Wyrdwalkers, II.1-II.2



Mastering the Elements



Starting with the Roots



Mastering Air



Mastering Fire



Mastering Water



Mastering Earth


{N.B. The 4-element scheme cited throughout is by no means Norse; nor is there reason to believe that the Norse used any scheme of 4 elements whatsoever. The same 4 elements were, however, known to prae-Sokratic philosophers in Ionia; such scheme may be of Anatolia provenience, and is thus rather befitting to the Anatolian (cult of Kubele/Kubebe) custom of amputation-of-genitalia practiced the author[ess] of this series of books (Northern-Tradition Shamanism). There is a Pythagorean/Platonic scheme of 5 elements -- Pythagoreanism deriving from Samos (an island of Ionia), the book Timaios being of Pythagorean provenience, and the system of the Politeia (Republic) being based on doctrine from Lykia in Anatolia. Somewhat different is the Chinese system of 5 elements, omitting aither (and aer), but including metal (and wood) -- because elemental aither is the electrified plasma seen glowing in vacuum-tubes (now-a-days used mainly in radio-station transmitters), whereas elemental metal may specify the rare metals (such as germanium) used in transistors (of electronics), therefore this Chinese system, like the Ionian, may be primarily pertinant to electronics, and figuratively to telepathic-communications technology. Telepathic-communications technology, as employed in intergalactic supraluminal messaging, must employ modulation of gravitational waves (which are transmitted at trillions of times the velocity of light in a vacuum) originating in quasars, so that all "elements", along with their elemental-spirits, must reside primarily in conditions existent within galactic quasars (and particularly within Great-Attractors of groups of galaxies) -- here, likewise, are fundamentally to be located the Otherworlds (Non-material Realities) known to shamanry. [written Jan 22 2014]}



Starting with the Roots


pp. 79 & 81 mastering one's self

p. 79

"Like other situations where shamans talk about "mastering" spirits, it's ... like you'd speak of mastering the violin. ... In a very real sense, what you're doing is mastering yourself with regard to the violin, and that is also where we stand with the element[al spirit]s. ...

p. 81

It has also been said that once you've mastered them, you simply start all over again learning them in a deeper way."



Mastering Air


p. 83 breath-magic

"you should be able to alter your consciousness by breathing in a specific way. ...

You should be able to imbue your breath with a certain sort of energy, and then blow it out onto something as a spell."

p. 85 wind-magic

"Most spirit-workers only work with one wind, a few with two or three. ... The South Wind merely laughs at me ... . ... By the way, ... you have to master spellsinging before you can call the winds, because that's the way you get their attention."

p. 85 wind-lore, traditional and experiential

"[Norse] lore only gives the name of one of the four winds -- Kari, eldest son of Mistblindi and brother to Aegir and Logi, and one of the of the great chieftains of Niflheim.

... I have experienced the West Wind as a female storm-giantess who travels the islands off the coast of Jo[,]tunheim. ...

The South Wind spends a good deal of time in Mu[`]spellheim ...; she is a warrior[ess] ... .

The East Wind is a skald, eloquent with words and riddles, and friendly with everyone -- the Aesir and Vanir like him, and even the A[`]lfar ... allow him in."

pp. 85-6 transcendental wind of Ginnunga-gap

p. 85

"The Deer are the cosmic guardians of the winds of the Tree [Ygg-drasil], of Ginnungagap, and of the Void. Those who work with the energy of the Void had best have a good relationship with them, because they ... make sure that

doors which should not be opened (at least by anyone less than a

{The doors which ought not be opened are those of the temple of Janus, and of their praeternatural aequivalents.}

p. 86

God) remain closed.

The deer are actually four famous runemasters of four different races ... . They are there for a reason; if they say that the door you are opening through the Void oughtn't to be opened, they know best."

p. 86 thread-spinning magic

"You should ... be able ... to spin [string] "with intent", putting spellcraft into the string as you create it. ... Goddesses who aid with such things are

Frigga (if you're spinning wool ...; she spins them from cloud-sheep),

{"Astarte-Aphrodite" is patroness of "women spinning wool" (WA, p. 69).} {"Aphrodite spun rain from the clouds" (WMP&T, p. 4).}

or Holda and her handmaiden Harn (if you're spinning flax or hemp)."

