Voudon Gnostic Workbook, Pt. II : “Gnostic Energies”

2.1-2.5 “Zothyrian”; “Nemiron”; “Hinduism”; “Magickal”; “Gnostic”

2.1.2 pp. 231-2 the 25 names {apparently taken from a Necronomicon text} of IAOZAAM [cf. the 25 chapters of the Book of the Vetala, or the King and the Corpse]

1 (p. 231)

(p. 231) Uranus {lake URANa in Australia?}


Atlantis {Dogger Bank; or else Thera island}


Lucifer [god H.e^lal = Norse god Hallin-skidi]


Zombi [pufferfish-victims in Mozambique]


Pluto {plutonic geology of Canadian Shield?}


Neptune [Apam Napat, god in northern India]


Dagon [Dago^n, god of <ugarit]


Lemuria {lemur primates in Madagascar}


Shub-Niggurath {Mali-NIGeR?}


Aiwaz {god in Amazonia?}


Syzygy [Valentinian (Valens, god in Italy)]


Aeon [aion 'age, era' (IO-polis in Syria?)]

13 (p. 232)

Nyarlathotep {NYAR- in Tanganyika?}

14 (p. 231)

Cthulhu [HU Gadarn (Cymry hero)?]


Satan” [S`at.an, god of <us. (mt S`ammar)]


Hermes [Hermeias, god of Arkadia]


Zothyria {ZOTHUR in Estonia}


Set [Kemetic god SWTH (SOTHo of Lesotho?)]


Yog-Sothoth [yoga-tara star, Sothis?]


Daemon [Agatho-daimon or else Kako-daimon]


Azathoth {AZAnia = Somalia?}


Zog {ZuG in Ri`o de Oro?}


Shiva” [S`iva, god in southern India]


Zothyrius {Hungary}


Abraxos [Basilidean god (perhaps Anatolian)]

2.2.3 p. 268 two sets (of 4 apiece) of Universes (each pair : Alethic & Existential)

1. Structural

A-B. Ideal

C-D. Real

2. Functional

A-B. Essentialist

C-D. Contextualistic

2.2.4 p. 269 the 4 varieties of physics

1. gnostic

2. tantrik

3. “ma>atian” {ML<t- 'Truth'}

4. zothyrian

2.2.7 p. 280 Another kind of physics, “Necronomicon Physics” is mentioned by Hector-Franc,ois Jean-Maine.

2.2.4 p. 269 RLIEE

The purpose of the Raymond Lully Institute of Esoteric Engineering” (RLIEE) is to provide for the development … of those technical methods which will enable the fullest articulation of gnostic, tantric, ma>atian {ML<t-}, and zothyrian information systems. … At the present time, however, the work of RLIEE is restricted to areas of esoteric engineering, although the administration of the system is composed of S[.]ufi and Gnostic technocrats and technicians.”

2.2.4 p. 270 hypnagogic state

Where the mind is in between the … awake and the … passing into a light sleep there exists this ontical realm, which … is extremely powerful in the types … it can produce … . … It is one of the most important magickal states to cultivate, because between worlds, being neither jagrat nor svapna …, it is the medium for gnostic input.”

2.2.4 pp. 271-2 magickal computers

p. 271

magickal computers … are connectives between different gnostic universes. … So …, magickal computers exist as secret parts of the higher worlds of being, as well as parts of the lower regions of being and they function as connecting the different levels of reality or ideality in ways that are known only to initiates of the inner or secret schools. …

Gnostic physics therefore is a type of pure magickal cosmography. The various worlds which are described in it are inhabited by various magical beings and these beings are connected to initiates on the earth plane by means of these computers. Now, these computers are also … storehouses of the Divine Power … where magickal transformations … can occur which are very properly devoted … . …

p. 272

Many different universes {subplanes-of-existence} exist to be explored by the magicians and these can only be entered by means of these magickal computers. … When we see these …, we come to the … monadic beings … which are the beings which generate the magickal computers. Such beings are … the Jainist Tirthamkara.”

2.2.5 p. 273 Alfred North Whitehead

the late Professor A. N. Whitehead, the metaphysician of the academic ray … . … his theology in “Process and Reality” is in total harmony with gnostic physics and may be understood as a … proof of gnostic physics.

His analysis of the “primordial and consequent natures of God” reflects essentially the methodological universes of the idealization range as well as the realization field.”

