Wyrdwalkers, III.3



Runes as Spirit-Allies


pp. 208-9 runes are spirits

p. 208

"Odin {O`dinn} ... managed to rip open a hole Ginnunga[-]gap for the Runes to come through ... they ... as spirits in and of themselves ... . ... As soon as it occurs to you, however, ... there they are ... to say, "We wondered when you'd figure it out." ...

Yet the Runes are the spirit-allies most called on ... . Have ... the moment to call on the spirits of the Runes themselves and ask them ... . ... This chapter is [about] my experiences with these spirits, and how they came to me, and how I work with them.

p. 209

Rune-spirits are a good example of a partnership relationship with spirits ... . ... Once you start working with them as spirits ..., they will expect more of you in your rune-workings. They will have something to say about the enchantments that you use them in, and ... they can be invaluable for advice on creating magic or doing divination; nobody understands the Runes better than the Runes themselves."

pp. 210-1 categories of runes



meaning of category

membres (elements) of category-set




F, G, J



H, N, T



W, S, "Ch"



Ae, O, K, D, "St"



healing runes


B, L, A`


dark runes

P, Ea, Io, Cw




M, O`, I



T, A, Ei

pp. 212-7 [by G.K.] runes as spirit-allies

p. 212

"The runes are alive. ... They can be powerful allies ..., in the traditional spirit sense. ... One must keep coming back again and again to explore them, and only when that relationship is solid and well-developed, will the individual runes begin to allow the vitki a little more access. ...

p. 213

However, ... they won't allow one to read them until they've in some way begun testing the erstwhile reader. ... Furthermore, the runes ... when they unite with the vitki in whatever way they are being called -- be it for magic, galdr, and divination -- that rune-worker is touching ... a world that

existed before

{existeth in logical priority to [but the deities are all aeterne]}

the coming of the Gods. They re touching spirits that thrived in that which existed when the worlds {cosmic structurings}

collided at the beginning of time.

{interact, in a situation of logical priority}

There is something primordial and ancient yet at the same time forever youthful about ... the runes. ...

p. 214

Runes, when they contact or are contacted by human beings, try to make sure that human beings understand their nature ... while still being true to the rune itself. ... They work within their own natures. ... Runes work {function} by understanding ... . A rune ... will more likely work for you if you're going to it fully understanding and accepting ... that rune and what that means. ... The give and take of good conversational dynamics is exactly the relationship that the vitki has with any given rune at the moment of perfect working. The runes cooperate more when you understand and accept the full potential of what they are {as spirits} ... .

For this reason, rune-workers may find it easier to work with certain runes rather than others. ... For instance, I work quite comfortably and well with Ansuz {'Divinity'}, but find Mannaz {'Humanity'} to be extremely difficult to access. ...

p. 215

And sometimes, though the runes will come when you call them, they may not open their energies to you for a very long time. ...

The fluidity of galdr prepares one exceptionally well for rune work. ... Through galdr, which need not be particularly euphonic, the rune worker may access points on the web {of Wyrd} that would otherwise be far out of reach. ... Galdr entails singing not only the rune name, but mentally filing any images, sounds, smells, or feelings that may come to mind while concentrating on and reaching out for the individual rune.

Runes have rhythm

{Likewise, each West African (of certain tribes, e.g. Yoruba) deity hath a peculiar rhythm (used in the drum-beat for calling that deity to do deity-possession of a mortal spirit-medium).}

and vibration and movement, and this too is extremely important when one is getting to know them. They are

extremely kinetic, and ... their energies can flow through the body. It can be extremely helpful, and can even augment certain magics, to know how to give that energy the outlet of ... dancing ... . ...

{Dancing is often integral to introductory invocation in the West African deity-possession caerimonies; and kinematic bodily movements are evident in the deity's becoming seated in the possessee's body.}

In listening to galdr, you're listening to the sound and vibrations of the {Wyrd-}threads of the runes ... . This is why ... It's ... important ... how it reverberates on the Wyrd web ... .

p. 216

Anyone seeking access to the runes should have at least a basic understanding of Wyrd before delving deeply into the runes. ... Learn how to balance Wyrd and move within its strands and eddies before seeking out the runes. ... There's an advantage to the fact that runes are sentient.

When you're doing magic with them ..., when casting one must be very sure to take the responsibility ... to the rune. The rune can hold more of that -- a lot more -- than you can ..., but if you inadvertently shoulder what belongs to the rune itself, you may well be crushed beneath that weight. ...

