Wyrdwalkers, III.6-III.7





p. 259 there are differences among magics

"Every culture's magical tradition is different.

{This is due to the fact that each culture's religion treateth of a different sub-plane among the planes-of-existence.}

Not only do they differ in ... Gods and wights, but there are always some mysteries that are deemed brutally {fundamentally} important by one magical culture and dismissed by another. This means that each has their {its} own "specialities", which not all the others may share."

pp. 260-1 miscegenation among supernaturals

p. 260

"when a god[/dess] of the Aesir spawns with a giant/ess, the child is always a god[/dess] of the Aesir, not a giant."

p. 261

"there is a common understanding that Aesir {genetics} is stronger {more dominant-gene} ... than Jo[,]tun {genetics} when it comes to breeding, and thus the children {offspring, progeny} are always more sky-god[/dess] than giant-god[/dess], and accepted as such."

p. 261 unpleasantries?

"if you scratch any religion deep enough, you get to something unpleasant that you'd rather wasn't {were not} there, whether it's

the Hindu caste system or ...

{The jati system of Bharata is the aequivalent to the guild system, and to the trade/craft-union system, of Europe and of the United States; it is a way for the workers in a craft to protect membres of their craft from being arbitrarily oppressed by the rich.}

Luke 14:26." ["If a man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters ..., he cannot be my disciple."]

{This is, perhaps, [to be construed as] simply an emphatically-stated invitation to join a religious society of which one's relatives are not currently membres. All religious societies, of whaever culture, are likely to issue similarly-worded invitations, if and when such religious societies are inclusive enough to admit into membreship persons who cannot shew that any relative of theirs is already a membre.}

p. 262 mythic/putative founders of types of spirit-workers

"In the Hyndlu[l]joth {Hyndlu-ljo`d ('Lay of Hyndla')} [stanza 34], the goddess of genealogy, she recounts that :

"All of the vo[,]lva[-]s are descended from Vidolf {Vidolf}, and

all of the vitki[-]s come from Vilmeith {Vilmeid}, and

all the seid {seid}-carriers ... come from Svarthofdi {Svart-ho,fdi}.""

Hyndlu-ljo`d (Old Norse text) https://web.archive.org/web/20130724102555/http://www.northvegr.org/old%20icelandic%20old%20english%20texts/the%20poetic%20edda%20in%20old%20icelandic/015.html

pp. 264-5 kin-fylgjar

p. 264

"a genetic line[age] has a kinfylgja, or guardian spirit who watches over the line[age]. ...

p. 265

A kinfylgja will often intercede when ... curses ... become life-threatening enough to interfere with the survival of "their" people; they have also been known ... to matchmake for purposes of breeding qualities into "their" line. ... A family may have no idea that a kinfylgja exists, much less that they are being aided by one, so it's up to the spirit-worker to check on that."

p. 265 [by L.H.] ancestry redincarnating in same family {This is basically a prominent West African doctrine.}

"They just periodically incarnate again and again into the same family; there's always one of them back. And the families know that ... . ..

They are the reservoirs of power in those lines, the sleepers, whose job is to pass the power ... on to the reincarnating ones, and a well that the linefolk can draw from. ... They're ... very corrupt now."

p. 266 [by L.H.] Land-wights formerly kept potential tyranny under tight control; but now-a-days Magicians may be needed to suppress tyranny exercised by ruling-class dynasties.

"the stricture of those high-class line[age]s were ... tied to the land {and thus to the land-wights}, and were kept in order by that {by the compulsive collective authority of land-wights}, and since we don't have that {a religion based on worship of land-wights} any more, anywhere {or at least, not anywhere in Europe, officially}, they {the ruling "high-class" dynasties} became corrupt. The power of the line[age]s, which was originally there to serve the land[-wights], is no longer constrained {by religious societies devoted to appeasement of land-wights} to do that. ... It shows itself in the increasing distance from the richest to the poorest, the amount of wealth and societal power that is held by a very small number of people. ...

