Daoist Magical Transformation Skills Ė I. Magical Transformation




I. Magical Transformation


I.3. M. T. of Man


I.4. M. T. of External Things


II. Projection


II.1. Energy-P.


II.2. Spirit-P.


II.3. Dream-Magic


II.4. Soul-P.


II.5. Soul-P. Training


II.6. Imagination Techniques


II.7. Respiration Techniques


II.8. Mantra Techniques


II.9. Miscellaneous Techniques


II.10. P. of the Aeternal Soul


II.11. Communication


II.12. Stages of Development



I.1. (pp. 6-32) Magical Transformation of Man

pp. 12b, 18a travel in the dream-world




"The ancient Daoists believed that dream projections and dream intuitions were supernatural interactions with celestial immortals. Many Pre-Cognitions of this type were thought to be psychic inputs that had been placed into an individualís mind by a celestial immortal during the middle of a dream."


"a "dream master," ... could also travel into the dream world to communicate with celestial immortals and various other entities within the spirit realm."

pp. 25 other praeternatural travel {this also must be surely accomplished by dreaming}




"As the Daoist priest became lost in trance, his or her spirit body would leave the physical body and ascend above the Three Heavens. This magical technique is known as "riding the clouds to the Gate of


Heaven." ... After reporting to the Jade Emperor at to the reason of his or her visit, the Daoist priest would receive an answer and bring back the information to those concerned."

pp. 26, 32 summoning deities




"In Daoist Magic, Assistance-Based Teleportation is accomplished through invoking the magical powers of the Celestial Martial Generals, ... or various other powerful celestial deities."


"fills his or her tissues with the resonant sounds and energetic patterns of the invoked deity and then uses the incantation ... to make a formal request to the actual deity to come into the ... body. ... The celestial deities themselves are actually acting as a magical bridge between the ... (physical realm) and ... (the mind)."


"Once the sorcerer has transformed into the image of the deity, ... the sorcerer feels the deityís presence surrounding and enveloping his or her three bodies (physical, energetic, and spiritual). Only then does the sorcerer open his or her eyes as the deity. This "opening the eyes" is the last part of the Shape-Shifting ritual, and is used to invoke the deityís magical powers."

pp. 14b, 25a communications with the dead




"Individuals who possessed "Yin eyes" were able to see and talk to the spirits of the dead."


"It is recorded that in his old age, the emperor ... of the Tang Dynasty ... missed his dead wife ... very much. He therefore sent Daoist sorcerers to look for her soul ... . Through traveling into the spirit realms, the sorcerers were able to locate [her] Hun (Ethereal Soul) on the Immortal Island of Peng Lai, and retrieve messages for the emperor."

pp. 11b-12a ĎObtaining Clairvoyanceí Meditation




"focus the imagination on the Divine energy vibrating within the Lower Dantian ... and bring the Divine light up from the Lower Dantian along the spine via the Governing Vessel, and along into the Shenting (the Courtyard of the Spirit) GV-24 point. ...


After entering the Courtyard of the Spirit, direct the Divine light to enter the Niwan Palace ... . ... If, while maintaining the Divine light in the Niwan Palace, it transforms into a golden light, bring this golden light into the Lower Dantian via the Taiji Pole and start to prepare for the construction of the Golden Embryo (used in spirit travel)."

p. 13b ĎCompraehending the Past & Observing the Futureí Meditation

"imagines his or her Qi (infused with Divine Qi) expanding outside of the Lower Dantian like a ring of vibrating white light. This brilliant ring of white light will ... begin pulsing up and down the body, from the head to the toes".

