Sub-Table of Contents: Sumerian & S^emitic Texts


Akkadian / As^s^urian

Is^karu Ziqiiqu, tablets 3, 7, & 9

Is^karu Ziqiiqu, tablets 1-2, 4-6, & 8

Enuuma Anu Enlil, tablet 5 etc.

Enuuma Anu Enlil, tablets 15 to 22

Enuuma Anu Enlil, tablets 23 to 29

S^umma Alu, tablets 1 to 20

S^umma Alu, tablets 21 to 61; 66 to 105

S^umma Alu, tablets 63-64

S^umma Izbu

S^umma Immeru


Nis.irtu Baaruuti

Zappu Epinnu (MUL.APIN)


plants & trees of month-days Seleukid

Zikir S^umin (festschrift)



S^LS-w itinerant religious practitioners


Varieties of Magical Experience, 5 : "Gnosis, Qabbalah, & Visionary Ascent"


Spirit Possession in Judaism

I-III. "Historical Background"; "16th Century"; "17th-18th Centuries"

Appendices C-H "Lurianic texts"; "Book of Visions"


Manda< & Yazidi^

Yazidi parallels with Aiguptian religion Assyriological journals (external weblink)

Mal>aakiym (Angeloi) -- WEBLINKS

Qabbalah -- WEBLINKS


Yis`raa<>eeliy musics -- PLAYLISTS on YouTube

<arabiy musics -- PLAYLISTS on YouTube

S.uwfiy chanting -- PLAYLISTS on YouTube


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