Way of Highest Clarity, 6.D-F


pp. 193-198 Supreme Imperial Lord’s Pretious Talisman of the 9 Perfecteds

p. 193

"This talisman, written in vermilion characters, should always be worn on the days of the eight seasonal nodes of the solar calendar."

p. 194

"The Perfected Person of the Supreme Ultimate said :

"... recite this in the evening and

every new moon and full moon at dawn and midnight ...

so as to harmonize the nine heavenly spirits and restore the qi of the divine residence. This causes gods in human [bodies] to become correctly aligned, misalignments to disappear and the hundred channels [in the body] to be well open. ...

It is known as the Dragon Book of the Three Heavens.""

p. 195

"The Imperial Lord and his Spirit Court make their home in the body. His residence is in the Hall of Light [fn. 87 "The Hall of Light is ... just behind the forehead, ... the "sacred retreat of the ... chief astrologer""] , in the Vermilion Chamber of the Heavenly Worthy. He is seated at the Supreme Ultimate and [they] do not deviate from the Mystery Cinnabar.


The Mystery Mother rides the carriage of the three Pure Ladies;

the Primordial Father rides a flying chariot with red feathers.


On the left [she] drives a fabulous bird down;

on the right [he] reins in the numinous bird.


The one-inch square [cinnabar field becomes] the common city of the highest numinous power. From the cinnabar terrace and fiery watchtower radiance streams forth [fn. 91 "light emanates from the head irradiating the various grotto chambers, the "empty spaces of the body."] and vacuity is dispersed.

p. 196

On high [the Imperial Lord] perches in [the Place of] Great Subtlety. His hand grasps the purple register, and he fills deep his pure pond with golden wine and liquid jade. Nine [layers of] qi circulate [around him] like blossoms floating in clouds and in the middle is great spirit who cannot be named or seen.

The [Primordial] Father pilots the primordial qi and

the [Mystery] Mother rides on the mystery chariot.

[The Imperial Lord] wears a turban of essential blossom of sunlight and the tiger register at his waist. His eyes emit a fiery stream of dragon flames [fn. 98 "dragon flames from the eyes ... is ... the "dragon text"". ] ten thousand feet long. The Heavenly Lord holds a scepter and wears clothes of phoenix feathers."

p. 197

[fn. 100 "the vital body essence (jing ...) is being circulated through"] "the north of the Hall of Light in the Purple Chamber, where a continuous stream of vital essence is being generated.

It protects and preserves the mystery valley,

leaves and enters the destiny room and

wanders freely through the grottos and passes [of the body].

When it is time, it enters the middle palace [fn. 102 "The middle cinnabar field of the body, in the heart."],

rises to pervade the Supreme Primordial,

circulates the qi in four [directions] and

divides among the nine stars. [fn. 103 "the nine stars (seven visible and two invisible) of the Big Dipper, which are correlated with the grotto chambers in the brain and the nine perfected."]

Supreme Unity preserves the heaven souls {hun}, rests in the secluded court and dispatches the seven spirits." [fn. 104 "dispatches seven spirits to watch over the seven earthly, or yin souls {po}."]

p. 198

"you will climb to the stars in broad daylight and your vital essence will stimulate a correspondence with the marvelous. You can ride on numinous animals [through a landscape of] landslides and floods. The sound of breathing in and out will save your life on earth and you will manage to ascend to the heavenly constellations."

pp. 199-201 Yellow Venerable Lord of the Centre’s Stanzas of the 8 Secret Sayings of the Dao : praeliminary instructions

p. 199

"Still your mind ... deserted, bright, empty and perfect. Escape from thinking [fn. 110 "transition ... to ... to observation of marvels (miaoguan ...), ... the rare and subtle phenomena of the spirit world."], [and instead] marvelously observe mysterious persons soaring [toward heaven] and glittering with light. If you sincerely sense them above you, converging vital essence and apprehending the dawn radiance, then you will also manage to observe the qi of cinnabar effulgences." [fn. 111 "The "cinnabar effulgences" are the eight effulgences of the body, each of which is correlated with the eight nodes of the solar year. In the following ... the eight effulgences are ... the chariots, which transport ... up to the sky."]

p. 200

"[You will see] the three Pure Ladies flying through the clouds, in an eight-bearer vermilion chariot with jade wheels made of purple clouds, floating up to Highest Clarity. Back and forth ["driving ... between the heavenly and the earthly realms" (fn. 113)], the Three Prime Lords hold the reins and the Highest sovereign commands and regulates it. As numinous lads grasp onto the shafts and [maidens of] supreme purity cling onto the canopy, the carriage draws nigh to the south pole. ... The Imperial Lord preserves your chamber ... and the five spirits and seven qi successively become clear. ... In the sunlit mist of the deep sky, ... his dragon countenance illuminates the vast emptiness of space and circulates freely his sevenfold gaze."

p. 201

"you will instantly become a flying immortal. You will suddenly ascend through whirling clouds and then in broad daylight ascend to the stars and you will have not difficulty in alternately coagulating and deliquescing the golden elixir of the immortal embryo."

