Sub-Table of Contents : Oceanian (Pacific- & Indian-Ocean islander) texts





Sensei [postures]

Izumo animal-lists


Miyako shamanism

shamanhood in Miyako

Doojoo Mahikari religion

Prophet Motive Omoto religion

journey to the World of the Dead in Omoto religion


C^inkon Kis^in spirit-possession in Omoto religion

I. "Mediated Spirit Possession".

II.1-2. "Remarks"; "Honda C^ikaatsu & Nagasawa Katsutate".

II.3-4. "C^inkon Kis^in in Oomoto; in Later Developments".

III. "C^inkon Kis^in in Tais^oo era Oomoto".





non-Japanese Pacific islands, generally


Spirits in Culture, History, and Mind

2-6. "Samoa"; "Tonga"; Nukulaelae"; "Anuta"; "Rotuma"

8-10. "Dadul"; "C^uuk"; "Toraja"




Songs and Gifts at the Frontier Manobo (of Mindanao) spirit-possession

1-2. "Rivers of Exchange"; "Manobo Cosmos"

3. "Pantheon of Manobo Supernatural Beings"

4-7. "Burning Speech"; "Personal Songs"; "Reluctance"; "Song and Sacrificing"



"Spirit-Media in Palau"



"Marginal Powers"




betwixt Pacific Ocean & Indian Ocean




"Caelestial Lore" Australian

Shamanic Voices -- Australian

Aboriginal Men of High Degree





A>isa's gifts the Mekeo

Dancing through Time the Karawari

Religious Belief among the Western Dani

Heart of the Pearl Shell the Foi

Sorrow of the Lonely the Kaluli

Symbolism and Ritual in Irian Jaya

Embodied Spirits the Asmat

Oral Tradition from Western New-Guinea the Sentani



islands within Sunda Sea : Nusantara



island of northwestern Nusantara (northwestern Indonesia) : Borneo


Iban Shamanism


The Seen and the Unseen

1.1. "Rungus Spirit-Media"

1.2. "Bulusu> Spirit-Media"

1.3. "Shamanism among the Melanau"

1.4-5. "Kayan"; "Central Kalimantan"

2. "Taman"; "Chinese of Sarawak"

3. "Iban Manang"; "Iban Comic Fables"


Honey-Tree Song of various Dayak tribes in Sarawak

0-1. "Introduction"; "Childbirth"

2-4. "Initiation"; "Courtship"; "Hunting"

5-7. "Farming"; "Building & Journeying"

8. "Healing"

9-10. "Festivals"; "The Afterlife"


In the Realm of the Diamond Queen the Meratus of Kalimantan (in Borneo)

cap. 0-2; 5-6 "Conditions of living"; "Boundary of the skin"

pt. III; 8-9; pt. IV "Horse of gaps"; "Shamaness"



islands of southern Nusantara (southern Indonesia)

bintang in Bali

Java, Bali, & Sulawesi

Powers of Blessing the Mamasa Toraja of Sulawesi




island of western Nusantara (western Indonesia) : Samat.a (Sumatra)


Batak Peoples

1-3. "Historical Survey"; "Oikonomic Foundations of Society"; "Traditional Foundations of Society".

4.1. "Gods, Spirits, and "Souls"".

4.2. "Contact with the Dead".

4.3. "A Karo Guru".



Indian Ocean



Above the Forest Little Andaman


route of souls in World of the Dead Assam & Borneo



The Possessed and the Dispossessed the Sakalava of Madgascar


Recollecting from the Past -- east coast of Madagascar

2-4. "Tamatave"; "Spirit Practices"; "Maresaka"

5-11. "Material Media"; "Recollecting"; "Power, Resistance"; "Vazaha spirits"; "Style"; "Discourse"; "Imagining Antandroy"


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photographs of mongoloid Pacific islander-women -- Bing WEBLINKS

photographs of negroid Pacific-islander women -- Bing WEBLINKS

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