Way of Highest Clarity, 5.C-F


pp. 131-135, 138-145 travels through the mountains : encounters in mountains with deities who impart sacred texts



deity in mountain

texts imparted by deity


p. 131 "Yellow Court of the Great Grotto" of mt. Men [in S^an-don]

Xian-men-zi "riding a white deer, holding a feathery canopy and grasping an azure pennant. A dozen jade maidens attended him."

p. 133 Lon-qiao Jin (‘Dragon Stilts Scripture’); San-wan Nei-wen (‘3-Sovereigns Esoteric-Writing’)


"Cinnabar Chamber" of mt. Wan-wu

Z^ao Tuo-zi [who "ingested cinnamon for twenty years whereupon the soles of his feet became hairy and he could walk 500 miles a day" (fn. 107)]

Table of the Plants of Immortality in 16 capp.; Secret Talismans of the 5 Phases [in DZ 1372]


mt. Wan-wu

master Huan

Yellow-Purity Divine-Method [for "absorbing the rays of the moon" (fn. 109)]; Numinous-Flight 44-Formulae [DZ 1380]; Left-[&-]Right 6-Jia [DZ 84]


mt. Bo-z^on [in S^aan-xi]

lord S^an-wei

Left-Yi Hidden-Grotto Eastern-[Mt.-]Men Registers; Right-Gen Pure-Statutes


p. 134 Cinnabar City in ["Supreme Chamber" (fn. 114)] grotto in Tai-s^i peak of mt. Son-gao [in He-nan]

p. 135 The Yellow Venerable Lord of the Centre’s "dais was made from purple clouds, his couch from soft jade. He wore phoenix cloth and a spirit cap ... . He wore on the left of his belt the Pendant of Liquid Gold and on his right, the Plan of Eightfold Radiance. Spirit tigers flanked the entrance to the grotto. The servants on the left were Young Lads of Clear Perfection; the servants on the right were Jade Maidens of Supreme Harmony; there were over a hundred of each. ... In the central court were Azure Waisted Jade Maidens holding Mystery Jade Southern Lightning lamps ...; they were attending to the Yellow Venerable Lord."

Great-Grotto Perfect-Scripture in 39 capp.; Vast-Possessions Marvelous-Scripture in 24 capp. [these twain are combined as DZ 1314]


mt. Bai-kon

master Bo from S^a-ye

"high scriptures of Great Clarity"


"Golden Residence of Pervading Emptiness" in mt. E-mai [in Si-c^uan]

master Nin ["playing the lute" (fn. 128)]

Grand-Cinnabar 8-Commandments [&] 10-Formulae Secret-Book [altered as DZ 1330]


mt. Min [in Si-c^uan]

master Yin

9 Red Speckled Talismans [DZ 1329]


mt. Qi [in S^aan-xi]

Zan Yan-fu [also mentioned in Declarations of the Perfected 14.16b]

Pure Formulae of the Songs of Sadness and Happiness


mt. Lian [in S^aan-xi]

Zi-c^en of Huai-nan

Tian-guan San-tu (‘Caelestial-Pass 3-Diagrams’) [DZ 1366]


mt. Niu-s^ou [in Jian-su]

Z^an Zi-fan [also mentioned in Declarations of the Perfected 8b4]

["alchemical ... yellow stone" (fn. 133)] Scriptures of Great Clarity


mt. Jiu-yi [in He-nan]

Li Bo-yan

Mr. Li’s Hidden Scripture


mt. Z^on [in Jian-su]

master Gao-qiu [also mentioned in Declarations of the Perfected 5.9b]

27-Chapter Gold-[&-]Cinnabar Method


mt. He-min [in Si-c^uan]

lord Yan-an

Jin-ye S^en-dan Jin (‘Gold-Liquid Divine-Elixir Scripture’) [DZ 880]


mt. Men [in He-nan]

Qin-jin Xian-s^en (‘Azure-Essence master’)

Commentaries Written on Yellow Silk


"Yi stream grotto-chamber" in mt. Lu-hun [in He-nan]

