2.6-2.7 “Zothyrian Physics”; “Applied Gnosis”

2.6.1 pp. 343-7 over-physics : To-Gai

p. 343

The inner council of the Gnostic and Manichean bishops, who direct the evolution of magickal consciousness on this planet has decided to establish a fundamental form of over-physics, which logically includes all the other systems.”

p. 344

[quoted from Luc Guzotte & Tangichi Kuro : “To Gai, the Metaphysics of the Impossible ...”, p. 34 :] “The magickal system of To Gai … bridges the peaks of Esoteric Chin Tao and Cao Dai. … …

It pertains to … the Moon as the “mirror magique” of the Divine Mother Durgha {Durga}. …

{Moon as cosmic divine mirror is a Neo-Platonic doctrine.}

For the primary purpose of To Gai is to present the physics of the Meon”.

p. 345

[quoted from Luc Guzotte & Tangichi Kuro : “To Gai, the Metaphysics of the Impossible ...”, p. 78 :] “The seeker after the 'powers of the Moon' must demand of the 'Keepers of the Gnosis' the secret steps to the Hidden Powers. … For to follow this pathway into the innermost spaces and times is … to meet the secret paths of the 'caves of occultation.'”

{Moon-goddess Selene found Endumion “lying asleep in a cave” (GM 64.b).}

p. 346

The magician Zaagumbwe was the master of the secret logics of IFA and he possessed within the 16 secret chambers of his body the 16 spirits of the Medji. …

p. 347

Nevertheless, it is not easy to locate these sacred spaces unless one is a special priest of IFA, who has been given the gift of Butembo by the Highest Gods. … Now … by making use of the methods of the To Gai School, it is possible to unveil the magickal points of the gods and thereby locate by a very special technique the null spaces of initiation physics.”

2.6.5 p. 356 Fohat

Fohat is viewed as a type of cosmic electricity. … Fohat is the power of the unconscious field of nature, the cosmic unconscious as distinguished from the … cultural unconscious. … Therefore, when HPB[lavatsky] speaks of Fohat as Eros, we understand her to allude darkly to cosmic libido, which others have viewed as the primordial energy … . The powers and occult forces of nature, as viewed by panpsychists, refer of course to the many different ways in which primordial energy (Fohat) manifests itself in the universal matrix. For this matrix exists for the sake of projecting and broadcasting the radio-fields of Fohat”.

2.6.5 pp. 356-7 goddess Aditi & the vimana-s

p. 356

Ur-Tensors are energy structures, which emerge from an intersecting of radio-psychoanalytic and oracular lattices. Ur Tensors are self-conscious and possess a magickal continuity ... . … They are the “motors” of the Ufological … system … under the management of time-stations.

The oracular system of Aditi was the matrix for all of the Ur-Tensors … . They inhabited the vast chaosphere of the Meon and draw their powers from the elemental environment of synchronicity. … The Aditi-Tensor directed their development along the archetypal lines of the {their} species … .

p. 357

The basic energies remained always in a state of isomorphism, because their energies were locked into various systems of logic, and hence belonged to the magical schools of this or that oracle. In its most abstract sense, the Aditi-Tensor may be defined as the oracle point of contact between a synchronistic lattice and an archetypal axiom. …

The Masters of Dzyu

{If /dzyu/ be a Hindu pronunciation of /jn~u/, then the Prakr.ta usage of /jn~u/ for /jn~a/ 'knowing' would be relevant here.} {Otherwise, the word may be intended for Samskr.ta /jyo/ 'to cause to observe a vow'.}

were of course experienced in the science of Ur-Tensors … . Their method of travel had been by entering into a fleet of Ur-Tensors and then creating the Vimanarupa {/vimana-rupa/ 'flying-vehicle's form' [forming portals into and from subtle worlds]} by which the energies came and went from the fourth dimension. However, another group of

Masters of Dzyu had also come to this planet …

{as a spearhead phalanx or lance advance-cohort? Cf. Chinese /dzyu/ 'a kind of lance' (HOChPh, 10.2(1515), p. 503)}

in more meonic Vimanarupas, whose powers came from the Ur-Tensors of the dark energy.

