Subtable of Contents: non-Uralic European



Philosophoumena by Hippolutos the anti-pope

book 5

books 6, 7, & 9

books 8 & 10



Mediaeval Visions of Heaven & Hell (& also Irish Visions)

bestiaries European

Old English portents

Book of the Wizard Russian

daimones, witches, spirits European

Varieties of Magical Experience, 6 : "Mediaeval Magic and Sorcery". western European



Eros and Magic in the Renaissance western European

Occult Mind

1. "Aiguptos".

2. "Ley of the Land".

3-4. "Theatre of Hieroglyphs"; "Magick Mouseion".

5-6. "Tarock and Fugue"; "De(mon)construction".


modern reconstruction of antient religion

Wyrdwalkers techniques of neo-pagan Norse shamanry

I.1. "Classic Shamanism and Core Shamanism".

I.2. "Spirit-Allies and Spirit-Masters".

II.1-II.2. "Mastering Air"; "Mastering Fire".

II.3-II.4. "Mastering Water"; "Mastering Earth".

III.1-2. "Divination"; "Soul-Map".

III.3. "Runes as Spirit-Allies".

III.4-III.5. "Wyrdworking"; "Luckworking".

III.6-III.7. "Genetics"; "Red Road".

III.8-III.9. "Repair of Soul"; "Ham-rammr".

IV. "Keeping Whole".


Wightridden paths of neo-pagan Norse shamanry

I-II. "Uti-seta"; "Recaning".

III. "Heartbeat of the Worlds".

IV. "Greenwights".

V. "Ascetic's Path".

VI.0-VI.1. "Sexual Magics"; "World-Tree".

VI.2-VI.3. "Ergi"; "Open Epistle".

VII. "Ordeal Path".

VIII. "Open to the Divine".


Drawing Down the Spirits neo-pagan Norse summoning-of-spirits

I.1. "Metaphysics of History".

I.2. "Geography of Spirit-Possession".

II. "The Praesent".

III. "The Spirits".

IV. "[Spirit-]Possession".

V. "The Community".

VI. "The Future".


Talking To the Spirits neo-pagan Norse communicating-to-spirits

0-5. "Introduction"; "Gnosis"; "Definitions"; "Downloads"; "Lore"; "Doubts".

6-8. "Mystic"; "Judging the Message"; "Mad Wisdom".

9-11. "Signal Clarity"; "Solo Divination"; "Silence and Faith".

12-13. "Neo-Paganism"; "Praecedents".

14-15. "Responsibilities"; "Community Divination".



Non-Christian European-Based Traditional Mysticism/Occultism -- WEBLINKS Hellenic, Italic, Euska, Keltic, Germanic, Slavic, etc.

Goeeteia -- with WEBLINKS




EUROPEAN -- non-Christian (PAGAN, HEATHEN, etc.) MUSICS

antient Rooman (conjectural), and mediaeval non-Christian European (actual), music -- PLAYLISTS on YouTube

Goeeteia ('magic' non-Christian Hellenic) music -- PLAYLISTS on YouTube

Rodno-Verie / Ridno-Virie ('native faith' non-Christian Slavic) music -- PLAYLISTS on YouTube

Seidhr ('magic' non-Christian Norse) music -- PLAYLISTS on YouTube

Siidhe ('magic' non-Christian Keltic) music -- PLAYLISTS on YouTube

Wicca ('witchcraft' various non-Christian European) music -- PLAYLISTS on YouTube

[neo-]mediaeval European non-Christian (saecular) music -- PLAYLISTS on YouTube



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