Li Zi-er

Yin-di Ba-s^u (‘Hiding-in-Earth 8-Methods’) [DZ 1359]


mt. Ron

Z^ao Bo-xuan

San-jiu Su-yu (‘3 [Perfecteds’ &] 9 [Sovereigns’] Pure Sayings’) [DZ 1327]


mt. Yan-luo [in He-nan]

lord You-yan

Qin-yao Zi-s^u (‘Azure-Waisted [Caelestial Emperor’s] Purple-Book’) [combined into DZ 1315]; Practice of the 3-[&-]5


mt. Huo

lord Si-min (‘Controller-of-Destinies’)

Azure Map for Going through Destiny; Supreme-Sovereign’s Population-Register [DZ 1341]


mt. Niao-s^u [in Gan-su]

master Mo Di

Purple[-Tablets] Central Illustrated Scripture on Blazing-Light Inner-Vision Rules [DZ 1332]


mt. Yao-min

Divine Lad who was Night-Watchman of the Supreme Ruler

Scripture of the Golden Light [combined into DZ 1315]


mt. Wei-yu [in Z^e-jian]

Si-ma Ji-z^u

Essence of Stones and Brilliance of Gold for Hiding in Effulgence and Shape-Shifting


mt. Da-tin

Liu Zi-xian

Divine Method of 7 Changes


"Sacred Tree" of Du-guan

master Gu Xi

Huan-qi Yan-jin San-dao (‘Yellow-Qi Yan-Essence 3-Paths’) Supreme-Vacuity Arts [DZ 33]


mt. Ton-bo [in Z^e-jian]

Wan Qiao

Su Tai Cinnabar Talisman [in DZ 1332]


mt. Tai-hua

master Redpine

Highest-Mystery Perfected-Lord Book


mt. Tai-min

Lord of the City of the 9 Elder Immortals

4 Methods of Perfection of [Absorbing] Yellow Water and Moon Blossom


mt. He-li [in Gan-su]

Sovereign Person

Tai-s^an Ba-su Z^en-jin (‘Supreme-high 8-Pure Perfect-Scripture’) Hidden-Book [DZ 426]


mt. Jin

Huan Tai [Su Lin] & master Wan Bi

Central Scripture of the 9 Perfected


Xuan-lon "Feather Field"

10 jade lads & master of the 9 Qi, who bestowed a carriage with a purple canopy and white feathers

Method for Absorbing the Yellow Liquid and Moon Blossom


mt. Fu-guan amidst "Mulberry Forest"

Young Perfected Azure Lord

Secret Characters of the Golden Book


Cinnabar Mound mountain at Vermilion Fire

Kon Z^on-yan

Perfect Record of the Taboos [to be observed by] Immortals [quoted in DZ 179]


Xi-lan grotto-chambre in "Empty Mountain"

lord Wu-yin to the left; White Prime Lord to the right; Yellow Venerable Lord in the middle

[(p. 149) Perfect Scripture of the Great Grotto]

pp. 136-137 music & speech of the Yellow Venerable Lord of the Centre

p. 136

"The Yellow Venerable Lord wore a cap of threefold blossom and ninefold yang.

He was strumming fluidly the tone zhi on a simple lute made of cloud-pearl [fn. 118 : "mica"], and was enveloped in golden light."

p. 137

"The Yellow Venerable Lord said : "In the grotto chamber, in the middle of ultimate essence, there is a great spirit who cannot be named.

Peacefully he emerges from the purple chamber [fn. 124 : "in the brain"] and wanders to frolic in the cinnabar fields. He goes up to communicate with [the Palace of] Great Subtlety and then goes down to [the realm of] Pervading Mystery.


In [the Palace of] Lesser Possessions he becomes the White Prime Lord and in [the Palace of] Vast Possessions he becomes the Lord Wuying.

To see the White Prime Lord is the affair of lower immortals and they should attain a longevity of three thousand years. If you see Wuying, then you will become a perfected person and you should attain a longevity of ten thousand years."

pp. 146-148 the 3 Prime Lords


p. 146 lord Wu-yin

p. 147 White Prime Lord


"was dressed in a brocade of gold essence and a rich damask gown in vermilion and blue."