pp. 201-206 Yellow Venerable Lord of the Centre’s Stanzas of the 8 Secret Sayings of the Dao : on nodes of the year, directions whereinto to gaze at dawn, praeternatural colored clouds to observe, and significance of those clouds




look to the __

there will be __ clouds

which are the 3 Pure Clouds of the __



1st of Spring


purple, green, white

Supreme 3 Pure Ladies



Vernal Aequ.


azure, black, yellow

Heavenly Imperial Lord of Great Subtlety



1st of Summer


purple, azure, yellow

Perfected Person of the Inner Palace attached to the Lord of Highest Perfection in the Supreme Ultimate



Summer Solst.


red, white, azure

Fu-san Imperial Lord



1st of Autumn


white, red, purple

Supreme Perfected Person Imperial White Lord



Autumn Aequ.


purple, red, yellow

Highest Imperial Red Lord attached to the Highest Perfected Person of the South Pole



1st of Winter


green, purple, azure

Lord Imperial Patriarch of the Highest Clarity



Winter Solst.


vermilion, turquoise, yellow

Great Vacuity Highest Perfected Person attached to the Jade Courtesan in the Great Empyrean

pp. 201-206 Yellow Venerable Lord of the Centre’s Stanzas of the 8 Secret Sayings of the Dao : vehicles for ascent, destinations to visited by ascent, # of occasions ascent by deities is witnessed prior to one’s own ascent to heaven






one’s own ascent



8-bearer chariot

Supreme Emperor of Heaven


[p. 202 "will ascend to immortality in broad daylight"]



8-effulgences carriage

Highest Jade Emperor


"will have a dragon-pulled carriage with a come ... and take you up to heaven."



"mystery effulgence green chariot"

Palace of Purple Subtlety


"will ascend to immortality in broad daylight."



carriage of the shining 8-fold path

Palace of Supreme Subtlety


"a [chariot of] clouds [pulled by] dragons [coming] to ... take you up into heaven."



"swift striped-jade carriage"

High Perfected One of Jade Heaven


"will ascend to immortality in broad daylight."



"crimson-gemmed green jade carriage"

lofty wind terrace of the Lady of the 9 Numinous Powers


"will ascend to immortality in broad daylight."



"mystery effulgence chariot of the eight lights"

Son of the Jade Emperor of the Highest Nine Heavens


"the Lord of the Purple Star of Supreme Unity will come riding a feathered chariot with phoenix designs and welcome you to ascend to the stars in broad daylight."



jade carriage

great imperial palace of Heavenly Lord of Great Subtlety


"the Jade Sovereign will command the Yellow [Venerable Lord] of the Center and the Controller of Destinies to ride a crimson dragon jade chariot to welcome you to ascend to the stars in broad daylight."

pp. 207-208 strictures concerning the 8 Secret Sayings of the Dao

p. 207

the 3 colors cited for the clouds in each the 8 sets repraesent 3 clouds stacked vertically, described from top to bottom : thus, "on the first day of spring, ... the purple cloud will be on top, the green cloud second and the white cloud underneath".


"Heavenly beings will protect the bodies of all who carry out the [Way of] the Nine Perfected and undertake the practice of the Eight [Secret Sayings of the] Dao. The Perfected Emperor will defend their life and limb.


This sacred text [may] ... be revealed to those who possess an immortal name in the jade registers of the underworld. ...

p. 208

All those who do see these things will have astrological names written in a mystery script and should be able to become immortal numinous powers."

pp. 208-210 method of Supreme Purity and Highest Clarity for transmitting the qi of the Imperial Lord and of the 5 Spirits

p. 208

"great strings of azure qi in the east coming out from the center of the sun; it causes qi to fill your head and enter the Mud Pill. There will be two lines of black mist emanating from your eyes, getting thicker and thicker like hair. As they are drawn out, they turn into two lads. Their upper and lower garments are azure and their appearance is like an infant who is [only just] beginning to walk.

p. 209

The lad from the __ eye

is called __.



Imperial Lord of Flying Numinous Power



Dawn Infant of Supreme Unity


The both stand to your left and right,"

p. 209, fn. 137

"attending the "rising and resting of the tortoise."" {cf. Australian aboriginal (and also according to the Brahman.a) Tortoise-god as sun; and Chinese belief of origin of sun from "left eye" of Pan-gu (ChM). Chinese mythic sea-turtle "has one eye situated in the middle of its body. Once every three thousand years it rises to the surface and turns over on its back so that it may see the sun." (4G4CD)} [fn. 138 : "The two lads ... are described as emanating from "the solar qi of the five directions"".] {"the two lads ... emitting black qi" (fn. 139) may be related to the tortoise-guise of the "Black Warrior of the North" in the Daoist classic Journey to the North}

p. 210

"meditate deeply on the names of the two lads and then you will be immune from a hundred disasters. These two lads are in fact [formed from] the heavenly and earthly souls of the Mystery Mother and vital essence and spirits of the Mystery Father. Therefore with the help of the Imperial Lord and Supreme Unity, your name will be changed, so as at once again to preserve your immortal heavenly souls and regulate your immortal earthly souls. ...


If you can practice this for eighteen years, then you will ascend to heaven in broad daylight."

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