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Sexual Magics

Ro,kkr Sex-Magics


pp. 221-2 ritual sexual intercourse



ru`n, etc.


"Her hands reach ... the fan of collected feathers ...; she brushes its silkiness down his arm, fans him and lets the soft wind touch him".


"He reaches ... furs ...; he rubs their ... sensuousness down her back".


"their hands dip together into violet-scented water and anoint each other."


"they stroke ... the ... phallus".


"Their ... bodies ... sink onto the blanket ... as the [couple] come together."


"First the breath, synchronized between them".


"the fire rises".


"It rises up their spines ... . Then there is the link, the connection of flesh as two



hamar meld for that moment."


"Then the climax, spiraling upwards {helically} together."


pp. 222-3 erotic magic

p. 222

"Like traditional Tantra (not the neo-Tantra circulating in America today), it was a cult tradtion, and not something to be talked about generally in public."

{FALSE! This is a monstrous mendacity, maliciously promoted by the false and malignant perverted and self-mutilated cultists of this book. In the only region (namely, Asom) not conquered by the vicious Muslim armies (who seem to be maliciously glorified by the authors of this spitefully war-mongering and repressive book), sexual intercourse is as yet ritually performed in public view, as it formerly was throughout the subcontinent. Only after the vicious and fallacious fake-religion known as >islam was forcibly imposed upon the subjugated populace, did the tantrik Kaula religion go into hiding as a persecuted sect. Thankly, the Kaula religion is being realistically circulated in the America of to-day, but apparently is being resisted here by the obscurantist cultists of this book.}

"Sex magic is ... to synthesize the teachings of other cultures ... by consulting with the appropriate Gods and wights for their teachings on this matter. Sometimes the Gods themselves will be the teachers; ...

our Gods like to have sex

{The supernaturals who enjoy having sexual intercourse with mortals are designated "devils" by mainline Christians, who designate such sexual intercourse as "devil worship".}

p. 223

with us, and

... devotional sex magic done by a spirit-worker has a fair chance of ending up being

a sexual encounter with a deity."

{Any sexual encountre with a deity would necessarily occur in a dream (as in the case in Siberian shamanism, and especially in African pietism -- all ferociously combatted by Christians).}

pp. 223-4 Vanir-type erotic magic

p. 223

Out of the "three "flavors" of ... sex magic, depending on which pantheon you are working with ..., ... most common, and ... most achievable to the average person, is the Vanir type. ... It is ... joyous, and extremely egalitarian. ...

p. 224

Its egalitarian nature means that in order for the energy to come up right, both individuals have to be working together to raise it. In this way, it is the {sexual magic} most similar to to the Tantric ideal of Shiva-Shakti {S`iva-S`akti} combining their energies".

pp. 225-7 a Vanir couple : Freyja & Freyr

p. 225

"There are also tales of the vo[,]lsi, ... a preserved severed stallion's phallus said to be a magical object of great power and worship."

{This is in reference to the as`va-medha, wherein a stallion was to copulate ritualistically with the rani (queen), but only when that stallion was already dead. Of course, the only way in which any dead stallion could in reality have copulated with a live woman would have been in dreams of hers.}

"Frey[j]a is love goddess ... and seidhkona {seid-kona}. As the Sacred Whore ..., sex magic is one of the gifts that she teaches. ... One of the things that Frey[j]a teaches, for example by laying {lying, reclining}with the four Duergar {Dvergar} in exchange for the Brisingamen {Bri`singa-me`n}, is ... her worth; she knows that four nights of her body ... are well worth the ... necklace ..., and she is unashamed of herself. She is hetaera {hetaira 'female companion'}, qadishtu {qadis^tu 'sacred female'}, the one who ... is still in control of her sexuality and her choices, the one who cannot

p. 226

be owned {as a married woman is owned} by another {by a husband}."

"Frey and Frey[j]a are sexual with each other, and ... they are brother and sister ... .

p. 227

... As such, they can be called upon as a couple to teach with Vanir-style sex magic.

{They can teach sly methods for a brother-and-sister to engage in incest together clandestinely without being detected.}

... Frey is married to a Jo[,]tun goddess, Frey[j]a is lover of an Aesir god, and both reach out {erotically!} to folk of many races".