"was dressed in a brocade of cinnabar and jade and a padded cloak of cloud-like gauze."


"ruddy ... like the sun shining through the dawn clouds"

"radiated white light, vermilion inside, ... into the sky."

at waist

"wore the Badge of Supreme Numinous Energy"

"wore the Badge of Numinous Supreme Essence"


"the Plan of the Nine Emperors for Exorcising Evil"

"the Writ of Mystery Prime for Scattering Demons"

on head

"the kingfisher [feathered] cap of the purple spirits on high."

"the Creation Headdress for Summoning Dragons."


"is the paternal grandfather of the Upper Prime Newborn Child of the Cinnabar Numen in the Supreme Mystery."

"is the father of the Child of Upper Prime who resides in the Cloud Court of the Jade Chamber"


"[As] the qi of the Azure Palace of the Left Annex [fn. 170 : "The Azure Palace of the Left Annex is located in the left eye, which is the residence of the Young Azure Lord."] he caps the myriad spirits" [fn. 170 : "Lord Wuying is thus ... a kind spirit ... which caps, or dwells above the heads of, all the other spirits."]

"resides in the Right-hand Chamber of the White Purity" [fn. 172 : "The "Right-hand Chamber of the White Purity," ... refers to the right eye".]


"was born from the emptiness of the void before heaven and earth existed."

"is the Mover of Life"

p. 147 "The Yellow Venerable Lord of the Center is the elder master of the Four Perfected Kings of the Supreme Ultimate.

On high he pervades the nine heavens.

In the middle he travels through Mt. Kulun; the yellow gateway is on the outside; the purple portal is on the inside. [p. 148, fn. 175 : "The purple portal (zihu ...) leads to the purple palace (zigong ...) that is ... the place of the gods in the brain".]

Below with the two lords he enters the grotto chamber and the three-inch space". [p. 148, fn. 176 : "The three inch space refers to the cinnabar field in the brain, also known as the mud Pill (niwan ...)."]

p. 148 If thou seest __

then thou wilt become a __

White Prime Lord

lower perfected person with a longevity of 3,000 years

lord Wu-yin

middle perfected person with a longevity of 10,000 years

Yellow Venerable Lord

"upper perfected whose name is listed in the Golden Terrace."

p. 149 "There were twenty-one jade lads and twenty-one jade maidens who were all in attendance, continuously burning incense."

pp. 150-151 ensconcement in heavenly palaces and in divine mountains

p. 150

"After this he rode through the clouds on a dragon-pulled chariot and ascended to heaven in broad daylight. He visited the Palace of Great Subtlety [fn. 184 : "The Palace of Great Subtlety is the residence of Supreme Unity (Taiyi ...)".] and received the document that appointed him as Perfected Purple Yang. On his belt he wore a yellow banner and the writ of the Eight Majesties. [fn. 185 : "The "writ of the eight majesties" refers to an early talisman ... to give protection against tigers and leopards".] He wore the bell of flowing gold and a robe of spontaneity. He ate the nectar of sweet jade wine and drank the broth of liquid gold. He ruled from the Copper Walls and the Golden Court on Mt. Geyan, also known as the Palace of Purple Yang. [The Palace of] Purple Yang has eight perfected, with Lord Zhou occupying the position on the right.

p. 151

Each month he went up to Mt. Kunlun three times and had an audience with the Imperial Lord of Great Subtlety. He designated Mt. Bozhong as an alternate Palace of Great Subtlety, to be known as the Hidden Palace of the Grotto Court. On Mt. Bozhong there is a grotto cave, which is a secret passage through to the Clear Vacuity Heaven of Lesser Existence on [Mt.] Wangwu and also a secret passage through to Langfeng." [fn. 187 : "Langfeng is a peak of Mt. Kunlun, the Western paradise."]

