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Runes as Spirit-Allies









Divine Genetics



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Repair of the Soul










pp. 175-7 how specific methods are accomplished

p. 175

"It's useful to have several different kinds of divination that you're skilled at. ... . ... Hela told me that I was to master 27 different oracles. ...

p. 176

Some clients will respond well to one method and not to another, and some clients' "astral files" may respond better to some method ... . ... Even if you do only runes, [do] bother to learn both the runestone method and the runestaves method. They are useful for different sorts of questions ... .

Also appropriate are many of the little folk-omen divinatory methods ... . ... They are elemental, and many such elemental spirits approve of them and will facilitate mesages in this way. They include :

Divination with wind ... .

Divination with fire, including scrying in candle[-flame]s or bonfires ... . Fire is a good trance-maker, especially if you work with fire-gods.

p. 177

Divination by water, ... just staring into water and scrying, especially if you work with lake-spirits ... . ...

Divination in the leaves of trees. Lie under the tree and look up ... and watch the leaves move in the wind until you go into trance and see something.

Divination with stones. ... Some Siberian tribal spirit-workers work with ... stones ... scrying what ... looks like an omen."

pp. 178, 182-3 required by deities to tell client the result

p. 178

"Spirit-workers ... will often be pressed into saying things that the client didn't want to hear by the hovering Powers That Be, and may be punished if we don't say them."

p. 182

"you serve both the community of human beings and the community of spirits, and somehow it's up to you to make them work together. There will be times ... in the middle of a reading when a wight says,

p. 183

"Tell them this!" and you have to figure out how to honestly tell them".

p. 179 required by deities not to tell client the result

"I don't know what I'm supposed {divinely expected} to be doing with my life. ...

It's a request to look at the thread of their Wyrd, and tell them about their orlog. My usual procedure is, first, to ask if it's even allowed for me to tell them. For some people, figuring the path out themselves is the important thing, and being told would ruin it for their particular road. This means that either

you'll tell them and they get that glazed look that says, "I'm not listening,"

{In this case, the client was divinely hindred from hearing, indicating that the client ought not to be informed.}

or you'll open your mouth to speak and get the cosmic gag order, or the reading will clearly say "Classified!" In that case, try to explain to the disappointed person in front of you about some people needing to find their own way as part of their lesson."

p. 179 reading a client's Destiny-File in the Akas`ik Record

"It may be that you can do more specific readings about what they're doing now, or are drawn to, and if those things are moving in the right direction or not. ...

Then I use one of several methods to get into ... the Akashic Library in order to look at what I jokingly refer to their File ... a file laid out, with certain marks on the cover and color[-cod]ed pages inside. The information may ... be ... a file where half the papers are

in another language --

{such as the "Enochian Code" in angelic script?}

and which half {of the papers} they are keeps shifting as you look."

{If the indefinite qualification /what I jokingly refer to as/ were repeatedly inserted, merely in order to keep from offending such incredulous Norse "strict reconstructionists" as may read this book, then such spurious qualification may be appropriately omitted. But if this be an allusion to a jovial mood needing to be maintained in an entranced condition in order to access the Akas`ik record (because of its cosmic connection with the universe-wide "cruel joke of God[s]"), then it is of course to be retained.}

p. 180 use of the Soul-Map

"The Soul Map ... is a technique that Hela gave me for doing readings. It works well for basic-level Wyrdworking and for readings {concerning client's quaeries} that start out ... vague. If done in the two-round system, it will give plenty of information and many jumping-off points from there, which the client may {on account of being vague} not have thought of."

p. 180 how to perform health-diagnosis

"have the client lie down and run your hands over them, few inches above their body, and interpret through your own [2nd] Sight and/or whatever any allied wights {spirit-helpers} can tell you. Ask [the allied wights] what parts need the most immediate attention, and don't be surprised if it's not the part that they're complaining about the most. Health problems can be caused by something else entirely from what's actually hurting. ...