"experiencing ... his or her bodyís external Wei Qi fields and their connection to the Divine Light existing with the ... Taiji Pole."

pp. 16a, 18b mind; Transferring Consciousness

p. 16a

"When an individual "turns off" or "rejects" ... the Shen Zhi (the Postnatal "Acquired" Mind), ... the Yuan Shen (Original Mind) ... takes over."

p. 18b

"the sorcerer {praeceptor} will first have the unsuspecting victim {disciple} stare at a specific item ... . {This technique (called "gazing") is transmitted (as a method for acquiring spiritual power) from praeceptor to disciple, according to Carlos Castan~eda.} Once the victim is entranced with the item, the sorcerer comes from behind and lightly taps him or her on the back of the head {tapping of the disciple on the head by the praeceptor is also mentioned by Carlos Castan~eda, but in the context of ridding the disciple of fright from monsters} in order to transfer the victimís consciousness into the item. Once inside the item, the victim will observe the environment from the itemís perspective. ... .


it is easier to perform the Transferring Consciousness using an animal as the target ... . As the victim continue to stare at the time, the sorcerer will stand behind him or her and envelop the victimís energetic field. The sorcerer will simultaneously extend his or her projected Qi and Shen into the focused item, creating an energy bubble around the item ... . From the itemís center core, the sorcerer will create a second Energy Bubble and draw it out of the object into the victimís Third Eye and root it inside the victimís Crystal Chamber. The energetic bond created between the focused item and the victimís Crystal Chamber should stretch like a rubber band. Now, lightly slap the back of the victimís head with a cupped palm. This should free the victimís consciousness and shoot it directly into the itemís center core via the energetic cord."

p. 21 achieving invisibility




"When practicing this skill of energetic unification while projecting Qi onto an item, the light contained within that itemís Fire Element can be suspended. This energetic suspension causes the item to lose its reflective and receptive ability. ... the item becomes invisible. ...

The energetic absorption caused from the ...


focused concentration overshadows the item, suspending the itemís reflective power, and thereby making it appear invisible."

p. 22b prayer said on points in circle on fingers

prayer summoning the 6 Jia Spirits, starting from Zi [at the base of the ring-finger, according to Fig. 1.15 on p. 23a].

{Similarly, the Vais.n.ava diks.a is the prayer recited (in segments) around the same sequence of finger-joints (beginning at the base of the ring-finger on the right hand).}

p. 24b supernatural sounds associated with penetration of matter

"He ... explained ... that he felt a powerful energetic shift ..., and that

the internal sound became extremely strong and loud.

First he heard a high frequency sound, then

the additional sound of the ocean, followed by a

dominating cicada sound (sometimes called the "One-Thousand Cicadas Singing")."

pp. 27b, 28b shape-shifter




"Suddenly, the aura surrounding the outline of his upper torso began to shine brightly and extend several inches away from his tissues. The vibrant, illuminating color being emitted from his body was a kind of "dayglow" grayish-white. As we continued to observe his face, he began to morph and change shape and form. Sometimes he would increase his size, becoming three times as large, other times he would become very very skinny. During each transformation, I also observed different clothes and hair styles with each new face.

Between each transformation, his face and entire image would turn completely black, followed by the immediate manifestation of a different person, size, and shape. This Shape-Shifting event went on for several minutes.

We could actually see the shadows of spirit entities standing to the right (i.e., his left side) of his body, waiting in line for their chance to enter and transform his physical and energetic form."


"By going into a bamboo garden with the "Land of the Heavenly Pivot" ..., you will be able to build a River Dragon Stone House or hide in the shade of the clouds.

This ... will also allow you to turn yourself into a little kid or an old man, a bird, an animal, a blade of grass, a tree ... .

You can transform yourself into a tree if you are near a tree,

transform yourself into fire if you are close to fire, and even

transform yourself into water if you near the water."

pp. 29b-30a, 31a animal-transformations




"divide their body into 16, 24, or 36 segments for the process of magical transformation. The body is then energetically transformed in sequential order, until complete energetic metamorphosis occurs. ... .


... feeling the opposite sensations of the energetic polarities (known ... as "Splitting the Yin and Yang"), the body immediately fills with vibration. The splitting of the mindís attention on both Yin and Yang sensations frees the Yuan Shen (Original Spirit) from the individualís Taiji Pole".