{This organization ("Asphodel") may be advocating amputation of one's genitalia, out of sheer frustration with lack of social opportunities to commit incest openly without social disapprobation. Its membres would apparently rather cut off their own genitalia than be tempted to engage in any sexual activities other than the incest which they crave to perform with full public approval.}

p. 228 [by L.H.] Aesir-type erotic magic

"Aesir sex magic is all about ascension {of mortals to Heaven}. ... theTree of Life starts with the Veil of the Profane ... . Then you have the Veil of Paraketh, and

it's all about seeking the divine light. ... Go for the light."

{It certainly is possible to view luminous-bodied divine couples copulating in a bejeweled irisdescent rainbow-and-perfume heaven -- but is this what is intended by the authors of this quite vague and indefinite book?}

pp. 228-9 an Aesir couple : Frigg & O`dinn

p. 228

spoken by Frigg : "Choose your partners in this wisely, ... even more carefully than you would choose a mate to marry, for in following someone down this path, you may yet bind them to your soul.

Do you wish to feel them make love to their new lover ...?"

{The answer is : "Yea!"}

spoken by O`dinn : "Sex magic starts with breathing. ... Start by breathing together, in unison. ...

p. 229

Can you see them ["others' rhythm"] as your {musical} instrument to play ...? Can you excite them, ... bring them to climax -- then use ... the body's music, to galdr across the space between you and the {Divine} Light? ... Climb upwards on the ladder {to Heaven} that is ... your beloved, and then when you fly off the top, carry them with you."

{This expostulation about "the body's music" is apparently intended as merely figurative, and (as usual) too vaguely indefinite to mean much of anything [unless, of course, this be quoted from some obscure piece of Catholic, or other traditional, mysticism, in which case its context could impart a defimite signification].}

pp. 229-30 [by L.H.] ro,kkr (tribadic) erotic magic

p. 229

"For Jo[,]tun sex magic ... comes between Paraketh and the abyss ...

between the stars.

{the stars witnessed in one variety of dreamless sleep (according to Bodish lore)?}

That is Nox; ...

{a Thelemic term, from Crowleyism}

p. 230

you have your own furnace, your own star in your heart shining ... . ...

{references ("blazing furnace of love" [or, "of charity"] and "bright star of holiness") from the Catholic Novena for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception (a long form of the Litany of the Immaculate Heart), primarily for recitation by nuns}

It's more Vajrayana than Hinayana."

{Never is archaic Vajra-yana explicitly tribadic. Modern-day Bodish practice (with its nunneries) may be, however -- but nunneries derive quite definitely from Hina-yana, not from Vajra-yana.}

"the ritual that we did to fix ... the Wheel ... in Europe.

{aequivalent to the Siouan Sun-Wheel}

Seven girls in a circle, laying {lying} clockwise, with each one of them in the next one's cunt ... . At another part of the circle, the lightning conductor {conductrix} ... was standing, ... and she had the most senior of the girls to her left, so that this girl could take all the energy ... and adore the conductor {conductrix}'s whole body. ...

There was another one who was hanging there from hooks in her back ... . ...

{aequivalent to Sioux dedicantess to the Sun-goddess} {Being pierced could repraesent the pierced-and-threaded-together slugs devoured by the Sun-goddess among Karok etc. in northern California. This Sun-goddess is iridescent, as are pearls (which are often threaded together).}

When there was enough energy wound up, and there was a sufficient differential {as, of electrical charges}, these two kissed and ... -- boom!"

"Novena for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception" http://sicsempertyrannisjmj.blogspot.com/2011/11/novena-for-solemnity-of-immaculate.html

p. 232 Angr-boda ('Anguish-boding')

"Angrboda is skilled in sex magic of many kinds ... . For her, shapeshifting is very bound up with sex magic, especially in terms of how one moves one's energy around. ... Don't go to her ... until you are reasonably skilled in shapeshifting and can keep up with her, because she may start teaching you with a whirlwind tour of the mating instincts of many different creatures."

p. 232 mula-barhan.i ('uprooting') naks.atra & its cakra

"Can you understand the sacredness of animal lust? ..., your very root. It's called the root chakra for a reason, ... Base of the spine ... does it best."

