Sub-Table of Contents: Han (Chinese) texts


Chinese Religion Seen through the Proverb

II & IV "Nature-Worship"; "Animism"

V & VII "Magic"; "Pantheon"

XI & XII "Fate"; "Beyond the Grave"


Taoism & Chinese Religion

1. "in Its Historical Development"

2. "Mythology of Modern China"

3. "Society and Religion of the Antient Chinese"

5. "Taoism ... of the 6-Dynasties Period"

7.1. "Individual ... Search for Immortality"

7.2. "Taoist Communities and Public Worship"

7.4. "Origins & Development of the Taoist Religion"

8. "How to Communicate with the Taoist Gods"

9.1. "Breathing Techniques"

9.2. "Methods of Uniting Yin and Yang"


Making Transcendents

1-4. "Down to Earth"; "Cultural"; "Repertoire"; "Secret Arts"

5-6. "Audience"; "Communities"

7. "Adepts' Families"

8. "Hagiographic Persuasions"


Way of Highest Clarity

5. "Esoteric Biography of Perfected Purple Yang" A-B

5. "Esoteric Biography of Perfected Purple Yang" C-F

6. "Central Scripture of the 9 Perfecteds" A-C

6. "Central Scripture of the 9 Perfecteds" D-F

7. "Perfect Scripture of the Great Grotto"


Taoist Classics

3.1. "Vitality, Energy, Spirit"

3.2. "Secret of the Golden Flower"

3.3. "Immortal Sisters"

3.4. "Awakening to the Dao"


Teachings of the Tao

0-2. "Introduction"; "Shamanic origins"; "the Classics"

3-6. "Devotional"; "Mystical"; "Internal Alchemy"; "Magic"

7-10. "Ethics"; "Caerimonies"; "Cultivating mind"; "Cultivating body"


Nourishing the Essence of Life

2. "Understanding the Mysteries"

3.1. "Sacred Treatise on the Great Mystery", part 1

3.2. "Sacred Treatise on the Great Mystery", part 2


Holding Yin, Embracing Yang

1. "Treatise on the Mysterious Orifice"

2. "Discussion on the Cavity of the Tao", cap. 1-13

2."Discussion on the Cavity of the Tao", cap. 14-26

2. "Discussion on the Cavity of the Tao", cap. 27-39

3. "Secret Teachings on the 3 Wheels"


Tradition of Dao-yin

0-2. "Introduction"; "Early Medical MSs"; "Hermits & Ecstatics".

3. "Exercise Classic".

4. "Pathways to Immortality".

5.1-3. "5 Animals' Frolic"; "Immortal Practices"; "Inner Alchemy".

5.4-6. "8 Brocades"; "Sleep Exercises"; "Tai-ji Quan".

6. "Dao-yin To-day".


other treatises on meditation

Health, Longevity, & Immortality teachings of immortals C^un and Lu:

Liu C^u-xuan Quan-z^en

Taoist Meditation Great Purity

Great Clarity

Primordial Breath

canonical commentary on Scripture of Hidden Contracts

81 Quaestions ( canonical commentary on Cinnabar Classic)


ghosts spirit-possession & exorcism

Rethinking Ghosts in World Religions - Chinese

Ritual is Theatre

the 5-Furies Spirits

Steps of Perfection exorcism


Exorcism in Daoism

1-2. "Origins"; "Killing-Spirits from the Dead".

3 & 5. "Northern Feng Mt."; "Exorcism Transsubstantiated".

6-7. "Exorcizing the 6 Heavens"; "Fa-yan Tan".

8-11. "Pu-an Ritual Specialists"; "Boiling Oil"; "Daoist Exorcist"; "Prince No-c^a".

13-5. "Heart-Sigils"; "Marshall Ma"; "Thundre Magic Exorcist".


Chinese Magical Medicine

1.1-1.2. "Healing"; "Sins of the Fathers".

1.3-1.5. "Heredity?"; "Karman"; "Apocalyptic Intimations".

2. "Daimonology and Epidemiology".

3.1-3.2. "Spirit-Spells of the Abyss"; "Bauddha Books of Spells".

3.3-3.5. "Man.i-ratna Book"; "Book of Consecration"; "Daimones in Meditation-Hall".

4. "Ensigillation Technique of Exorcism".

5. "Genealogy of Spirit-Possession".

6. "Tantrists and Shamans".


ritual, geomancy, divination

Death in Antient China

Fortune-Tellers and Philosophers

Taoism and the Arts of China

Chinese Poetry and Prophecy oracles

Power of the Words C^en prophecy

Canon of Supreme Mystery

Auspicious Omens and Miracles in Song S^u

miscellaneous Daoist texts


clergy & their consecration

Cavern-Mystery Transmission

Aspirations and Standards of Taoist Priest



Foundations of Daoist Ritual

1 & 3. "Praeserving the One"; "Thundre Magic".

6-8. "The 8 Immortals"; "Locust Tree Studio"; "Lu Xiu-jing".

9. "Daoist Ritual from 2nd through 6th Centuries Chr.E.".

10 & 13-14. "Z^i-jiao"; "Early Jiao Rites"; "Secret Incantation".


Basic Conditions of Taoist Thundre Magic

0-I.2 "Introduction"; "First Approach"; "Human Nature"; "Summoning & Uniting"

I.3-7 "Assembling Force"; "Amulets"; "Rain"; Martial Side"; "Creative Impetus"

II.1-6 "Praeface"; "Offices"; "Consecrating Sigils"; "Departments"; "Immolation"; "Thundre-Breaths"

II.7-12 "Talismans"; "Evil Daimones"; "Altars"; "Eviction"; "Pacings & Gesticulations"; "Promotion"


"Popular Religion" [= Part I of Popular Religion and Shamanism]







Wu Yun's way [study of an historical court-poe:t]


2 & 4




T>ung S^u [almanac]








Chinese Sky

Chinese star-names etc.

Chinese 12-animal cycle etc.

Buddhism and Taoism Face to Face Big-Dipper lore


neo- & quasi-Daoist

Tai-ping Jing pacifist

secret-societies Triad Society

Yi-guan Dao Unity Sect

"Secret Popular Religions of the Ming and Qing Dynasties"

Spiritual Pivot acupuncture






Taoist ritual -- VIDEOCLIPS

etymology of /tao/ 'way' texts in Chinese (require translation)


photographs of Chinese women -- Bing WEBLINKS

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