"the lowest aspects of the sorcererís Po (Corporeal Soul) ... energetically attract the Gui (ghosts and demons) of the lower spirit realms. The invoked ... energetic manifestation should be ... of a slug or snail."


I.2. (pp. 33-53) Magical Transformation of External Things

p. 34a performing effectual exorcism

"In order to ... remove the powerful curses and hexes initiated from "contracted" spirit entities, ... use magical implements such as "Demon Screamers," "Holy Water," ... and "Bagua Mirrors."

Additionally, sometimes after a malevolent spirit had been bound, it was then transported away from the person, place or thing and contained within a cave. The cave was then sealed and a "talisman of containment" was written and placed at the entrance of the cave."

p. 34b-35a transmutation-magic




"In the Ming Dynasty ..., a sorcerer from the Guangdong [rovince named Li practiced Prenatal Divination. It was said that the Sorcerer Li could "enliven paper cutouts of men and horses ... .""


"Skill of Straw and Beans" : "With his hair hanging unbound, over his shoulders, the sorcerer then recites the magical incantations needed to activate the beans and straw. By using the secret ...magical "activation" ..., the sorcerer is then able to make the bean men come to life."

pp. 38b-40a magical travel




"to perform the magical skill of Contracting the Land (Suo Di Mai) can instantly travel from one place to another. For example, when staring at a mountain top, ... is ... able to will himself to instantly be standing on that mountain top, even if it is located in the distant horizon ... . ... According to the ancient Daoist text, Cultivators of Immortality ... :

"... It is said that Fei Changfang of the Eastern Han dynasty


... received this magical skill from Master Hu, who could contract a distance of thousands of miles into a couple of inches. According to some ancient Daoist books, if one learned the "Yu Steps of the Earth Pivot" and visualized the twenty-four Earth Pivot Spirits, he could expand a plot of lnad measuring one suare inch, into a large territory of ten thousand square miles, or vice-versa."

The method of Contracting the Land was also recorded in the ancient Daoist book, The Book of the Flowing Drops of the Golden Lock."


"The magical skill of "Wrapping Up the Heavens" (Zhuang Tian) is similar ... . However, instead ..., the sorcerer is able to instantly sojourn to different celestial stars and planets in order to interact with the celestial immortals ... .


In ancient China, the advanced esoteric Star Stepping Patterns were only taught to the disciples after they had obtained and mastered the skill of Wrapping Up The Heavens. The reason for this secrecy is that each of the celestial portals is protected by a powerful spirit guardian, and in order to obtain ... passage, the sorcerer must know the guardianís name".

pp. 46a, 47b temporary resuscitation of human or of piglet

p. 46a

"Empowered by the magical talisman, all the individual had to do was place it onto the dead manís chest, and a spirit entity would immediately enter the deceased ... corpse. The ... corpse would then stand-up and begin to follow the individual back to his or her home county. ... If the individual had to travel for several days, he or she would simply remove the talisman from the uncles corpse at night. ... In the morning, all the individual needed to do was again place the talisman on the ... chest and the spirit would reenter the corpse and again follow the individual on his or her journey homeward."

{"It was supposed to be created by the aid of the "Sefer Yeẓirah," that is, by a combination of letters forming a "Shem" (any one of the names of God). The Shem was written on a piece of paper and inserted either in the mouth or in the forehead of the golem, thus bringing it into life and action. ... Elijah of Chelm, in the middle of the sixteenth century, was the first person credited with having made a golem with a Shem, for which reason he was known as a "Ba'al Shem." It is said to have grown to be a monster (resembling that of Frankenstein), which the rabbi feared might destroy the world. Finally he extracted the Shem from the forehead of his golem, which returned to dust (Azulai, "Shem ha-Gedolim," i., No. 163)." (JE, "s.v. "Golem"}

p. 47b

"Certain schools of magic will begin training the magical skill of Transferring the Soul by first animating the energetic channels of a drowned piglet. ... Eventually, the magical resurrection practice was increased until ... able to fully animate the body of a drowned human being." {this resuscitation may also occur spontaneously}