{Skt. /MULa/ (with long root-vowel), though meaning 'root', must surely be cognate with Latin /MULa/ 'she-mule', /MULus/ 'he-mule'. Mules (and also hinnies) copulate without engendring progeny, so that ascription of non-reproductive sexual practices to mula-cakra would be appropriate.}

"If the test is sexual, her [Angr-bo`da's] questions will be ... -- "... Are you better than what I can get from my wolf-boys? ...""

{This "wolf" would perhaps be an allusion to the hound whose tail is tied to the mandrake in order to uproot it -- a reference to the naks.atra-name (Tattiriya Brahman.a 1:5:2 -- OAHA&Ch, p. 30) of /mula-barhan.i/ -- with its lethal shriek.}

OAHA&Ch = Friedrich Max Müller : On Ancient Hindu Astronomy and Chronology. Oxford, 1862. http://books.google.com/books?id=h8cFAAAAQAAJ&pg=PA30&lpg=PA30&dq=

p. 233 Surt

"Surt's orgasm is like ... primal fire, a piece of pure manifestation, after which he ... leaves you with it inside you.

If you can catch and hold it, you can use it to power some serious magic,

but if you can't catch it -- if you have't done with {completed the} work it takes {requireth} to make yourself capable of holding a white-hot fiery piece of pure manifestation -- then it can burn you up if you don't get it out of yourself.

An orgasm will shoot it out of you, but if you can have your intent ready to mold something that needs making and shoot it out as a formed magical intent, that's better. Surt likes this".

pp. 233-4 [by L.H.] goddess Hel with hound-god Fenrir

p. 233

"If there was {were} such a thing as diplomatic sex magic ..., it would be ... When Hela is working with Fenrir ... . ...

p. 234

Like the Vanir twins, the Ro,kkr pantheon has a brother-sister pair who get it on {sexually} not for reasons of love but ... out of obligation" [legalistic obligation to perform brother-sister incest].

{This expression "Hela is working with Fenrir" can be jargon for 'a woman is being fucked by a dog' (which is, of course, another of those un-loving legal obligations).}

p. 235 sexual relations between mortals & deities

"As spirit-workers, we sometimes (or often) get into sexual relationships with Gods and wights. Most of them are ephemeral ... . Occasionally people will get into long-term love or even marital relationships with deities, becoming god- {or goddess-}spouses. ... It's impossible to encounter them sexually and not learn something about the sacredness of sex."




North-Trad. Sex-Magic Technique


pp. 238-40 [by E.V.] power rising, into Worlds

p. 238

"Usually the moment right before climax is the time to ... allow ... the energy of orgasm ... getting ... off ... . You should literally feel the power {of praeternaturally-uplifting orgone} rising through your body ... .

Your body becomes that of the World Tree. ...

{This would be the bodhi-vr.ks.a, whereat the bodhi-sattva is transmuted into a buddha by perceiving the rising (before dawn) of planet Budha (Stilbon, in Hellenic). As one's subtle body, this is the buddhika kaya ("buddhic body" of Theosophy). [written Mar 3 2014]}

When you've had enough experience, all you'll need is intent and at the right moment in erotic activity, the Tree will spring forth of its own accord. ... A rather enjoyable side effect is that ... your orgasm will be about twenty times more intense, and may even cause you to pass out {faint} .. . ...

Don't assume that you'll always get a mighty, aged yew or some other Yggdrasil-appropriate tree. ...

{According to Bauddha tradition, each buddha hath a different species of bodhi-vr.ks.a.}

p. 239

Whatever purpose your magic was meant to serve will have immediate repercussions throughout all Nine Worlds. ... . ... having sex{ual intercourse} with a deity is so intense in and of itself that using the ... technique might leave you utterly dazed, drained and limp ... for hours afterward".

p. 240

"You will know if and when you've "done it right" when you actually manifest ... an amazing, overwhelming experience that ... will

blow your head open

{also known as "breaking open the head"}

and push you to new levels of awareness that ... accomplish ... the rush of full and total connection with all the forces of the Nine Worlds coupled with a really intense orgasm".


Raven Kaldera : Wightridden : Paths of Northern-Tradition Shamanism. Asphodel Pr, Hubbardston (MA), 2007.