Competent magicians with awareness of their {the ruling-class dynasties'} backgrounds and line affiliations need to work together to assist the deities to chastise those line[age]s to behave. ...

{If secret-police (such as the C.I.A.) were to discover a conspiracy of magicians organized to conjure deities to "chastise" trillionaire ruling-class banker-families, they (the secret-police) might well react by arresting and torturing all such discoverable magicians; so this proposed enterprise of chastisement could prove to be quite a hazardous venture. We would suggest, for safety's sake, that there is no "need" for conspirators "to work together"; and that a similar intention could be more practicably successfully attained by separate appeals (by individual magicians, independently) to the interested deities. [written Feb 19 2014]}

They {the nobility} had received power in order

to do the work of keeping the crops growing ...,

{more accurately, to do the work of mollifying the guardian-spirits of the crop-plant species}

and when the Kings were no more,

{This would allude to abolishment of the office of wanax in Akhaiwa/Hellas, and to the end of Etruscan kingship in Roma.}

they {noble families, as e.g. in the Res-publica Romana} just used that power of wealth ... to suit themselves ... . And there's no reason for them to stop ... . ... The money keeps pouring in ... . ... That won't stop ..., and the hate {nationalistic, fomented by national ruling-classes} just gets bigger and bigger ... or the greed {on the part of the dynasties of nobility} does."

p. 267 [by L.H.] benevolent seizing control of political-state power, by inducing relevant deities to shift their allegiance away from the current corrupt dynastic nobilities

"I don't believe that it {divine stricture-conventions concerning dynasties of nobility} precludes people who are not from that {genetic lineage of nobility} from accessing the technique {of praeternaturally controlling the political state}. I think the deities are quite capable of choosing who[m] they work with and altering them {such choices, as well as the persons chosen} properly, if they {the deities} want them {spirit-workers} to access that stuff {praeternatural means of seizing control of the political state} in the way {i.e., wresting absolute control} that someone with the {genetic lineages of nobility} could.

You don't have to have that "code" {access-code} to work with any given deity who wants to work with you, but the "code" helps people to work more powerfully {or more expeditiously} with the system."

p. 267 [by L.H.] ingress of personal power from land-wights, along ancestral lineages

"There's also the power of tapping into the land{-wight} when several generations have lived there ... . ... Now, the land{-wight} does reach out to people. ...

I have noticed that when going to the places where my ancestors come from, there's a huge ramp-up of my power. ... I feel it internally. ... this comes from the inside and there's no warding it [off]".

pp. 270-1 desirability to immolate-and-eat animals and plants

p. 270

"animals should be killed ... when our Gods say that they want something sacrificed".

{Deities may ask that animals be immolated so that the species-spirit (of that variety of animal) can be served notice that assistance is peremptorily requaested in some ongoing project -- e.g., in manipulating governments (as is suggested to be feasible, on pp. 266-7).}

"We have ... conact with ... plants, many of which

{The overarching spirit of a plant-species may well display itself as "more intelligent" (actually, more concerned, more interested) than that of a species of small animal, in the context of being eaten (which the plant-spirit may well accept as the human's mode of shewing of affection toward that plant-species-spirit).}

p. 271

I've found to be more intelligent than many small animals, just before I devoured them."

p. 274 [by L.H.] women's offering of their own menstrual blood to deities

"Moon blood ... has already been prepared to leave the body; ... some deities prefer that, because they don't want you to be wounded."

{"Traditionally, married women collected their menstrual blood and ... performed magic over it" ("B&ThSW", p. 107).}

"B&ThSW" = Aletta Biersack : "Batchelors and Their Spirit Wife". In:- Pascale Bonneme`re (ed.) : Women as Unseen Characters ... in Papua New Guinea. U of PA Pr, Philadelphia, 2004. pp. 98-115. http://books.google.com/books?id=t8Yl0IGg-M4C&pg=PA107&lpg=PA107&dq=