{There may be a considerable degree of imputable "responsibility" for a conspiracy for the sorcerous subversion of the reigning political government : this responsibility may be accepted by the so-called "Rune-spirits" (known in Hu.rufi/Bektas^i conjuration as alphabetic spirits, and who may be major West African deities).}

p. 217

Rune[-spirit]s find the language of our modern society very alien. ...

{They find the deliberately-deceptive vocabulary of capitalism "very alien", and abhorrent.}

They also assign very different values to things like money, death and sex. ...

{These spirits assign as values : money, to organize a conspiracy of sorcerers against capitalism; death, to promote among death-deities the plot for the overthow of capitalism among the living; and sex, for mortals to intermarry with deities so as to induce one's resultant divine affines-in-law to participate in the scheme for the overthrow of capitalism on this planet amongst mortals. [written Feb 12 2014]}

They cannot be forced to adhere to the value system of 20th century America. ...

Pain is also a tool that certain runes will utilize, for it opens the consciousness of the rune-worker in ways that friendlier tools do not;

{This necessity is a basic reason for the existence of minor physical bodily discomfort.}

and likewise with ecstasy and sex[ual delight]. ... There is something about the place in which they dwell that favors those who tend to extremes, and most of all, favors a shift in consciousness when one fully commits to the work at hand. ...

Just as the Web {interconnecting the 9 Worlds} is constructed of interlocking and layered threads [of Wyrd], so the runes must exist in a dynamic interwoven, interrelated, shifting paradigm of energies. ... It is impossible to separate runes from Wyrd. They are living extensions and reflections of it."

pp. 218-35 the individual rune-spirits (Guthonic/Anglo-Saxon) {based on traditional Norwegian assignment of runes to occupational works}



spirit's attributes


Fehu/Feoh : "Whore"

"Fehu keeps and sells herd animals ... . ... she owns ample flocks and herds... . ... A mature woman of ample proportions, usually clad in green, she ... loves physical sensuality and her bed is open to many".

Uruz/U`r : "Chieftain"

"a tall, broad, greatly muscled man ... . Brown and bearded, he wears the skins of animals ... . His totem is the great aurochs, the now-extinct European buffalo {bison}, and like the aurochs he will bellow and trample anything ... .


... His leadership charisma is intense ... . Uruz loves the mountains of Jo[,]tunheim".

Turisaz/Torn : "Berserker"

"When he laughs, it is ... because someone has suffered some humiliating turn that has brought low their pride. ... Thorn lives to bring down the prideful, the hypocritical ... . ... He is also something of a reverser, ... turning things around. ... He is married to Nyth ... . Thorn loves the wastes of Niflheim."

Ansuz/Aesc : "Winged One"

"appearing as a bird of various sorts. When this rune has taken a human face to speak to me, it has been ...


as a half-bird shapeshifter ..., fluttering from one perch to the next. ... Ansuz is the Spirit of Freedom, wings outstretched and flying upwards ... . When not looking at you ..., Ansuz always looks upwards. ... . ... Ansuz is most fond of A[`]sgard, and the eagle Hraesvelg".

Raido/Ra`de : "Wanderer"

"He appears dressed in ... worn shoes {cf. the "old shoes" clouted upon the feet (Yho^s^u<a 9:5) of the H.iwwi^m (9:7)}, perhaps with a bag {"bottles" (9:4)} over his shoulder ... . ... He is a wonderful traveling companion ... . While he loves every world ... his favorite is ... Helheim at the bottom of the Hel Road. ... Raido calls this his beginning road, where he starts out, and being there means that all roads are ahead of him."


Kaunaz/Ke`n : "Smith"

"a blacksmith working at his forge. ... . ... his favorite place is in Nidavellir {Nida-vellir 'Downwards Fields'} in their caves and forges ... . ... Ke[`]n comes in with noise and ringing".

Gebo/Gyfu : "Giver"

"a northern housewife, plump and smiling ... . She loves to give gifts, but they must be properly appreciated {by the recipient} ... . ... She loves the craft-halls of Svart[-]a`lfheim".


Wunjo/Wyn : "Lightbringer"

"in an aura of radiant golden light, a slender figure with long pale hair. ... . There was something ... elflike in her large eyes ..., and certainly the world that she loves best is Ljossalfheim {Ljo`s-a`lf-heim}, and that is where she can generally be found. She is a dancer, sometimes carrying a torch ... . When she moves, her figure leaves a track of light on the inner eye that takes a while to fade. Wyn is always smiling ..., bringing forth ... laughter."