pp. 152-155 teachings by Z^ou Zi-yan

p. 152

"The empty spaces in __

are called __."


the mountains and the organs of the body

grotto courts


human heads

grotto chambers


"This is how the perfected take up residence in the heavens, the mountains and human beings. When they enter the place of nothingness [fn. 190 : "enter the empty space that lies between things."], a grain of rice could contain Mt. Penglai, and embrace the sixfold harmony [of the cosmos], yet heaven and earth would not be able to contain them.

p. 153

Only those who meditate on and visualize the perfected, preserve the three palaces [fn. 194 : "the three cinnabar fields in the body which are the "palaces" in which the Three primes reside."], have an audience with the one spirit [fn. 195 : "Supreme Unity"], ... will definitely be able to see Lord Wuying, the White Prime Lord and the Yellow Venerable Lord in their grotto chamber. The chariot of clouds with a canopy of feathers will then come and they will become perfected persons."

Immortality-aspirants, in order to succeed, "search for the Xilang grotto chamber. ...

p. 154

They go down [into the depths of] Mt. Tai to remove [their names from] the register of the dead and transfer their names to the Office of Immortals.

p. 155

The Office of Immortals next puts them through twenty-two major tests; the Perfected of the Supreme Ultimate descend to attend them."


"Those who achieve a __

become __."

[fn. 202 : domains awarded to them


high pass

Upper Immortals

"in the heavens"


medium pass

Earth Immortals

"a mountain above the ground"


low pass

"liberated from their corpses in daylight"

in the "underworld"]

pp. 155-159 revelation of Juan-zi

p. 155

Si Zi-xuan "was also summoned to the Mystery Continent by the High Minister for the Destiny of the Perfected."

p. 156

Juan-zi "seems to have been a man from Qi; ... when he was fishing in lakes and ponds, he saw the young Lad of the Eastern Sea [fn. 208 : "the Azure Lad (Qingtong ...).], who said to him, If you catch a carp, cut it open." Later, he did catch one and cut open the fish’s belly, which contained the Supreme Lord Goldtower’s Method for Preserving the Perfected Ones of the Three Primes. [fn. 209 : the Young Lad of the Eastern Sea had hidden {in that fish?} the method of the 3 Primes] Thereupon he immediately went into seclusion on Mt. Tuo [in Shaan-xi (fn. 211)] and was able to summon the wind and rain. He studied the Dao and lived in this world for 2,700 years. One morning he announced to people that he had been summoned by the [Palace of] Great Subtlety to supplment the immortal dukes. He then left".

p. 157

Juan-zi told to Su Zi-yuan : "You should offer prayers to the Three Ones in the Dipper .. for twenty years ... . ... If you are able to visualize the Three Ones, your name will be placed on the jade tablet [of immortality]. ... If you are able to visualize the Three Primes [fn. 215 : "the Three Prime Lords in the three cinnabar fields of the body"], you will become a perfected immortal on high. That the Imperial Lord Goldtower of the Sovereign heaven of Highest Clarity can ride his swift dragon chariot through the clouds and circumnavigate the nine heavens is because of this practice of [visualizing] the Three Primes and the Perfected Ones in his Grotto Chamber."

p. 158

"I have __

for __ years."

eaten the essence of longevity herbs


absorbed their qi




praeserved the 3 Ones


praeserved the grotto chambre


praeserved the mystery cinnabar



"I have gazed upon the eight seas and wandered through the five sacred mountains. ...

p. 159

I have called on the six ding jade maidens and watched over the six harmonies unfolding and revolving : ... I am over 2,700 years old ... being a middle-ranking immortal".


"It is said that when Juanzi was about to depart he composed a text to give to [Su] Zixuan as he took his leave.

The Mystery Cinnabar is the Mud Pill."


If thou praeservest __

thou wilt __


the 3 Ones

"become an earthly immortal"


the grotto chambre

"a perfected person"


"the Mystery Cinnabar"

"ascend to the Palace of Great Subtlety."


James Miller : The Way of Highest Clarity. Three Pines Pr, Magdalena (NM), 2008.