Red Road


pp. 276-7 inherited qualities

p. 276

"qualities we find ... are inherited ... . These qualities can include psychic gifts ... . Untangling a client's wyrd may have ... to do with ... trance-journeying that takes you down ... some else's ancestral chain. ... Positive genetic qualities sometimes come with a price tag attached;

the ancestors who bequeathed them to us may want us to carry on some kind of work or take on some kind of taboo in exchange for use of the

{By far more likely than these requirements' being imposed by ancestors themselves (who are now busy with some current life of their own in some distant world, and by now quite unconcerned with whatever their descendants on this particular planet, out of the numerous planets whereon they have resided and left lineages of descendants), such requirements would in all probability be imposed only by such deities as empowered such ancestors (while they were living on this planet) with such "psychic gifts".}

p. 277

gift. ...

They may also come with vague ancestral memories,

{Such memories would also be imparted by deities who were associating with those ancestors while they were on this planet.}

especially ... where people incarnate down the family line. As far as I can tell,

there's no rule dictating why some families have reincarnations that closely hug their family line and some incarnate all over the world".

{The rule would seem largely based upon primitivity versus advanced culture. Africans and Amerindians say that they incarnate in the same families quite persistently; Hindus do not.}

"One individual that I knew, ... had many incarnation memories ... . .. Then his daughter married a man ..., whose ancestors came from the area he remembered in his prior incarnations. (In fact, he ... recognized the man immediately ...; they had been related once long ago.) ... At some point he realized that ... he had been incarnating as ancestors of his current life's descendants {i.e., as ancestors of his current son-in-law}. ...

(Note : It has been asked as to whether you can {time}walk forward and see your {as-of-yet-unbegotten} descendants. ...)"

{As for a guru lacking in genetic descendants, the quaestion could be whether one could skryingly foresee one's distant-future parampara of disciples.}

pp. 278-9 ritualistic timewalking, via trance, into the ancestral past

p. 278

"concentrate on going in. ... You may visit any time you wish ... .

p. 279

Sooner or later, you will learn how ... to visit the lifetimes of various ancestors. You will also get a feel for how to move back and forth when you want, ... moving directly through each person. ... However, because this isn't quite the same thing as journeying into another world, it's likely that you'll be able to move about fairly easily on your first attempt."

"There are a handful of methods that you can use ... that involve physical objects, which can be ... easier (especially when working with clients whom you barely know, rather than your own familiar ancestry) than just ... going out. ...

I've found it useful to actually use string as part of the tranceworking process. Ideally, this string should be handspun with intent. ... I suggest that the spinner ought to do some sort of invocation or short ritual to the Norns, asking for Their aid ... . ... For each ... -- you will want a different one for each querent, unless they are siblings who share both parents in common -- you will want a minimum of sixteen threads".

p. 280 menstrual blood to decipher fate

"Menstrual blood ... goes on one area in the center of the skein,

{[MTT, p. 303 :] "Heaps of skeins of beautiful threads colored like the rainbow lay beside each, and threads of gold and silver too. ... [MTT, p. 304 :] Arachne was changed into a spider".} {"it contained a spider web, signs that the spirit woman was menstruating" ("B&ThSW", p. 102).}

and loosely tie a bit of cloth around that".

MTT = Edith Hamilton : Mythology : Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes. Little, Brown and Company, 1942. http://misdtx.schoolwires.com/cms/lib/TX21000394/Centricity/Domain/312/edith%20hamilton%20-%20mythology.pdf

"B&ThSW"= Aletta Biersack : "Batchelors and Their Spirit Wife". In:- Pascale Bonneme`re (ed.) : Women as Unseen Characters ... in Papua New Guinea. U of PA Pr, Philadelphia, 2004. pp. 98-115. http://books.google.com/books?id=t8Yl0IGg-M4C&pg=PA102&lpg=PA102&dq=

pp. 280-1 ritualistic bloodwalking, via trance, into the ancestral past

p. 280

"If you have a lover with whom you regularly exchange bodily fluids, and they are willing to give you a drop of their own blood to ingest ...,

{The caution is lest AIDES virus entre the bloodstream of the ingester via either a mouth-wound in the mouth or a bleeding ulcer in the stomach.}

it will be easier to bloodwalk them than

p. 281

someone whose blood is only keying a charged skein, and

it will give you practice. ...

