Sub-Table of Contents:-- Hos (Bon), Jhankri, & Mithraic texts


Bon in Sze-c^uan

Naxi and Moso ethnography

1. "Kin"

2. "Rites"

3. "Pictographs"


Bon in sTod-Bod

Progressive Great Perfection

Little Luminous Boy

Enlightened Rainbows

"rDzogs-chen in China"



shamanism and tantra in Nepal

faith-healers in the Himaalaya-s Nepal

Tunsuriban of the C^epang of Nepal

halfway to the mountain Jirel of eastern Nepal

dozing shaman of the Limbu of eastern Nepal

ancestral voices Mewahang Rai of eastern Nepal

shamanic solitudes Kulunge Rai of eastern Nepal

Jhaan-krii (Dhyaana-Kriya) texts of Nepal


Himalayan dialogue [Gurun of Nepal]

2-6. "Hierarchy"; "Sacrifice"; "Red offering"; "kLu"; "bTsan"

7-8. "bDud"; "Soul-calling"

9-11. "Death-cult of the Ghyabre~"; "Bodish Death-rite"; "Eras"


haunted by the archaic shaman [Nepal]

1-4. "Discourse"; "Problems"; "Clues"; "Calling"

5-8. "Ornaments"; "Spirit-possession"; "Spirit-world"; "Evil"

9-10. "Supernatural abductions"; "Ritual drama"



religion of the Dards in Ladakh

"shamanism among the Ladakhi"

modern Ladakh

bitan Hunza


Mithraism & Manikhai-ism

"Names of Manichaeism in Chinese"

Mithraas litourgia



external weblinks (Bon & Afghanistan)


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