JE = Jewish Encyclopedia http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/view.jsp?artid=334&letter=G&search=golem#0

p. 49b abducting a soul, and transferring karman

"As ... the spirit body separated from the physical body, the sorcerer would snare and imprison the victimís soul, which could then be used as a spirit servant. ... When not in service, the victimís soul was traditionally kept imprisoned within the Daoist sorcererís magical gourd. This magical gourd was either hung on a specific type of walking stick or kept on the sorcererís altar. {This is a strange description of a rite, usual in Vodun, of affording protection to the vulnerable portion of the initiateís soul by installing it in a container kept in the altar-chambre of the temple.}

After stealing the soul ..., a sorcerer of black magic {"black magic" would imply, according to the shamanry of Siberia, rendering assistance to a soul lost in the netherworld} could "attune" himself or herself to the spiritual essence of the victimís Hun (Ethereal Soul) ... . This energetic fusion was then used to draw a portion of the remaining life-force energy away ... . This portion of the victimís life-force energy was then purposely used by the sorcerer in order to cast hexing spells. {The attunement may be done by the guru (Ďsorcerer") in order to enhance the discipleís ("victim") spiritual powers to cast benevolent benedictions. Any description implying malevolence would be a typical Taoist self-deprecating joke. (Self-demeaning jokery is also common in H.asidism.)}

In ancient China, it was believed that by using the life-force energy of a victim as the energetic matrix of a hexing spell, a seasoned sorcerer could filter out the energetic cords {The "energetic cords" are the "tendons" of "tensegrity" ("TGDB").} attached to his or her own life-force energy, and reconnect the karma initiated from casting the hex {hexagram} onto the victimís original spiritual energies (Yuan Shen). The sorcerer would then cast the "superimposed" magical spell as if it were an "active" state of the victimís intention, thereby causing the karmic penalties and "backlash" effects (occurring when the energy of an initiated psychic attack returns back onto its originator) from the hexing spell". {The beneficial blessing ("hexing spell") could induce beneficial rewards ("backlash") to its originator; so, the guru must arrange that the disciple receive the credit (in the heavenly account-books) for imparting that blessing. Again, this is expressed in the Taoist form of a self-deprecating joke.}

"TGDB" = "Tensegrity and Golden Dragon/Diamond Body?" http://www.thetaobums.com/index.php?/topic/5304-tensegrity-and-golden-dragondiamond-body/

Tensegrity is a matter of "resilience" which "bears directly on our own consciousness". http://ionatopia.50megs.com/whats_new_18.html ("Dodecahedral Universe")

pp. 50b, 52b-53 obtaining a spirit-entity as helper


spirit-helper rite


"begin by finding a safe sheltered place inside a graveyard ... to help locate and summon a spirit entity ... for the next 110 days. ...


At this point in the ritual, ... begins to connect and fuse ... the energetic and spiritual powers of his or her ... five Prenatal virtuous energies that emanate with the ... Wu Jing Shen ... . ...


Next, ... brings the combined energies upward from the Yellow Court into the back of the throat. ...

After 100 days of gathering and projecting Qi and Ling Shen ..., a spirit entity will slowly begin to physically appear ... . ... For example, on the 101st night, the spirit entity could conjure the image of a bloody arm suddenly dropping out of thin air into the sorcererís lap. The next night, a bloody hand and foot could suddenly drop into the sorcererís lap. Each consecutive night an additional body part could be added. Until, on


the 110th night, all of the body parts begin to undulate and move together, forming the image of a person. Sometimes this spirit person will take the form of a foul smelling, hideous monster, with red piercing eyes, and oozing sores. ... After about half an hour, the "monster" will eventually give up, apologize, and transform back into the image of a regular person."


Jerry Alan Johnson : Daoist Magical Transformation Skills : Training in Daoist Magic from the Zheng Yi School. Temple of the Celestial Cloud, Pacific Grove (CA), 2006.