{Or rather, it will provide practice to one's adjuvant spirit.}

The first time that I did bloodwalking, I was told {by the guiding divinity} to go stand up to my neck in water while going it. I went down to the local pond; it was after midnight and

the fog was so thick ... an opaque wall of fog ... mist in any direction. ... I stood there with the skein floating on the water ...,

{"shed a deep mist about Odysseus (RN, p. 58) ... shed a wondrous mist about him (RN, p. 60). ... shrouded in mist (RN, p. 115) ... over the misty deep, ... the gods ... have woven the skein" (RN, p. 116) -- thus spake Alki-noos unto Odusseus, after the latter "had bathed" (RN, p. 110).}

and visions of my ancestors appeared around me."

RN = Nathan Haskell Dole : The Romance of Nausicaa. 1904. http://archive.org/stream/romanceofnausica00dolerich/romanceofnausica00dolerich_djvu.txt

p. 281 sanctimonious use of a rosary of ancestors and of ancestresses

"If you want to work more closely within a specific line of descent, you might also consider using a string of beads as a prop, perhaps with a certain kind of bead for each known ancestor, and other kinds for unknown family members. You could use this in a manner similar to using a rosary in order to help facilitate your journey. Such a bead string can also be worn or carried as a constant reminder of your connection to the ancestors."

pp. 283-4 close encountre with a client's di`sir (ancestresses)

p. 283

"When working with clients ..., one of the things that you can do is to call upon an[cestress] Disir who may be apparent in that family tree. This is something that I happened upon accidentally; ... I noticed to specific female "nodes" ..., one on the maternal and one on the paternal side. Unlike other "nodes", which were rather like watching a movie, these two seemed to look right at me and impart ... information. ...

p. 284

Afterwards, I realized that I had just had a close encounter with the Disir of those two lines ... . They were the dead magical guardians, somehow, of the maternal ..., and they knew the secrets of that line, and where to look for them."

pp. 285-7 Hyndla

p. 285

"I pathwalked into Jo[,]tunheim ... . I'd already asked Hyndla for an appointment ..., so I was expected. ... The Hag of the Northern Mountains was waiting for me. She was tiny for a giantess, old and wrinkled with long silvery hair that draped all around her ... . She was sitting on a stone platform bed on a pile of furs, and bade me to come closer. ... Hopping down from the bed ...,

p. 286

she circled me and sniffed me ..., nodding her head and clucking her tongue. ... Hyndla chuckled ... . Then she ordered me to climb up on her bed and lay {lie} down, and I did ... . She hopped back on the bed alongside of me, straddling me, and proceeded to poke at my belly in various places, whilst sniffing me further, and keeping up a constant stream of chatter in her creaky birdlike voice ... . ... So I agreed, and she ... inserted something into my belly. ... it was shaped like a narrow cone a few inches long. I can still feel it in me, astrally, just behind my navel. "The place where you are linked to your ancestors," she said as she did it. Then she explained to me how it could be used."

spoken by Hyndla : "you make a bowl of wood, as big as you can, you paint the inside red, you put the Bloodwalking bind rune on it. ... Then you fill it with water ... . ...

p. 287

As your [fingers] run down the threads, the places where they branch off are like knots ... . ... You will see it running along the threads like a faint line. Pehaps it vanishes, then comes back in other generations -- that happens. You can do this for the unborn child still in the womb, if you have the mother there -- let her hold the thread to her navel, see it extending into her. You can see if the flaws in the mother ..., or the father ..., have taken hold of the babe. ... But there are also the debts, or things that have made knots in the threads of the Nornir work, and these can get caught in the ... threads and passed down. ... Cleaning those up? That you will have to take up with the Nornir, I only see things."


Raven Kaldera : Wyrdwalkers : Techniques of Northern-Tradition Shamanism. Asphodel Pr, Hubbardston (MA), 2007.