Subtable of Contents: various diverse religions


Summoning the Spirits

Pt I (Capp. 1-4). "Vietnamese-American"; "Congolese in London"; "Central Sudan" ; "Hindu in London".

Pt II (Capp. 5-6), Pt. III (Capp. 8-10). "Cuban"; "South India"; "Santo Daime"; "Imagining"; "Paganism".


Among the Healers -- spiritual healing

1. "Breakthrough to Healing".

2. "Energy-Healing".

3-4. "Experience of Power"; "Imparting of Power".

5. "Praesence of Spirits in Healing".

6-7. "Communitas"; "Patterns of Healing".


Varieties of Magical Experience, I-II

Pt I (Capp. 1-2) : "Exploring Magical Realms" :-

1. "Accessing and Experiencing Other Realities".

2. "Magic, Anthropology, and the Senses".

Pt II (Capp. 3-4) : "Indigenous Magic" :-

3. "Healers".

4. "Shamanism".


Experiments in Holism

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