WA = Rachel Rosenzweig : Worshipping Aphrodite : Art and Cult in Classical Athens. Univ of MI Pr, 2004. http://books.google.com/books?id=gOemLnGyylUC&pg=PA69&lpg=PA69&dq=

WMP&T = Christina Martin : Weaving : Methods, Patterns, and Traditions of the Oldest Art. Walker Publ Co, NY, 2005. http://books.google.com/books?id=f_8iSw1aZq8C&pg=PA4&lpg=PA4&dq=

pp. 89-90 empowered by wind-god Kari : learning the breath-names of the 4 winds

p. 89

"I felt him [wind-god Kari] come up from behind me and move into my body. The breath left ... a long, long sung note ... one that went on and on, vibrating in my head ... . ... Then he moved out of me, and I twitched and shook as I often did after a slight possession.

p. 90

"I am the Breath of Song," he said ... . just as the other three winds are

the Breath of Speech,

{= East Wind "eloquent with words" (p. 85 supra)}

the Breath of Music, and

{= West Wind. To the West is the Aiolian isle (Aiolios nesos), where (Odusseia 10.1 sq -- "TA") "the hall is ... murmurous with the sound of music."} {The " female storm-giantess who travels the islands" (p. 85 supra) may be heroine Kuane ('Blue'), the wife of (Diodoros Sikelos 5:7:5 -- "TA") Aiolos. [A storm may come "out of the blue", as when the clear sky thundred at the behest of Zeus's son Minos.]}

the Breath of Fire."

{= South Wind. "The South Wind ... often comes ... bearing ... warmth." (supra p. 85)}

"I've always known how to do that," I said, thinking of the ability I've had to push energy out through ... spellsongs ... . ...

"That's because I breathed it into you," he said".

"TA" = "titan Aiolos" http://www.theoi.com/Titan/Aiolos.html

pp. 92-4 learning from Rind : whirling one's body in order to enter a simulcrum virtual-reality of byegone history; evading entry into a postulated future

p. 92

"She had me swing a small weight on a string ..., in horizontal circles ... . ... She told me that it could also be done with a "singing stick," and the [mental] image she sent me was of ... a bullroarer, but that was for outside as it ... made a lot of noise ... .

... without freezing, crystallizing, you cannot stop Time. ... Times is a series of crystallized moments

like beads on a string ... .

{cf. the beads visibly developing along the crossed strands of network viewed during Bodish hypnagogic trancework (according to secret instructions, in texts praesently available only to initiates)}

There is more than one way to move through Time.

There is Unn's way ...,

{/Unn/ is an alternative of /Udr/ ('Froth'), name of one of the 9 daughters of sea-god Aegir. Froth-engendred Aphro-dite is commonly aequated with VeNus, whose name may be cognate with /UNn/.}

and there is my way, which is Wind and Frost. Without Wind, you do not move, and without Frost, you cannot stop.

p. 93

... . That's something Unn won't tell you ... . ... . ... it is easy to get lost in Time. ... You are gathering the winds of Time ... going backwards, so you know ... to spin {to whirl one's body} ... widdershins [i.e., countreclockwise], against the [clockwise] turn of the sun. To go forward again -- which you must do ... -- spin sunwise [i.e., clockwise]. ... Besides, you need someone strong enough to hold your thread [of Wyrd] and bring you back. It would ... indeed ... hold you against the winds of Time. Even a strong land-wight would ... not understand the passing of Time well. No, you would have to ask a God for that ... . ...

Speed up ... your spinning. This is easier done when

there is no wind ... . {that is, there is only pent-up, imprisoned, unmoving wind}

{cf. how "the earth encloses the winds" (S:"GA" -- "ATh").}

That is because when there are {moving} winds, you must convince them to aid you ... . ...

p. 94

Now is your moment. Jerk up on the string [of Wyrd?] and do This to stop.

(... she made a flicking, whiplike motion with her hand ... . ...) This is the moment of freeze. Freeze! [cf. p. 92] ...

{During Lupercalia, women who seek to become praegnant are ritually whipped in order to facilitate the crystalizing (freezing) of a soul-seeking-redincarnation into a material embryo.}

Now spin sunwise, start slow, ... go ... faster. You will know when to stop. ... The frost again."

S:"GA" = Souidas, s.v. "Ges Agalma".