Then it's a matter of figuring out what to do with it."

pp. 181-2 discovering a client's patron-deity {different from a patron-saint (who is a historical personage), this is in effect a discovering of to which particular order (choir) of angels the client's guardian-angel belongeth}

p. 181

"I want to know who my patron deity is .... ...

If they have a patron deity just trying to get through, what they really need of you is trancework. Some spirit-workers can do this with the client right there, and actually find it easier due to the "anchor" {or beacon, or whatever} of their {client's and patron-deity's} praesence. Some prefer to do it quietly later, without distractions, and report back to the client with their findings. ...

If there's no patron deity in the offing, and they really want one (and you've questioned them to make sure that their reasons for wanting one aren't ... {frivolously insincere}), then you can read to ask who {of the deities} might be willing to take them if they proved themselves worthy, and what that would entail.

This is a controversial issue;

most modern Neo-Pagans would rather believe in the ideal of the all-loving {loving all evil?} God(s) that takes you the way you are, and never asks you to change yourself {never asketh any postulant to renounce vicious behaviours?} or do anything inconvenient.

{Such " modern Neo-Pagans" are plagiarizing this notion straight out of Christianity. It is because Iesous Khristos is willing to accept all comers just as they are, that the typical quality of Christians is so appallingly defective -- most Christians are habitual hypocrites, liars, cheats, robbers, and murderers.}

We spirit-workers, however, know better. ... Yes, the Gods have the right to ask us to prove ourselves worthy, and ... they often demand such things. ...

p. 182

All too often, the Gods ... want us to battle

hordes of ... demons, just the internal ones,

{hordes of abominably bad personal habits}

in order to prove that we are worth bothering with."

p. 182 clients are shocked at the reality of the prospect of becoming a spirit-worker; a spirit-worker's patron-deity may retain a concealed identity for decades

"You might also want to explain what may happen if they get a patron deity who decides that they [clients] are {destined to be} more than just a fan[atic], and wants them as a tool {i.e., as a dedicated spirit-worker on behalf of that deity}. ... Give them a fair warning, even if they don't take it.

Similarly, the person who's being bothered {disciplined} by a God and doesn't know who it is may not be ready to know. The deity may be concealing their {his or her} identity deliberately, possibly so that the individual {devotee, prospective spirit-worker} in question does not make assumptions based on the words {of scurrility} of others. I've seen this happen more tha once; it happened to me. Hela did not show me her face or let me know her name for ... 28 years ..., because she wanted me to get to know her intuitively first ... . I know a few Pagans with very real patron deities whose masters still will not tell them who They are. ...

Many Gods have names that are simply titles, like


{The name /Frigg/ is the verb /frig/ 'to masturbate' : she is the goddess praesiding over the activity of masturbation (not necessarily self-masturbation).}

and Frey[j]a (Lady), Frey (Lord), etc."

p. 183 Gro`a's 2nd Charm

"This is a charm for when one is wandering, ... but ... cannot find the road."

"As my Thread runs through my fingers ...,

So the Road runs ...

Dream to dream, ...

Fate and fortune guard and guide me".





pp. 184-8 how to use the Soul-Map

p. 184

"The outline for this divinatory chart was downloaded into my head {mind} while I was in Helheim. I asked my patron deity for a useful diagnostic method for clients, and She gave me this. ...

The center row {column, not "row"} does tend to line up with the chakras, ... and it is interesting to note that

there are two, not one for the sixth row. [These, which counted from the bottom may as well be the 8th row, are the 2 raven-heads (Huginn & Muninn, on p. 185), labeled #7 & #8 (on p. 189).]