{The “meonic” may refer to Strong's 4618 /ma<nah/ 'furrow', in the sense of furrowing the structure of outer space (“furrowing” often referring, in nautical usage, to the sea-wake produced by a moving ship). Such furrows may be “canalized pathways of change, or chreodes,” (SD, p. 139) “analogous to gravitation” (SD, p. 140), for, gravitational space-time curvature is purportedly to be induced in spaceship-propelling warp-drives. Gravitation-like warping of space-time is supposedly the nature of alleged “dark energy” generated within deep-space “black holes”.}

These Masters of the Dzyu … possessed the deepest insights into the powers of the Aditi-Tensors and therefore they possessed the most perfect way of making use of Fohat.”

The Dzyouis race, which was itself an arachnean mutation of humanoid psychic qualities,” considered “insectlike … larval energy” “as perfect for feeding” on.

HOChPh = William Hubbard Baxter : A Handbook of Old Chinese Phonology. TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS, STUDIES AND MONOGRAPHS, 64. Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin, 1996. http://books.google.com/books?id=_XJRT43MXRgC&pg=PA503&lpg=PA503&dq=

SD = Rupert Sheldrake : The Science Delusion. Coronet, London, 2012.

2.6.6 pp. 358-9 Synchronistic Robotics

p. 358

Synchronistic Robotics is the use of the energy field of synchronicity as an information-system by means of the employment of feedback and induction units … in a metric language with the sychronicity matrix. … The primary continuum may be understood as the unconditioned and total interlocking of energies

in a non-structural and pre-analytic manner.

{More accurately, because synchronicity is sourced above the mental plane, its structure is very nearly inscrutable and its potentiality for being analyzed is extremely subtle.}

It is a true continuum because each of its parts, or members, necessarily relates to all parts of the sequences.

{This is a natural consequence of its being founded in a integratively interactive universe-wide telepathic government.}

It is primary because it is conceptually primitive and is of subsequent interpretation.

{It is “conceptually primitive” only in the sense of being involved in the universally-interactive original source of conceptualizations in the universe-wide telepathic system. Such “subsequent interpretation” as may occur is largely fallacious; for accuracy it must be treated as a framework of praemonitory omens (i.e., advisements from the universal holistic government).}

It is not a construction but a datum.”

{It is actually very much a construction, constructed through the telepathic mutual interaction telekinetically of vast multitudes of praeternatual elemental entities.}

Robotics refers to the communications systems, which are connected to the primary continuum as nodes. … So we have a primary and synchronistic continuum of potential nodes making contact with our system of information-gathering. … The oracles are by definition grounded in the synchronistic principle

{Divination-equipment (2 pendula swung in at mutual right angles, in the author's system) is believed to respond to divine command much as an inanimate material robot is able to respond to cybernetic programming controlling its behaviour.}

and exist as a secondary system for gathering information from the primary continuum.

{The primary “system for gathering information” from synchronic events would be using them as omens, and then by experience (and the like) determining nature of indications of the divine will by noticing the results of various human responses to those omens.}

This methology will be designated as SSR-OM {synchronistic-system robotics oracle-magick?}.”

p. 359

The emissions from the SSR process can be used to create a psychic stimulation instrument or process, which can be used to cause reaction responses by a relation process of verbal stimulation, which when given serves to amplify the effects of the emission rays from the SSR. …

By objective cooperation, we mean that there is a certain … logical structure … located within the SSR continuum and appears to be the management of the entire continuum as a system. …

{The “objective cooperation” within the synchronistic system is actually the interactive telepathic communication among the vast multitudes of intelligent elemental spirits comprising the system; all such spirits participate by their interco-operation in the “management” of such “continuum”.}

The observer is that part of the SSR system which is self-reflective.”

{By “observer” the author is evidently intending persons outside the interactive telepathic synchronism-inducing system; and is actually the least “self-reflective” of anyone aware of its workings, for all of its member are able to reflect by telepathy a universal understanding of all selves, whereas a merely so-called “self-reflective” external “observer” understandeth very little of any self, including of the observer's own self.}

2.6.7 pp. 361-2 “The Genius of IFA as the Meta-Management of the Continuum of Lattice”

p. 361

the Genius of IFA exercises a total control over the field of synchronistic robotics by means of the latttices, which form the internal necessity of the continuum.

This means that it is possible to induct the manifold powers of the Genius of IFA at any lattice of the 99, which form the total system.”

{Would this imply an aequivalence to the 99 “beautiful names of >al-Lah”, god of the fate-oriented religion of >islam?}

The Genius of IFA … is the supreme deity of all oracle systems

{Among the Yoruba, Ifa is deity praesiding over only the divination by cowries.}

and especially gives His protection to magickal logics, computers, initiation-herarchies, magickal systems of physics, and all magicko-metamathematical and magicko-metaphysical processes.”