"ATh" = "Anemoi Thuellai" http://www.theoi.com/Titan/AnemoiThuellai.html

{Surely, such a trifling concern as the direction of the apparent motion of the Sun (differing from one hemisphaire to another -- clockwise in the northern, countreclockwise in the southern) could hardly dictate direction of rotation in such a metaphysical manner. More likely, the determining factor is something alike to the left-hand rule (and the right-hand rule) in conversion between magnetic-flux lines and electrical current-flow in electric-current generators; but (inasmuch as the effect of whirling is of an inertial character) as applied to its (the rule's) gravitational correlative [viz., relating gravito-magnetic to gravito-electric effects]. [written Jan 22 2014]}

p. 97 meeting with Gro`a

"The first time that I met Gro[`]a, {was when} I was sent to Helheim ... . ... Later ..., she started to give me a few song-charms. Further on ..., I was to stumble across Gro[`]u[-]galdr and realize who she was, and recognize the charms as ones that she had given to her son Svip[-]dag".

Gro`u-Galdr http://esoteric-runology-study-group.weebly.com/grougaldr.html



Mastering Fire


p. 99 not a state of matter?

"Fire ... is not a form of matter."

{Fire is indeed a state of matter, namely a plasma (of the variety sustained by chemical combustion).}

pp. 99-100 fire-deities

p. 99

"Fire is symbolized {controlled, not "symbolized"} by the fire-etins. Surt the Black, lord of the fire-giants, was the first being to come through Ginnunga[-]gap, out

p. 100

of the darkness with his flaming wand Laevateinn, ... creating Mu[`]spell[-]heim, the land of fire."

pp. 101-2 using fire-deities

p. 101

"Loki the Trickster is also a fire-god, and he can aid in ma[n]y things fire-related (although ... he will refer you to his grandfather Surt)."

p. 102

"That's part of understanding it -- praying to the fire-gods or fire-wights as you work".

p. 102 miraculous body-heat

"Heatwork, which the Tibetans refer to as [g]tu[m-]mo, is the ability to raise the temperature of your body and make it warm at will. Your body's internal thermostat is in your third chakra, your center of vili, and ... you can figure out how to tweak it ... . You should be able to keep yourself warm by this means".

p. 103 subtle ley-lines in one's body

"Get a feel for the energy meridians of the body. ... Ever since a five-thousand-year-old body was pulled out of a Swiss glacier {actually out of a cavity in the rock evading impact by any glacier, which would have crushed the body beyond identification} and found to have

tattooed acupuncture points,

{"57 tattoos, some of which were located on or near acupuncture points that coincide with the modern points that would be used to treat symptoms of diseases that Otzi seems to have suffered from " ("OI")}

many of us have been prodded by the wights ... to rediscover ... energy meridians".

"OI" = "Otzi The Iceman" http://www.crystalinks.com/otzi.html

p. 103 beverage for spirit-workers

"charge water ... . Then you drink it every morning as a kind of spirit-work health tonic ... . Charging small polished ... stones and putting them into the charged water makes it keep longer.

(The Siberians use ... distilled fermented mare's milk ... .)"

{The lactose in the milk is fermented to make kumiss."Mare's milk is much higher in lactose than cow's milk." Siberian traditionalists do not distill the product, but it must be sealed to hindre evaporation ("KY").}

"KY" = "Kumiss by ya" http://www.pbm.com/pipermail/hist-brewing/1999/009197.html

p. 104 Li`tr

"Learn to use dance as a method of trancework and raising power.

Dance starts with fire, and harnessing the inner litr;

{Li`tr is the name of the dwerg who entred the flame of the funeral-pyre of Nanna the daughter of Nep (NM, p. 288).}

some spirit-workers who use dance ... have begun to work with fire-dancing as a way to honor the fire spirits."

NM = R. B. Anderson : Norse Mythology. 3rd edn. Chicago : Griggs & Co, 1879. https://archive.org/stream/norsemythologyort00ande/norsemythologyort00ande_djvu.txt

p. 104 steam-spirits

"Learn how to use heat ordeals ..., such as the sauna or stofa ... . ... The steam spirits can help you to internalize heat and release it when necessary."

pp. 105-6 [by C.P.] Surt & Sinmora

p. 105

concerning Surt : "I remember ... that he is older than Urd {Urd}, the oldest surviving frost-thurse, that he saw her born from a great distance in his own world. He told me once that after she had mated with two brothers and brought forth two daughters, he sent her one of his sons to be the father of her first-born son, to eventually lead the frost-thurses into new worlds. ...

p. 106

I ... think of the sons of Surt ... and the daughters of Sinmora".