{The "two" alluded to hereat, are evidently aequivalent the "ravens" repraesented by Negroid persons in the major caerimony of <arabi religion in the "days of ignorance" (prior to Muh.ammad).}

This is a map of the human soul, and all its accessories, which includes the body. ... I've found it to be a crucial first tool in figuring out what's going on with someone, especially when their problem seems to be spiritual ... in nature."

p. 185

names (in Rune-script) of chart-positions [p. 189 these are numbered thus :-

middle column 1 to 9 (bottom to top),

upper right column 10-11 (bottom to top),

lower right column 12-13 (top to bottom),

upper left column 14-15 (bottom to top),

lower left column 16-17 top to bottom).]

p. 186

"For a full-out reading, I do two rounds of divination for the client[,] using this map.

The first round is done with a set of indicator stones, which will give a general overview of the client's condition.

The second round is done with runes, which give more specific information about what can be done to improve things."

pp. 186-7 stones for the 1st round

p. 186

"There are 41 stones used for this round. ... The number of each type ... was chosen by dowsing ... .








"Functioning within normal limits."

p. 187




"inherent but permanent problem -- a genetic illness, ... irreversible physical disability, etc."




"natural talent or learned ability"




"something which could be moved by the individual"




"divine intervention ... circumstances are out of your control. There are plans for you, and they are going ahead whether you consent or not."




"the client has lost a part of themselves {himself or herself}. More ... should be done ... to decide whether {soul-}retrieval is necessary or possible."

p. 188 stones for the 2nd round

"Hela has told me that this system was not designed for runes per se ... . ...

Generally, the indicator stones tell you where a problem is, and the second round tells you the source of the problem, or more details on its nature, or a possible solution."

pp. 190-207 the 17 chart-positions [components of the soul] on the Soul-Map






"Old Norse ham ...;old English hame or hama ... . Your astral body. ... The hame is the part of your soul that

can be shapeshifted into another form ... . ...

{Shape-shifting of one's own body is typically performed by a shaman in a dream.}

For the first round : ... An Exceptional stone denotes ability to move it around and adjust it ... . ...


Wyrd on this area denotes that the Gods and spirits have plans for this person's hame ... . Natural shapeshifters, those with a predisposition to become god-possessed, and those locked into their bodies for cosmic purposes ... .

For the second round : The runes should describe in greater detail the individual's issues with their {his or her} astral body. ... For example, ... Ansuz might mean the ability to travel astrally on errands.


/Li`tr/ "means literally ... blooming hue". ...

{Komos "with yellow and dark blue pigments, to imitate the semblance of flowers" (Ph:I 1:2 -- "SK").}

Without litr, the person's ... sex drive may be low, or blocked".

{Hellenic /KOMO-/ is cognate with Skt /KAMA/ '(sexual) desire'.}


For the first round : ... an Exceptional one might ... suggest an innate talent for sex magic. ... Wyrd on this stone might indicate that these energies are directed in their expression, or dependenbt for their existence, on the Gods and spirits. I have often seen this for people who are god-spouses, or sacred prostitutes, or who use sexual energy as part of their spiritual vocation."


"Old Norse lyke ...; Old English {actually, Scottish} lich. {The actual Old English written form is /lic/.} ... The actual physical body ... the purely physical container for your soul. ...

For the first round : ... A Wyrd stone suggests that the current health issues are a lesson imposed from the outside {by deities}, and dealing with them will require figuring out and learning that lesson".


For the second round : The rune pulled by the client may show the area of health ... that will be most relied on to support the stress level in the near future."


"Old Norse vili ...; Old English willa ... . Vili is the will, the inner force that motivates you ..., and allows decisiveness. One of Odin {O`dinn}'s brothers is named for this quality. ...

For the first round : ... A Wyrd stone here suggests that the Will has [been] (or needs to be) given over to a Higher or Deeper Power for some reason ... in order to accomplish what needs to be done."



/Mo`d/ ""mood" ... . ...

For the first round : ... An Exceptional stone ... is an indication of someone who has a deep knowledge of their {his or her} own emotional nature, and also has the ability to understand the feelings of others, even when they come from alien motivations. ...


A Wyrd stone here can ... be the mark of ... the person whose emotional nature is "used" by the Gods and spirits for the good of the community, often without their {the community's?} understanding of what is going on."