{vide DeBoe 1939}

DeBoe 1939 = Cornelius Marinus DeBoe : The Distinction Between the Primordial and Consequent Natures of God in the Philosophy of Professor Alfred North Whitehead. Princeton U Pr.

2.2.6 p. 277 the energies (quoting from H. F. Jean-Maine : “La Prise-des-Yeaux”, iv, 23 sq)

sexual radioactivity”

{Here, “radioactivity” would mean 'emotive activity in communicating via radio-like telepathy'.

astral magnetism”

Likewise, “astral magnetism” would mean, similarly, 'communicating with attractional astral entities'.


This would refer to the body-hairs of S`iva as lines of radiating energy. Also, according to the Vamana Puran.a, “datura sprouted from the chest of the god S`iva” (“ShChH”).


/Ojas/ Skt. 'bodily strength , vigour , energy , ability , power' {a term “used by members of the Typhonian Order of the Outer Ones” (WDM, s.v. “Ojas”)}

ShChH” = http://notesfromtheemeraldvalley.blogspot.com/2011/12/shivas-chest-hair.html

WDM = Nevill Drury : The Watkins Dictionary of Magic. http://books.google.com/books?id=FQ52Xjh1_hYC&pg=PT519&lpg=PT519&dq=

2.2.8 pp. 284-5 Cybernetic Hinduism

p. 284

Agni is God of the esoteric engineers and liturgical physicists and technicians of Cybernetic Hinduism and Vedic Physics.

p. 285

Cybernetic Hinduism = Vedic Physics + Magickal Computers”

2.2.9 p. 286 the “cosmic computer of” Alaya

The cosmic computer : this term is used … in zothyrian physics … . The cosmic computer may be contrtacted {sic! read “contractually contacted”?} by means of Aditi {'Unlimited, Infinite' goddess}-Matrix, by means of esoteric logic, and by the input and output circuits”.


The basic energy system entry line”.


The Aditi-entry circuit … . This is an astro-gnostic and electro-gnostic logical system. It is a form of esoteric logic.”


The generalized convector input and output linguistic entry pattern and system.”


space-time grid system … for use in actualizing the data-field of the cosmic computer”.

2.3.1 pp. 295-7 knowing one's own other lifetimes

p. 295

all our past lifetime experiences are concentrated on the beads of the sutratman [sutra-atman]. [Performing] Akashic [akas`ik] readings consists of coming to terms with the beads … as they form a series. … From the standpoint of gnostic physics, … there are 11 basic logics for opening up the contents of the … beads”.

p. 296

strung along the gnostic rosary of your own inner Sutratman” are the 11 “categories for the beads of the Sutratman” :-


an incarnation on another planet in another solar system.”


an incarnation on another planet of this solar system.”

{a physical impossibility (for no such planet is, nor hath in its past been, hospitable to living organisms)}


a past incarnation on this planet probably … in either Lemuria or Atlantis.”

{another physical impossibility (for the “Lemuria or Atlantis” of myth is on some other plane-of-existence than the material)}


a past incarnation on this planet and probably either in Europe, Asia, Africa, or North or South America.”


your incarnation in Universe A, where you are now”


that part of you which is incarnate in Universe B, an alternative magickal universe, which is existing in the now”.

{The term “magickal” as used here must mean 'non-material, immaterial', viz. 'subtle' (suks.ma).}


that part of you which is incarnate magically in Universe C, D, E, F, or G … .

Such a universe would open up in Sirius, Orion, etc., and be the inner universe, which is approached via those doorways.”

{Such “portal” is a transport-centre betwixt this (material) Universe and some other (immaterial, subtle) Universe.}

pp. 296-7


[p. 296] “your next incarnation and where you will be. You may be on earth, working … in setting up a gnostic [p 297] government.” {This would naturally imply elimination (abolition) of currently extant governments.}

p. 297


a future incarnation on another planet in this solar system.”

{a now-impracticable plan; although perhaps a career aboard an artificial satellite (space-station) might be possible}


a future incarnation … on another planet in another solar system.”


a future incarnation in another universe, probably somewhere in the Zothyrian system, at some great distance in thought {i.e., where the inhabitants think differently} from the present earth system.”

