Subtable of Contents: African traditional religions


Spirit-Mediumship ... in Africa

pt. I "West" (Akan; Kalabari; Yoruba)

pt. II "Central & South" (Tonga; Korekore; Zulu)

pt. III, 1-2 "East", 1-2 (Bunyoro; Segeju)

pt. III, 3-4 "East", 3-4 (Somali; Lugbara)

pt. III, 4-7 "East", 5-7 (Alur; Sukuma; Ankole)


Spirit-Possession ... in Africa

4-5. "Bori" (in Kano); "Nya" (in Mali)

6, 8-9. Bijago i.s; "C^amba" (in Togo); Gwembe of Zambia


Spirited Things (from various regions of Africa, as recorded in the Caribbean region)

0-1. "Spirits and Things"; "Spirit-Possession".

2. "Ejamba and the Dialectics of Ensoniment".

3-4. "Abyssinian"; "Spiritual Agency and Knowledge in Cuba".

5-7. "The Fetish and the Stone"; "Daimones and Possession"; "Possessing the Land".

8.1-8.3. "Terminology"; "Dance"; "The Individual".

8.4-8.6. "Interdependence"; "Ancestors"; "Rhetorical Biases".

9-10. "Indeterminacy"; "Recognizing Spirit-Possession".


diverse, various regions of Africa

Religion, Altered States of Consciousness

Divination and Healing

Modernity and its Malcontents

Songs from the Sky -- African


Nile river valley

Ghost-Riders of Upper Mis.r


Changing Masters T.umbura cult in Sudan

pt. I "T.umbura People"

pt.s II-III "T.umbura Spirit"; "T.umbura Process"


Hadandowa Beja in Kassala, Sudan

Amhara Traditions of Knowledge spirit-media


middle & upper Niger river valley

Prayer Has Spoiled Everything Mawri Hausa

1-3. "Power & Identity"; "Lost Rituals"; "Socializing the Spirits"

4-5. "Quotidian Practice"; "Baboule Spirits"

6-8. "Kasuwa"; "Mirrors of Mangu"; "Rain-Spirits"


The Spirits and Their Cousins Hausa in Niger

In Sorcery's Shadow Sonhay in Niger

Fusion of the Worlds Sonhay in Niger

Cinematic Griot mostly Sonhay in Niger


Tunisia, Al-geria, & Morocco

St.ambeelii Tunisia

0-2. "Introduction"; "The "Other People""; "Displacement & Emplacement".

3. "Black Spirits, White Saints".

4-6. "Ritual Authority"; "Sounding the Spirits"; "Trance, Healing".

7-8. "Pilgrimage & Place"; "St.ambeelii on Stage".


Those Who Touch Tuareg

Spirit-Possession Tuareg

Bodies, Boundaries, and Spirit-Possession Morocco

Traveling Spirit-Masters Morocco


Grain Coast

Mende Religion

Way of the Elders Mande


Gold Coast

Politics of Divination Sisala

Traditional Art of Gold Coast

"Akan religion"

As^anti world of the dead

Sacred Sites E,we,


Togo & Dahomey

Possession, Ecstasy, and Law in Ewe Vodun Togo

1-2. "Introduction"; "Gorovodu Families"

3-5. "Atikevodun"; "Northern slaves"; "Who Possesseth Whom?"

6-7. "Personhood in Afa"; "Destinies"


Remains of Ritual Ewe of Togo

0-1. "Southern Lands"; Northern Gods"; "Pantheon"; "Divine Horsemen".

2-4. "Salah! Salah!"; "Poured Gift"; "Deadland".

5-6. "Rhythm of the Crossroads"; "Burial".


Dahomey (Fo.n) vodun


Slave Coast

Afro-Caribbean religions miscellany

Dancing Wisdom Afro-Caribbean

Worldview, the Oris^a-s in Cuba

Santeri`a the Religion in Cuba

Yoruba deity-sequences



west-central Africa

iboga bwiti cult in Kamerun & in Gabon

"Insight from Bayaka Pygmies" (improvization in communal singing)

Anthology of Kongo Religion

Lemba cult in Kongo

Book on Palo (in Cuba)

The Kongo

Mayombe (in Cuba)


Palo Mayombe (from Gabon & Kongo, as recorded in Cuba. Plant species [IV.1] are native to the Antilles.)

I.1. "Visible & Invisible History"

I.2. "Mayombe Cosmology"

II.1. "Resurrectionem Mortuorum"

II.2.0-II.2.1. "Resurrection"; "Origin of the Prenda".

II.2.2-II.2.7. "Lucero"; "Zarabanda"; "Vence Bataya"; "Nsasi"; "Tiembla Tierra"; "Mama Chola".

II.2.8-II.2.13. "Centella"; "Baluande"; "Cobayende"; Guru-nfina"; "Lukankazi"; "Nganga Kissi".

III.1. "Temple of Land, Star, and Earth".

III.2-III.3. "Vititi -- Art of Seeing"; "Jura! -- the Pact and the Road".

IV.1. "Herbarium of Mayombe".

IV.2-V. "Palos of Mayombe"; "Other".


Central Africa in the Caribbean (derived from Koongo & Angola, as recorded in the Caribbean region)

5. "Courtesies and Rites of Passage".

6.1-6.2. "Religion and World-View"; "Mediating Agencies".

6.3-6.4. "Ritual"; "Ritual Eikones".

7-8. "Associated Religions"; "Masquerade".

9.1-9.2. "Games"; "Dance-Choreography".

9.3. "Musical Instrumentation".

10-11. "Speech-Culture"; "Language-Legacy".



east-central Africa


Luo Religion in Kenya

pt. II, cap. 3 rituals

pt. III magic


Where Humans and Spirits Meet in Zanzibar -- humans possessed by S`

1-3. "Introduction"; "Zanzibar"; "Possession"

4. "Makabila"

5-6. "Human concerns"; "Self & other"

7-8. "Gendre"; "Gendred spirits"


Kaguru Modes of Thought of Tanganyika

Blood, Milk, and Death Zaramo of Tanganyika

The Mind Possessed Batuke (variant in Brazil) etc.



southern Africa

Some Spirits Heal Lungu in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia)

Tonga Religious Life in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia)

Karanga shamanism in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)

Called to Heal Swazi shamanic healers

San Spirituality in Kalahari

Women like Meat !Kun in Kalahari

American Shaman !Kun in Kalahari



amalgam with various occultisms


Voudon Gnostic Workbook an African-diaspora syncretic system in the United States of America

I.1-I.3 “Power of the Spirits”; “Ghuedhe Grimoire”; “Magickal System”.

I.4-I.8 “Heavy Hoodoo Spells”; “Guzotte Outlines”; “Genius of IFA”; “Osiris-Legbha”; “Research”.

II.1-II.5 “Zothyrian”; “Nemiron”; “Hinduism”; “Magickal”; “Gnostic”.

II.6-II.7 “Zothyrian Physics”; “Applied Gnosis”.

external weblinks to Voudon Gnostic Workbook


Nuwaubian Nation a Nubian-based reconstructionist/revivalist movement in the United States of America

1. "Don't Believe Me"!

2-4. "Holy Madness"; "Community"; "Tama Re".

5-7. "Trials"; "Millennium"; "Black Maas^iyah.i^m in America".


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