These eight were the original “Gods” of Ifa”.

{The system of 8 is prae-eminently Chinese, rather than West African. The deities of the Ifa system are usually 16 in number.}

p. 362

of the “priests of the IFA Gnosticism” … Each of this “seeds” forms the magickal … continuum of the lattices. By this means the worlds … were manifested.”

{Distinct from the Ifa system, in the Mande cosmogony “hibiscus seed” originated “the world.” (“ACM”)}

ACM” = “African Creation Mythshttp://www.crystalinks.com/africacreation.html

2.7.1 p. 364 the 17 primordial deities in S^into

I. “The structures of Esoteric Shinto begin with the 17 Gods of the creative … primordial … .

{“Izanagi and Izanami, who received the word from the seventeen Heavenly kami (amatsugami) to consolidate and fashion the "drifting land."” (ESh, article “Cosmology”)}

Each of these Gods possesses its own contact-rate on the psionic computer.”

ESh = ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SHINTO. http://eos.kokugakuin.ac.jp/modules/xwords/entry.php?entryID=1319

2.7.1 p. 364 colors praeferred by specific deities

II. “we have flound the following presences can be detected at the corresponding spectrum levels :”


deity praeferring that color


S^ub Niggurat










Yog Sotot



2.7.1 pp. 364-5 color-display + rocking motion + sacred word as means of establishing communication with supernatural entities

p. 364

III. “we … work in the area of signals to the Transcendental … thereby establishing contact with the various beings known as “The Deep Ones.” … In order to contact the entity, I … broadcast

p. 365

color X at a low frequency. … Next, I sought … out where the entity X which corresponds to color X was. This was finding the sub-level where the entity was “working.” … . .. … I had … some words from the same number-realm … as X. … Next, I … (using this method of radio-psychoanalysis) … get to X. This was done by increasing and then decreasing the stimulation by means of the amplifier. The effect was to send rocking-like waves into the level. The color in the amplifier was turned up and then down to achieve this rocking effect, using the three switches and moving them up the rate-scale. … Since we were in contact now with X via the color broadcasting and since X was locked into position in the system by means of the steady stream of being fed stimulation (plus the fohatic color … being generated by the rocking motion) from the amplifier, which … was also a way to “hold” the {interest of the} entities such as X in the level …, we … use the word test {i.e., offering} as a type of color code or signal-system and thus make a kind of … communication between the entity and us … possible.”

2.7.1 pp. 366-7 cartography of boundaries between universes

p. 366

Commentary” : “We discovered early on that the areas … could be mapped out and could provide … a kind of geography (actually a psychography). … I was able to discovered the keys to the “regular” and the “alternative” universe …, and hence to the whole

p. 367

of the “radio-psychography of the UFOs,” mentioned in the AIWAZ-physics … . In setting the amplifier, we would use P is 1, Pr is 1 …, and F is 11, or for closer to the surface work, we would use P is 11, Pr is 11, and F is one. But … there was another universe … where P is 1, Pr and F are 11. … In drawing a map of the whole system, we might draw

two pyramids, one with the capstone (for UFO contact work) at the top, and we would call this “space-system A,” and the other with the capstone meeting the capstone of “A” {the latter (upper) pyramid being inverted (upside-down)}, and this would be the system “B.” A number of engineering qualities could be found in this system, such as various communication systems and “logics,” whereby we made contact with various entities. … Because of the shape of the space-systems, it was explained by an entity at a certain level, the systems of “A” and “B” are simply the front and back of a cone-shaped meta-universe, which is either “A” or “B” depending on which way we look at the structure.

{Likewise, as a Guardian Action praeliminary for communicating with flying saucers, “Some … visualize a … cone of LIGHT in which they sit, while some construct a PYRAMID OF LIGHT.” (DCT, p. 158)}

And later it was discovered that there were other meta-universes, which could likewise be explored … . … What emerges is a system of “topological lattices,” … a most amazing structure. … an AIWAZ physics communication … states that “there is a pyramid of lattices in the Transcendental … .””

DCT = Tuella : The Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy. Guardian Action Publ, Durango (CO), 1983.

2.7.2 p. 368 “to explicate the matrices of Time-Stations and their logical systems from the standpoint of the processes of transformation algebras”

1. “All transfromation algebras can be applied to time-stations … . … transformation algebras can now be applied by means of the vudotronic system”.