p. 107 spoken by Surt

"your lives are short, and broken up by forgetting deaths. I argued with Urd {Urd} about that, but she seemed to think it was important, the continual forgetting {at one's death} and starting over {in one's next incarnation}, so here I am teaching you about it {redincarnation}."

p. 109 Logi

Logi hath "bony joints, bony pointed face". {cf. "Logi had likewise eaten all ... the bones ..., and the trough too" (PETNM, p. 62).}

{The meaning of /Logi/ is 'log (of wood)'. 'Log (of wood)' + 'long' is the meaning of the name of Wahie-loa, whose "bones are guarded in the cave of Kaualehu" (HM, p. 259).}

spoken by Logi : "give someone a hummingbird".

{Huitzil-opochtli, is described as a hummingbird; but "was born without flesh, a skeleton." (L-AM, p. 92)} {"As a nocturnal being, Huitzilopochtli appeared as a Tzitzimitl, a scary skeletal apparition." (GMHu")} {The "men who ate "Huitzilopochtli's skeleton"" ("AHu") had a consuming appetite similar to that of Logi.}

PETNM = Snorri Sturluson (transl. by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur) : The Prose Edda: Tales from Norse Mythology. American-Scandinavian Foundation, NY, 1916. http://books.google.com/books?id=Hnmk7Z1cfv8C&pg=PA62&lpg=PA62&dq=

HM = Martha Beckwith : Hawaiian Mythology. Yale U Pr, 1940.

L-AM = Hartley Burr Alexander : Latin-American Mythology. Boston : Marshall Jones Co, 1920. http://books.google.com/books?id=1FjXAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA92&lpg=PA92&dq=

"GMHu" = "God of the Month: Huitzilopochtli" http://www.mexicolore.co.uk/aztecs/gods/god-of-the-month-huitzilopochtli

"AHu" = "Aztec ... Huitzilopochtli" http://nicoledewalt.com/aztecs-symbols-tattoos-aztecs-gods-huitzilopochtli.html

pp. 111-4 Farbauti

p. 111

"She ... brought up the totems of the Nine Clans of the Iron Wood.

{Ironwood is the material for coffins, in Africa and in Indonesia.}

She had allowed me to see ... them already, on the condition that I have them tattooed on my body. ...

{Tattooes are done on the body in order to be on the body of the soul (as a sort of passport-sigil admitting into the more amenable after-death regions for souls) when it is inspected by deities who grant admission into the world for souls, according to the customs in Borneo and in the Philippines.}

I immediately sought for Farbauti ..., he came to me ... . ... He wore traditional Iron Wood fashion -- rough-cut skins laced into clothing, with dangling, swinging, rattling strings of ... bones, and on Farbauti, clanking pieces of iron."

p. 112

spoken by Farbauti : "My part is the power ... of the disorders that strike later in life ... into senility.

p. 113

I can see the tiny cracks in the wall, too small for the defenders to notice, but you can use those. ...

{Only the part of the city-wall built by Aiakos "could be breached (Pindar : Pythian Odes viii.31-46)." (GM 158.8)} {Jaina asterism "broken outer wall" is naks.atra Magha (A&ACS, Fig. 19, p. 152)}

p. 114

So wear ... the stone knife ... .

{The solar-lunar world having a stone knife as its centre is paced by (CBM, p. 18, upper registre) a self-beheaded god : cf. self-beheaded god (according to Pan~cavims`a Brahman.a 7:5-6 -- OST, vol 4, p. 129) Makha, which /Makha/ is a variant of ("FP27N") the naks.atra-name /Magh[a]/.

Pour to me in the thunderstorm".

{There was a roll of thunder, with a few flashes of lightning, and then an enormous black eagle (FGM, p. 194).} {There is (CBM, p. 18, upper registre) likewise a black eagle, holding in its beak a stone knife.}

A&ACS = Hugh A. Moran & David H. Kelley : The Alphabet and the Ancient Calendar Signs. 2nd edn. Palo Alto (CA), 1970.

CBM = Codex Borgianus Mexicanus.

OST = John Muir : Original Sanskrit Texts on the Origin and History of the People of India. 2nd edn. London : Tru:bner & Co, 1873.


"FP27N" = Jaya Tirtha Charan dasa : "Functionary Properties of the 27 Nakshatras". http://www.salagram.net/Calendar-27nakshatras.htm

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