Hagalaz/Haegl : "Stormbringer"

"She appears as a pale woman ... with long black hair that is ... whipping in high winds ...; the only time that I saw it floating gently was when she appeared in the middle of a blizzard. ... To her, ... the storm makes you stronger".


Nautiz/Nyt : "Crone"

"Nyth is an old woman ... . ... Nyth is the power of the needfire ... . I am under the impression that she is the wife of Thorn ... . Her favorite world is Mu[`]spellheim, which warms her".

Isa/I`s : "Ice Queen"

"Tall, pale, eyes blue ..., hair black ..., she is robed in white and silver. Her demeanor is stiff and haughty ... . ... Appealing to her vanity may make her more likely to


help you ... . Never insult her dignity ... . Mistress I[`]sa prefers the snowy parts of frozen Niflheim".

Je`ra/Je`r : "Farmer[ess]"

"Whenever Je[`]ra appears, she always has some kind of farm implement in her hand ... . ... Je[`]ra appears as ... a mature woman with calloused hands, sun-browned face, sturdy work clothes, hair braided back so as not to interfere with the Work. ... She is most fond of the world of Vanaheim, where ... the Wheel of the Year most keenly felt, and all the farming ... a patchwork quilt".

Eihwaz/E`oh : "Bridegroom"

"Eihwaz is the husband of Mannaz ... . Tall, sturdy, and honest-faced, he bears only his staff of yew ... . ...


Like his wife, he loves Midgard more than any other world, for it is there that the folk most need protecting."

Pert/Peort "Priestess"

"Perth appears as a woman robed in black, silver of hair and of middle yeas. Sometimes she is ... weaving on a loom ... . ... She will also sometimes appear with a handful of lots made from the pastern bones of sheep ... . ... Perth is a priestess ...; she is also a good aid for any diviner to have, especially when they must translate inscrutable messages . ... Perth likes to be near the Well of Wyrd ..., although she will also travel to Mi[`]mir's Well".

Algiz/Eolhx : "Gardian"

"Algiz keeps solely to the defensive warding of set boundaries. He is the border guard ..., and as such has a strong affinity with all animals who mark territory ... . He is tall, dark, ... and reclusive, ... showing himself ... sometimes antlered ... . ... Generally there will be a few moments of lag-time between calling him and noticing that the has


appeared, and you missed it. ... He has a strong affinity for the wilds of Jo[,]tunheim, and all deep forests."

Sowelu/Sigil "Valkyrie"

"a Valkyrie, all white and gold with a sword in her hands ... . ... She is known for only appearing briefly; she stays rarely more than a minute when summoned by human beings."

Teiwaz/Ty`r : "Warrior"

"He is quite ... blunt .., courageous, ... and honorable ... . ... Ty[`]r is a good teacher of ... the psychological side of ... reason and honor."


Berkana/Beorc "Mother"

"she hangs in a sort of aura of pearlescent light ... . Berkana is the greatest of the limru[`]nar, the healing runes ... . ... Berkana ... has an fondness for the tall trees of the Jo[,]tunheim forests."

Ehwaz/Eh "Horseman"

"he is a carter bringing a cargo of goods from one place to the next, urging on his plodding carthorse -- the original teamster/trucker ... . ... Unlike Raido ..., Ehwaz prefers to ... have a decent map {cf. Gaulish MAPonos = Cymry Mabon} ... . ... He has a good deal of patience". {ks.anti 'patience', one of the bodhi-sattva-s' bhumi-s}


Mannaz/Mann "Bride"

"a young female presence, garlanded with flowers, and very pregnant ... the pregnant bride. ... She is the mediator {mediatrix} who resolves confrontations ... for the sake of her people, and all people beyond that."


Laguz/Lac "River-Daughter"

"she arises naked and sparkling from the lake. ... Her song is hypnotizing; she is solitary but seductive". {Her name /LAGu-/ may be derived from /LoG/ "measure for liquids" (Strong's 3849).}

Inguz/Ing "Corn King"

"He often appears wreathed in grain or even bound into a corn-sheaf ... . He has a strange and erotic relationship with

Perth, whose hand wields the sickle that lays him low.

{If so Perth may have been reaping flax, for (according to James Frazer : The Golden Bough), while women were harvesting flax, they might assault men.}

Ing is very much a creature of Vanaheim, where he is honored as First of the Runes."