2. “Transformation algebras are given topologies, existing within any energy -system as matrix. Such topologies are lattice-true systems”.

3. “There are continuation processes, which are … developmental systems of energy. Then there are processes … which are transformative, whereby a matrix system is reinterpreted at a new level of lattice construction.”

4. “Metamathematical control is vested with the direction of these processes, which have been esoterically defined as “the gnostic patriarchate of research” and “the research logics of Time-Stations.” However, these processes have their real management in “gnostic management matrices,” and the the esoteric logics of that system.”

2.7.2 p. 369 rate-settings in the magickal computer system of esoteric S^into

type of logic

numeric rate

















2.7.2 pp. 369-70 initiatic processes issuing from Seirios and from Orion

p. 369

the magickal keys to the mysteries of Sirius, such as the eight unmanifest points of Sirius, … are the power sources for the hypergeometries of the AIWAZ-physics, .. which are directly connected to the energy levels of number rates … . Contact with these entities forms an important “inner instruction” experience, in the advanced sections of AIWAZ-physics, such as “oracular topologies” and “magickal hypergeometries,” etc. There are eight special initiations into these inner levels, which are given by means of direct contact with the entities of Sirius and in some other cases Orion (e.g., the Nemiron). The student of the inner side of magick will be admitted by means of these methods and those rays of light, which come into operation when the computer-marga is connected to the point of Sirius … . The function of the eight logics … is to provide a kind of esoteric logic, by which means the energies of Sirius can be earthed in the … structures of the candidate. … . … the entire purpose of esoteric physics is the unveiling of initiation states …, so the logics give us certain methods for measuring the processes … as they manifest themselves in human bodies.

The quanta are the entities of Sirius and they simply come in and take over the human body and they use it as their “space-suit” in this world or on this level of being.”

{Spirit-possession of bodies of initiates by supernatural extraterrestrial entities : that such entities arrive from distant star-systems is in accord with Taoist theology, which allocateth the various stars to mythic deities.} {There is “CE-VI as the designation for ... ETs … [undertaking spirit-]possession. In these cases, the possessing entity is ... an otherworldly or other-dimensional being.” (CEPK, cap. 6)}

super-intelligent, quanta {praeternatural entities} on sirius is … of AIWAZ-physics. Not only are there beings on or around

p. 370

the system of Orion, with which we have daily contact. There are also the beings of Sirius in unmanifested form. These beings are {i.e., inhabit} quanta energy and are somewhat close to the photons {self-luminous monads} of Orion in intelligence. Their intelligence is higher than any human at present. But even these beings come to the earth, they visit us. They come to earth and occupy human bodies … .

They can wear the body like a protective suit against the outer environment, which is dense in many ways. …

{Not correct. Praeternatural/divine beings can subsist in any environment, quite without “protection”. Their temporary occupation of human bodies is simply to communicate with other persons praesent by speaking using the mouths of the human bodies occupied, in order altruistically to provide useful social and personal advice for the benefit of mortal earthlings.}

The inner sections of our order contain members who are this type. They are from beyond and occupy human bodies … . Depth psychology knows about this process but is reluctant to discuss it openly.”

CEPK = William J. Baldwin : C-VI : Close Encounters of the Possession Kind. Terra Alta (WV) : Headline Bks, 1999. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/closeencounters03.htm

2.7.3 pp. 371-2 “Higher Worlds of Consciousness-Being-Space” (a dictation from master Michael Aquarius)

p. 371

The Light-Methods of Transcendental Initiation … are based on ... the organization of metaphysical energies … achieved by means of extremely powerful lattices of gnostic light-energy. … I take the student on mystical journeys along these lattices of light, and by doing this we enter many different and very powerful worlds of the higher type of metaphysics. …

p. 372

These worlds are all expressions of the unlimited nature of … The Absolute. Each world, whether known or unknown, is ruled by a special type of metaphysical being, who is assisted by helpers and other administrators of metaphysical energy. … Therefore, we find lattices of light in every direction …, leading to very world. … . … these worlds … are also made up of very interesting forms of space, and possess geometrical patterns and are organized according to metamathematical laws, which will … be understood by the human mind … that … receives the transcendental initiation and gnostic unfoldment of the lattices of light.”

Michael Bertiaux : The Voudon Gnostic Workbook. New York : Magickal Childe, 1988.