KELTIC MUSIC for : Pizkie (Pixy), Leipreacha`n (Leprechaun) & Bean-si`dhe (Banshee), Aes-Si`dhe / Daione-Si`dhe (Fae:ries), etc. -- PLAYLISTS on YouTube



Fairy Night Song`s IcePrince66 3/14 videos [instrumental music]

奇幻系列音樂-凱爾特森林之旅(合輯)❤ by 佳兒美 20 videos [instrumental music]

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Tartalo Music (Iñigo)

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Peter Gundry | Composer

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Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream




labeled "pixie" or "fae:rie"

Prissy Pixie chicafeliz85 9 videos

Deep in a Faerie Forest! Zap Cherry 2/11 videos

Fairytales & Fairy Night Songs 1HarryH 2/27 videos

Fairies, Elves, and Woodland Creatures Derek Fiechter 28 videos

fairy music wayne chaisty 46 videos


labeled "fae:rie Keltic"

Fairy Celtic music Djinn Jade 30 videos

celtic / fairy Milos Mitic 2/73 videos


labeled "Keltic"

Dark Celtic Music - Spirit Rituals And Beautiful Spiritual Mix by Kauã Ferreira 19 videos

The Celtic Circle pascolatosk8 27 videos

Pagan/Celtic Music xXReptileJunkieXx 58 videos


labeled elsewise

Magi piana6911 43 videos [songs are largly about "faerie queen", none about magoi]

Fantasy [mostly about fae:ries] gossamerhall 63 videos



title in Portugue`s

FADAS, GNOMOS, DUENDES, ELFOS, SEREIAS Glaucia Helena Lobo 92 videos


title in Castillano

Musica Epica,Medieval,Celta,Hadas,Ellfos

Música mágica/medieval/wicca/celta/new age/relaxing by Sofi Mar 82 videos [Most songs' titles are in Spanish.]

Musik der Engel und Feen Luna122711 2/128 videos [mostly Spanish descriptions to individual music-pieces, however (perhaps an overall German title was chosen so as to conceal its haeretical nature from Spanish censors)]


title in French

Féerique musique Dane Dube 34 videos

musique des fées LuPurpleHaze 2/36 videos

musique féerique  maryskyworld 2/60 videos


title in German

ELFEN FEEN MUSIK JM150486 11 videos

elfen Musik piana6911 2/27 videos [These music-pieces are more about fae:ries than about elves.]

feen musik piana6911 3/33 videos [All titles to individual songs are, however, in English, and their composers English.]

Mittelalter, Elfen und Feen Marilou 26 videos


title in Japanese

Celtic/Medieval/World/Instrumental/Amazing/Anime/Game/Music Box by Lusiana ルシアナ 53 videos




Top Tracks for Eluveitie #Eluveitie 15 videos

Secret Garden - Top Tracks José M. Hervalejo 85 videos

Secret Garden fabriciorissato 53 videos

Secret Garden Playlist FluerDeSang 50 videos

Mix - Secret garden by YouTube

Loreena McKennitt EmalitJean aka LadyUnicorn 35 videos

Mix - Loreena McKennitt by YouTube

Erutan (katethegreat19) - Songs and Arrangements :) by Erutan Music 2/47 videos

Mix - Erutan sby YouTube

Celtic/Folk Playlist by Vindsvept, fantasy music 14 videos

Mix - Vindsvept by YouTube

Celtic Music by Adrian von Ziegler 65 videos

Singh Kaur & Gary Stadler (286) by Silvana Gonella 32 videos

Popular Videos - Gary Stadler by #GaryStadler 200 videos



Mix - Faerie Realm by YouTube

Mix - Mystic Fairies by YouTube

Mix - Wild Faeires {Faeries} by YouTube

Mix --To the Fairies by YouTube

Mix - Fairy Night Song by YouTube

Mix - Fairy Ring by YouTube

Mix - Celtic Fairy Music - Woodland Fairies by YouTube

Mix - Celtic/Fantasy Music by YouTube

Mix - Celtic Music by YouTube

Mix - Celtic Music by YouTube

Mix - Celtic Music by YouTube (compilation including the longest single recordings, some of 3 or more hours each)


Mix - Music Celtic ~ Musique Celtique by YouTube

Mix - Mùsica Celta by YouTube

Mix - Música Mágica by YouTube



Leprechaun 1993 Soundtrack (OST) The Buttonface Blues 9 videos

Leprechaun - The Ultimate Dance - FULL ALBUM Jo Liberto 7 videos

Gary Stadler ~*♥*~ Fairy Heart Magic ** Album RUBIA SECRET



[[Music Playlists labeled "Fairy" but consisting mainly of ordinary classical music have been omitted, e.g., "Timtim Martin 31 videos".]]