing Eye that blazes in the etheric temple. Blazing, white threads of etheric, flashing, white light emanate within and around an etheric globe of the Earth … . {I once had a vision of a globe of the Earth, about 5 feet in diametre.} Celestial flowers move around and sing celestial melodies.” (MCJ)}

MCJ = Cecelia Frances Page : Magnificent Celestial Journeys. http://books.google.com/books?id=0EGVfZ1C7PoC&pg=PT165&lpg=PT165&dq=

1.6.4 pp. 142-3 initiation-energies in IFA

p. 142


magickal content of these systems”


magickal numbers”


to take away that power, if once given”


to know … an inner knowledge as one in the human body”


to summon the Gods of the White City”


the power to control … any and all oracles”


power to manifest … mysteries in any act of sacramental ritualism”

p. 143


time beyond the present … to control those events so that they happen in accord with the magickal wish of the IFA priesthood”


the power to induct the gods of the Medjis into the bodies of the initiates”


to secure magickal papers and maps of the destiny of the world”


to read the mind of any god at any time”


to invoke magickal Sun-Sons from any part of the world”


power to create magickal sons”


power to provide protection”


possession of the essence of the Great Way”


to assume the identity of Grand Legbha during the rites”

1.6.5 p. 146 the 9 powers of the Nagabi of IFA




Telepathic communication with all spirits, demons, and gods”


Magickal powers to command … the aethyrs”


Solar power, whereby he can give all initiations”


entry into the presence of the most supreme gods”


The power of healing the world's woes”


to become one with the Genius of IFA”


to be reborn at will in the upper paradise of light”


Intimate and personal knowledge”

1.7.1 pp. 163-4 Treasury of Light {cf. the Treasury of Life in the Pistis Sophia} & its mysteries

p. 163

When I ascended up into the Pleroma, I was met by the Aeons of my rays …, and I was taken to the Hall of Osiris, that I might meet the Aeon Osiris-Legbha, who is the true Lord and Hierophant of the Treasury of Light and of all its mysteries, therein contained.”

The first mystery is that … which came forth from all the mysteries … . … Of all the lights, it is the one seen in dreams.”

The second mystery …

p. 164

is the mystery of the perfect left, … for this the realm of the reflected and radiant light, … the generosity of the light.”

The third mystery … is the mystery of the perfect right, … as secrets are given by the gods to men … in the sacredness of the dream state.”

1.7.2 p. 169 Luage

When the hierophant Luage entered the mysteries of the Red and Black Temples, he became aware for the first time of

his body as a magickal universe. …

{“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”}

The purpose of his initiation had been … especially to awaken all of the Gods or Ifa Spirits, present in his physical body.

For at every part of his body, one would find the Gods.”

{cf. the Apokruphon of Ioannes}

1.8.1 p. 180 praying enhanced by burning of incense

I will burn incense and a blue candle and

I will call upon the God Legbha

{the spelling with “gbh” being intended to repraesent the implosive mute phoneme /<b/}

and ask him to come to my help. I will pray to him … while I face the rising Sun of Dawn”.

I will burn incense and a purple light {burning candle?} because I … feel the power of Voudoo research in my body.”

1.8.2 p. 184 colors of Gede

we are involved with parts of Ghuedhe, … parts of His Body. … . … we can make a distinction between the “bones” or the basic structure, which is black in color

and the “fiery hot flesh,” which is red in color.”

1.8.3 p. 188 metaphysics of the meat {Rin ('Meat' or 'Flesh') is the name (NDR, s.v. “Dinka Religion”) of the priestly deity of the fishing-spear amongst the Dinka on the Bahr-al-Gazal tributary to the White Nile}

Meat of Type I : … the energies which come up from the dream life of the human species … . This is a world which is filled with powers and light rays”.

Meat of Type II : … the spiritual energies of perfected intuition … . This realm is never exposed to the direct ray of sunlight, except for the special sunlight

of Legone”.

{Logone river feeding into lake Chad?}

Meat of Type III : This is the first of the mystical worlds … as must be exposed through the spiritual initiations of the divine light, or the flesh-fire of the sacred meeting.”

Meat of Type IV : … the secret chambers of wisdom …, where the body is made to feel the esoteric presence and power of Ville-aux-Champs”.

