Sub-Table of Contents: Uralic & Siberian


ETHNOLOGICA URALICA, 1:3 = "Mythological System of Beliefs".

ETHNOLOGICA URALICA, 1:4 = "Comparative Aspects of Mythology".

ETHNOLOGICA URALICA, 1:5 = "Shamanism and Folklore".

ETHNOLOGICA URALICA, 2 = Studies on Shamanism

ETHNOLOGICA URALICA, 3 = Northern Religions and Shamanism

ETHNOLOGICA URALICA, 4 = Uralic Shamanism


Mythic Images and Shamanism

III. "The Power of the Word".

IV. "The Other World".

V. "Denizens of the Other World".


Shamanism in Eurasia

IV. "Myth and Language in Culture".

V. "Shaman in Society".

VI. "Traces and Recent Forms of Shamanism".


Shamanism and Northern Oecology

I. "Themes and Concepts".

II. "Northern Europe".

III. "Ugric People".

IV. "Central & East Asia".


other Uralic & Siberian (combined) texts


animism & shamanism in northern Eurasia

shaman traditions in transition


Shamanism in Siberia

1. "Recording Shamanism in Old Russia".

2. "Siberian Shamanism" (generally)

2. "Siberian Shamanism" (instruments)

2. "Siberian Shamanism" (spirit-journeys)

3. "Siberian Spirituality in Praesent-Day Russia".


Animism in Rainforest and Tundra Siberia

2. "Persons among the Eveni and C^ukc^i of North-eastern Siberia".

4 & 6. "Evenki People and Their Hounds"; "'Spirit-charged' Animals in Siberia".

8 & 10. "In the Nenets Tundra Home"; "Hierarchy and Scaling in Inner Asia".


other purely Siberian texts

Siberian shaman

soul hunters Yukaghir

aeternal cycle Koryak

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