Dagaz/Daeg "Awakener"

"Dagaz flashes onto the scene in a blaze that startles, then quicikly dies down to a humming glow. Indeed, Dagaz ... being confined to one place for too long would build up so much energy that there would be an explosion. ... Dagaz prefers ... presence near the top of the Tree where the morning comes first and longest."

Otila/Oetel "Grandparent"

"spirits who can appear as either male or female depending on circumstance, but unlike ... Wyn, Othila always appears as an aged elder ... . ... Othila ... knows much about ... ancestry, and has the longest memory of any of the Rune-Spirits. ... Othila prefers ... Midgard ..., especially the oldest places there."


E`ar "Reaper"

"sometimes appears as male, sometimes as female ... . Either way, E[`]ar is clothed in black, bearing a blade ...,

when androgynous, a curved knife. ...

{Howbeit, the curved knife is carried only by men in Yemen, and by the S`ikh men; and it is aequivalent to the curved knife characteristic of Aztec male deity Itztla-coliuhqui.}

E[`]ar also does the work of burying the Dead ... . As one might expect, E[`]ar is most often found in Helheim, the Land of the Dead."

A`c "Chieft[ain]ess"

"She is a mature female, appearing to me dressed still in her warrior's and cloaked in brown, with a great oaken

{This name, Anglo-Saxon /A`c/, is in Scottish /Aiken/ ('Oaken'), the name of the mythic Man-in-the-Moon (and of a town in S.C.).}

staff on which she leans ... . Sometimes it seems to be the pole that holds up

{Is she a pole-danceress in a strip-joint?}

the whole sky, and around which the stars wheel ... . ...

{Because the Chinese Tree-in-the-Moon is (instead of the oak) the qinnamon (cinnamon), the occurrence of the name of this tree (/kassia/, in Hellenic) in the name of constellation Kassi-opeia would suggest Chair of Kassiopeia may "wheel" (rotate) in the fashion of a barber's chair.}

She is ... immoveable as a mountain ..., and of course has an affinity for all oak trees."


Ior "Shapeshifer"

"Ior's shape changes constantly, and it is impossible to follow the shifts ... . Sometimes conversations with Ior are done best looking away ... . ... On the other hand, another of Ior's gifts is binding ... . When Ior does bindings, there is a definite "twining" ..., like ivy ... . In spite of Ior's shifting nature, Ior likes being around Midgard, especially around the Serpent [Midgards-orm]."

O`s "Skald"

"a middle-aged man, ... with ... long moustaches ... . He is the one who teaches about public speaking ... . ... O[`]s is ... speaker, writer, anything to do with words and ... he bestows the gift of great speech, but only for a short time when the need arises."


Y`r "Archer"

"Y[`]r always appears to me as a ... man, small and wiry ... and silent. He bears a bow and arrows ... . He is capable of sitting and staring ... . ... He speaks little, but ... a single phrase."

Cweort "Fire-Keeper"

"Making fire is what he loves best. ... Cweorth is reserved and ... laconic of speech, a thin dark wiry man who crouches by the fire, feeding it wood as if it was {were} his child. {'Firewood' is the meaning of /wahie/ (HD, p. 349); and Wahie-roa is devoured.} He ... will sing loudly ... . His home is, of course, Mu[`]spellheim, where he is greatly loved by Surt."


"Chalc" "Dreamer"

"Sometimes Chalc is a young girl ..., sometimes a young boy ... . ... Chalc's greatest love is the world of Ljossalfheim {Ljo`s-a`lfheim}, for that world contains thousands of dreams".

Stan "Gatekeeper"

"often appears as a grinning, hunched ... figure wearing a cloak which sprouts moss and weeds ... . ... Stan ... knows much but ... you will mostly get riddles and conundrums {conundra} and metaphors out of that chuckling mouth. Stan loves any arched gate, any door in an outside wall, any circle of standing stones, and will sing unintelligible songs in a high, shrill voice. ... Stan ... has a great love of ... fairies."


Ga`r "Door"

"a pillar of light shading to dark at the bottom. Ga[`] is a living spirit-doorway, the entry of wo[`]d. ... Ga[`]r belongs to no grouping -- no aett, no stafr-group. It is simply itself, apart, "all alone and ever more shall be so," as referred to".

Strong's = Hebrew & Aramaic Dictionary of Bible Words.

HD = Pukui & Elbert : Hawaiian Dictionary.


Raven Kaldera : Wyrdwalkers : Techniques of Northern-Tradition Shamanism. Asphodel Pr, Hubbardston (MA), 2007.