2.3.3 pp. 300-1 “Transyuggothian Power Secrets”

p. 300

This doorway resembles … the mirroir-magique of the Haitian esotericists … . … Students … are literally fed into the computer and passed through operation-spaces of the mirroir-magique through the doorway to the Nemiron Brotherhood in the star system of Orion. There on Rigel in another dimension is to be found the major headquarters of our system.”

p. 301

linking up the students with transcendental and immanent fields : … for … ontic broadcasting. Each one of these methods … is provided as a read-off from the wavelengths of the Transyuggothian Transmission Station.

Very … magickal … the … Transyuggothian Transmission Station, an information system given … by the Nemiron through their agency within the Zothyrian System.”

{/trans-YUGGO-/ may be for “beyond YUGO-slavia” : perhaps Rumania together with Bulgaria.} {The name /NEMIRon/ may refer to /NEMIRa/, one of the Carpathian mountains in Rumania.}

2.3.5 pp. 305-6 Zom as a continuation of Bon

p. 305

[When being authorized in Haiti to become the official repraesentative of the Zom order in the United States,] “It was necessary to bring all … energies into my being in order to place me in a position to head the work of our order …, the first item of business was to assemble the old order. I had to establish contacts with them. They are everywhere in the world and … there is one sign which is used to determine whether or not they are old

p. 306

members of our Bon-Po system and that is the sign of the Yuggoth (Pluto) Ray. They carry it within themselves wherever they are found. Hence …, these members of the old order cam[e] forward and made contact with me. A number of persons … were the few very technical magicians, who were with me in the past {lifetimes in byegone civilizations}, in the old Bon-Po system. The Yuggoth Ray manifested long ago on this planet in the Bon-Po system, or the ancient religious magick of Thibet. One of the older leaders of our system … is the Bon deity rDo rje gying chen. … Actually, there are various rites for the explication of this being's presence in each and every member of our order. … He is the container of magickal potencies and when a new member is admitted into the secret, he rises to the surface of the … mind from the deeper regions of the ultra unconscious and manifests through his oracle. … One of the interesting communications from this Master of Magick … determined that this being having been the Guardian of the Bon-Po Oracles … expressed his wish to transform the teachings by making them even more radical and powerful.”

2.4.1 p. 316 Varun.a Gnosis

Vudotronics … is the art and science of initiating the magicko-gnostics energies from Varuna (Yemeth). Initiation is this system may be defined as : “The gnostico-logical induction of sophiological wholes into their possible-true esoteric lattices by means of

eight specific magico-gnostic logics. ...””

{cf. the Valentinian Ogdoad}

2.4.7 p. 329 induction of a candidate

The Kama {Kama}-Ojas Field is the name for the magickal mechanism whereby the deep powers of the gnosis are fed into the candidate for magickal development. … This field draws its powers from sexo-magickal radioactivity and the deepest regions of cosmic lust, or magickal libido. It is the basis for the physics of the ultra-unconscious … . … these energies are inducted into the candidate … by means of our psionic and radio-metapsychological machines, which pick up and transmit these energies … . They may also be inducted by means of magickal explorations and also through the Yemethian system of initiation, of which there are 16 hot-points.”

2.5.1 p. 333 sexo-magick

the energies … present in the chela … must be actualized through … forms of sexo-magickal gnosis. These methods of sexo-magical gnosis are quite important because it is the way in which … one can then allow the powers to be released … . … . … the subtle anatomy of the patient by means of magical forms of massage and passes made over the field of the body … will begin to wake up … the subtle chakras of the body of vitality … . For this reason, … magicians … combine magickal methods of massage with ... sexo-magickal gnosis”.

2.5.2 p. 334 “Field Theory … in Gnostic … Physics”


use of gnostic equations and notations of a metamathematical and metaphysical character”.


Gnostic … magickal computer system used by gnostic magicians.”


Gnostic psionics … which bridge the span between mind and matter.”


Metapsychological methods for programming the unconscious, the subconscious, the conscious, and the superconscious mind.”


Gnostic machines which give initiations and which are operated by bishops” {or by imam-s or by guji-s}.


Gnostic machines which induct and broadcast healing waves, such as … yogic energy fields.”


the symbo[l]ic magick associated with the esoteric logics of … the past, the present, and the future.”


Magickal computers, which are designed to administer {religious} orders and societies of magicians, gnostic specialists, and esoteric logicians.”

Michael Bertiaux : The Voudon Gnostic Workbook. New York : Magickal Childe, 1988.