Sub-Table of Contents: Hina-yana texts



of non-Sthavira-vada provenience


Champions of Buddhism.

I.1A. "On Saints".

I.1B. "On Wizards".

I.2. "Longevity of Weikza".

I.3. "Spirits versus Weikza".

II.1 (4)-II.2 (5). "World-Emperor"; "Rituals of Pagoda-Building".

III.1 (6). "Sacred Diagrams as Technologies".

III.2 (7). "Healing through Weikza".

III.3 (8)-IV (9). "Being an Exorcist in Burma"; "What Kind of Buddhism is That?"


The Immortals.

1. "From Belief to Believing".

2A. "Being a Disciple".

2B. "Fashioning a Cult".

3-4. "The Possessed"; "In Quaest of Invulnerability".

5. "Trial By Fire".


Buddhism : Critical Concepts

Vols. 1-2

Vols. 3-5



Sthavira-vada texts

Tham Khwan Thai beliefs

"Summary of 7 Bks of Abhi-dharma"


Sthavira-vada exorcism

Feast of the Sorcerer




Hiina-yaana Chants -- PLAYLISTS

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