"Old Norse ond ...; Old English aethem ... {= Hellenic /ATMo-/}. The word ond literally means "breath" ... . ... Whether it is called prana {/pran.a/} ... or anything else, those who work with it know what it is. ...


For the first round : ... A Wyrd stone someone who has the potential to be (or already is) a conduit of divine energy; this placement is sometimes found in those rare people who ... {are entred and controlled by} deities and spirits for purposes of spirit-possession or god-possession."


"Old Norse huge ...; or Old English hyge ... .

The two ravens that sit on Odin's shoulders and spy for him are named Huginn and Muninn, or Thought and Memory. They represent the two parts of the cognitive process, Huge and Munr, or Hyge and Mynd; we get the word "mind" from the latter word.

For the first round : ...


A Wyrd stone in this placement suggests the potential to think clearly about spiritual matters ..., and translate them into understandable words while not losing the spiritual experience".


"Old Norse munr ..., or Old English mynd ... . Mynd is the memory ... . ...

For the first round : ... An Exceptioal stone indicates ... an eidetic or photographic memory. ...


A Wyrd stone may indicate the ability to remember past lives".


"Old Norse godhi {godi} ...; ... gythja {gytja} ... . These old words for spiritual practitioner (... "priest" and "priestess") ... have also been used to refer to the higher self. ...

For the first round : ... A Blocked stone indicates that ... the individual in question fears where the path {of spirituality} may lead and


refuses to go towards it. A Wyrd stone is the indicator of someone whose higher self is being called by the Gods and spirits in some way, and achieving their full spiritual potential is entirely in the hands of the Otherworldly beings.

For the second round : The runes drawn generally refer to the path that the higher self is drawn toward, unless the previous round had a Blocked stone; in this case the rune will generally be relevant to the blockage in question."


"Old Norse fylgja ... . Spirit guides. These are the forces that work with us in this lifetime. ...

For the first round : ... An Exceptional stone suggests someone who finds it natural and easy to talk to noncorporeal beings, and a Wyrd stone tells of being chosen by particular Gods and/or spirits ... .

For the second round : The rune ought to tell more about what sort of spirit guides are involved, or why there aren't any, and/or if anything can or ought to be done about that."


"Old Norse kinfylgja ... . This is the point of ancestry, the collected wisdom of your genetic forbears, and your spiritual relationship with them. ...


For the first round : ... A Weak stone is an indication ... that one's ancestors are really not worth calling upon, and that the client should look elsewhere for aid. This is sometimes seen in adoptive children ... . A Blocked stone indicates that the client is taking a path entirely different from -- and perhaps antithetical to -- that of their ancestors ... . ... A Wyrd stone on this point suggests that ... the Gods ... of the ancestors, that have a vested interest in this person. There may be genetic gifts, such as someone with an Exceptional stone ... .


For the second round : The rune(s) drawn will tell how the ancestors and their Gods may be of service to the client, or alternat[iv]ely why they will not be, and where they {the client} should turn instead."


"Old English maegen ... . Maegen ... is tangible personal power that is earned by deeds of honor : ... giving one's word and keeping it. ... You can also lose maegen by committing ... harmful acts ... . ...

For the first round : ... A Weak stone in this placement suggests the commitment-phobe, or the one


... who lives their {his or her} life avoiding being pinned down ... . They may place {regard} feelings as having more value than commitments".


"Old Norse hamingja ... . The word hamingja has many meanings, ... all ... to center around ... some kind of luck -- ... the sort that can be created ... . Another way to describe it ... might be "mojo", in the ... sense of something laden with fortunste power. Hamingja can imbue an object, or a person. ... An heirloom passed down

over time has ... hamingja ... .


For the first round : ... An Exceptional stone means that the client has a great deal of "communal luck" ... . A Weak stone often indicates the loner, ... or the outcast. ...

For the second round : ... One notable rune to have in this section is Othila -- that refers specifically to {inherited hamingja}."



