Sub-Table of Contents : Austro-Asiatic & D.awid.a



Possessed by the Spirits [Viet-Nam]

1. "Mother Goddess Religion"

2-3. "Tran Hung Dao"; "Performance of Music"

4-6. "Spirit Performance"; "Transnational"; "Gifts from the Spirits"

7-9. "Votive Paper Offerings"; "Children of the Spirits"; "East Asian"


Songs for the Spirits [Viet-Nam]

0-2. "Introduction"; "Mediumship"; "Spirit-Possession"

3-4. "Songs"; "Musical Construction"

5-8. "Musical Creativity"; "Engendering Mediumship"; "Ritual"; "Thanking"


other Indo-China religious literature

Vietnamese supernaturalism

"Hmong shaman's se'ance"

Lan-Na 12-month traditions

in the place of origins Lan-Na spirit-mediumship

tham khwan Thai soul-beliefs

roster of the gods Thai pantheon

C^ewong Asli of Malaya

Malay shamanistic performance


"Daba Beliefs and Written Script"

1-3. "Biz^a & Daba"; "World of Ghosts & Spirits"; "Patterns of Belief".

4-7. "Wen-quan Text"; "Book of Divination"; "Pictographic Characters"; "Written Scripts".


other Miao religious literature


Z^uang religious scriptures

"Song of Invitation" Z^uang Cosmological text

"Cosmogony" Z^uang Cosmological text



Viraaja Puraana Karn.a-phat.





Radha Svamin

Anu-raaga Saagara

worlds according to Radha Svamin


Vama-acara (Cina-acara)

Tantric Way


Mun.d.a etc.

Wild Goddesses



Phainomenon of Possession spirit-possession in Karn.ataka


local provinces in Bharata

"shamanism in Bangla-des`"

Baba autobiography of a sannyasin


Austro-Asiatic traditional music -- PLAYLISTS on YouTube


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