Sub-Table of Contents : Altaic = Korean/Manc^urian + Goldi (Nanay) + Tungus (Donki) + Ewen/Ewenki + Mongolian (Da[g]ur + H^alh^a + Buryat + Oirat/Kalmyk) + Soyot (Yakut + Tuvan + H^akass + S^or) + Kipc^ak (Tatar/Bas^kir + Cuman/Kumyk + Kazah^/Nogay + Kyrgyz)


Goldi & Korea

"Divine Election" Goldi shaman's heavenly marriage

Marriage with God Korea etc.

Geomantic Relationships Korea

"Gods in Korean Shamanism"

"Korean Shamanistic Performance"

Muism Korean shamanism


Chosen by the Spirits [Buryat MonGol]

0-3. "To Become a Shaman"; "Your Shamanic Spirits"; "Bringing the Spirits"

4-6. "Returning to the Centre"; "Shamanic Journey"; "Working with Spirits"

7-8. "Psychopomp Work"; "Healing, Blessing, Protection"

9. "Shamanic Tools & Magic"

appendices 1-3. "Ritual Space"; "Shamanic Pantheon"; "The 9 Degrees"


Bo# and Bo:n [largely Buryat MonGol]

I-IV. "Lands of Bo# Murgel"; "Lake Baikal"; "Cosmology"

VII-VIII. "Initiation in Bo# Murgel"; "Types of Bo#"

IX-XIII "Sky-Cult"; "Heavenly Deer"; "Purifications"; "Offerings"

XIV-XV. "Healing & Magic"; "Spread of Bon"

appendix. "Pantheon of 99 Tengeri"


other Buryat; DaGur

Sacred Geography : "Buryatia"

Shanar Buryat

Shamans and Elders Da[g]ur

Dagur Society and Folklore


Not Quite Shamans Darhad MonGol

0-2. "Introduction"; "Shamanic States [of Mind]"; "Shamanic Praedicament".

3. "Layered Lands, Layered Minds".

4. "The Shaman's Two Bodies".

5.1-5.3. "Anecdotes"; "[Feigning to Tell] Lies"; "Shamanic Humor I".

5.4-5.6. "Praying to Playing"; "Gossip-Spirits"; "A Play-World".

5.7-5.9. "Shamanic Humor II"; "Truth of [Feigned] Lies"; "Humor as the Incognito".


H^alh^a MonGol

"Mongolian Source"

Religions of Mongolia

Religion of Mongolian Shamanism

Mongol Oral Narratives

DalalG^a Ritual Mongol

Confronting the Supernatural Mongol

Calling the Soul of the Dead Mongol


Mongol & Tungus

"Shamanic Practices" Mongol & Manc^u

"Shamanism" Mongol & Tungusic



S^or Folkloric and Shamanic Texts

Last of the S^or Shamans

Singing Story, Healing Drum H^akass & Tuva



"Ways of Knowing and Healing" Tuva & Buryat


Tungus (Evenki, Evenk, & Manc^u)

Evenk & Manc^u

"Significance of the Shaman among the Reindeer-Evenki"

Sibe-Manc^u handbook

Nis^an shamaness Manc^u

Muttering Mystics Manc^u

Flying Tiger lower Amur


Shamanic Worlds of Korea and Northeast Asia

1-3. "Korean Mudang"; "Gut Worlds"; "Worlds of Manchu"

4-7. "Worlds of Si-chuan"; "Jeje Rite"; "Siberian Rites"; "Na-xi & Yi"


Altaic & other Asiatic


Shamans in Asia

1-2. "Aspects of Shamanism"; "Shaman among the Reindeer-Evenki"

3. "Shamanism in Bangla Des`"

4. "Hmong Shaman’s Se’ance"

5. "Korean Shamanistic Performance"

6-7. "Miyako Theology"; "Liminal Experiences of Miyako Shamans"


Rediscovery of Shamanic Heritage

I. "Shamanism & Mythology"

II-IV. "Traditional Ro^les"; "Local Traditions"; "Modern World"


Daoist Magical Transformation Skills

[N.B. This book is mistitled with a deliberately misleading title; it is not in any way based upon any variant of Taoism, but instead is based upon Manchu Shamanism -- its shamanic use of the sacred hoop ("rings", II.5 on p. 116) is correctly described as Nanai (a Manchu/Tungus tribe) in, e.g., SHAMAN 3(1995):70.]

I. "Transformation Skills"

II.1-2, 4-5. Projection of : "Energy", "Spirit", & "Soul"

II.6-12. Techniques : "Imagination", "Respiration", "Mantra", "Misc."


Daoist Exorcism

[N.B. This book is likewise mistitled; for the use of a cord to be traveled by spirits (III on p. 22b) is an Altaic, rather than a Taoist, device. Like the other publications of the "Temple of the Celestial Cloud", it should be taken as largely Manchu-derived.]

I-IV. "History"; "Interactions"; "Psychic Attacks"; "Psychic Vampires"

V-VI. "Hexing Dolls"; "Neutralizing a Hex"

VII.A-E. "Psychic Attacks"; "Resisting"; "Countre-measures"

VII.F-J. "Skin-Talismans"; "Sound-Incantations"; "Talismanic Sigils"

VIII. "Encountres with Ghosts"

IX. "Encountres with Spirits"




WEBLINKS -- Altaic shamanism


photographs of Altaic continental women -- Bing WEBLINKS


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