Subtable of Contents: North AmerIndian


North American generally


American Indian Myths and Mysteries

I Become Part of It

dream-helpers North American miscellany

"Divination in North American Indian shamanic healing"

Shamanic Voices -- North American (excluding Eskimo)

Songs from the Sky -- North American archaeoastronomy

Rediscovery of Shamanic Heritage -- North American


The World We Used to Live in

1. "Dreams".

2. "Powers Conferred on the Medicine Men".

3. "Continuing Communications".

4-6. "Interspecies Relations"; "Land & Cosmos"; "Sacred Stones & Places".

7-8. "Unusual Exploits of Medicine Men"; "Spiritual Universe".


Spirit Talkers

1-3. "Superstition -- But Whose?"; "Work of the Devil"; "Heart of the Matter".

4. "Medicine Ways".

5. "Walking the Good Red Road".

6. "First Men on the Moon".



United States -- specific tribes or groups of tribes


Walking in the Sacred Manner Great-Plains Sioux medicine-women

1-2. "Healers, Dreamers, Pipe-Carriers"; "All That Is".

3-5. "Being Raised"; "Adulthood"; "Shadow World".

6-7. "Dreams and the Spirit-World "; "The Calling".

8-10. "Ritual Evolveth"; "Ritual"; "Holy Women".


Not for Innocent Ears Cahuilla of Southern California

I-III. "Introduction"; "Praeparation and Background"; "Desert Cahuilla History".

IV.1-IV.3. "Her Childhood"; "Cahuilla Religion"; "Songs for the Dead".

IV.4-IV.11. "Politics"; "Plant-Spirits"; "Songs"; "Pul-s"; "Soul-Loss"; "Pul"; "Soul-Damage"; "Children".


Yurok Spirituality northern California

4. "Seeing"

5. "Doctors"

6-11. "GO-road"; "The world"; "Melancholy"; "Shaker"; "Jump dance"


Shamanic Odyssey Puget Sound tribes

I. "General Studies".

II. "Specfic Accounts".

V. "Death and Remembrance".


Valley of the Spirits upper Skagit of Washington state

9.0-1 "Categories of spirits"; "Lay spirits".

9.2-6 "Shamanistic spirits"; "Guardian spirits"; "Spirit ownership"; "Acquiring spirits "; Spirit dance".

10-12. "Spirit-world"; "Shaman"; "Magic".


Dream Seekers Great Plains

Prayer on Top of the Earth Plains Apache (in Oklahoma)

Religious Symbolism among the Cheyenne Wyoming

The Shaman Ojibway (in Ontario)

"Washo shaman" Nevada-California

Washo Shamans and Peyotists Nevada-California

Chilula northern California

Medicine-Men on the North Pacific Coast

Lushootseed Culture -- shamanism Oregon territory

Twana Narratives Washington state



Canada -- specific tribes or groups of tribes


Shattered Images Tsims^ian of British Columbia

II. "Totemic Vision".

III. "Reflections in a Shaman's Mirror".

IV. "Secret Societies and Refractions".


Orders of the Dreamed Ojibway of Manitoba, & Cree of Saskatchewan

I-IIA.21. "Introduction"; "Epistle-Journal 1-21".

IIA.22-IIA.30. "Epistle-Journal 22-30".

IIA.31-IIA.48. "Epistle-Journal 31-48".

IIB. "Dramatis Personae".

IIIA-IIIB. "Cosmogonic Myths"; "Dream-Guardians".

IIIC-IIIE. "Shaking-Lodge"; "Windigo Complex"; "Medicine".


Little Bit Know Something British Columbia

Prophecy among the Dogrib District of Mackenzie

animism & shamanism in northern Canada C^ipewyan & Cree & Eskimo



AmerIndians -- YouTube PLAYLISTS

native North-AmerIndian traditional music -- YouTube PLAYLISTS

native North-Amerindian traditional dancing -- YouTube PLAYLISTS


photographs of North-AmerIndian women -- Bing WEBLINKS

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