NDR = John R. Hinnells (ed.) : A New Dictionary of Religions. Basil Blackwell, 1995. http://www.blackwellreference.com/public/tocnode?id=g9780631181392_chunk_g97806311813925_ss1-32

1.8.4 p. 192 intensive labyrinths

Vudu-Intensives are happenings where the spirits dote on the students of the mysteries … . In these intensives, there are many esoteric passageways …, as the labyrinths of the spirits are many and highly enriched.”

1.8.4 p. 195 geometrical forms

Vudu empowerments create their own … secret spaces of the gnosis, as in the book of Jeu {Ieou}. When power goes into the space-as-void, it builds around itself a tension, which attracts to itself geometrical forms, from the Legbha geometry”.

1.8.6 p. 200 Ambaktu's disciple {cf. lake MBAKaoU in Adamaoua, Kamerun. This is adjoining the Logone river-valley.}

Ambaktu knew that the student had received the empowerments of the Mysteries long ago in Atlantis. Now, he wanted to renew the student in the Mysteries … . During the performance of the secrets, it was learned that the student had received the powers and that they were still with him. By an akashic examination, Ambaktu found the nature of the powers and could now feel the secret of their wide range of strength. … After the prana {pran.a}-readings were given, the old Atlantean powers were awakened”.

1.8.6 pp. 200-1 Dr. Atlantis

p. 200

Many of its bishops were reincarnated Atlantean magicians. This was confirmed by Doctor Atlantis in his … “Ambaktu Physics”. …

{Perhaps this “ATlANTis” in intended to refer to the /ATarANTes/ of Libua (specifically al-Geria) mentioned by in the History by Herodotos. (With the usual Portuguese confoundment between /L/ and /R/.)}

p. 201

In the work of the “Ambaktu Physics”, … the Ontic Sphere empowerments can be given structure by means of ritual operations … . … Magical rituals … project the secret powers latent in

the priestly aura of the magician.”

{Perhaps this “priestly aura” is symbolized by the 'coronet' which is the meaning of (Strong's 5849) /<AT.AR/ = /GuT.R.a/ 'headcloth worn under the <iqbal' (DMWA, p. 972b) which is the etymon of the tribe-name /ATARantes/.}

Strong's = Hebrew & Aramaic Dictionary of Bible Words.

DMWA = J. Milton Cowan : A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic. 4th edn. Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 1979.

1.8.7 p. 206 prise-des-yeaux to discover hidden spirits

each student has his own world and space within the psyche but … the ways in which these spaces are arranged are secretly held by the spirits within the life of the inner soul. … Different and many times hidden spirits indwell these spaces. … However, by means of la prise-des-yeaux, I can arrive at the most highly unique and individual spirits in the psyche of the student, because the spirits within the continuum of la prise-des-yeaux can guide me into the worlds within, since that is where they themselve[s] dwell.”

In “this process of giving readings from la prise-des-yeaux, …

we invoke Legbha and His mystery of Luage,

we invoke ghuedhe and his mystery of Lundi, and

we also invoke

the mysteries of our Ambaktu, as expressed in his esoteric form, … by the name of Limba or Limbi.”

{If this “aMBAKtU” be lake MBAKaoU in Kamerun, then surely this “Limba” must be the Ma-LIMBA tribe in Kamerun. The “esoteric form” of Ambaktu may be intended as Jeki the son of Njambe [= Zombi?]. Jeki rescued his sister who had been abducted by water-spirits (“JNj”), this heroine /Jengu/ who was abducted by water-spirits (crayfish, crabs) (“JC”).}

JNj” = “Jeki la Njambe” http://www.oxfordreference.com/view/10.1093/oi/authority.20110803100019162

JC” = “The JENGU Cult ” http://www.peuplesawa.com/fr/bnnews.php?nid=130

{N.B. Just as Kamerun /JeNGU/ is similar to /JiNGU/ 'Shinto priest'; so likewise /GUJI/ 'Shinto bishop' is simlar to /GUJIba/, the name of a town (“GG”) in the province Gomba, which is adjoining the province Adamawa, an extension of province Adamaoua of Kamerun.}

GG” = http://www.gomapper.com/travel/map-of/gujiba.html

Michael Bertiaux : The Voudon Gnostic Workbook. New York : Magickal Childe, 1988.