/Ve`/ in old Norse, "or wih in Old English, denoted something that was otherworldly, mystical ... . It is also the name of another of Odin {O`dinn}'s brothers. In terms of the soul map, the ve[`] is ... your innate psychic ability ... .

For the first round : ... An Exceptional stone is {indicative of} the individual with real psychic potential, which they {he or she} may or may not be using. ... A Wyrd stone on this placement indicates that the individual's ve[`] is entirely given to them {him or her}, and controlled by, the Gods and spirits".


Old Norse /o`dr/; Old English /wo`d/. "The first syllable of Woden {Wo`den} / Odin {O`dinn}'s name, the wo[`]d is the ability to


merge with the Divine Consciousness in some form. ... While this sort of thing is pursued by mystics throughout the ages, they have all learned [that] ... if you achieve it at all, it will be by the will {grace} of the {Divine} Powers That Be, and

it's not possible to live constantly in that kind of state."

{not feasible, simply because the Deities do not care to have their attention occupied with mundane chores done by the mortal devotee}



"Old English orlaeg ... or orlog. ... .

... your orlog is your personal karmic record {stock (quantative)} to date ..., and it contains everything that your {activities} have gained and lost toward achieving your ultimate goal, whatever that may be. ...

{This would be one's alaya-punya ('stock-of-merit').}

For the first round : ... A Weak stone indicates someone who has not yet grasped the concept of cause and effect {in ethics, as divinely promulgated}, and that everything you do {in the way of social behaviours} comes back to you in one form or another. ...

For the second round : The rune(s) drawn can indicate the current lessons on the path, or suggestions for direction, or one's general behavior toward the {ethical}

laws of the universe."


"Old English wyrd ..., from the Old Norse Urd

{"Urd's well" (Vo,luspa` 20 -- "Y&WU") is possibly reminiscent of the water-filled chariot-ruts (DBhP 8:4) of Priya-vrata, whose daughter's name (PE, s.v. "URjjasvati") /URjja-svaTi/ may be cognate with Norse /URD/.}

of the three Norns {Nornir}). Your wyrd is your final destiny. ... Everyone's wyrd is different; some are "destined" ... to be


allowed to choose their own path ... .

{thus in appearance merely, not in reality}

Indeed, it sometimes seems as if the world is made up of those who have a set destiny, with ... penalties if you {they} stray from the path, and those who are entirely free to wander with no guidance at all. ...

{This is largely (even to appearances) a matter of relative degrees and of relative quantities. Also, it is a matter of differences in which specific deities are controlling the mortals' circumstances, and how manifestly or concealedly those deities manage this process. (Without being controlled by deities, mortals could have neither thoughts nor actions.) [written Feb 10 2014]}

Your wyrd is the thing that your higher self knows about, and attempts ... to pursue that path. ...

For the first round : A Normal stone on this placement indicates that the the client, like most people, has

flexible wyrd. ...

{Such "flexible wyrd" would merely indicate that at different ages in a persons life, the deities (following a well-praepared over-all plan) require that such person accomplish a particular, though varying, task. [written Feb 22 2014]}

An Exceptional stone on this position is {indicative of} the individual who

is meant to do something special with their {his or her} life ... . ...

{By this "something special" an unvarying vocation is intended.}

A Blocked stone suggests that the individual has deliberately walled off the path to their {his or her} wyrd ... . A Wyrd stone on the Wyrd position is

the fated life :

{By "fated life" is intended : a life wherein the choice of the deities is highly manifest and self-evident.}

the Gods and spirits have a use for you, and you are going to be their tool whether you like it or not.

For the second round : Ask a question about your destiny, and the runes will answer! Unless, or course, you draw Ga[`]r, in which case be prepared to hear ... {praeternatural} laughing ... ."

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"Y&WU" = "Yggdrasil and the Well of Urd" http://norse-mythology.org/cosmology/yggdrasil-and-the-well-of-urd/

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